The Imperial Physician 16 (English Subtitle)

The Imperial Physician SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers: Dadelus, Alina Episode 16 This is the prescription for the Empress Dowager. Get the prescribed medicine. If the Empress Dowager wakes up, inform me immediately. Yes Hey! Has she left? Yeah. Wait, who is she? She’s an attendant How come I’ve never seen her? There are so many palace women Maybe you have forgot seeing her That’s true But next time I see her, I’ll recognize her. As a genius remembers what he reads, I never forget a pretty girl. The medicine is here Oh, the medicine is here Come Your Majesty Come Take it away. You have a headache right now. The medicine will make you feel better It’s better to take some medicine I took so much medicine,
but it didn’t work. I won’t take it Take it away Let me wipe your sweat. Ah I won’t touch Your Majesty. Don’t touch me.. Mother This is a new prescription. Just try some I’ll feed you. Drink some. All right. The taste isn’t bad. I may as well drink it. Tian, what are you thinking about? Hey! Mother… Where’s Zhesan? Why haven’t I seen him all day? Zhesan went to check if they’re still searching for us. I don’t think he has come back and I’m a bit worried. No need to worry about him. He ‘s flexible and knows martial arts. I’m sure he’s fine. Mother, how come you also know martial arts? When did you learn it? How come I never heard about it? I learned it while selling pork. By carrying the meat, I built up arm strength. By slicing, I learned knife skills. If you want to learn, I’ll teach you. Tian! Madam! Hey, Tian! How’s everything? Is security tight outside? A bit tight, but not very tight. Don’t beat around the bush Is it tight or not? Mother, Zhesan just came back, Let him get a drink before you ask about. Oh, I’m thirsty Fine, let’s go. Okay. Go get some water. Let’s go. Go We’re going Get in. Come Why you don’t ask if I’m tired? Is brother alright? Fine for the moment, but I’m not sure how he’ll be in the future What do you mean? Pour me some water first! I’m thirsty. Don’t keep me guessing! Say it! Okay, I’ll say it The Empress Dowager can’t sleep or eat due to headache. So brother doesn’t eat or sleep either. It hurts. Let go! He’s a filial son and has a strong sense of responsibility. He worries about court affairs as well as his mom. With so much pressure, his health is deteriorating. Did the Empress Dowager have the medicine I prescribed? Yes, she’s been taking it for a couple of days. Any sign of recovery? No. It’s her fate, It’s a rare disease. No one can heal her. That is not your problem. If only I were to see her in the Palace, I might be able to cure her disease. What about the folk physicians? They are lousy. They almost got behead if it hadn’t been for the Emperor. Right now, brother can still handle it. But after a while, he might collapse before the Empress Dowager. Oh, right. Here a letter from him. Why do you care about him so much? What does it say? I can’t read a word of it. Read and you may memorize it all. Tian, how have you been? I heard from Zhesan that you and your mom have settled down. I’m very glad. Is your mom well now? Please send my regards to her. I got the prescription you wrote The Empress Dowager have had the medicine You certainly live up to your name
as an excellent doctor After she took the medicine, her headache was greatly relieved. Thank you very much. As soon as she recovers, I’ll try to come see you guys. Currently, I am well in the Palace Please don’t worry about me. Take care of yourself. Sir. Would you like to take a rest and drink some tea? Why did you discard it? What rubbish is this? Don’t read the so-called secret recipes anymore They’re of no use. You’re the best Imperial Physician If you can’t heal the Empress Dowager, do you expect the folk doctors to cure her? That’s impossible! I think the Emperor must be desperate. So he sought help from unqualified physicians. How about having a discussion in the Academy? Physicians here are more trustworthy, right? Get out. Yes. Is Doctor Leng here? Yes, he is. I’m Hua Tuo. I’m his personal assistant. Doctor Leng. What’s the matter, Mo Yirou? I don’t know if have time now. If you’re busy, I will wait outside. Oh No need. If you have something to say, please say it. I don’t know if you’ve you found a cure for the Empress Dowager. I found one. But I don’t study medicine I’d like you to see if it