The Imperial Physician 13 (English Subtitle)

The Imperial Physician Episode 07 SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers: Alina Dadelus The Ministers have returned their ill-gotten gains Return the book to Xiang Ning No need to return it If they get greedy again, we can use it as evidence If neither of us tell them they wouldn’t even know the book was missing Besides, I think they’ve been scared witless so they won’t be so bold in future. Big brother, thank you on behalf of Xiang Ning Xiang Ning should thank you All I did was just to make the best of the situation Big brother I’m really sorry for put you in the middle of all those things It’s all right just don’t let it happen again. Okay By the way About that ‘Qu Chi’ have you learned anything about it? No, no clue If book is still in the palace It couldn’t have disappeared I will help you find it Thank you big brother Xiao An will be bringing my meal soon Do you want to eat with me? Sure! I want to eat dumplings Spiced pork shoulder and barbequed pork Sure,no problem. Da Fu,you’re so lucky You certainly live up to your name Second Brother What are you doing? You want to eat Da Fu?! No I don’t Don’t panic Come and take a seat Who are you respecting? Who am I paying my respects to? Today is Valentine’s Day. So I have specially cooked all these for you A Valentine’s Day feast! Our family of three shall have a good time and eat a good meal Eh, but we seem to be sitting too far apart. It’s not so intimate. Come. Come stand up Come come come Come come come Sit I’m so busy This is much more intimate Let’s begin eating Okay? Here One for you One for Da Fu One for me One more for you One more for Da Fu And another for me I’m full now Hey! Where are you going? You haven’t eaten Aren’t you wasting my efforts? I’m already full But I’m not full Da Fu!!!! You ate it all? Hey! Hey! Hey! Reporting to you, Gonggong What is it? The book Leave Yes Is somebody looking for that set of books? The Emperor ordered Xiao An to look for it The Emperor Yes but Xiao An said that once the book is found, it should be sent to He Tian from the Imperial hospital He Tian Why are you looking for me so urgently? Prime minister Zhao Did you know? Someone is looking for that set of books! Who? He Tian Why is it that fellow again? He is not a boy He is a girl I got someone to investigate her background She is from a butcher’s family And she even took part in the Concubine selection This is my fault I didn’t discover that she was a girl in disguise. Does the Emperor know about this? From what I know for now The Emperor does not know He Tian is so young she isn’t likely to be involved in something
that went on years ago But why is she looking for the book? Regardless of what the reason is, As long as she is going for the books She is looking into troubles We have to find a way to get rid of this wench. But now she has the emperor behind her It won’t be that easy to get rid of her. So what if the Emperor is behind her? Is he more powerful than the Empress Dowager? With the Empress Dowager’s support We have nothing to fear. It looks like Li Gonggong has the matter well in hand Why do you need to look for me in the first place? I can only make it with your help Isn’t that so? Mother We have collected 371,000 taels this time around All of it will be used for disaster relief Look Didn’t I tell you earlier? As long as you follow the proper procedure
Nothing will go wrong This time, you took my advice. and succeeded, right? And you also didn’t disappoint your mother. Thank you for your praise About the things left behind Just let Baochuan handle it. That would be best. I tell my men to send the information to Li Gonggong I will also appoint some men to assist him The ICAC was just disbanded but they did quite good Especially Zhang Zhesan Your Majesty We have enough people in my division You don’t have to waste your efforts I know that Li Gonggong has many talents under him So,I hope that Gonggong will accept some new staff and train them into talents To help you This are my kind intentions I’m sure you won’t reject me I don’t dare to Li Gonggong, I would appreciate your guidance Right. If I have the time. I will definitely guide you well. Okay okay okay The matter is almost settled Son It’s time you thought about your marriage Mother. The rebuilding has just started I want to help the victims rebuild their homes and lay down roads and bridges As for my marriage there’s no rush You always have so many excuses Whatever it is,
you are to get married ASAP If not, I will be too ashamed to face your ancestors Yes. I understand. Empress dowager There’s a matter that hasn’t been resolved His Majesty has promoted the Prime minister But his daughter has been body searched that’s something that cannot be ignored What do you suggest? I have been thinking for a few days… He Tian was the one who searched Miss Zhao Your Majesty Why don’t you arrange for their marriage? Not only would you bring a couple together You can stop those big mouths Thus killing two birds with one stone Good good good Good idea Good good Big Brother Why don’t you tell her that marriage isn’t necessary. Son. What do you think of this? I would like to first go back and discuss this matter with He Tian Mother There is no need to discuss If a commoner like him were able to marry minister Zhao’s daughter He will be extremely happy. Why would he say no? Right right right Unless he thinks I don’t have enough influence Or that Minister’s daughter is not good enough for him? Yes yes yes As you wish Okay okay This is decided then. The Empress Dowager wants to witness my marriage? Me and Zhao Xiangning? Minister Zhao’s son-in-law If you get married to her, you will save 50 years’ hard work Don’t forget your second brother then What? You don’t want to get married? How can I get married? I’m…
