The Imperial Physician 12 (English Subtitle)

The Imperial Physician SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers: Dadelus, Alina Episode 12 What is that? Nothing It’s getting late You should get going Bad news! The Emperor comes to search the house with many soldiers The entire mansion has been surrounded! Your Majesty May I ask what’s my crime? What makes you come with so many soldiers? Grand Preceptor Zhao It’s just the routine check It happens to be your turn today Please cooperate Your Majesty I’m the leader and role model of government officials By doing so, your majesty is suspecting me It’s not that serious I went to the military officer Qian’s house today And he even treated me to a meal Oh, right. Your vases look pretty good Where did you buy them? They must be expensive. Your Majesty My family have been ministers for three generations My grandfather was the Minister of Rites My father was the Chief Minister of the Court of Judicial Review They left behind a legacy of vast farmlands and mansions let alone countless rewards from His Late Majesty. Your Majesty I am innocent You are suspecting me by doing so! Grand Preceptor the Commission Against Corruption is just doing it’s duty Every official has to be investigated I feared you’d misunderstand So I come here out of my respect for you. Your Majesty I’m so honored to have your respect. If that’s the case you can search the house as you please. Please help yourself. Start to search! Be careful Everything here is expensive If you damage anything, you’ll get a spanking! Go! Yes! Father Your Majesty What’s going on? Octopus Girl Just the routine check. It’s nothing. Then I’ll be leaving first. Father It’s rare for Your Majesty to visit my abode Would you like a cup of tea before you leave? Xiangning Accompany His Majesty for a drink This way please Brother What are you doing here? I just went back to see my mother
and happened to pass by I saw many soldiers outside What’s going on? Oh, nothing. Just the routine check Why don’t you come have tea with us? Okay Just take a casual look around Don’t mess things up Yes Look carefully Don’t miss out anything Yes Your Majesty When I was an academician in the Upper Library I often played chess with the late Emperor He had amazing chess skills His strategy is to focus on the overall situation I wonder if he ever taught Your Majesty how to play When the late Emperor died I was still young I didn’t have the chance to play chess with him But a good strategy doesn’t have to target the overall situation If used wisely, a pawn can achieve great things Check Your moves are heavy-handed But you’ve made a mistake, which allows me to charge in Your Majesty is eager to conquer Unfortunately, you fail to protect your home base Although you won this round you may not win forever That depends on the competence of my opponent Brother! I took a casual look around and didn’t find anything. I had some casual conversations with others and didn’t find anything either. What? What are you doing? I’m telling His Majesty that your hair condition is pretty good It has good nutrition Grand Preceptor Is there anything hidden in your clothes? I’ve been an official for years No one has dared to suspect me in this manner Your Majesty, is this what you want? I have served both Your Majesty and the late Emperor Yet Your Majesty seeks to humiliate me this way Am I discarded? Grand Preceptor, it’s not that serious It’s just a simple search If you’re innocent, why would you care? Fine. Your Majesty I’ll do whatever you want me to do I will be body searched even if it means humiliation But if nothing is found please give me a good explanation. Come Grand Preceptor Zhao, who dares to humiliate you? But since you have asked, I’ll do a simple search You’re not ticklish Grand Preceptor Zhao Pardon my offense Go! Your Majesty, you should be satisfied now You should give me an explanation Miss Zhao, your dress is really pretty Could you give it to me? I want to make a copy for my cousin Your Majesty, I was humiliated Share my daughter bear the humiliation as well? Zhang Zhesan Find a female officer to help Miss Zhao change Your Majesty, my forbearance only incurs more humiliation I shall go ask the Empress Dowager to judge Grand Preceptor, you are free to go see the Empress Dowager But Miss Zhao has to remain here Zhang Zhesan, go look for a female official Okay! There’s no need! Your Majesty suspects me? I agree to be searched, but it has to be done by He Tian. Nonsense! You are a girl How can you let a man have such liberty? No one is allowed to touch my daughter today He’s a physician Just take it as a treatment You… In any case, I like him You… Father, now that they suspect you I’d sacrifice myself to prove your innocence I don’t allow it! You! He Tian. Come on. Zhesan. I don’t have the least interest to watch He Tian. Search her. Help me. What’s wrong? Nothing Then why have you stopped searching? I just feel a bit embarrassed to search a girl I’ll continue searching Bother, there’s nothing on her Your Majesty I hope that you will come again for another round of chess Definitely Zhesan We’re done – Xiangning
