The Imperial Physician 14 (English Subtitle)

The Imperial Physician SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers: Dadelus, Alina Episode 14 Hey, stop there. Let me take a look. Okay, it’s not you. Go. So smelly. What smell is this? A fart. Master Stone You can recognize me despite my disguise? Of course, I can. You are my Master. The patrols seem to be after you. Did you get beaten? I’m fine. Did you manage to see my mom? Ever since your mom was caught Uncle Tao tried to visit her But they wouldn’t let him see her. When he sent clothes and food, they wouldn’t let him enter too. Patrols Stone Hey. Where are you going? Just follow me. It’s a nice place. Come up. Come. Give me your bag. It’s small. But it will shelter you from wind and rain. See, this is my secret place. No one will ever find us here. Be at home. Thank you, Stone Madam He and you have always taken good care of me. I’m happy to be able to take care of you. Master, what’s wrong with you lately? You were going to be the Grand Preceptor’s son-in-law But suddenly, people are after you. Now, your mom has been imprisoned. I did some thing that made the Empress Dowager unhappy I went to feed the tortoise yesterday, and there were soldiers in your home. I wonder how is my mom now Don’t worry. I’ll go check it out. You’re still too young to involved in such a dangerous task No problem. But you’re wanted by the Palace and you can’t even go home. They’re searching for you on the streets. Do you have any new plans? I’m in a mess right now. I only want my mom to be safe. Stone, can you do me a favor? Okay. Master Brother. Master I will go keep watch for you. How are you doing? I’m fine. How is my mom? Even though your mom has been locked up, I told Zhesan to take good care of her. Don’t worry. She’s fine. Brother. is there any way to save my mom? I don’t know. The moment I learned your mom was locked up, I went to meet Li Baochuan. But it was the Empress Dowager’s order. I haven’t had a solution to rescue her. Sorry. The one who should apologize is me. I’m always causing you so much troubles. We are buddies. Don’t mention it. But I hope you will be honest to me Why you are trying to avoid this marriage? Because… Actually I… Tell me what you want to say. But I hope you will tell me the real reason. I don’t think it’s because you don’t like Xiangning. Do you have something else to tell me? Brother, I would like to see my mom before I tell you. Please You’re so lucky to have the care of the Emperor Open the door. You may leave. Madam, someone’s here to see you. Mom, are you okay? What are you doing here? Why did you bring her here? I’ll leave you alone. Mom, I’m here to see you. I can’t see why you should see me I was so upset that I must see you. Mom, I’ve been missing you every day. Bodily injury is nothing compared to heartbreak. Leave now. If you don’t leave, don’t call me mom anymore. No matter what, I only wanna be with you. Mom, I’ll never abandon you. What is this? Speak. A jade pendant that Xiu Zhiping gave me You are still lying to me? Huh? Xiu Zhiping doesn’t exist You are still lying to me? Mom, sorry. I didn’t want to lie to you. Remember, you promised not to befriend officials. What happens now? You are friend with the Emperor now?! Huh?! But, at that time, I didn’t know that he was the Emperor. Do you know you’re playing with fire? I told you to stay away from him.
Why don’t you listen? Mom, our time is limited now. I need to get you out of the jail first. How can you possibly make it? The Empress Dowager only wants me to get married If I reveal I’m a girl, it will be settled. Though it’s fraud, Brother will definitely protect me. No way. Why? I’m your mom. Do as I say. I’m warning you. If you admit that you are a girl, I’ll kill myself. Mom. If you don’t let me do anything to save you, when are you going to be released? Do you know they locked me up in order to find you? I can’t let you suffer for me. Are you leaving or not? If you don’t leave, I’ll beat you. Even if you should beat me, I’m not leaving. Even if you beat me to death, I won’t leave. Excellent. What a filial son, what a stubborn mom! Prisoners have privacy as well. Why didn’t you knock on the door? Yo. Why didn’t you notify us in advance? It’s a misunderstanding. But the criminal is right here. Arrest him. Yes. Quick. Lord Zhang You harbored a criminal and didn’t report to us. The Empress Dowager will behead you. Can you survive it? Oh, it doesn’t hurt at all. The Eastern Depot is under your control. When it comes to harboring criminals you should be caught first. Get lost. Madam He I’ll take your son to the wedding. You should go back and prepare for the wedding. If you were to prevent it the wedding would become a funeral. It sounds as if you were his mother He is my son. If I don’t agree to it, he can’t marry. You’re a very interesting person. Go. Yes. Don’t come here! Gong-Gong, be careful. Zhesan, take her away. Get her out of here. Stop fighting. Take her away. Quick! – Mom