You know Of course I know Right now you only have two options What options? The first option Is that I take you and
Your mother to runaway And give birth to children
and live happily ever after You’ll remain home to look after the children
While I go out to make a living You don’t agree to this? Fine. Then you can only declare your identity or wait to marry Octopus Girl! I promised my Mother that If I am discovered,
I would leave the hospital immediately Further more If big Brother finds out I will be guilty of deceiving my king
I’ll be beheaded! Not only be beheaded, they will also dig your eyes out and strip you. So think about it carefully Giving birth to children. Living happily ever after. Xiao Tian Xiao Tian Big Brother Xiao San you told him? Such a happy news,
Of course I’ll tell him immediately Big Brother,I can’t marry Xiang Ning You definitely won’t be able to have children if you do Why can’t you get married? I…I don’t even know her that well We should build up some feelings first and marry only after we have feelings for each other Right, big brother This Octopus Girl The heavens blessed her with 10 beautiful fingers She only knows how to use them to dig her nose She can only do 2 things in her life One: She doesn’t know how to do this
Two: She doesn’t know how to do that Aside from snoring, what else do you think she is good at? You should give Xiao Tian more time to get used to it, right? But… But you’ve already known Xiang Nin for quite some time You already know her background and character well i know that But not what she used to do in life her hygiene habits, hobbies I don’t even know Xiao Tian Xiang Nin ran away from home for you and even let you do a body search And she even gave you the accounting record book and she even said in front of everybody
that she likes you Big Brother I beg you to talk to Empress Dowager I cannot get married It’s Empress Dowager’s decision, I cannot object Besides ,Xiang Nin has true feelings for you If you reject her It’ll be very hard to accept I know she is a good woman But, But I I can relax after hearing you say that Men will grow up and get married
It’s all right to be shy But it’s not that good to be bashful Go home now and tell your mother the good news Also,the day after tomorrow
I will personally go to Grand Secretary’s house and make the offer of marriage for you I only have you 2 as sworn brothers the marriage must be done magnificent Look look look What an excellent big brother Although his laughter is a bit embarrassing If you want to have kids with me now it’s not too late Do you think you’re Da Fu? Eat slowly Even raising Da Fu is better than raising you You forgot your mother once you’ve entered the Imperial Hospital Now you’ve started to miss my cooking and realize how useful I am. You haven’t come back for so long nor even write home Even Uncle Tao said that he hasn’t seen you in a while Business has been busy lately,
thank god your Uncle Tao was here to help If I waited for you,
my business would’ve closed down ages ago Hey! I am talking to you I’m listening Normally, when I scold you you are always say it back What is with you today? You either had your head kicked by a donkey or you’re hiding something from me. Tell me What are you keeping from me? I didn’t Actually, talking back is so tiring besides, I have to eat I don’t have time to talk back Tell me did you make trouble again? No…no I didn’t Then swear.Swear you haven’t lied to me If you’re lying to me then when I go out the door I’ll get hit by a car get killed by lightning choke to death while drinking and eating Anyway, I will end up a horrible death N-no…I really didn’t make any trouble It’s just that my performance at the clinic is too good the Emperor put me in charge of the clinic in the palace and also cured Empress Dowager’s illness You’re not lying? Nope. I’m not lying. Definitely Then did you tell your superior It was because your mother taught you well? It’s not good if you taught too well Empress Dowager is rewarding me by marrying the Prime minister’s daughter What!? How can a girl marry a girl? Which is why I came to discuss with you whether there is a solution that would allow me to get out of the marriage
and still maintain my cover Mom mom Where are you going? Mom mom Mom open the door Mom open the door! Mom mom mom What are you doing? Mom what are you doing? Didn’t you tell me to think of a plan? The only plan is to move Is there any other plans? Alternatively, we can go hang ourselves then you won’t have to marry and other people won’t know you’re a girl Mom don’t joke around It wasn’t easy for me to get into the imperial hospital
I can’t just leave You’ll just have to bear to leave If other people find out you’ll get beheaded Your mother I am still very young and still have many years to live – Mom! I’m begging you
– He Tian Is He Tian here?
