The Imperial Physician 17 (English Subtitle)

The Imperial Physician SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers: Dadelus, Alina Episode 17 Quick, over there. Search over there. Quick. Li Baochuan. Your Majesty. It’s almost midnight. What are you doing here with so many men? I heard that all guards here have been dismissed. I’m worried about the Empress Dowager’s safety. So, I brought men here to investigate. – Go.
– Yes. Get out! It’s His Majesty’s order. Why aren’t you going?! Yes. Oh, Your Majesty When you want to do anything in future just let your servant help you with it. Please don’t make decisions on your own. If anything goes wrong, how am I gonna explain it to the Empress Dowager? Isn’t that so? I’m taking my leave. Get lost! Lady Mo, have you read all these books? Yes. No wonder you can become a 6th rank official in the Palace. I have only read a few medical books. A 6th rank official doesn’t mean anything? I only take care of mundane stuff in the Palace, like managing eunuchs and maids. If I were a boy, I could make my way to the Court through the Imperial Exam I could gain power and serve the people. That’s right. This is really unfair. Why can’t women sit the Imperial Exam? Why are sons more precious than daughters? Why can a man have many wives, while a woman must be obedient to her husband? Physician He. Actually, I admire you. You dared to impersonate as a man
to enter Imperial Academy. You challenged the system of gender inequality. I had no choice since the Imperial Academy only accepts men. In the end, I became a fugitive and was almost executed. History abounds in kings who risk their lives to come to the throne One can’t be afraid of death if he’s to do big things. That’s right. It’s the same for a doctor. As long as one can cure the patient, what’s the difference if he’s a male or female? Unfortunately, all the rules are set by men. Women don’t have a say In the future, I believe there will be female scholars, ministers and generals. And, female physicians. Sure. When there’s an opportunity I won’t let anything get in my way. Physician He. I think we’re destined. Why don’t you call me Sister? Calling me Lady Mo will be too formal. Then, you too, don’t call me Physician. I am not used to it. And you, just call me Tian. Tian. It’s a pity that I only just gotten to know you. I’m leaving the Palace soon. If only I had known you earlier, we could have been good friends. If we are fated, we will meet again. Lady Mo. Brother, have you taken care of Baochuan? It’s okay, we can leave now. Thank you. Your Majesty, don’t mention it. This is what I should do. Brother, aren’t you short of hands? You can ask her to help you. She has read extensively and have many ideas. Okay, it’s getting late. We should leave now. I’ll leave, Sister. Take care, Your Majesty. Regarding what happened tonight… Your Majesty, don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone about it. Thanks. Tian. I’m afraid you’ll have to sleep in the Upper Library tonight Brother, don’t say that. The Upper Library is where the Emperor studies and works. Maybe I will gain an epiphany after my nap. But it isn’t what I thought it would be. Where’s the difference? I thought it will look shiny,
full of paintings and treasures. It used to be like what you said. But I don’t like it. This is a place to take a break. I only wish it to be quiet and comfortable. You are right. You are a wise and good emperor You cannot be compared to a corrupted emperor. Brother, it’s getting late. I’d better go back. Can you send me off? Don’t be in such a hurry to leave. Anyway, the Empress Dowager is still asleep. Stay here until she’s awake. We haven’t talked for a long time. I really want to have a good chat with you. Are you used to where you are staying now? I heard from Zhesan that you’ll break ground for a herb garden. Tian. Empress Dowager, do you feel better today? Did you sleep well? You should lie down on the bed more. Aiya. I’ve already been sleeping for so many days. I should go out for a stroll. Okay. Go for a stroll. Your Majesty. Why are you out of bed? Last night, I slept especially well. When I woke up, my head doesn’t hurt anymore. Should we call Physician Leng over
