The Imperial Physician 10 (English Subtitle)

The Imperial Physician SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers: Dadelus, Alina Episode 10 Grand Preceptor You should be careful, or they’ll take advantage of your faults. His Majesty has sent He Tian and Zhang Zhesan as a medical team to the disaster zone. These two bastards have won the favor of the Emperor. On the surface, they are a medical team. But who knows what they’re hiding beneath that. Thanks for your concern. I know what I should do. Tell me. Are you in trouble again? No. I don’t believe you. Speak. Have you got yourself in trouble again? Mother, why are you packing so many jackets? You are too young to see the concerns of travelers. These can be worn when cold
and used as blankets at night. See? And listen, don’t be so conceited. You think a ugly disguise solves everything? Luckily, you were not chosen at the selection. If you were chosen, you’ll be wiping the floors in the Palace and washing chamber-pots. It won’t happen. Were I to stay there as a maid, I’d find a chance to escape
to the Imperial Hospital. And when they call the roll, a Palace maid will be missing. They’ll come here to look for you. If they can’t find you, they will capture me. Plow fields, build roads, clean latrines. Don’t pack the mosquito net. You just don’t see the concerns of travelers. As a doctor, you should know mosquito bites can be harmful You will regret it if you don’t listen to the elders Come. Take this. Mom, keep the money. You don’t the see… …the concerns of travelers. Mom, I know. Then take this. Oh. I’ve baked some pancakes. Take them and eat on the road, okay? Fold these up Steamed buns Just the two of us? No. There is still Tian. It’s just three then. Aren’t we going to relied the disaster? Other officials set off yesterday. The three of us will be traveling on our own. Why didn’t we set out with the rest of the troops? Good to have sedans and servants. With a large company of attendants you’ll only see the what the officials want you to see Only by traveling alone can we see the real situation. Oh. Here. You know I can’t read. What do these words mean? Zhang Zhesan, Regional Inspector of 7th rank, will do investigations by the Edict Regional officials shall listen to his orders 7th rank? How can I accept such a great honor? I’d be content with a 2nd or 3rd rank. Don’t worry. With this piece of paper even the 8 and 9th rank officials
wouldn’t dare to disrespect you not to mention the 2nd and 3rd rank ones Really? Then why don’t we use it to call for a carriage. We’re traveling incognito. So, we should try not to reveal our identity. Keep the paper. Don’t show it off unless you have to
in order to avoid alerting others. Then it’s useless. Keep it well. We may need it later. Zhiping, Zhesan. Hey, it’s disaster relief. Why are you carrying a wok? Shut up. Help me to carry these. Zhiping, let’s go. Hey! Wait for me! Hey! Aren’t we buddies? Doesn’t Zhiping need to carry these? No. There’s more. Here! Why don’t they give out the food? When are we kept waiting? Yeah, I’m so hungry. We’ve been waiting for a long time. Give us the rations. Hurry up. It’s been hours. We are starving. When are the rations going to be distributed? I’m starving. We’ve suffered a lot. Please distribute the rations. Sir, why aren’t you distributing the rations? The rations get distributed at noon But, isn’t it noon now? Is time more important than starving people? That’s right. Who are you? Why are you creating a fuss here? Who am I? You’d better listen carefully. I’m a green onion, standing in the wind and rain. Whoever dares to eat me, I’ll curse his ancestors. Come. Read this loudly. Zhang Zhesan, Regional Inspector of 7th rank, will do investigations by the Edict Regional officials shall listen to his orders Now, you know who I am Aren’t you going to distribute the rations? Yes, yes. Distribute the rations! My subordinates reported that Zhesan has reached Huangtong county Oh? That’s great. Grand Preceptor You should let your subordinates be more careful in their work. No slip-up is allowed. I know this. If I need to be warned on such a small matter then wouldn’t I be considered useless? That’s true. But the reason that you have been
in the imperial court for decades is because I speak well of you in front of the Empress Dowager But you’ve already profited a lot I don’t mean anything by it I just hope that you will be cautious and not let Zhesan spoil it Even the little Emperor can’t do anything not to say his followers I have already prepared everything. I will definitely not let Zhesan
