The Imperial Physician 15 (English Subtitle)

The Imperial Physician Episode 07 SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers: Alina Dadelus Execute her Protect the Emperor! Don’t move Or I’ll kill the Emperor Don’t hurt the Emperor Zhang Zhesan if you let go of the Emperor I can allow you and He Tian to leave here safely Bullshit! Why should I believe you? If you don’t believe me,then there’s no use holding the emperor as hostage. You’ll die with He Tian Xin together at best Step aside,Or else I will kill the Emperor If you don’t hurt me,he will not take you seriously I can’t Hurry up! I can’t. Do it now. Hurry up! No! Please don’t No! Hurry up! Hurry! Hurry! Wait! Wait! Wait! Don’t come over! Don’t harm him! Don’t come,or I’ll do it again! Don’t do it! Don’t do it! Mom! Go! Quick! Get on the cart! Hurry up! Quickly now. Madam,let’s go. Go after them now! Go! Halt! Stop there! Halt! Stop there! Halt! Stop there! Halt! Stop there! Go after them! All of you! Hurry Be careful. Alright,I can only send you here Thank you for saving us,Your Majesty. We won’t forget it for the rest of our lives. If we can,we will repay you in future. Madam He,you are too polite It was I who implicated Xiao Tian and caused you to live your lives as fugitives in future. It is my fault. I should apologize. It’s all right. Maybe it’s not a bad thing for us to move To live a quiet and unknown life isn’t hard I just hope that the Emperor can treat your people the way you treat us As from now Show concern and look after them. I will take what you have said to heart Xiao San I will leave Madam He and Xiao Tian to you. Rest assured. Madam He Xiao San and He Tian love to have word fights If you think they are too noisy, you can scold them and they will stop. Okay. Thank you. Big brother,thank you For what? Regardless of whether you’re my brother or sister I will still save you. But now shouldn’t you tell me what your real name is? My name is He Tianxin He Tianxin.. Do you still have the jade pendant I gave you? Mm! Keep it well. If you meet with difficulties in the future Come to see me with that I will definitely help you. You had better leave now. The soldiers will be catching up soon. All right. Let’s leave now. We will meet in the future Big brother,don’t worry The three of us… Us three siblings will definitely meet again Go Stop! Don’t give chase. They’re long gone. Return to the palace. Yes! Your Majesty’s injury isn’t serious I’ll write a prescription for you to follow Doctor Leng Yes? Does the palace have a set of books called “Ben Cao Pin Hui Jin Yao”? Why it’s missing? Your Majesty, Your humble subject did not participate in the writing of the books. I know nothing about the books. I only heard that there was some error in the writing Thus,the previous Emperor ordered that the 12 doctors responsible for the book be killed with their families. The books were ordered to be destroyed. and have not been seen since. But if the books were ordered to be destroyed Why do the shelves in the imperial library still contain the records of them? Your humble subject is not sure. How about this,doctor Leng, You are in charge of finding this set of books. It’s… Son! Mother How are you? How is your injury? It’s just a superficial wound. Doctor Leng has already taken care of it Reporting to you,Empress Dowager. I will go and prescribe his medicine now. Mother has already told you countless of times to keep your distance from those people and keep your loyal ministers close. You just won’t listen I have told them That He Tianxin and that Zhang whatever are wanted If I catch them,they will be executed. Don’t interfere. Mother,please rescind your decree and give them a chance to live. What? Didn’t I make it clear enough ? You’ve already been injured but you’re still speaking on their behalf? Mom,I… All of you,leave first. Yes Mother. Sorry. It was your son,who told them to do this What? I allowed Zhang Zhe San to take me as hostage to force Li Gonggong to let He Tianxin go And my wound was also made upon my orders. You asked them to slash you? I dare not lie to you. You…. You’ve really hurt me. You’ve always handled things carelessly Do you ever think of me or your ancestors? I know I’m wrong.Please punish me. Punish you? If I want to punish you Won’t I be embarrassing the royal family? How could I have raised a son like you? When you’re in front of your ancestors you’d better have an explanation ready! Lady Mo,The Emperor has left Ci Ning Palace. I know. Yi Rou pays her respects to the Emperor. Lady Mo! Lady Mo! Bad news! What’s with all the fuss? Didn’t I tell you that palace maids must observe decorum? I know. What has gotten you so flustered? Li Gonggong is looking for you Court Lady Mo Yirou pays her respects to Li Gonggong Dispense