The Imperial Physician 02 (English Subtitle)

The Imperial Physician Episode 2
SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Grand Preceptor’s daughter brought a lot of people
and captured Tian She said she’d take his life
to pay back for her clothes Really? Absolutely! We need to save him Take the knife, hurry! Go. Where is it? Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! He’s kept inside Release him now! Release him! What’s wrong? What’s wrong๏ผŸ Release him now Or else I’ll kill you all! Yeah, free him! Or else we’ll kill you! Free him What’s with all the noise? What’s wrong? So noisy What’s going on? Don’t you know that this is
Establishment of Grand Preceptor? How dare you mess around here! Grand Preceptor? So what? Can he disregard the law and kidnap people? You’d better free my son immediately! If not.. I’ll take your life Free him quickly, or else we’ll take your life Come on Free him Or else I’ll kill you Release my son! Leave here I’m warning you Release my son I’m a pork butcher, see Release my son! Release my son now! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! I already apologized! What else do you want? What do I want? If saying sorry can solve things Then all the soldiers and policemen would lose their job Last time you bullied me This time it’s my turn Fuck I didn’t do it on purpose Smelly eggs for you smelly bastard – Don’t…
– It suits you Let me see how you’ll dodge this. Here I’ll see how you’ll dodge this one. Light the fire Bring the cannonball Release him! Release him! Grand Preceptor can’t ignore the law How can that happen! I have killed pigs for a living for all these years Release him – What happened?
– Grand Preceptor is back Sir, a mad woman and a boy
came here to mess around Liar! It was his daughter
who captured my master Or we wouldn’t come, even if you invited us Grand Preceptor, release my son Then I’ll apologize But if you’re not gonna release my son I’ll fight with you till the end! Where’s Xiangning? Grand Preceptor, she is in the back garden God! Save me! Let me see how you’re gonna dodge this one Stop Stop Quick! Who is it? Don’t move, don’t move Stop Father Father Well… what happened He bullied me You see she tied me up and was firing a canon at me She was bullying me Yeah, what happened? I don’t think he’s bullying you Sir, yesterday that pervert touched Miss. Zhao… He’s a pervert Tian, is this true? Mother, I didn’t do it on purpose Stone and I came across soldiers
who wanted to body search So I started running The soldiers started chasing me – And then I bumped into her
– Enough. Be quiet Then did you apologize to her? I apologized immediately But she had dozens of people to hit me and even Stone Okay, don’t say anymore Grand Preceptor, you see My son already explained It was all a misunderstanding My son touched your daughter by accident Well, you can touch me And then it will be fair okay Come on Touch. Touch You’re not gonna touch Then we will be leaving Thank you Grand Preceptor. Let’s go – Don’t leave!
– That’s enough You’re a girl You shouldn’t be using a sword – Go back to your room
– Father Go back! I… Take care. I’ll be leaving Mother, it’s over Don’t be mad It’s not over. It’s only the beginning Why did you walk around on the street? Touching someone’s chest If it weren’t for me You’d still be stuck at Grand Preceptor’s Establishment I’m glad Grand Preceptor didn’t touch you on the chest Otherwise, it’ll be a shame for me Grand Preceptor is a gentleman And I was forced to save you by fooling him Little doctor, little doctor Mr. Zhang is sick Can you prescribe for him? Lad, you’re awake? Okay, you don’t have to be so uptight.