– Leave! Let’s go. Mom. Go. Mom. They’re running away. You can’t go. Be careful. Quick. Let me go. I want to save my mom. Are you crazy? Can you rival those people? If you go, you’ll only get arrested. Even so, I can’t just leave my mom behind. Let’s go back first and think of a plan to save her. If we don’t do it now, there won’t be any chance. We still have time. The Emperor will protect your mom against Baochuan. Let go. No matter what, I won’t release you. Let go of me. Mom. Hey. You are awake? Where’s my mom? Why did you drag me out of there? What about my mom? I had no choice. If we hadn’t leaf, all three of us would be dead. Where are you going? I’ll save my mom. You fool. You just escaped. What if you get arrested? Get out of my way. No. If you don’t let me go, we will go separate ways as if we had never met. Come on, it’s for your sake. Calm down and ask the Emperor for help If you continue to stand in my way, let’s sever our friendship. The Edict of the Empress Dowager Your defiance caused your mother to suffer You should be sentenced to death for your crime But you’ll be spared if you get married on time If anyone harbors the criminal, he will be executed Come out, He Tian. Madam. Stone. Whoever tries to save me is not my friend! Madam. Tell He Tian to leave here. Don’t come to save me. Madam. Quick. Madam. Let go of me. Madam. Quick. He Tian, if you are filial, you should get away as far as possible. Go tell him. He Tian, see how badly your mom is being beaten. Madam. Let go. Madam. If you don’t show up, your mom will be beaten to death. He Tian, if you are really a filial son, come out now. See how your mom is being beaten. He Tian. It is all your fault that your mom should suffer. Look, what a pitiful scene. Beat her hard. He Tian, don’t you dare to show up Bitch You still haven’t come to your senses? No wonder you gave birth to such a son. You should be slapped. Stop! Stop it. Didn’t I tell you not to come? Why are you here? Let my mom go. I’ll go with you. He has finally appeared. Arrest him. Don’t fight. Stop. Come on. If you want to capture me, I won’t run away. Let me say a few words to my mom first. Mom, it’s all my fault. I said you can’t show up Who did you come? Why are you so disobedient? Mom, doesn’t it hurt? I’m fine. Don’t worry. It’s okay. Mom. I’m sorry. Enough. Take him away. Take the bridegroom to the wedding. Put his mother back in prison. Go. Don’t hurt my mom. Tian. Keep away from him! Let’s go Take him away. What? Stay there. Don’t you like that little brat? Now that we’ve found him and he can’t escape, why won’t you marry him? So what? The wanted orders are posted everywhere. The whole world knows he doesn’t want to marry me. Why would I marry him? Now that the whole city knows the marriage, you can’t back out of this Dad, are you forcing me to get married? You have no concern for my happiness. This is the Empress Dowager’s Edict. You can’t do as you wish. The Empress Dowager’s Edict? Do you care about how I feel? Fine. If you force me to marry, I’ll become a nun. You want to be a nun? Okay then. I will let you be a nun. But you must wait until after the wedding. What’s wrong with He Tian? He proposed the marriage, but he ran away. Who does he take you for? It’s best not to marry this kind of person I’ll support you. It doesn’t matter if I get married or not. I must find He Tian. I’ll ask him for an explanation and return justice to me. Missy. Let me in. No on is allow to go in. I’m the Grand Preceptor’s daughter. Who dares to stop me? It’s the Empress Dowager’s order There is a criminal inside I am to be married to that criminal tomorrow. I want to see him If we let anyone go inside, our heads will roll If you dare to block my way I will also make your heads roll Get lost. Even if you don’t want to marry me,
you shouldn’t humiliate me You’re so whimsical One moment you proposed,
the next you ran away. The whole world knows you don’t want to marry me What am I in your eyes? I… Do you think it’s so easy to bully me? Miss Zhao. Why aren’t you dodging? Why? Why aren’t you dodging? Why do you treat me so badly? Why do you always treat me so badly? Why do you always bully me? I didn’t intend to bully you. Let me go. Why? Now, you know why I can’t like you. I dressed as a man to get into the Imperial Academy of Medicine. Even the Emperor doesn’t know about this secret. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I wanted to tell you when I went to your house last time. But I was interrupted by the search. You had many other chances. Why didn’t you tell me? Sorry. When I learned the Empress Dowager wanted me to marry you, I wanted to run away. Then, you should have run away and never to return. Why did you come back? They arrested my mother. I didn’t mean to humiliate you. But if the Empress Dowager finds out I’m a girl, she will kill my mom. So, you made all the decisions. Have you ever thought of how I feel? Sorry. I know that you are a good girl. It’s all my fault. It’s because I was too selfish. I never thought of the consequences. I made my mother suffer It’s all my fault. Don’t cry. Tomorrow, we’ll still conduct the wedding After that, go away with your mom and never come back. I will not reveal anything. You are going to help me? You saved me and my father before. Let me repay you. No, it concerns your reputation I can’t let you do this This is the only way to save your mom. Don’t you want to save your mom? Mom. Go. Mom. Go. Shall we? Let’s start. Yes. First, bow to the heaven. Second, bow to your parents. Now, bow to each other. Why aren’t you bowing? Your Majesty. I can’t marry Miss Zhao. He Tianxin, if that’s the case, don’t blame