find out anything Your confidence is fantastic If I got caught, then that incident would interest the Emperor. Grand Preceptor. Miss Zhao is missing. Something came up. I’ll take my leave. Bye. Grand Preceptor, Miss Zhao has run away She didn’t even tell me she’s going out. What about Mingjing? She’s also missing. What?! Grand Preceptor. Are you alright? I’m fine. Go find her. Yes, Grand Preceptor. Quick, follow me. Hardly had I left the capital in this journey I found that you don’t care about the people. Sir, the officer is lousy I promise I will oversee his work How dare you shirk responsibility? Forget it. It’s not easy to gain an official post. So I’ll spare you a bit Listen, you’d better change for the better while I’m here. I’ll forgive you this time. Get up. Thank you, sir. Sir, you must be tired after the journey. I’ve prepared a room for you. You can wash up first. We’ll prepare a banquet for you this evening How dare you? I love the people like my own children… Sir, after a tiring journey why don’t you go to the dinner? Can we go? Go. Sir, there are also barmaids, whose hands are… I already said I am an official of the people Go. Really? Yes. All right. Prepare the celebrations. Yes. Sir, the Grand Preceptor’s daughter is here. Why is she here? Don’t follow me. Stay away from me. How dare you… Octopus Girl! Why are you always following us? Your servant, Majesty. I’m traveling incognito Just call me brother. Brother. Then just call me Xiangning from now on Hey. We’re here for disaster relief What are you doing here? She has nothing else to do. So she followed me here. Brother, when choosing a concubine you put the well-being of people first. I was really touched. So I also wanna help with the relief. Help with the relief? Let me see… Come. What are you doing? You don’t even bring money with you. How can you help? Is it hidden here? You bastard. Don’t be like that. Good thing she wanna help. But running away from home isn’t appropriate. Oh. If the Grand Preceptor were to know that Miss Zhao is with the Emperor, he would definitely not worry. Brother. Anyway, I won’t leave. If you really don’t want to see me I will leave then. Goodbye. Okay. Since you are here, stay then. It’s a burden to travel with two women. Don’t say anymore. They don’t have any place to stay. Tian, the firewood house is there.
Bring them there. Hey. Firewood house? Why should I stay there? The latrine is over there. Choose whichever suits you. Leave him alone. Wait and see. Brother Huh? We have a good show to see. You may leave. Bring it here. Excuse us, sir. We’ll leave first. Sir. This is ginseng from the Northeast It’s great for the health. Wow. This is good. Just looking at it makes me feel good. You will have a great future! Thank you, sir. Do you know Grand Preceptor Zhao? He is very close to me. He values my opinions in personnel affairs He thinks very much of me It’s just I don’t show it off I’d appreciate it if you help me get promotion I’ll tell Grand Preceptor Zhao to promote you With a high rank you’ll have more of this Right. Thanks, I will repay you back and be at your service. I will never forget what you have done for me! I will never forget you Okay I’ll never forget you We are good buddies. Come, cheers. Come, cheers. Miss Zhao is chatting with the Emperor in the garden. Don’t go over there It has nothing to do with me That’s good. Bye. It’s quite good. Why did you stop? No matter how well I play, he still won’t like it Are you talking about Tian? Actually, I know that you like him very much. I really like Tian very much. That’s right. I dressed as a eunuch and went into the Palace to find him He didn’t care about my feelings and even severely scolded me. He told me to keep a far distance from him. Actually, it’s not that he doesn’t care about you. After you left his home last time, Tian told Zhesan to look after you But he said he treats stray dogs the same way. Actually…Tian doesn’t mean that. Sometimes, he sounds bitter. But he’s kind at heart And, I feel… Brother, what did you say? You have some good traits For example, you have good ideas You are confident and straightforward Really? Really? Right. If you really like Tian, I’ll help you. You will help me? That’s great. What’s that sound? Go back to your room first. Don’t come out. Tian. What happened? Tian. Tian, hang in. I’ll find someone to save you. Tian, hang in. I promise you’ll be fine. Don’t let my mom know. She’ll be angry. Tian, you can’t go to sleep. Help! My friend is hurt. Open the door. Help! My friend is hurt. Open the door. It’s so late. Come tomorrow. My friend is hurt. Call the physician now. The physician has gone home to sleep. Tian. Is there any medicine to stop bleeding? Well…I don’t know. I’m new here. Isn’t there any medicine to stop bleeding? Honeysuckle, pseudo-ginseng Find them now. Quick. Tian. Tian. Wake up. Tian. How is it now? His wound is deep Good thing medicine was applied to stop the bleeding. Or else his wound could have endangered his life What do you mean? How is it now? Is he out of danger? He wasn’t treated in time He has lost too much blood. His pulse is very weak As to whether he can survive it, we have to wait until tonight. But why should we wait? Aren’t you a physician? You should save him. If you can’t save him from death, why are you here? I can’t guarantee that. What? Zhesan Thanks, doctor