with the formalities How has the management of the palace maids in the back palace been lately? Reporting to you. Everything is normal. Good. My eye is certainly discerning. Do you remember that? It was me who recommended you to be a court lady. You have managed the palace maids very well. This is what I should do. In a while, Their Majesties are going to the Imperial temple to pay their respects to his ancestors You should go and make preparations. I will go and instruct the maids immediately to prepare the flowers gifts and fruit. no need Just go and clean up the temple. Yes Okay. You may leave now. I will take my leave. Ancestors. Deceased Emperor. I have not taught my son well. Your descendant,Zhu Li,did not put the law in his eyes. and broke the rules laid down by his ancestors. He is ashamed to be the Emperor. And as the descendant of the Zhu family I.. have come to seek forgiveness from all of you. Please forgive me You must remember. The misdeed you committted today,it’s not only embarrassing for you, You are also embarrassing your ancestors Including your father! Mother. Kneel down. Kneel down now. Ancestors… I am useless. I have not taught my son well. I swear,that this happened again I am willing to kill myself to atone for my sins Mother,your son is unfilial. Hit me instead. Mother Mother.Empress Dowager.What’s wrong? Call for Docotor Leng! Hurry up! Mother. Madam,it’s time to eat. Why are you up so early? Come,let me do it. This is the Lily porridge that I made. Is that so? Here Let me do it. Lily is good for your body while the pearl barley is good for your spleen and stomach These are all good stuff. That’s great You have been cooking for the past 7 days since we came It has been hard on you. Even if it’s 7 months or 7 years,I’ll still willingly do it. Xiao Tian,it’s time to eat. Madam,if you are willing to eat,I can do it everyday I guarantee you won’t lose any weight. We’d rather like a fat and beautiful body than a Skinny shaped body like anyone else,right? I am the only man in this family In the future,any heavy errand like carrying water and cutting firewood Just leave to me. If this is not enough,I can change my name to He Zhesan That…that’s not necessary Good morning mom,second brother. Come quick. Xiao Tian,time to eat. Quickly. Your favourite Lily porridge. When did I say that that’s my favorite? You may not like it now but you will No. I don’t have an appetite. Mom,take your time eating I’ll go out for a walk. Be careful. I know. Don’t worry,I’ll be back soon. Madam,eat before it gets cold I’m worried about Xiao Tian. Earlier,she was either busy picking herbs or seeing patients,making their medicine or writing prescriptions. Otherwise,she would be practicing her acupuncture on Da Fu Exactly. She was also like that in the palace. She’s now in a daze the whole day. like she’s lost her soul.She won’t even look at me. She doesn’t even argue with me anymore. This is the first time she’s like this. She looked pretty energetic just now. Energetic? She was just faking it Previously when I wake her up,she’s not happy. She is never like this It’s okay that she is worried about something The things I am afraid is She is keeping it to herself Don’t worry,madam.Leave it to me. Just have your meal I’ll go look for her. Be careful. I will. You’re unhappy? Who says I’m not happy? I’m very happy. If you’re sad,you should talk about it. I’m a good listener You’re really bothersome. All right. Let’s stop fooling around. The meal’s ready. Let’s go back and eat. I have no appetite I wonder if big brother’s injury has healed It shouldn’t be a problem My swordplay is as good as Madam’s butchering skills I merely gave him a flesh wound. Anyway,there are so many physicians in the palace He’ll definitely be fine. By the time you see him next,there probably wouldn’t even be a scar. Then will the Empress Dowager reprimand him? He let us go just like that. Of course he would get reprimanded. The Emperor is the Empress’ only son,She’ll probably only punish him a little. He’s alone in the palace,with no one to help him… Don’t worry about him,think about yourself You have so many things troubling you,Always with an unhappy face Here,give your second brother a smile. Fine,let me show you my sad face That’s more like it. You look so cute when you smile. Today’s such a nice day,Let’s go enjoy ourselves – I don’t feel like going. – let’s go,let’s go Cosmetics! Come I’ll impersonate Li Baochuan. That’s rather interesting Hey! This one,this one. This looks beautiful I’m prettier than Octopus Girl,aren’t I? Wait for me,why are you walking so fast? Do you think big brother is lonely right now? Why would he be lonely? There’re so many people to keep him company If everybody were to speak one word to him even the saliva