– Where is it? I’ve burnt it. We’ve searched everywhere The account book must have been hidden Zhao Fusong is so sly He is very cautious It won’t be easy to overthrow him It’s not surprising that we couldn’t find the account book But it looked as if we had wronged him If it weren’t for Octopus Girl I would’ve beat him from head to toe All right, you’ve worked the whole day Go back and get some rest I’m not going to rest. Today’s failure is quite annoying. I need to cheer the others up All right. Help me to encourage them. Tell them they did well today. Okay. You’ve just recovered. Don’t exert yourself. Go back and rest earlier. Brother, then I’ll be going back now Tian, wait a minute You’re tired I’ll get something for you to eat There’s no need There was a great disorder tonight without any results Will it bring you any trouble? It’s all right. Although we didn’t find the account book we gave Zhang Fusong a fright But… You should believe in me I am the Emperor Then I’ll go back to the clinic Rest early Okay Miss Zhao Where are you going? Grand Preceptor is looking for you everywhere Go back. Leave me alone. You’d better come back with me Come, let’s go. I want to take a walk alone Go back Stop the sedan Xiangning The Emperor has left. Let’s go home. Father, why did you do that? Go and seal off the road Yes Xiangning I’m the leader of the Ministers Not only do I have to take care of the people I have to take care of many lower-ranked officials I have no choice I have to do things I don’t wanna do Is corruption something you have to do? I’m not corrupt.
The Zhaos have been officials for years Our family has enough wealth
to last for over three generations I have no need to be corrupt I’m doing for the sake of the people I want to make changes too But sometimes, I can’t achieve what I want to do Even if you can’t change it,
you shouldn’t join others in corruption Xiangning, you’re still young There are many things you don’t understand I just want you to understand I’m doing this because I’m thinking of the big picture All right, come home with me Give me the account book What’s recorded involves numerous officials in court If it leaks out the consequences will be great I’ve already burned it You’ve burned it? Who saw it? Father, you don’t believe me? All right then. We haven’t visited your mother in a long while. We’ll go pay our respects to her tomorrow Li Gong-Gong What makes you come in midnight? Please take a seat Here Okay What is the matter? Grand Preceptor I heard that the Emperor and Zhesan came to your house I came to see you.
I hope nothing went wrong? They’re just two young brats What can they accomplish? Nothing has been found All are kept in a safe place That’s good I knew it wouldn’t be an issue for you Rest assured The Emperor does not know about your involvement No, I didn’t mean it We’ve spent 20-odd years as brothers I came here purely out of concern for you Then I appreciate your concern More than 20 years have passed I remember that when we first met you helped the Empress Dowager comb her hair I could already tell then that you are extraordinary You are not bad yourself. Out of the many academicians in the Upper Library you’re the best of the lot Now, you have become Chief of Directorate of Ceremonial It’s really something. You’re the Minister of Rites You’re second only to the Emperor, huh? It’s been over 20 years We’ve been through think and thin together It hasn’t been easy Yeah Twenty years have passed Oh, my goodness Twenty years are gone! I still want to live for another 500 years! Me too But I’m afraid that the young Emperor will not allow it. If he doesn’t agree,
I’d make him agree We can’t let such a small matter destroy our relationship Am I right? You’re right. Miss Zhao, time to go pay our respects to Madam The Grand Preceptor is waiting for you outside Coming Push harder. Again! This is fun Hurry up He Tian is here He Tian is here This is really fun Why did you call for me? Nothing in particular. I haven’t seen you in a long time. So I miss you. How are you doing? How is everything in the clinic? It’s very good, thank you. That’s good. With a closer look, your face looks quite beautiful Thank you for the praise What’s important for a man is his career, not his looks. Quite ambitious. Come here. Are you used to the life in the Palace? Yeah. It’s just reading and treating patients. Have you learned anything in the Imperial Academy of Medicine? Of course. My books are worn from use. Do you need me to help you with anything? There’s no need to trouble you. You cured the Empress Dowager’s illness I have yet to thank you properly I was just doing my job All right, you can return to the clinic now. Then I’ll excuse myself now. This little brat. Time flies. In the blink of an eye my little girl has grown up into a gentle lady If your mother could see you She would be very happy. What a pity! Your mother left us too early She didn’t leave She must be watching over me in the heaven She must be caring about me all the time Similarly, she is watching over you from the heavens