to do a checkup? Why do I need a checkup when I’m well ? I’m fine now. But mom, you just recovered. You should rest more. You all are always telling me to rest. But the more I sleep, the weaker I get. No, I want to go out for a walk. Your Majesty, I’ll go with you. I just need my son to accompany me. Let’s go. Where is He Tianxin now? Last night, His Majesty brought her back. Till now, she hasn’t come out. In the small hours this morning, His Majesty came to see the Empress Dowager. He Tianxin should be still in the Emperor’s chamber. What is she doing there? A man and a woman in the same room. Aren’t you a little worried? If you don’t remove He Tianxin as an obstacle, there’s no way you can be the Empress. But, don’t be anxious. I have a plan to resolve this. What is it?. When I entered the Palace I was really lucky to have served the Empress. I served Her Majesty for twenty years. Then, the Empress became the Empress Dowager. And I was promoted to Eunuch Manager. My position is considered to be high, but I am ultimately still a servant. The Empress Dowager’s health is deteriorating
day by day, and His Majesty keeps picking on me. Even if I retire and return to my hometown, I have no children to take care of me. If I were to remain in the Palace, how will I get through the next 20 or so years? If you have no objections, please accept me as your god daughter. I will take care of you like my real father. If I don’t take of you well or lie to you, may I get struck by lightning. Come. Please get up. Such a clever girl. Be careful. Your Majesties. Look at your hair You have to make it neat. Mother, how do you feel now? Much better I had a good sleep last night. I feel good today too. He Tianxin is in the Palace, right? I only have a headache. When I was drifting off to sleep, I could feel her presence in the Palace. When I saw you suffer from headache, and there’s nothing the physicians can do, my heart hurt. My heart hurts too. How dare you ask a fugitive to treat your mother? I didn’t go look for her. He Tianxin came herself. She requested to heal you. It was wrong of He Tianxin to disguise herself in the Imperial Academy But she did it so she could save lives. And she made a lot of contributions. Firstly, she treated your lack of appetite. Now, she cured your headache. Her medical skill is indeed better than other physicians. Thanks to her, I’m healed from headache It’s a pity that she can’t use her medical skills as a fugitive Could you exempt He Tianxin from penalty? How can this be possible? She committed treachery and ran away from marriage. She even escaped the execution. How insolent! And also Zhang Zhe whatever Zhang Zhesan, mother. Right. That Zhang Zhesan. He released a criminal from
the execution ground and harmed you. What they did is known by all. They had no regard for law and ruined the reputation of the Court. They should die a thousand deaths. It was my idea to save Tianxin from execution. It doesn’t concern them. What? It’s your idea… Mother. Your Majesty Come. Silly child. Even though it was your own idea, you shouldn’t let others know. Thankfully, it’s kept from the citizens and officials. Even if they want to know, you can’t let them find out. What? You want everyone to know that the idea originated from you? Mother, even though I can’t tell people the truth, you can’t let Zhang Zhesan become my scapegoat. If you spare Zhang Zhesan, you will lose your credibility as the Emperor. How can you rule the country? Mother. Don’t say anymore. It’s impossible to pardon Zhang Zhesan. If it is about pardoning He Tianxin, I may reconsider. Mother, you mean… As long as Zhang Zhesan is punished, and the credibility of the Court is restored, I can issue the order to pardon He Tianxin. Mother. It’s okay, just the old problem. Let’s go. Tian, the Empress Dowager is still angry. You might need to hide for a few more days. I’ll think of a way to get you back here. Brother, I may as well remain a fugitive. This way, you can be a filial son. And Zhesan will not need to be beheaded. How can you say that? These days, I always recall the time the three of us chat and drink together. We used to fight corruption and promote people’s welfare. But now, it’s like I’m the only one left here. Brother, you should be a good emperor. You must keep at it without us. To be a good emperor, I must first be a good brother. Tian, don’t worry. I’ll try to persuade my mom to spare both Zhesan and you. Oh, Minister Zhang will report on the earthquake. Wait here. I’ll meet you after the meeting. Brother. We’ll talk when I get back. Xiao An. Yes. Come in. Your Majesty Look after Tian. Don’t let her leave. Yes. Brother. Mr., no, Ms. Tian, what can I do for you? Tell my brother I don’t want to put him in a difficult position. So, it’s better that I leave first. Don’t. The Emperor ordered me to keep you here. If you leave now, you will put me in trouble. Well… Stop. Which department are you in? The clinic is closed. What are you doing here? I am from the Directorate for Food.