from their mouths would be enough to drown him But among the people around him,very few are genuine to him. I’m worried he won’t even have anyone to discuss things with. Big brother went against his mother to protect our lives. If we don’t live happily,what he did would be a waste You haven’t eaten Let’s get a bowl of toufu. Coming,sir. Here you go. Boss What would the two of you like to eat? Two bowls of toufu. Sure,coming right up. Second brotherI’m not hungry. You go ahead. Eat something. You’re like a ghost Two bowls of tofu .Bon appetite! Enjoy! Come on. Eat. There are a ton of things to do after the disaster. Yet all the officials by Eldest Brother’s side are corrupt and useless.. I don’t know if they will You’re thinking too much. Have some toufu Can you not only thinking about eating? Big Brother is constantly concerned about his people But there is no one with him that he can trust. Hey,there’s a medicinal shop. Let’s go. Hey,you two,you haven’t paid yet We didn’t even take a mouthful – Here. -Thank you! Let’s buy a few seeds and tools to make a herb garden at home. Why does this place smell like your home? This is rutaceae It’s great for curing rheumatism I wonder how Uncle Tao’s rheumatism is. We left in such a hurry and didn’t had time to notify him. We should have prepared a year’s supply of medicine for him. Previously at home, Mother would drink wine while I sat by the fire preparing medicine. The house is full of the smell of wine and medicine. Why don’t we just buy this place So you can be a doctor and help anyone you want We are fugitives. Keep it down. There is no need! No one would come to this poor place. No government decree would reach this place I’ve been here for seven days and haven’t seen a single soldier. What herbs do the two of you want? I would like to buy the shop Huh? Don’t! Don’t worry about it. Leave everything to me. Ask the owner to come out and quote me a price Our proprietor isn’t in When will he return? I don’t know It would be your loss. Are there any other herbs shop around here? Come. Let’s go to another one. Sir,don’t bother looking for another shop. All the famous physicians around here have gone to the palace to cure the Empress Dowager What’s wrong with Her Majesty? Don’t you know? This is big news! Why are you so long-winded? What’s wrong with the Empress Dowager? A really weird sickness. No one knows what it is. But I heard that she has servere headaches The physicians are all at a loss. The Emperor has passed an edict to gather all the physicians in the country to go see the Empress Dowager. – Your Majesty!- Chuan Er! Your servant is here. My head hurts! Your Majesty! No more fan anymore My head’s going to explode. Stop fanning. Didn’t you hear? Your Highness,don’t worry Relax and don’t be so emotionally worked up. Your headache will be gone soon. You are the mother of the nation! Heaven will protect you to recover soon. Don’t be emotionally worked out and your headache will disappear soon. Who in this condition can be calm and rational? Be careful,Your Majesty! Why are you all still standing around here? Get lost! Yes. Get out of here! Your Majesty! The pain is killing me. Her Majesty should take her medicine now. The medicine is here. Your Majesty,please take your medicine. So many medicines didn’t cured me,Why should I take it more? The more medicine I take,the more it hurts You must take this medicine twice a day for 49 days for it to be effective. Bear with it and don’t drop it 49 days? I’ll die from the pain in less than 7 days. Come,come. Let me help you. Rest for a while. Your Majesty Here,here. Arrange the pillows. – Mother – Oh… His Majesty is here – Mother,Your son has come to visit you. – Leave us. Are you feeling better? I won’t. I won’t My head feels like it’s being twisted. No matter I’m standing,sitting nor lying I can’t eat,can’t sleep I should knock my head on the wall to death Mother,please don’t worry I’ve summoned all the best doctors in the land to come and examine you The doctors from the imperial hospital can’t cure me. What use would commoner doctors be? Mother Don’t talk any more. The more you speak,the more my head hurts – Get out. – Mother. – Get out! Your Majesty,you should leave. You had better leave now. We can’t trace the source of the Empress Dowager’s headache. We used to give her prescribe painkillers after a while she will be fine But her headaches this time is worse than before. I’ve already knew this. I’m only interested in hearing if there is any way to cure her headache. Not to hear your excuses. I have already ordered the entire imperial hospital to search for a cure. Make it fast It doesn’t matter what kind of cure it is. As long as it will help alleviate her headache, Yes. And also,not only the Imperial Hospital. The