me then. Baochuan Executioner! Wait! Don’t. I’m a girl. What? She’s a girl? This is all my fault. Your Majesties I hid my identity so as to enter the Imperial Hospital. It’s all my fault. I cheated the Emperor Please let my mom go. You… Your Majesty It’s an honor for our family that you arranged the marriage But He Tian deceived you and caused your embarrassment. I am also ashamed. I have served in the court for years and did my best to help the late Emperor For the sake of my contribution, please do me justice in front of all the officials Your Majesty This situation is caused solely by He Tian It’s so insolent of her to deceive you. She even dares to think light of this marriage She should be executed on the count of treason. As for her mom, she didn’t reveal what she knew. She should also be killed. Otherwise, the reputation of Your Majesties will be tarnished. That’s right, Your Majesty Mother. He Tian is a kind person. She only wanted to study medicine. She didn’t intend to lie. Mother, please rethink about this situation Insolence! Did you know that she was a girl from the start? I just found out. This is just ridiculous The marriage is arranged by me and the Emperor But on the day of the wedding it turns out that the groom is a girl! If this matter gets leaked out the Emperor will become a laughing stock. And I’ll also be laughed at for being stupid. This is just ridiculous! Reporting to Your Majesty The Emperor only just found out about this. But I knew it in the beginning. If everyone involved will be punished,
why don’t you also kill me? You… Zhesan, are you crazy? Your Majesty He didn’t know that I’m a girl. He’s lying. Reporting to Your Majesty I already knew that He Tian is a girl. That’s why I let her body search me You… I made you believe I was humiliated and led to the farce of wedding. Please punish me. You already knew that she is a girl Why didn’t you say so earlier? You don’t have to lie for me Let me bear the punishment alone. Your Majesty, they didn’t know about this Your Majesty Mom. Your Majesty It was I who let He Tian conceal her identity It was I who injured the soldiers and asked He Tian to run away. This child is innocent It was all my idea. If Your Majesty wanna kill someone, kill me. Mom. Your Majesty I wanted to disguise as a man. It didn’t concern my mom. Soldiers. Mother. When He Tian failed the entrance exam I asked the Imperial Hospital to enroll her. He Tian didn’t mean to lie to you. What happened today is caused by me. When He Tian entered the Imperial Hospital, she did many good deeds. She cured your anorexia and insomnia and made other contributions Mother. I beg you to spare all of them. I will take the blame by myself. Okay. Excellent. It’s a conspiracy Everybody knew of this. I was the only one in the dark, right? You wanna make me a laughing stock Are you happy now that you succeeded? Well done. What a deep friendship! Every one of you wants to take the blame. If I sentence all of you it would make me out to be cold-blooded But if I spare you, it will be unjust Okay. Great. This problem was caused by you guys But now I have to bear the responsibility alone Funny. This is too funny. How ridiculous! Do you believe I will kill each and every one of you? Cool down. It’s bad for your health. Listen to me. It’s understandable for them to conceal the truth. But He Tian deliberately deceived you and defied the court You have to kill her to appease people’s anger The ringleader must be beheaded for justice to be done. And Your Majesties’ reputations will be restored. He Tian will be executed in public tomorrow noon. Yes. Mother. It’s getting interesting. Don’t capture her. Let her go. Let go of her. Let her go. Go. Don’t be rash. There are too many men here. We can’t escape even if we save her. My child. Brother. Brother. Zhesan. Tian lied to you. But didn’t you also lied to her? She doesn’t owe you Zhesan, calm down. Your mom wants to kill your brother, no, sister As her brother, you should speak up. We are sworn siblings, after all Only you can save her now. I would die for her. I will definitely save Tian. How could I let her lie? I knew that you’re loyal to friends. Let’s go see your mother tomorrow The wedding brought her shame Even if I beg her, it wouldn’t help Find another solution Another solution? From now on, He Tian will depend on you What’s wrong? He Tianxin You used to be so proud, so eloquent Why aren’t you mute today? It’s the time now. He Tianxin, you disguised as a boy You ran away from marriage and cheated their Majesties You deserve to be executed Execute her. His Majesty the Emperor is here! Your Majesty The execution is done by the Empress Dowager’s order Even if you have any problems I would have to kill her first. I wanna have a word with He Tian Brother Why did you lie to me? I saw you by the lake the other day Why did you say it was your dead sister? I’m sorry. My mother said I can’t reveal my true identity to anyone Your Majesty It is now noon If the execution is not carried out on time I won’t be able to explain it to Her Majesty. Brother, leave me alone I just hope you will look after my mother No, you should take care of her yourself Carry out the execution! Go! Protect the Emperor! Don’t move! If you move, I will kill the Emperor


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