I’m here to clean up. You didn’t bring the equipment.
How can you clean? I forgot. I’ll go back and get it. Stop. You don’t look like a good person. Come with me. How dare you arrest her? Zhesan. Don’t hit him anymore. What are you doing here? Why can’t I come here? Why are you dressed like this? You want to become an eunuch now? Don’t talk nonsense. When did you enter the Palace? I entered together with you. Since you left the house, I’ve been following you. I saw you fly a kite. I saw you meet the Emperor. I even saw him bring you into the Palace. Why didn’t you show up then? Peeping Tom! To put it in another way, I was protecting you. See, this is the result. Two more times. Then, what else did you see? Not much… I just saw him bring you into the Empress Dowager’s chamber Then, the two of you go to the Upper Library where you stayed till dawn. Tell me honestly. Did you… What? …do that? What? You know what I mean. At midnight, a man and a woman are caught in passion. Something would happen then. No. Really? Let me tell you. In our long life, we will make a few mistakes. You can tell me honestly. I can accept it. Wait. Speak. Brother isn’t you. He’s a gentlemen But he’s still a man He may be out of his mind Shit! Don’t tarnish our reputation. Really? Great. I’m so happy. Tian, I know you still have me in your heart. Since the Empress Dowager is fine, let’s go back. Wait. I have a letter for brother. If he sees you, he will definitely not let you leave. I’ll just sneak in and leave it there. Okay, we will go right after that. Otherwise, your mom will be worried. Okay. Let’s go. How about this? We’ll say that we went to pick herbs. And we lost our way. Then, where are the herbs? Well, we were hungry and ate them. Then, where are the tools? The tools were dropped into a trench. And it was too risky to retrieve them. And then? And then, it grew dark and we got lost. A perfect excuse. This is what we will tell your mom. Even Stone can make up a better lie. Would my mom buy this? I already came up with eight versions of excuses from sending a lost child home to being robbed. I think this one is the most credible. If you don’t like it, give me an excuse. So you can’t. Then we can only use this excuse Both of us will say so. Your mom doesn’t have any evidence. She’ll have to believe it. Let’s go. Madam. You’re back. Tian… Go back to eat. We didn’t come home last night… Why are you not asking where we went? I don’t care where you went and what you did. What matters is to tell me when you go out. What if something happens? Actually, we went to the mountains to gather herbs and we lost our way. You may wonder… I’m not interested in your story. Go to eat. I haven’t finished the explanation. Your Majesty. Bad news. What’s wrong? Get up. I was knocked unconscious Tian. Where is she? She’s gone. Oh, she left this behind. Sorry. I thought about it and decided that it’s best I leave. Because when I left home, I didn’t tell my mom. I’m afraid that my mom will worry. Seeing you safe and sound, really made me happy. Even though I want to stay there, my mom will definitely object. I don’t wish to give you a hard time. Please forgive me for leaving without telling you I’ve included the prescription to boost your health. You’re too busy to sleep well and under great pressure. You must take good care of yourself. You need to look after yourself.