She sees your every move She sees how you do your duties as a minister We’ve been out the whole day and you’re tired Go get some rest I don’t have to rest. The one who needs rest is you. Father The Emperor has begun to suspect you We had a narrow escape this time But can we avoid danger again? Father, resign from your position. Let’s leave the political arena and live our lives well, all right? Xiangning, let’s not talk about this I have work to do. Go and get some rest He’s the Grand Preceptor How dare you search his home? He has served in two courts I can’t see why you should subject him to such humiliation Do you want to search the house of every minister and be a lonely Emperor in court? I didn’t mean it that way It’s the standard procedure I went there myself to prevent misunderstanding Your investigation has caused a commotion What if it caused undue suspicion for Grand Preceptor Zhao? Mother I just wanna send out a signal of my determination to fight corruption Yes, Your majesty It was just a casual look-see. We were very polite. Even if you’re fighting corruption, it should be Baochuan who does it Disband the Commission Against Corruption Don’t act rashly again Also, promote the Grand Preceptor to Grand Mentor lest others take it as a purposed humiliation Baochuan, don’t you agree? Your majesty, I think you’re right. Mother Don’t argue anymore. Ah… You have a headache? Send Her Majesty back. Quick! Prepare the sedan! Think about it carefully Oh gosh. It hurts. They’re finally gone. They’ve tired me out. Do you really intend to disband the Commission? We failed to overthrow Zhao Fusong this time He’ll find an opportunity to revenge I just never expected that he would join hands with Li Baochuan Even the Empress Dowager intervened Brother, I know you’re a filial son But we are to accomplish great things If you disband it now, how can I answer to my men? You’re the Emperor, the most powerful person on earth I’m second only to you, right? You can ignore your mother. Just do what you wanna do. The Empress Dowager is just a bit conservative. She’s not unreasonable. My father passed away early. She’s the one that brought me up. She made me study hard to be a good emperor I became what I am now thanks to her. Do you think I can disobey her? Then should we stop fighting corruption? Brother, I’m sorry. What are you sorry for? Tell me, it’s all right. Actually, I found the account book on Xiangning Why didn’t you tell us? I couldn’t bear to get her into trouble! She treated me so well in the past She took care of me when I was injured I just thought she was really pitiful I’m sorry, brother I didn’t know that the book was so important Your weakness has caused all of us trouble. We made so many plans and you render all of our hard work in vain! Forget it. It’s all the Octopus Girl’s fault. She is an accomplice to the crime. All right. Stop scolding her. Zhao Fusong is Xiangning father. It’s hard for her to sacrifice family relations. Corrupt officials must be punished His father does the wrong things San Your teacher is a thief But would you be willing to betray him? I…What are you laughing at? Tian, don’t feel guilty. Xiangning was willing to risk her life to save you, . Your actions are understandable. I won’t blame you. How are you going to continue the investigation? As long as the account book still exist it won’t be difficult to find it. Are you sure? If I were Zhao Fusong,
I would’ve burned it. If it could be burned, he would’ve done it already. The account book must be useful to him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t risk hiding it with Xiangning All right. I’ll go gather my men and search his house again That won’t do. Zhao has definitely increased his defenses Acting rashly would yield no results and may work against us. The person who created the mess should clean it up This matter is caused by you So you have to go solve it. Huh? He did lure me out and sent someone to search for the book Bad news! When you were out someone died at home! What? The accountant Yang was found dead in the well. I heard he drank too much last night and staggered into the well. Don’t come over! I’ll beat you to death! Why did you act a ghost! I’ll beat you to death! No. You look more like a ghost! You look exactly like an octopus now I’m not me. He’s looking for you He Tian? Can you give me the account book? Xiangning is all for punishing corrupt officials but does not want to implicate her father So before handing the account book over she struck out her father’s name. Octopus Girl is such a genius Her father is the mastermind Zhao Fusong is just a beast. If we can’t arrest him, the account book is useless? So, the account book was with Xiangning since that day? That’s right. Can I do another favor for me? What is it? Xiangning told her father that she burned the book So if her father finds out she handed it over he wouldn’t forgive her. You mean… Can we prevent him from knowing the existence of the book? Are you serious? His name has already been scribbled over And we still have to keep it a secret? Then what do we need the book for?