Don’t be scared. I know, you must have been unable to live on That’s why you are willing to come here And get castrated to become a eunuch Don’t worry, Just endure the pain,
and it will be done and over with Dude, we’re just gonna cut off your penis and then put it into that container. You have to keep that nicely. Bring it to your grave when you pass away. Then you’ll have a full body, see. We must find him Plague take him I’m badly injured. Where should I hide? My mom told me before the most dangerous place is the safest. Is it safe? Your Servant, Majesty! – Rise
– Thank you Baochuan, Eastern Depot seems busy lately Right A thief barged in the palace
and stole my precious part before castration Just a small case You don’t have to be bothered about this. It’s wrong for you to say so. Although what’s lost is your treasure, There’s a thief in the palace It means there’s a problem
with the Palace’s security. It’ll affect the Emperor’s safety. This is not a small issue Your Majesty We have to punish those who failed in their duty Since Eunuch Li engaged Eastern Depot to find his treasure He used public resources for his own personal needs Baochuan, every part of your body was given by your parents So you must be extremely worried How about this? I’ll find someone to help you. Okay Fusong, help Eunuch Li find his treasure Eastern Depot will no longer be involved with this issue Your Majesty, please don’t. He’s Minister of Personnel He can’t be involved with issues in the Palace Baochuan Eastern Depot harassed people in the search for the thief They blocked people to body search and ask for money Do you think it’s appropriate or not? My subordinates wouldn’t do such a thing. There’s only a few bad ones if anything I’ll just catch them so it won’t be a problem You should not only catch them,
but also punish them severely Before you punish those people Fusong will be responsible for catching the thief, okay? Your Majesty If you really want it that way, I have no objection. You shall make the decision. Okay, that’s decided. Don’t come and bother me!
I won’t eat. It’s me Miss. Zhao Mr. Zhao asks you to go and eat. I’m not going If you are not going to eat, then just have some cakes and dimsum Why are the clothes still here? The clothes can’t be worn anymore.
I’ll throw them out – Don’t throw them
– Then I’ll wash them No, just put them there. Why do you sigh? Mr. Zhao was so kind How could he let that little pervert off? That’s right. We should give him a good lesson. If I were to say, he should serve you
for the rest of his life Yep You’re teasing me Miss, don’t be angry Eat a little for the sake of your health No, No I didn’t say anything Fresh food in the morning market Fresh beef Fresh beef Come. Fresh beef. Come and see This is nice, it’s perfect Sir, do you want it? Is there a bigger one? This is the largest, very nutritious. – Wrap it up
– Would you like us to slice it? No thank you, I want it like this Okay Next one No way. Is this yours? Yes, it’s mine I really didn’t want to If it weren’t for my poor family,
my brother being crippled my father’s death, my mother’s illness
and our land being taken away I wouldn’t want this Stop looking at it. If you see it, I’m gonna be sad No man on earth will be willing to cut his “treasure” Others call it a source of evil But I have never done anything wrong It’s just for a mouthful of food Take it inside. Take it inside. But where are my clothes? Go. Go. Next one Boss, one kilogram of pork. All sold out. Isn’t all this pork? Then let me buy this pig This is not for sell. What? You would rather read than sell your meat? How can there be a person like you? Crazy Boss, give me two kilograms of meat All the meat is sold out If you want to buy, come back early tomorrow If you come too late, then there’s no more Fuck you I’m gonna beat you! – I’m gonna kill you!
– Don’t Are you blind? – Sorry!
– Who is He Tian? Sir, how come you’re looking for my son? An imperial edict for He Tian Why are you packing up? Have you got my premission? The order already came, how can I not go? If I don’t go, I’ll be rejecting the order Why did the emperor make the order? Mom, I don’t even know You told me to sell meat so I just went out with you Then all of a sudden, the Emperor sent an order Ordering me to go to Imperial Academy of Medicine Mom. Don’t worry As I have cured the neighbors who are sick for free The Emperor must have heard that I’m a genius doctor I remember I taught you to read
and to be a good person But I didn’t teach you to be so sneaky You’re alway calling yourself
a small genius doctor Do you think you’ll be a professor
in Imperial Academy of Medicine? I know, you want me to be modest