can help. God My father passed away early. It was Mother who brought me up. Now she is ill and no one can find a cure. Please help me to alleviate her pain. I wish I could suffer instead of Her Majesty. Let her pain be transferred to me I’d sacrifice my life in exchange for her well-being. Your Majesty, it’s time to have dinner. When I think of my mother’s pain I have no appetite. Your Majesty, it’s better to eat something. I will keep an eye on Her Majesty. If anything happens, I’ll report immediately No need I will go there myself to take a look. Your Majesty What’s the matter? There’s a new medicine for the Empress Dowager to try. What medicine? Can it cure Her Majesty? At least, her pain will be alleviated. That’s great Get it ready now and let Her Majesty take it Yes Mother One more mouthful. Come Mother How do you feel? Just the same Sometimes, it’s like my skull is splitting open Even if it doesn’t hurt now, I still have a stabbing pain in my head. Son. It looks like I won’t be able to recover. I will be dying soon Mother Don’t say such things God will save you from the disease. Go back to your work. I’m tired. I want to sleep Have a good rest. Go now Physician Leng. Thanks to your medicine, Her Majesty finally has a sound sleep Will she recover if she continues to take the medicine? This medicine can only ease the pain At least it won’t hurt so much. It’s a big progress anyway. Physician Leng You’ve eased Her Majesty’s suffering tell me what reward you want. Your Majesty, the prescription wasn’t written by me. I don’t dare to have the credit. Then, where did the medicine come from? Mo Yirou gave it to me Lady Mo, the Emperor has summoned you. I got it Reporting to Your Majesty, Lady Mo is here. Your servant, Majesty. Rise. Thank you, Your Majesty. The Empress Dowager tried a new prescription Was the medicine prescribed by you? Yes, Your Majesty After having the medicine, the headache is eased. How did you come by this prescription? Her Majesty suffered from headache Your Majesty suffered either to take care of her I felt sorry for Your Majesties So I went through the medical books in the Palace I referred to past cases. After doing a lot of research I wrote the prescription myself. But I’m not a professional doctor I shouldn’t have taken the liberty to prescribe medicine I beg your pardon You lessened the Empress Dowager’s headache I won’t blame you Instead, I want to thank you Doctor Leng should take the credit Why? I am not well trained in medicine There were errors in the prescription It was Physician Leng who helped improve the prescription I would not call it improvement I merely made some minor adjustments to maximize its effects. Physician Leng You are being too courteous Mo Yirou Why are your eyes red? I’ve been reading medical books day after day My eyes are tired. I thought I could cover it up with make up. I never thought that you would still notice it. It’s been hard on you Go get some rest Thank you, Your Majesty An Yes Reward Lady Mo with a hundred taels. Yes Your Majesty I was only lucky to make the right prescription Also, I had Physician Len’s help I dare not accept the reward. And imperial physicians contributed a lot
by doing research. They should take the credit. They should be rewarded instead. You are so young and talented You don’t even want rewards The physicians also worked hard They helped to revise the prescription All right then Everyone has contributed. Each of them shall be given a hundred taels Thanks, Your Majesty You may leave. I’ll take my leave. Please. The Empress Dowager’s headache has eased I would like to thank you on behalf of the Imperial Hospital I’m not entitled to prescribe Thank you for your help. You’re real talented. You have been a great help to us. Please don’t say that. Excuse me, I will take my leave. Please. Your servant requests to see you Come in. Your servant, Majesty Rise Thank you, Your Majesty What is the matter? Your Majesty, although the Empress Dowager’s headache has eased it hasn’t been cured completely. I also wish it to be cured. But so many physicians have seen her but none have a cure. Do you have any other solutions? I heard there is an expelled imperial physician called He Tianxin. I heard she is daring with her cures and is highly skilled. If it’s right, she might be able to cure Her Majesty But I also heard that she is a fugitive Why not let her redeem herself? I understand what