The Imperial Physician 05(English Subtitle)

The Imperial Physician Episode 05 SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers: Alina Dadelus As for you,although you’re new here But you look rather smart If you can cure the empress dowager’s illness you will got name and fortune you can ask anything as your reward Reward is not what I want But can I read a set of books? A set of books? even five hundred and five thousand sets Let’s just say that all the books in the palace would be free for you to read So are you going… or not? Hetian has arrived Hetian from the imperial hospital, pays his respects to the dowager Look at this junior doctor you said you have a way that would definitely cure the Empress Dowager’s illness? since you said it you should put up a good show otherwise,you’d be charge of deceiving the empress dowager But I’ve never guaranteed that I could definitely cure the empress dowager’s illness Are you fooling the Empress Dowager? Well then,have his tongue cut off Just let him take a look first don’t scare him come and diagnose the empress dowager’s illness does that mean I can stand up now? I’ll be happy if you crawl over here Quickly Now Your majesty,may I know where you’re not feeling well? I have sleeping issues I keep dreaming once I fall asleep I haven’t had much of an appetite either and my head hurts intermittently and without warning Your Majesty your pulse is stable and there shouldn’t be a problem you’re probably lacking in nutrition and have not been sleeping enough, which is why you haven’t been feeling well Are you saying that the Empress Dowager is feigning sick when she’s not ill and complaining when she feels fine? Th-The Empress Dowager is fine I’ll go back and write a prescription That will help her insomnia and improve her appetite which should help I’m warning you the Empress Dowager is not your guinea pig If,your prescribed medicine isn’t working she sees no improvement in her health your head won’t remain on your neck for much longer What are you doing? headache,lack of an appetite and insomnia is all due to a lack of exercise What kind of medicine can cure unhappiness and insufficient exercise? Hetian,what are you doing here? Are you here to steal medicine again? Teacher,we have caught him on site I’ll get someone here to have him arrested What are you doing? I’m just here to get some medicine The Empress Dowager called me there today What? Why you? It’s not like I wanted to It was Meng Gonggong who called me there With your lack of expertise, any medicine would be as good as poison and acupuncture would be as good as a knife Even if I have the right acupuncture needles and medicine,it won’t do The Empress Dowager is not even sick Teacher,what do you think I should do now? Don’t you know sombody in the palace? This time,unless you are The Emperor’s father’s godson Otherwise,even god won’t be able to save you 81 00:06:39,500 –> 00:06:41,760 you’re dead for sure But there’s one thing you don’t need to worry about write your requests down in your will on account of our being classmates I’ll burn whatever you want on your grave What’s so good about being the Emperor? stuck in the palace all day even his wife has to be chosen by others He has no freedom! It’s better to be a thief. At least a thief can do whatever he wants Drink when he wants, and walk the streets when he pleases There are too many things that we can’t control Sometimes we don’t want to something but we just cannot say no to it It’s because you’re too obedient If you don’t want to get married,then don’t My late father passed on when I was young It was the Empress Dowager who raised me up but her health is ailing now I don’t want her to be unhappy I’m not joking There’s loyalty,and filial piety People like us understand these as much as you educated ones As for loyalty you’re definitely not lacking in it And for the other virtue,you’re also not bad the most important is being filial Brother,you need to be careful you can’t fail on this aspect oh and,the Empress Dowager forcing you to marry is not something new why is it so urgent now? It’s must be Li Baochuan’s idea that old bastard Think about it,his own “precious” is gone so he’s taking out on others You’re the Emperor yet you can’t even deal with an old eunuch? bad habits,bad habits They’re a little dirty so I’ll polish them for you Li Baochuan has served my mother for a few decades Ever since I ascended the throne I’ve been wanting to teach him a lesson But my mother protected him each and every time I try The evidence is right there But there’s nothing we can do Look I only knew it after I met you it’s not easy to do something big Everybody says how bad the Emperor is but they don’t know the Emperor has his own pains and problems Am I right? Even such a simple thing as dating can’t be in his own will. That really sucks. Just let me keep this one thing,alright? Big brother Come in You’re up late Why are you here so late? I saw your light on