He Tian Xi Gonggong, Gui Gonggong, what’s up? Congratulations, doctor He This is your wedding gift from the Empress Dowager and this box is for your Mother How can I accept that? Why don’t you return it, and help me thank the Empress Dowager This is what Empress Dowager gave you you can’t not accept it Take it in. take it in Yes doctor He, there’s more You don’t need to go to the Imperial Hospital these days They give you a few days off Comfortably stay put at home and wait for your wedding Come Doctor He These people are specially for you It’s your personal bodyguards to keep you safe You people must remember This person is Prime minister’s future son-in-law If one hair of him falls off your head will too Got it? Yes Then I will take my leave Although He Tian currently is only a medical apprentice but he’s smart and diligent and his performance in the Imperial Hospital is excellent His future at the Imperial Hospital is unlimited You Majesty, you’re right But marriage really needs to carefully thought over Prime minister Zhao if you have any concerns feel free to tell me Your Majesty My family has been officials for 3 generations,
and is one of high educated and reputation You are asking me to marry my daughter to a butcher I am really concerned my daughter will suffer hardships Yeah She will definitely suffer hardships if she marries Xiao Tian Think about it – Killing pigs, feeding pigs, rearing pigs, selling pigs after some time you might even turn into a pig yourself Prime minister, please don’t worry about that He Tian is hardworking at the Imperial Hospital and has picked up a set of amazing skills I can guarantee that in the future He Tian will be a successful man and will definitely not allow Miss Zhao
to suffer any hardships Your Majesty but to become in-laws the families must be of equal standing My wife died early I only have one daughter Your Majesty I cannot wholeheartedly agree to this marriage That’s right The families are of unequal standing
It is, indeed, a problem You talk It’s naturally important that the families must match but the key here is mutual love and willingness Prime minister Miss Zhao spoke of her feelings in front of everybody Xiao Tian also looks after Miss Zhao The two of them are in love There’s nothing inappropriate for them to get married
is appropriate I understand what you mean But… So what is your reason for turning it down? The reasons… Maybe, prime minister needs to reconsider. So, regarding of that we should talk about it later. Let’s go. Prime minister Your Majesty Since you’ve personally come to propose a marriage And the Empress Dowager is the matchmaker I have no reason to object I can only thank your Majesties on behalf of my daughter Thank you Prime minister Miss Miss What are you doing? What is that? Why are you burning this? I’m just burning something that’s useless Why are you so excited? Miss, the emperor has come to propose a marriage
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The Emperor is asking for my hand in marriage? No! The Emperor is proposing on behalf of He Tian The Empress Dowager arranged it What did my father say? What else could he say? He agreed Go in. I told you not to return to the imperial hospital But you didn’t listen. You regret it now? Why aren’t you saying anything? Cat got your tongue? Stay there. Hey Bro, do you need to follow me to the latrine too? Yes I’m going to get some wine. Move away Over there. Go after him. Stop. Don’t run. Stop. What is this? This is my home-made preserved cabbage. Open it. There’s nothing to see. Open it! Tian Xin. Get up Mom what’s the matter? Shhh be quiet Follow me There are a lot of guards outside The guards have disappeared, let’s go Why did the guards suddenly disappear? Don’t bother. Let’s go. Oh no!What’s wrong? I forgot my jade pendant What pendant? The pendant that elder brother gave to me Okay. I’ll go back and get it for you. Forget it. I don’t need it. Anyway, I won’t be able to see him anymore. Let’s go I will go back and get it for you Mom. Don’t risk it. Let’s just leave. Here Wait for me here I will be careful I will be back immediately Wait for me Mom, be careful Why are you arresting me?