Reporting, District Magistrate is in trouble I don’t care even if he dies Yes. Zhesan Tian being hurt like this, I can’t just leave him here. Leave Tian to me. Don’t you have important things to do? Go, don’t waste time We are sworn brothers We go through think and thin together When I’m not here, you can’t pass away Or else, I will drag you back from the hell Everything is in a mess Xiangning Take care of Tian. Em. Seems like the murderer killed him first Then, he must have bumped into Tian So he wanted to kill him too Did anything strange happen at the banquet? Why are you asking this now? You should be investigating who the killer is. Too bad the District Magistrate is dead Did he tell you anything important? He said he receives money from his subordinate He gives it to the Prefect, who in turn gives it to a higher official The Prefect is involved He is said to be Grand Preceptor’s student It’s hard to accuse him That’s all. Hey, where are you going? I’m going to avenge Tian. Don’t act so rashly. You are always telling me not to act rashly. We can’t just stay here We must take actions But you will only alert the enemy What about Tian then? Tian’s hurt. I’m also upset about it. But remember we came here to fight corruption For all I know, Tian’s incident may be related to this. Let me remind you. We swore to go through think and thin together Zhesan. Is Tian better? He’s still the same. His body is still so cold. No matter how I call him, he doesn’t respond. Mingjing I’m worried that he won’t survive tonight. That won’t happen. Tian is a physician. He has saved so many people. God will definitely protect him. I hope so I really wish I were lying here instead of him. But Tian doesn’t treat you very well. Why should you sacrifice for him? I don’t know. I just feel that he’s very special. He’s the first one to curse me. The first one who’s not afraid of me. The first one to whom I have mixed feelings of love and hate Frankly speaking, he really treats you very badly. I know. I know that he thinks I’m annoying I just want to look at him more and wish to talk to him. As long as I can see him, I’ll be happy. If I don’t see him, I’ll miss him. I feel sorry for him now. Don’t worry. As long as Tian can get well, I’d be willing to sacrifice my life in exchange for his. How can you say that? It’s okay. He’ll recover. Listen. Send for more people to surround the yamen entirely Yes. Hey! Octopus girl, what’s wrong? Tian is not dead. You don’t need to kill yourself. Xiangning, Tian is just week He still needs you to look after him. I’m afraid that he won’t survive tonight. I wanted to let him drink my blood. Let me take care of Tian. Have a rest. I won’t. I will stay here and take care of Tian. I’m not leaving. I want to take care of Tian. Go back for a rest. Eat something first. I don’t wish that you’d be sick Listen to me. Go back and rest. This is an Edict. You can’t disobey. The hot water is by the bed side. You must change the water every four hours. Also, his lips get dry easily. You need to give him some tea to moist his lips Okay. I know. Zhesan. Take her back and let her eat something. Let’s go. How did you think of doing that? You are in love with Tian,
but you shouldn’t act like that I just feel sorry for Tian So do the Emperor and I Please don’t be so stupid again, okay? You are no smarter than the tortoise Oh. Okay, eat then. After that, have a good sleep. I’ll leave first. Zhesan, if Tian wakes up, you must tell me. If he… you must also tell me. Octopus girl. Actually, Tian… What’s wrong with Tian? Say it. Nothing. He’ll be okay. I’ll leave now. Mingjing, tell me if she won’t go to sleep. Okay. The medicine is ready. Okay. Let it cool down first. Is he awake? Last night he was just sweating Should we change the doctor? He’s in a bad condition Tomorrow, I will bring send for a few doctors. The identity of the killer is unclear. If we allow strangers in here, it will be dangerous for Tian. What should we do then? Just see him in lying there? Let’s think of a solution. Let him take the medicine first. Wait! Look. Hold this. Look after Tian. Come out. Shit, he ran away. How did he get in with so many soldiers guarding here? Even you failed to catch him, not to say those guards We almost fed the poison to Tian If I catch him, I’ll dig out his eyes first. Okay. What’s most important now is to improve the security. I’ll go. I’ll send for as many soldiers as possible to surround the mansion. Okay. Tian. Are you okay? I just had a dream. You were busy dreaming while sleeping? How do you feel? Does your wound hurt? I wish to drink some water. Okay. I’ll go get it. Come, be careful. Come. Drink slowly. I’ll refill it when you’re done… Be careful. Come. Let me take a look at your wound. You don’t need to. I’m fine. Let me have a check No need to look. Tian, we are both men. Don’t be shy. Come, let me look. Really, you don’t need to. No need. I’m fine. Brother. Brother, you really don’t need to. Come. – It’s okay.