Physicians that have been called to the capital As long as they have good prescriptions,you should consider it. Even if it is only a temporary solution,it’s fine. Your servant understands. Xiao San. Didn’t I tell you to wait till I return to wash them? Let me do it. Look at you. – You don’t need to do this. – Let me do it. Go drink some tea. Come Come,have some tea. If there are any chores to complete in the future Just tell me Just tell you? You are such a talker I just have a quick tongue and mind You are not only quick with words and reflexes I also discovered that you are also working hard No. I still have a lot to work hard at. In a while,I will take Da Fu out on a walk. Whatever you wish to eat or drink,I’ll buy them for you. Bring me a shaving knife instead. A shaving knife? To shave off your beard. Look at you. You haven’t shaved for a few days. Oh… Tell me. What’s up with you being a fake eunuch? It’s… a long story… Can I find a time to tell you about it? Does Xiao Tian knows about this? She knows. Madam. You should know that I can lie to anyone but Xiao Tian. It’s true. We don’t have any secrets between us. So,that is to say, you knew that Xiao Tian was a girl since long time ago Yes,I knew it long ago. How did you find out? It’s… a long story. I’ll find an opportunity to tell you about it I have all the time on my hands now Speak honestly. I’ll definitely be honest around you. Do you like Xiao Tian? Xiao Tian… She is rather adorable,and has a kind heart. She has a good personality. In all,a very good girl. Must you be so vague with your words? Just say whether you like her or not? Speak. Do you like her or not? Xiao Tian is my only child I don’t her to live a luxurious life in future I only hope that Xiao Tian can live a peaceful life. If she can find someone she loves. I’ll die in peace Mother,you are my biological mother! What are you doing? Get up! I really,really like Xiao Tian. If you really like Xiao Tian,you should tell her. Would she know that by holding my hand? How would she know if you tell me instead? Oh,and one more thing. Don’t look so shabby. Even I’ll look down on you. Let alone Xiaotian Go and tidy up. Do you hear me? Sure! Xiao Tian. When will the bright moon shine? Heads up and find out yourself Look There are mountains,a waterfall,birds and fragrant flowers. It’s almost like heaven on earth! I have decided we’re not going anywhere else. We come here when we are free We’ll be living peacefully here for hundreds of years Yesterday,you just said that there are no animals here and the flowers aren’t fragrant. Even the stray dogs don’t poo here. But now the birds are singing and the flowers blooming When you take a stroll,be sure not so step on dog’s poo! The birds not singing and the flowers not blooming was yesterday! We decided to live here today. So the birds are coming and flower Is blossoming Maybe even the roosters will lay eggs! Are you finished? Big Brother is stuck in the palace,and the Empress Dowager is ill. Yet you’re talking nonsense here with me. Are you have heart? Everytime you open your mouth,It’s all about big brother and him and him You don’t need to bother too much about big Brother’s affairs. You don’t need to bother too much We don’t even know if the Empress is faking her headache. Maybe she is faking Do you think that the Royal Physicians are stupid? The Empress must be really suffering from her pain. Otherwise big Brother wouldn’t be staying in the palace for this long. So what if it’s a real headache? There’s a saying,a evil person will live thousands of years. His mother has harmed so many people. Even if she suffers for a few more days you can consider it a punishment from god Punishment? Is it punishing the Empress Dowager or big brother? Big brother is so respectful to his mother,it will be hard on him. Can’t you be more understanding? Don’t forget the Empress Dowager is your big brother’s mother! You’re still saying sarcastic words here. Ok then. Big Brother is gentleman.I’m not Enough. I’m going back! Hey,wait! Now you know you’re wrong? Give me a kiss and I’ll forgive you. Who would want to apologize to you? I want you to do me a favor. And that’s your begging tone? I have worse Say it,say it,say it,say it. Second Brother,I want to give a prescription to the Empress, could you help me give it to big Brother? Now you call me Second Brother? Don’t you usually call me “Weh”,or “Eh”? or call me by my full name,Zhang Zhesan? Now I’ve suddenly changed to Second brother? Why are you so petty? Are you going or not? All the doctor in the world are all in the palace. Who the hell am I I really want to help big Brother. Even if the prescription won’t be used it can be used as a reference. I don’t want to help that old hag. Just take it that I’m begging you. And