What law have I broken? Move hurry! Let me tell you I’m warning you, don’t touch me
or I will sue you for molest Walk You people. When we need you the most, you are never around. but nothing happened today So many of you are around Officer She is Minister Zhao’s soon-to-be in-laws Was there a mistake in capturing her? What does this got to do with you? Move move Move away move away The one you want is me Why did you push him? What are all of you looking at? Go home and sleep. Did you hear me? It’s not like I’ve never been in jail before Being in jail is good right There is someone to wash my clothes And people to cook for me I can even strengthen my body and lose some weight there, right? Listen to me and go back home. Why aren’t we moving? It will be too late if we don’t leave now. Go back now. Let’s go, go, go. Hurry up! Hurry! Don’t push me I can move myself Hurry and go.Don’t talk Hurry move This is your office Can we do work here? This is even worse than a ruined temple. You and your group of useless bums should be thankful that you even have a place to work Then… All of these These contain all the information of criminals copy them by hand and hand them in tomorrow.
Do you hear me? Do you want me to clean this place up by the way Yes. Wash the toilet 3 times a day. We will check once you are done. I’m warning all of you pieces of rubbish If you don’t wash it clean, You’ll use your tongues to lick it clean! Of course we will clean it How can you guys eat in a dirty place You you you Let’s leave Brothers Xi and Gui I have a special request to ask especially from you two. Say it Tell me, how can you make being lackeys for others here to be such a happy thing? Where does a dog get its happiness from? Zhang Zhesan Don’t be cocky Just because you have the support of the Emperor Don’t compliment yourselves Don’t flattered yourself I can only see two dogs in front of me. And it’s two castrated dogs? Zhang Zhesan let me tell you Don’t be cocky If you see He Tian, better tell him not to hide anymore. Or his mother will lose her head! That’s right. What are you saying? What am I saying?
Go ask the Empress Dowager Just wait. Right now it’s He Tian The next one will be you Brother Gui, let’s go. Your Majesty is here. Please forgive me for not expecting you Stop this act. Explain to me now. Why did you capture He Tian’s Mother? Leave Your Majesty, let’s sit down and talk. No need. Tell me now Your Majesty, it’s like this He Tian has disregarded the Empress Dowager’s edict He ran away in the night
and we haven’t capture him yet It’s obvious he doesn’t hold Your Majesties in high regard Your Majesty, in addition to that his mother is an accomplice Tell me, is my following the rules and arresting her appropriate? I’m ordering you to release He Tian’s mother now. Your Majesty, you’re making things difficult for me This is the Empress Dowager’s order to capture his mother to lure He Tian out. If you insist on letting her out, please talk to the Empress. If she agrees, Then I will immediately release her Hey! Is there anyone? Such a big cell and there isn’t anyone here? Can you make some noise? Anyone alive? Someone! Give me some water to drink! Can’t you give me water? Be quiet Is anyone there? Rather interesting Li Gonggong. Please sit. You. Get up. Stand up Li Gonggong is going to interrogate you. You must answer him honestly. What are you going to ask me? Haven’t you already asked what you need to ask? It’s such a bother asking me again. You still dare to talk back? Don’t mind it. I’m here to ask you a few questions. If you confess honestly Otherwise I will not ask you this nicely First question. Why does He Tian share the same surname as you? What’s his father’s surname? Where has he gone? Are you referring to his dead father? His dead father’s surname is Zhang. He loved to drink and gamble. He disappeared when I was pregnant with He Tian. I have been raising He Tian all by myself If he doesn’t take my surname,
whose surname should he take? Take his surname? Then my surname should be ‘Jian’(Cheap) This is interesting His father’s surname is Zhang Why not ‘Chu’? How would I know why his surname isn’t ‘Chu’? Go and ask his ancestors! Right? But I do know someone called ‘Chu’ Who? Chu Bawang! (A historical figure) Tyrant Chu’s surname was Xiang