but not to feel inferior Now imperial guards even came to the market What a glory it is for your pork shop! I don’t want the glory You can’t go Who knows what’s behind this? Mom, here, sit down I actually don’t want to be away from you I want to spend more time with you But this is the Emperor’s order If I reject that command, I will be dead Okay, I’ll let you go But I want you to follow three conditions Can’t it be just two conditions? Okay three Listen carefully, you can promise me
only if you can follow it If you can’t, come back home, understand? Tell me Number 1, don’t bother with those who are not sick You can only learn medicine and heal people Don’t bother with those who are not sick or injured Okay, I won’t care about healthy people Number 2, don’t make friends with officials People from the palace are dangerous You can’t befriend people other than your classmates When I’m studying, I won’t have time to play around? Number 3, don’t let anyone know you’re a girl Now that you’re by yourself in the Palace, I’m worried During the 24 hours in a day Even when you’re sleeping
you must wear boys’ clothes Mom, ever since I was little
I’ve been wearing boys’ clothes I’m not suitable for girls’ clothes Just three things, right I’m your mother, can’t add something more? Of course,
you can add as much as you want Mom Okay, pack up Once you pack up, sleep early Tomorrow is the first day, don’t be late Don’t let anyone look down on you They will mock at you Who dares to laugh at me?! I will use your knife and kill them I’m just joking You’re new? Your temper isn’t good Xi and Gui are close to Eunuch Meng Eunuch Meng serves Eunuch Li Why every eunuch is having a protector? Listen to me, the palace is like this You’re already here If you don’t follow it, You will soon lose your life Is Eunuch Li called Li Baochuan? How dare you call his name? He’s just a eunuch He can’t even look after his own “treasure” Lower your volume. Don’t ever talk about it in front of Eunuch Li His temper has never been good Several days ago a lad said some bad things And Eastern Depot broke his hands I can’t stand this kind of bully He deserves to get his “treasure” stolen The palace is different from the outside You.. You need to act smart Next time when they bully you Hold it in. Don’t talk back Pal you don’t have to be afraid. I’m not afraid,
but I’m used to it already. You will soon know what I mean. I don’t know and I don’t want to know. I’m Xiao San. If they bully you,
just tell me and I’ll give them a lesson. This bow rather fits you. Does it fit? Welcome all new students Today is your first day here
at Imperial Academy of Medicine There are some things you need to remember He Tian, an Edict from the Emperor You’re given a special admission Come over An indecent person shall not be admitted to the academy. The academy… Sir I would like to ask if the academy has a set of books Called “Collected Essentials of Species of Materia Medica” Have you seen that before? I heard this set of medical books is very intriguing It has 10 categories including herbs, wood, jade, birds It lists over 1’800 medicines and their functions – Go
– What do you want? What do you capture me? Release me Can I borrow it to make a copy? After I’m done, I will return it to you immediately – No
– How can it be? I heard this book was compiled by the academy Shut up – Begin
– Yes Now I shall put you guys into groups. – Group 1, Fang Tongren
– Here Qian Siyi You’re He Tian, right? I’m Hua Tuo.
“Tuo” stands for appropriateness I am the famous Doctor Hua Tou’s 17th generation son – Hi
– Hi Pal, what does your family do? Do you know anyone in the palace? My parent sells meat. I know nobody here Are you kidding? I’m your classmate Just say, I’m not telling anyone. My parent really sells meat I don’t know what happens either. – What?
-Nothing I think I detect a foul smell of pig Stay away from me. Hua Tuo Here. And the other three students, follow me. Sir, are we in the same group? I have a lot to learn from you Sweep the floor. Hold on. Did you tell me to sweep the floor just now? Go and sweep. Sir. Go and sweep. How dare you get me to wash the chamber pot If I weren’t injured I shall never wash the chamber pot What have you guys eaten? The urinal smells fucking awful Where to empty them? It’s a good place. All the chamber pots, rise Say thank you It feels good to be the Emperor But all I can do is to empty the chamber pot for the Emperor If I weren’t hurt, I would have left already Fine, I’ll bear it in for two more days Empty the chamber pot I’ll empty them in here You let me empty the chamber pot now When I recover, I’ll run out of here. When I get outta here, I’m gonna
take that royal chair with me Why a horrible smell! What did they eat? Do you still want to wash the urinal? If you call us masters, I’ll let you wash the dishes. Right. Fine! My dear sisters! Look here. Fuck Time to take a bath Fuck off Or else I’d really give you a good lesson! He needs a good lesson! Come, let’s go. Okay, I’m going. I’m going. Bye. Hey What? Have I touched you? You, you dare, you dare to hit me? Just wait. I’ll deal with you later. How are you going to deal with me? Should I buy a notebook