you can also check on big brother as well. That’s what you really want me to do,right? Don’t you also want to see him? Go send the prescription and when you come back, I will come here again with you and enjoy the scenery. Okay? Ok,you said it yourself. Pinky promise. No,no,this hand. No,no,both hands… Your Majesty Reporting to Your Majesty The empress dowager is still not feeling well You are taking care of her here As well as the people out there Yi Rou is worried about your health. Please take care of yourself Later,I will go to your study and send you a bowl of ginseng’s good for your health There’s no need. You just need to look after the Empress Dowager and let me know if anything happens. It’s late. All of you are tired. Go back and rest. I’ll stay and look after the Empress Dowager. Go back and rest. Yes. Greetings,my queen Rise. You go back first. Yes. Come out. Don’t hide Speak. Who are you? Don’t.big brother,it’s me. Why is it you? Come Why are you dressed like an assassin? I was supposed to give you a surprise I almost got killed by you. How would I know that it’s you? Right,why are you back here? Is Xiao Tian okay out there? Don’t worry,she’s fine. I heard that the Empress is sick. I was worried,that’s why I came back. Let’s go inside. Sorry about that. Let’s go. So,it’s a recurrent sickness. So hot. So the constant headaches she had are real I thought they’re excuses she made to not listen to you. It’s an old ailment but it’s getting worse. It’s particularly bad this time. Even doctor Leng is at a loss. I used to think she was being naggy. But all I want now is for her to feel better now. So that she can be as naggy as before. Big brother,we know that you are worry about it So,when we heard that you were looking for physicians to heal her, Xiao Tian prescribed some medicines and wanted me to bring them personally to you immediately. Help me to express my thanks to Xiao Tian. Right. How is Xiao Tian’s mom? Is she happy? She’s happy. Madam gets up early every day. Xiao Tian has been eating well every day. I tilled some land near our house for Xiao Tian to plant her herbs. I’ve even thought of a name for it. The Happy Herb Garden. If you are free,drop in for a visit. Okay,I’ll definitely go. But my mother is sick now And there are many matters to deal with in court. Wait till she’s well,I’ll find time to visit them. For now,please take good care of Xiao Tian and her mom. But you must also take good care of yourself. I’ve only been away for a few days. Your face has grown thinner. Have you slept? I did but can’t sleep well. I know that you are worried about your mom and also the affairs of the state. But sleep is recuperative. You must rest well and can’t over tire yourself. I just hope that my mom will recover soon then I will be relieved. Right. Here,take this. No need. I still haven’t used up the money I got from selling the other calligraphy from the last time. I’m just afraid that you’ll sell the geniune pieces as though they are imitations. For five Look at you,poking fun at me again. I sold it for 6 Take it. Also help me to tell Xiao Tian and her mom that I will visit them when I have the time. All right then When I have time I’ll draw a map for you Then you can come by any time you want. Okay Yi Rou pays her respects to Your Majesty. Hide. Quick. I’ll do this. She won’t be able to see me. Hurry up. This can’t do? So troublesome. Come in Your Majesty,I made ginseng soup for you. Please drink it while it’s hot. Didn’t I say that this is not necessary. I was worried about Your Majesty’s health So I took matters into my own hands. Please forgive me. Then leave it here. Yi Rou takes her leave. Wait. This is the prescription for the Empress Dowager. Use this prescription to get the medicine. If the Empress Dowager wakes up,inform me immediately. Yes. Hey,she has left? – Right – Hey,who’s that? She’s the Court Lady. Court Lady? She looks pretty good. What’s her name? Court Lady is one of the ranks for female officials She’s in charge of leading and disciplining the palace maids. If a palace maid makes a mistake She’ll mete out their punishment. She’s in charge of so many people? Then why haven’t I seen her before? There are so many maids in the back palace. You may have met her but forgotten about it. Right. But if I have seen her the last time,I would have remembered her. Others can remember all the books they read But I can remember my beauties. Brother,how’s your wound? It’s just a superficial cut. It’s okay. I felt so bad when I had to wound you. Don’t make me do this kind of thing again. Why don’t you slash me in return? – Come,bring it on. – I don’t want to. – Come on. You are really going to hit me? I’ll lie down for you to hit me.


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