so I came here to take a look I’m not disturbing you,am I? I just finished my work and am about to get some rest What about you? You look really tired. Why don’t you rest earlier? If I could sleep,I would be dreaming already It’s already been a day but I’m still don’t know what prescription should I give to the Empress Dowager I’m really frustrated What did she get? that you’re finding it so hard to write a prescription for? Actually it’s not a big deal She’s just feeling frustrated and unhappy which is why she can’t eat nor sleep well But that’s nothing we can do She stays in her abode the whole day and doesn’t even see the sun she has no family to keep her company and she doesn’t do any exercise So it’s not surprising that she’s feeling– What? You have an idea? Tell me! Where can I get pen and paper? I’ve got it! I’ve got it! Why did you draw my younger sister? I just happened to have nothing to do tonight and I suddenly thought of your sister, so I drew her portrait What’s so good about thinking about someone that does not exist? I was just thinking about… her smile My sister’s smile? Your sister looks… innocent and happy I can feel her innocence and naivety She just smiled at you and you saw all that from it? That’s because The palace is the most affected place on Earth Everyone acts in a certain way They’re smiling on the surface but in their minds they’re either thinking about getting promoted, and how to suck up and get rich Or they are scolding you behind your back The Emperor is no exception He obviously cares about something so much but he has to pretend that he doesn’t care even if he is forced into a corner he has to behave like he is in control It looks like to be an emperor is not an easy job You make that sounds so pitiful How can he be happy? Actually,the Emperor is unhappy But he has to pretend to be happy It’s no wonder Eldest Brother is always unhappy Honestly It is rather sad to be a man like this Even his smiles are not real but faked for other people to see it Which is why,when I saw your sister’s smile that day it left such a lasting impression on me It’s not really that sad You still have me and Xiao San who are genuine and real Am I right? If that’s the case Don’t lie to me Do you have a younger sister that you don’t want to tell me about? Which is why you said she’s dead. Right? Why would your own brother lie to you? That really was my sister’s spirit She probably miss me and our mother If you don’t believe me,next full moon you can go back with me see it yourself That’s it I’m tired so I’m going to leave first. Master Xiang Ning Xiang Ning Knock down the door – Yes,Old Master. – Knock down the door. Now Yes Xiang Ning Ming Jing? Th-This… What’s going on here?! I’m so poor… Please show me mercy please… I’m so poor My leg got broken when I left the house My leg got broken when I left the house I got blinded while working Masters please show me mercy Come on,Let’s drink. Cheers Hey,bro! Just based on the way I’m dressed you should show some love and give me some money Boss Give me the best room in your house, I don’t care who is staying in there get them out – And get me the best wine and food – All right Also,I like peace and quiet Everyone in here,please find somewhere else Why should we leave? Who is she? Who dropped 5 taels of silver by the door? 5 silver taels! Where? Where? It’s mine,it’s mine. Be careful,careful. Thank you! It’s mine,mine,mine,mine,mine Please sit well,Your Majesty Er,you do it! Here,Your Majesty. What are you doing? Move over Your Majesty, Please raise your leg for awhile,Your Majesty What are you doing? Why? What’s wrong with me? What kind of illness do I have? Tell me! If you have something to say,say it. Why are you sighing? Yes,tell me You’ve done all sorts of strange things to me asked me to open my mouth,and hit my knee yet you don’t say anything. What exactly is wrong with me? Your Majesty,your pulse is stable your ‘chi’ and blood flow is also normal There’s nothing wrong with your body, which is why there is a problem This is called heart fret Heart fret? What kind of illness is that? In the early stages of this illness you will only feel like you can’t eat or sleep but when this gets worse you’ll suffer from dizzy,upset,cold limbs experience breathing difficulties,muscle weakness and bad memories ultimately falling into a coma But you won’t die You’ll just end up a on a bed for the rest of your life But you just said it yesterday that nothing is wrong Why is that today it’s so serious Like she’s contracted a terminal illness? Such a big difference from yesterday? I think you tongue is about to end up in different places How much do you know about this illness,Li Gonggong? This heart fret is a strange illness It doesn’t just always on you every day Just like the weather If it doesn’t come,it’s like a lovely sunny day But the moment it does It’s like a storm with thunder and lightning If you didn’t take the pulse for several times You won’t recognize