for you to keep a record? – Sir
– Want to scare me with teacher. Who would believe it? I’ll be bullheaded in face of difficulties I should be a careful thinker I promise everything will go well Work hard, He Tian. Is anyone there? An eunuch is about to wash himself. Is there anyone here to watch? No. Okay then. Is anyone there? An imperial physician is about to wash himself. Is anyone there? An imperial physician is about to wash himself. If anyone knows I’m a fake eunuch, then I’m done Help! Hooligan I didn’t see anything I’m telling you, I really didn’t do that on purpose. I didn’t see anything. I was there to wash. How would I know you’re there too? Before I went there I yelled if there was anyone But you didn’t even make a sound. You obviously wanted to peek Also, you’re not a eunuch. Why are you wearing eunuchs’ clothes I am a secret agent of the Emperor I came here undercover for a secretive mission What mission? Aren’t eunuchs just the Emperor’s servants? It’s a secret. Don’t let anyone know, or you’re dead meat You want me to buy the story you invented? You take me for a fool? It’s true. Or else, how would I sometimes be in the palace, and sometimes outside? How would I be an eunuch? I didn’t ask you Why did you dress up as a man? None of your business. Why should I tell you? We are friends. Let’s share some secrets,
so we can get closer to each other Are we intimate? No, I meant friendship. Imperial Academy of Medicine doesn’t admit girls. So I had no choice but to dress up as a boy. I warn you if you dare to tell anyone that I’m a girl, I’ll say you’re a fake eunuch. Okay, I think we have an agreement Let’s go out some times Drink some tea and have a chat Bullshit. Let’s go, I’ll walk you back No need. We’re all friends here. Don’t be so shy Agreed? There’s a fake eunuch here Here, here, here Mom, I’m back. Mom Why are you back so late? Were you that busy at the academy? Ask your teacher to allow you to come back earlier The security is bad now A thief is at large Come, come Come, put on this. What’s this? This is “Certificate of Good Conduct” It shows you’re a law-abiding person When you go past the sentry post you’ll be exempt from inquiry Very well, Eastern Depot should issue this earlier No, it’s issued by the Ministry of Justice I’m telling you the certificate is worth five taels. This can be sold for money? The government is making a profit out of everything. What if I can’t afford it? If you can’t afford it, then wait in line patiently and be body searched Today, I saw some poor people without the certificate They were brought to Ministry of Justice
for interrogation Ministry of Justice is as cruel as Eastern Depot That’s none of your business. Just wear this certificate Don’t say anymore Go fill a pail of water back. Today, the steamer is set at a proper temperature You’re too beautiful. Keep at this temperature I understand His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor! The Emperor is coming Your son, Majesty! You may rise. Take a seat. Baochuan says he’s helping you to catch the criminal, right? Yes They caught that guy, but you let him go, right? Baochuan has got the witness, evidence and roll
with the cross Everything is there, and what else do you want? As the Emperor, you’re too irresolute Just behead him But… Okay, fine Enough. Say no more Once I think about it, my head aches. Why do you have a headache again? Here, why do you have a headache again? Let me give you a massage You rarely come to see me And yet you talk about some unhappy things You’ve never done anything that makes me happy Do you know my the last wish of my life is to see you get married? As I just came to the throne, I’m busy with government affairs If you’re so busy, let Baochuan
handle some of your work Why do you have to handle everything by yourself? You don’t have so much time When will you have time to get married,
and have a child? Your Majesty, just follow Empress Dowager’s order Don’t make Empress Dowager worry Ms. Yun Ying is here. Your cousin’s here. Sweetheart Auntie, I’m coming I know you’d be excited to me, but I didn’t expect this Auntie Oh, why have you grown thin? Cause I missed you Get to your feet Let me see My child Hello You’ve come a long way here. Are you tired? Thank you My child, don’t go to Court today, but accompany her Tell me where you wanna go and what you wanna eat It doesn’t matter where to go, but who will go with me Thank you, Auntie. Let’s go – Mother
– I missed you so much I always dreamed of you – It’s interesting
– Yeah


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