We might as well return it. It’s her own father. Sure she cares for him. But Xiangning wants to help us. Octopus Girl thinks for her father You think for Octopus Girl Let me ask you, who is thinking for the people? In Xiangning’s eyes Zhao Fusong is not an official He’s a father. It’s natural for her to protect her father. I don’t want to ruin their relationship. Then what about my men in the Commission? Are they working for nothing? Has brother been wasting his efforts? Did we go to the disaster zone for fun? At least Xiangning handed the account book over We can deal with the other officials first Brother is already in a big mess. There are only two solutions now: Either be tolerate or be cruel. Brother, isn’t there another solution? We can’t expose the account book But we still have to do justice to the people and punish the corrupt officials How is that possible even with the help of an immortal? We don’t need an immortal. We just need you, Zhang Zhesan. Lord Zhang is back! Are you hooligans? Sit properly! Lord Zhang, you’re back. These things are very expensive, huh? That’s none of your business. Go and investigate others Please leave. Lord Zhang, you’ve misunderstood. The Emperor is raising funds for the disaster relief His Majesty hopes that Lord Zhang can contribute to it This donation booklet is written by the Emperor. I have no money Brothers, go. Yes. Don’t break it These are all precious. Are you going to give us money or not? Yes, I’ll give. You should’ve said so earlier. Also, His Majesty would like know the mastermind. It’s Grand Preceptor Zhao. Are you going to donate? I’ll donate. Who is your ringleader? Grand Preceptor Zhao Please donate some money. Donate some money. The Ministry of War doesn’t have much money Just 30,000 will be enough. Donate some money please Also, who is your ringleader? Grand Preceptor Zhao. Brother Tian Brother This is the record of the donations
gathered by Zhezan. These officials should have hand in the illicit money earlier Then does the Commission still have to be disbanded? It has done its duties for the moment. It can be temporarily disbanded. But the people have to be retained. They will join the Eastern Depot The Eastern Depot? You want to deal with Li Baochuan? It’s about time for his turn now. Lord Ma from the Ministry of Justice, 450 thousand taels. Lord Chen, Ministry of Revenue, 550 thousand taels. Lord Wang, Ministry of Rites, 370 thousand taels. Lord Qian, Ministry of War, 280 thousand taels. And other departments have donated 720 thousand taels in total… Grand Preceptor Zhao the others have all donated how much do you intend to donate? Preceptor Zhao is the leader of the Six Ministries His care for the people is no less than anyone else’s Am I right? Wow! Grand Preceptor Zhao has donated one million taels! Give it up! One million taels! Grand Preceptor Zhao. You has shown great concern for the victims You’re a role model for all the officials How about this? I’ll promote him to 1st-rank Grand Mentor I hope you will continue to work hard for the prosperity of the people. Thank you, Your Majesty. All right, that’s all. Court dismissed! Long life to Your Majesty! Your calligraphy is so beautiful Great Gong-Gong. I’ve checked He Tian’s background Tell me His mother sells pork in the market But in the household registration she only has a daughter. That’s the dead concubine candidate, the ugly He Tianxin. This matter is becoming interesting!


  1. Just a comment to the person responsible for the English subtitles: "We've been through think and thin together" should be "We've been through thick and thin together". It's an idiom meaning opposites. Thick and thin, meaning the extremes and everything in-between.

    I mention it only because I've seen it on a couple/few episodes. There are numerous other errors, but not important enough to mention. I hope that you don't mind, but it should be a small help to your English learning.

    Maybe you could help me? What is the difference between tàijiàn and gōng gong?

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