it Stop it I can’t even tell that there’s anything wrong I think you’re just fooling around do you think it’s fun to fool Her Majesty? Or do you think that your head is too heavy on your neck? Are you the doctor? If you know it so well then why don’t you diagnose her? What do you say the Empress Dowager has contracted? What kind of medicine should we give her? If you’re so great, why do we even need the imperial hospital for? I might as well just let you do it Come,come,come. Take it. All right,all right,all right! That’s enough! Quickly,tell me What is that I have got? How did I get it? How do we cure it? Tell me quickly. Say it One acupuncture needle and one pack of medicine as long as we do it right,the illness can be cured I flipped through all the medicinal books in the imperial hospital last night I finally found the right prescription This prescription is called Holy water under the bright rising sun for thousands of years Dragon with five claws and little corner and countless scales Golden armor all over the country Single red flower in the green mountain Once you drink the medicine you will no longer be sick You will be happy and whatever you eat is appetizing three meals for a day won’t be enough You will feel so fresh comfortable and peace Once your head touches the pillow you will fall asleep right away And when you awake it will be another day Give me that,what are you doing? Hurry,go and make it But Your Majesty this medicine is not easy to make You can only Take the medicine when the sun has just arisen Hurry Go and get everything ready that the sedan has to be prepared tomorrow morning No sedans! If you want this medicine works You can’t have too many people following you Too many people will take the effectiveness from the herbs So no sedan Only on foot will do No problem. Baochuan go and prepare Tomorrow morning,you’ll climb the mountain with me to eat the medicine Yes. I’m warning you This medicine had better be work Or,when you return to the palace, you’ll have to read more medicinal manuscripts to see if you can find a prescription on how to return your spirit to your body! Your Majesty. Allow me to excuse myself first. Tomorrow morning,I’ll bring you up the mountain to eat your medicine But,Your Majesty. You have to remember No food after the 11 p.m. you have to eat the medicine with an empty stomach Sure,sure,sure. No problem Thank you so much. I’m depending on you It’s what I do. I’ll excuse myself now. Okay I understand what I’m reading But why do you want me to find these things for you? Even if I tell you,you won’t understand Just find it for me. But… That’s not right. I’m your sworn second elder brother You should talk so rudely to your older brother What do you want? At least you should say A few nice things to me At least,call me older brother Come here,let your older brother hug you You We’re already sworn siblings you still want to negotiate with me? If you don’t want to help,just forget it What’s the matter with you I didn’t say that It’s up to you But let’s imagine What if Li Gonggong knows that there’s a fake eunuch in the palace? What would he do? All right,all right. We’re brothers. Why do you have to do this? If you dare to tell them that I’m a fake eunuch I’ll tell them you’re a girl! I’m not scared of you! At the very most they’ll expel me from the imperial hospital But you’re a fake eunuch! You could be beheaded! Whose head is going to roll again? You heard it wrong,Eldest brother No one’s going to be beheaded Second brother just said that his nickname is stone head Let’s just call him stone head from now on it’s more intimate that way You’re the youngest here You should be more polite to second elder brother Did you hear that? Call me older brother Why do you have the time to come over here? Here is the thing. You saw the Empress Dowager and the Emperor wants to know how the medicine is prepared Solved. I thought about it for a long time and finally found a way Really? Will it work? What if it doesn’t work? If it doesn’t work,I’ll just get beheaded If I die,we should all die together all right,all right… Eldest Brother… Shouldn’t you return to the Imperial academy now? Oh,I know! You’re got plenty of free time lately. Why do you have more time on your hands now? The Emperor is busy finding a bride he doesn’t have time for the proper work therefore Eldest brother has nothing to do right? .. Yes. Sometimes He learn it from my second younger brother be as lazy as he can so that he can get some air,and be free Am I right? Eldest brother is so smartest My philosophy of life is– He can learn to be free and easy but he shouldn’t emulate his irresponsibility Since we’re free,let’s go out and take a walk I haven’t seen my mother in a long while Great! That’s a good idea It’s all because the Emperor is so weak sitting way up there in his crowned glory but even his mother doesn’t listen to him Miss,you have to pay Didn’t I already give you my earrings? I’m a restaurant