His name was Xiang Yun! Use your brains even if you want to lie. I just sell meat for a living How should I know such stuff? Who knows what Tyrant Chu’s surname was? Don’t ask me such things okay? I really don’t know. Stop acting stupid! I’ll ask you the second question. You’re a pork seller, a butcher Then how come you know martial arts? This… I learnt it from his dead father. What? Knowing martial arts is against the law? Gonggong. She has no intention of telling the truth Look! What she said is right Knowing martial arts is not against the law Do you remember ‘a mother and son’s hearts are linked’? The mother is suffering here No matter where her child is, they would feel it too Do you think that is true? Or false? I understand Beat her! Yes Stop! Your Majesty, you came Rise. Release her Sisters Did you hear the Emperor’s words? You must have too much dirt in your ear You dog! Your Majesty, here’s the thing This prisoner is stubborn
She refuses to divulge He Tian’s whereabouts Your servant just wanted to know Where He Tian is. and provide an explanation for the Empress Dowager I only heard that the Empress Dowager
wanted you to detain her and not carry out torture Are you on the Empress Dowager’s orders or acting of your own will? Your Majesty,I’m doing this out of goodwill If He Tian doesn’t show up in 5 day’s time, then your Servant has to act according to the Empress Dowager’s orders At that time, please don’t give me the same trouble I’m taking my leave. Goodbye sisters Madam He are you alright? Thank you Majesty for helping me Madam,I was previously travelling incognito it wasn’t convenient to divulge my identity which is why I lied to you I hope you can understand. Please don’t say that, Your Majesty. I’m just a commoner. Madam He do you know where Xiao Tian is? Replying to Your Majesty, I really do not know But if I knew I would have told you without being asked Madam,now, could Xiao Tian have gone to some relative’s home? If we don’t find him, if the Empress Dowager gets angry
Both of you will lose your heads I would want to be beheaded rather than see Zhao Xiangning to become my daughter-in-law Madam, Miss Zhao is from a reputable family and feels genuinely for Xiao Tian Why can’t you and Xiao Tian accept this? We are poor and don’t have any money for dowry. A marriage is formed between two loving people Who says people can’t marry without any dowries? Your Majesty. Miss Zhao is the Prime minister’s daughter He Tian is just a son of someone who sells meat. Our family statuses don’t match Madam He,
Xiao Tian’s future is unlimited and he’ll be famous and make your family proud how can he be not good enough for her? Okay, I was just making up excuses Allow me to say it straight I hate that Miss Zhao I don’t like her okay? Eldest Brother. Madam is really very straightforward Don’t take it in mind It’s okay. Xiao San, take care of madam. I’m leaving. Madam, Xiao Tian warned me not to tell anyone. I also discovered it by accident But the situation now is I know Xiao Tian is a girl Ouch! Don’t, it will break! I’m warning you If you let that secret out Even if I will die I’ll die with you I won’t tell I won’t tell Don’t drag me into death This… I’ll visit you when I am free. Capture the fugitive He Tian If anyone finds him but doesn’t report it They’ll be convicted as accomplices and beheaded Capture the fugitive He Tian If anyone finds him but doesn’t report it They’ll be convicted as accomplices and beheaded Capture the fugitive He Tian If anyone finds him but doesn’t report it They’ll be convicted as accomplices and beheaded Stop there. Let me take a look Okay It’s not you Leave So smelly Farting Hey, boss. Xiao Shitou You can even recognize me in this disguise? You are my boss ,of course I can. Those guards seem to be waiting for you. Have you been beaten up, boss? I’m fine. Have you seen my Mother? After she was taken away Uncle Tao wanted to visit her But they wouldn’t even let him see her They also didn’t allow us to to send her clothes and food. Guards!


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