you’re saying. I just hope to cure Her Majesty So I made this bold request. Please punish me. You haven’t done anything wrong. In fact, you’ve done a lot already It’s kind of you to care about the Empress Dowager so much. Don’t mention it. It’s advisable to allow He Tianxin to return to the Palace. She can help cure the Empress Dowager. I will consider it. Thank you, Your Majesty. Chu, please do me a favor. Look after your daughter. That feels good. Yirou No physician in the country could cure the Empress Dowager’s sickness But you managed to treat it. Am I useless? Or is it because you are incredible? I didn’t mean to keep it from you Actually, I wanted to tell you this But I didn’t have the chance Yes Okay. Tell me. The prescription was given by the Emperor But the Emperor doesn’t understand medicine Physician Leng couldn’t have prescribed it So, I guessed that the prescription was given by He Tianxin Do you mean He Tianxin and the Emperor are secretly in contact? This is only my conjecture. Actually, the prescription hasn’t been that effective. That’s because I made some changes to it I reduced the amount of the important herbs and changed the other ingredients That’s why the medicine wasn’t effective. Why did you do that? He Tianxin so arrogant She offended you multiple times If her prescription worked she’d win the favor of the Empress Dowager. Then, why did you still hand over the prescription? The Empress Dowager has always favored you If she is always down with illness would you not lose an important backing? If you really think for me why didn’t give the prescription to me instead of Leng? You’re not versed in medicine. If you come up with it, it would only raise suspicions. But it’s natural for Physician Leng to do it. Ah… So it looks like you should have the credit. I didn’t do it for rewards. I did it to gain His Majesty’s trust It can lure out He Tianxin to treat Her Majesty Why do you think she would treat Her Majesty? He Tianxin and the Emperor have secret ties. If the Emperor is in difficulty, He Tianxin would not stand by. In any event, He Tianxin’s appearance can only benefit you. Why? If she cures the Empress Dowager you can rest well at night. If she doesn’t, you can imprison her. It’s a good chance to get rid to her. Hold on. Why do you think I want to get rid of her? What are you trying to say? I am only following the Empress Dowager’s Edict. I have no personal vendetta. He Tianxin has gone against you many times but you are too generous to mind it I’m too small-minded It sound interesting. You are such a sweet talker. I know You are very capable. You manage the palace women very well. But I’ve never realized that you are so smart. It’s been so many years. I’ve been keeping you suppressed. What a pity! I entered the palace at 16. You have been looking after me. You gave me an quick promotion. I’m at your service. Okay. You’ve done a great job. I should reward accordingly Tell me what reward you want I don’t want a reward. But I have a request. Speak. What is it? I have a good education since young. But I don’t want to be like other women who stay at home to look after children. But as a female, I can’t sit the Imperial Exam. I can only handle trivial matters in the Palace . I can’t help you with that. No matter how capable you are, I can’t possibly promote you to an official in the Court. You are mistaken. I don’t want to be an official. Then, tell me what you want to be I wish to be the Empress. If you were to help me to be the Empress I’ll definitely listen to you. I’ll repay your kindness. Interesting. Tian Brother It’s really you. Why are you here? When I saw the kite, I still didn’t believe it. Brother I heard the Empress Dowager is sick. We are buddies. I should be concerned about it. You shouldn’t be here. You’re still wanted. Very well. Why did you lie to me? Zhesan told me the Empress Dowager’s terribly sick. It’s totally unlike what you wrote. Sorry. Because it’s dangerous for you to be back. I don’t want to worry you. But you still shouldn’t have lied to me. I was confused So I had to come take a look myself Oh, do your mom and Zhesan know about your coming? Of course, they know. Originally, my mother didn’t allow me to come here. But I managed to persuade her. Is that true? Of course, it’s true. You don’t believe me? You can ask her the next time. Ah… That’s good then. I don’t want you to be at odds with your mom. She’s my