owner I don’t sell jewelry Who knows if your earrings are real or fake? Do you know what you’re holding? My earrings can buy up your entire restaurant! I don’t care Either you pay or we bring this to the magistrate It’s up to you Pay up,pay up! You want to eat free here? Wait,you haven’t paid! I’ve lost my money pouch. Pay it for me. – Me? – Right,Pay up if you have the money. If you don’t have money,borrow it! What bad luck! I forgot to bring my wallet out today You’re faking it aren’t you You just don’t want to pay for me Pay up All right,all right,all right Count it and see if it’s enough Who is she? This crazy woman keeps following me around Ignore her. Let’s go. Take it. Thank you,thank you. I’ve already paid up for you why are you still following me? You didn’t own the road I’ll walk anywhere I want It’s none of your bussiness We helped you out and paid for your bill It’s all right if you don’t thank us but who do you think you are? you speak louder than the thunder Who are you? It’s a conversation between human being Why an onion is standing in our way? Do you live by the sea? Why are you such a busy body? Calling me an onion? Who do you think you are? Your make up makes you look like a clown! Clown? You! Donkey! – Calling me an onion – Let’s go You Why’s this place so bleak? Can people stay in such a place? It’s fine for us to live But a precious Missy like yourself won’t be comfortable no matter where you stay It’s not like anyone invited you here See yourself out This is a private residence People can’t visit here without permission If you take another step forward I’ll unleash the hounds I didn’t say I will go in there I’ll just stand here This is the doorstep to my house If you like standing on the doorstep so much, go stand at your own house Place beyond this line is public space I can stand wherever I want. You can’t do anything about it! It’s none of my bussiness you Madam Madem,bring out your wonderful cooking My mother isn’t here She probably took the pigs for breeding Take a seat,I’ll go make some tea – Xiaosan – What? Just now didn’t you say that you have an errand to run? Me? No You do You said you did when we were at the hospital No? I never do such kind of errands Oh! I remember There’s a very unfriendly person asked me to do something for him You’ve remembered Go quickly then,instead of spouting nonsense here Let me sit and rest for awhile What exactly is this errand? – Buy some wine – Buy some vegetables It’s like,you know We’ve stayed in the palace for too long I’m feeling the urge to go gamble It’s hard to change one’s nature. Go then! Er,can you lend me some money Don’t be so stingy,give me Excuse me,I want to go out Sure,go then You better shape up You’d better go away If you refuse to leave be careful that of the hounds behind me Hounds? Dog? Where’s it? Drive them away Drive it away! You look even much scarier than a hound and you’re scared of dogs? Zhang Zhesan,you lied to me! So what if I tricked you? You like to stand? That’s fine Just stand here Be careful not to let anyone sneak out from there Here,hold this Now that’s a door guard here You… Damn you,Zhang Zhesan! You’re the dog You’re a bastard! A bastardly dog! So before you were born your father passed away Yeah. My father died since I was young my mother and I have had only each other for support For twenty years Then Dafu came Your mother is an amazing woman That’s for sure My mother is the bravest and most capable mother around but she loves to argue with me did you just say that these past 20 years there’s only been you and your mother? That’s right Don’t you have a younger sister? Here’s the thing My sister died too early in life everytime she’s mentioned my mother will feel depressed so I’ve always been very careful not to mention her where possible Oh,I see. By the way Where’s your younger sister’s grave? You want to dig her out? You’ve said before your sister rarely appears and we’re sworn brothers so I want to visit her and burn some incense for her so that she can rest in peace and assure her that we’ll take care of you I know you will take care of me unlike Xiaosan who only knows to make trouble for me You don’t have to go burn incense for her I’ll pass the message on for you How can you do that? This kind of things have to be done personally To show one’s sincerity Unless… you don’t have a younger sister and you’re lying to me I do! Of course I do Can you even joke about someone dead? If you don’t believe me,we’ll leave now Great. I was just waiting for you to say that Let’s go. Fine. Let’s go! Okay let’s go Let’s go That Missy is still at the door Let’s leave through the back door We’ve been walking from there to here And go through the other side and then taking a round up and coming back to this point We’ve definitely passed this place already Look She’s right there You’re stepping on my sister’s grave No wonder I couldn’t find it you’ve been blocking my view Sister,I’ve brought a friend to see