– What are you doing? I’m helping Tian to change the medicine. Let me do this task instead. – Come
– No need. Just send for a physician. I don’t need your help. I’ll prescribe the medicine,
and you guys go get it Thank you for taking care of me. Sorry for troubling you. Actually, it wasn’t me who took care of you. It’s Xiangning. Let me tell you. When Octopus Girl heard that you lost too much blood, she wanted to cut her vein. If we hadn’t found it out, you’d have drunk her blood. Tian. Needless to say Xiangning did it because she loves you I think that she likes you. That night, you had a chat and there was music. That day, we were talking about you. She ignored you only to make you mad Her love for you has never changed Tian, you are awake. Do you feel better? How is your hand? Other people would pray for good health How could you hurt yourself? Sorry. I will prescribe for you Apply the medicine and I guarantee there won’t be a scar Okay Don’t do this again. I know. I won’t do this again. Have you caught the killer? Sure, I frighten him away Well That night, I remember I saw that his hand has a special tattoo What tattoo? The Chinese character of “nine” Tian. Don’t talk anymore. You have just recovered. Are you hungry? What would you like to eat? I’m not hungry. You were injured. Your appetite is not good, right? I’ll buy you something delicious to eat. No need. Mingjing, let’s go Buy as much food as possible. Lanterns! Lanterns! Here you are. Take care. Ouch! Don’t you have eyes? Why don’t you look where you are going? What are you looking at? Shit. I’ll settle with you Mingjing Nine. He’s the killer Tell the Emperor I found the killer! – Quick.
– Okay. Help! Let me go. Why are you following me? Let me go. Don’t run away. Miss Zhao. Xiangning, are you okay? I’m fine. Stay there. He ate poison. He killed himself just to prevent his identity from being exposed There must be a big organization behind him Could he be from the capital? It’s possible, but we can’t say that without evidence Those officials are so wicked. Tian was hurt because of them. I must catch all of them. But there are so many problems even in one county With so many counties out there,
how can you catch them all? I’m not catching flies. I’m catching the tiger. What do you mean? When we get back to the capital, we’ll arrest the mastermind behind the corruption. Shit No matter what, you must bring my daughter back You can’t even do this with so many hands Rubbish! We’ve done all that we can do But the Edict asked us to do disaster relief Nonsense Bring back all soldiers helping with the relief to find my daughter. If you can’t find my daughter, I’ll blame it on you Come in. Tian Why are you here? You haven’t fully recovered. I’m here to help you pack. No need. Brother said that you’ve been taking care of me. Don’t mention it. Glad that you are safe. Is your hand better? Yes. Apply medicines on time until there is no more mark left Okay. I know you think that I’m very stupid. But I couldn’t think of any other way. Don’t be so stupid next time. I’m not worth it for you to do that I’m willing to do it for you. As long as I can save you, I will do anything. You should cherish yourself You don’t need to treat me so well. How come you can’t face my love for you? I’ve tried all methods, gentle or bratty Can’t you feel it? That’s not the point. Then why are you pushing me away? I’m not pushing you away It’s impossible for me to love you. Why? Because I already have someone I love. You are a good girl. But I can only treat you as a sister. Let’s be brother and sister in the future, okay? In the rank system, rank 9 is the lowest, rank 1 the highest. So, as a 7th rank official, Zhesan is wrong about his position in the grade system.


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