mom She’ll understand sooner or later. We’re sworn brothers. How can I stand by when you need help? When the Empress Dowager is ill it’s my duty to look after her despite the fatigue But you are different. You’re a wanted fugitive… I’m only on the wanted list I think you’re under too much pressure . Brother. Just let me take a look at the Empress Dowager If I can heal her, you’ll be free of worries. Okay. But promise me to leave here right after you see the Empress Dowager I don’t wish to worry Madam He and Zhesan. Okay. Tian Thanks. Brother. Remember I gave you a massage last time? I do. We found out the corruption at the disaster zone I didn’t know what to do. Zhesan was so anxious that he uttered curses. You massaged and comforted me. And you asked me to calm down. You still remember that? I can recall every single word you said. You are an Emperor with filial piety. I know you want to work for the people. But health is always the top priority. You need to be healthy to do other things If either I or Zhesan were in your shoes you would be worried too. I wish you and Zhesan were all here. When both of you are absent, it’s so cold and dull in the Palace. I’m so lonely. You must be bored when Zhesan is no joking around. But I was tired of his endless speech in the mountains Why not ask him here to keep you company? Zhesan wants to protect you. I also hope that you are safe. I hope you’d be healthy too. So, take care of yourself. Same to you. When I drew that, I thought that she was your sister. It was actually you. I was really fooled by you. I didn’t do it intentionally. I’m not putting the blame on you. I just feel that I was really stupid. I didn’t even know that you were a girl. And I even told you that I liked you sister. Your Majesty Come in. Your Majesty Everyone has cleared off on the way to Hall of Maternal Tranquility Let’s go. How is it? Judging from her pulse, her blood is concentrated in her brain It’s weird She didn’t have this condition when I previously took her pulse What illness is this then? I don’t know. This is the first time I’ve encountered this. What should we do next? Can it be cured? I will try my best. Mother The Empress Dowager should be fine now. Let her have a good rest. Tian Are you okay? Yes. Has the Empress Dowager’s illness been cured? I don’t know if it’s cured. We need to wait till she’s awake tomorrow. Okay, let her rest now. Okay. Your Majesty Tian is here to treat the Empress Dowager. Why are you here? I heard that all the servants cleared away I was afraid that something went wrong,
so I came here to take a look. Brother, this is… This is Lady Mo. Don’t talk any more. Li Baochuan will be here soon. It’s better for Physician He to hide in my place. No need. I don’t believe Baochuan has the guts to arrest anyone in front of me. Your Majesty, Physician He is a fugitive Now that she sneaked into the Palace she committed another crime. I was the one who brought her here. Who would dare to lay blame? But we’d better not alarm the Empress Dowager at night. Brother, I might as well hide. Otherwise, both of us might get into trouble. Tian, you’re here to help cure the Empress Dowager. You don’t need to hide. I’m here. No one would dare to harm you. Brother. Let’s not make this into a big issue. I’ll go hide myself first. See you. Over there. Quick. Baochuan. Your Majesty It’s already so late. Why did you bring so many men here? Well It’s because I heard that all the guards were dismissed I was worried about the Empress Dowager’s safety. I’m here for an inspection. Go. Stop. The Empress Dowager is having a rest The guards were a disturbance, so I dismissed them. But you’ve brought so many soldiers here Then my efforts are in vain. Your Majesty It’s my duty to guard the Palace For the safety of the Empress Dowager, I have to be extremely cautious Please understand. Let’s go. Leave here. It’s an order of the Emperor. Why aren’t you leaving? Your subordinates are very well taught. Oh, it is all for Your Majesties’ safety I shall take my leave Oh yes, Your Majesty Whatever you wish to do, you can just tell me to do it. Please don’t make decisions by yourself Otherwise, the Empress Dowager might be displeased Don’t you think so? I’m leaving. Get lost.


  1. The english subtitles are moving too slow and fast throughout every episode . However, thank you for the English subtitles.

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