you He’s called Siu Zhiping,my sworn brother you’ve met him before Do you have anything to say to her? Your sister.. is buried here? Why You want to ask why she Didn’t have a gravestone,right? It’s our custom here If a child dies without a name then we can’t erect a gravestone Big brother You’re not very young anymore, why haven’t you gotten married? Because… There’s no one suitable What? You’re such an eligible bachelor How is it possible that there’s no one suitable? Your cousin likes you very much But I don’t like her I only see her as my younger sister Then what’s your type? Tell me and I’ll try to find someone for you I… I don’t know You’re shy,aren’t you? That’s fine. Stop faking it I’ll give you some hints Big breasts ? Like this? Doesn’t have to be… As long as it’s not flat Then what about her height? As long as she’s taller than the floor,it’s enough Then,what if she’s like my younger sister An innocent and naive-looking young lady? Your sister is right here You shouldn’t use her as a joke Just saying it. She won’t mind. Big brother,what if.. and I mean if only hypothetically if my sister were still alive Would you like her? Actually,your sister looks rather cute when she smiles Then what if,her personality is that of a tom boy … almost like me? It’s not bad if she’s like you Straight forward and non-deceptive What if,just say,she snores and grinds her teeth at night drops rice and spills soup while she eats all right,all right,enough stop asking me these questions What about you? Do you like big breast girls? Or some tall girl? Of course! Men are all the same The best are those large and bouncy ones you’d know! big and bouncy yes Then you have to be careful when you’re rowing the boat Hetian Hetian You gotta be kidding me? She’s like a ghost haunting me All right. It’s yours I’ll leave first! Wait for me! We’ll leave together Why are you running like you’re hiding from the guards? Have you broken any law? countless I’ve robbed houses Killed people and set some fire You’d better stay far from me You’re lying. Let me ask you who’s that little brat? He? He’s my 3rd uncle’s 6th aunt’s son’s nephew Stop turning around,you’re making me dizzy – Let go. – No If you don’t let go of me,I’ll sue you for molestation Sue me then.. Sue me! Sue me You’re despicable! Are you kidding me? You were the one that kissed me How dare you Why are you so unreasonable? Beating people without reason So? Cause I want to hit you If you’re cold come over here I’m not cold Wow it’s so hot and comfortable here You’re doing it on purpose Why do you treat me so horrible? I wonder who’s the one kidnapped me and treated me so well That’s because you were rude to me And just now you even… It was an accident,both times I’ve already apologized What more do you want from me? Do you want to touch me back? Touch me then Touch me then,quickly. Disgusting,despicable! What are you doing? What are you doing? It’s deserted out here. We’re all alone Let go of me I asked you to leave but you wouldn’t go It’s too late for you to regret Let go of me – little sweet girl – stay away from me Actually,you’re quite pretty if your temper were a little better – I’d like you even more – No Are you okay? Are you hurt? Why don’t you let me kick you! I was just joking,how could you Cockroach! Cockroach! Cockroach!kill it! Why do you keep stepping? It’s dirty! Is it still there? Why aren’t you speaking? Is it still there? It’s still here! And it’s flying! It’s flying over here! On your head! You That’s just a cockroach You’d better go back home otherwise earthworms,centipedes and the like will all appear I quarreled with my father I’m not going home Not going home because of a quarrel? Then by the time I turned three I would’ve been homeless and wandering on my own Just go home now and apologize to your father I guarantee you that nothing will happen I’m not going to apologize to my father He doesn’t concern me but disallows me from doing this and that Now,because of his desire for the fame and fortune He’s forcing me to enter the palace to be a concubine. I don’t want to! Girls dream of marrying the Emperor yet you’re picky about it? Who wants to marry a man that she’s never seen before? Since I was young I watched my father work for the court day in and day out The only ones eating at home were only my mother and I I don’t want to live like that I just want to be with someone I love I don’t care if he’s poor or rich as long as we’re happy together That makes sense. Only if you like each other will you be happy together If it’s just for the fame and fortune you’ll be selling yourself out Go on speaking What time is it now? Rain has stopped I’ll go back now are you coming? I’m really leaving Why’s your stomach grumbling? So rude. I’m going home for dinner now Do you want to come along? You’re inviting me to your house I’m not just break in there Then you’d better not come Bye Why are you so annoying?


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