You must take good care of yourself. You need to look after yourself. Don’t blame Xiao An. I knocked him out. Please send him my apologies. Brother, be strong. I’ll always support you. Tian. Your servant, Majesty. Get up. Thank you, Your Majesty. Why are you here to see me? I was worried that Physician He didn’t bring extra clothes. So I brought some here. Tianxin has already left. She is no longer in the Palace. She’s gone? But she cured Her Majesty’s headache. She has made a huge contribution. Why has she left without waiting for the pardon? Please forgive me. I’m not blaming you. You don’t need to apologize. You think that the Empress Dowager should pardon her. Physician He has twice cured the Empress Dowager when other physicians could make it. She should be pardoned. Even though she dressed as a male, her motive was to heal the sick. Also, she didn’t intend to marry Zhao Xiangning. And she confessed her identity at the most critical moment She’s not at fault for these two matters. Although we have not known each other for long, I can tell she’s kind to others. She does not seem to be a bad person. Then how do you know that she is not a hypocrite? If Physician He really is like that then Your Majesty wouldn’t miss her so much. Are you saying we should take the chance to ask the Empress Dowager for pardon? But I have already proposed that to
the Empress Dowager. Your Majesty is so smart.
How could I not think of that? I’m afraid the Empress Dowager objects. That’s why Physician He left and Your Majesty looks so upset. Why do you feel the Empress Dowager would disagree? Empress Dowager is reasonable If she doesn’t excuse Physician He it must be because of her escape from execution ground and marriage. The incident caused havoc. If she suddenly excuses her the officials and citizens might feel dissatisfied Then, what do you think we should do about this? How to give people a satisfactory answer? I don’t know the whole situation. I dare not say. Okay, I’ll tell you something. But after I have told you, you are not to tell anyone. I will not dare to. Physician He and I get along very well, so I also hope to help her. I will keep this a secret. Tian You bastard Okay. It’s unhealthy to sit after eating. You should get up and exercise. If you have nothing to do,
why don’t you wash the dishes? I have already washed them. Then, go wash some clothes. I already washed them. I even brushed your shoes. Anyway, do whatever you wanna do. Don’t bother me. Talk things over properly. Why are you so rude to Zhesan? Did you hear that?
Nothing, it’s more intimate like this. Take a seat. I’ll pour tea for you. Do you want it cold or hot? Anything will do. I washed them for her. Look at Zhesan. He’s so nice to you and even cleaned your shoes. And you are still so rude towards him? He’s your sworn brother, not your subordinate. He’s so annoying. I think you’re the annoying one. Certain people and things should be forgotten. Don’t be too stubborn. Mom, what are you saying? Do I need to be blunt? What is his status? He is the Emperor. What is your status? You are the daughter of a pork butcher. There’s a great difference in the status. You won’t be happy together. There are so many concubines in the Palace fighting for His Majesty’s attention. Can you win over them? He may sleep with a different concubine every day in Hall of Eternal Spring and Hall of Peace. Can you accept it? Mom, you haven’t been in the Palace. How do you know Hall of Eternal Spring and Hall of Peace? I heard about it from storytellers. Storytellers know about it? This is not the main point. Stop picking on trivial things. Now that you have already left the Palace, don’t think of nonsense. Understand? Zhesan is better, isn’t he? He is hardworking, isn’t he? He even looks handsome. Furthermore, he treats us both quite well. If I were to think of his drawbacks, it’s just that he’s illiterate, right? He does have a good education. But it doesn’t matter. He can always learn. Mom, have some tea. Who’s your mother?
You’re not allowed to call her that. Mom, I have made a decision. What decision? I’ll learn to read. Good. I will teach you. You eavesdropped? I didn’t eavesdrop. Stop fooling around. It seems like someone’s here. Madam and Tian, leave first. Leave this to me. Don’t move. Tian. Zhesan. What are you doing here? I’m here to announce the Emperor’s Edict He Tianxin, Zhang Zhesan, He Meili Kneel down. Stop the nonsense. Why should we kneel? We’ll stand. Just read it. Academician of Medicine He Tianxin, 7th rank Inspector Zhang Zhesan, Citizen Madam He. Because of curing the Empress Dowager you have earned pardon for your crimes. In addition, you will be rewarded. Isn’t it better to stand and listen? Xian An, is this Edict true or false? It’s indeed the Emperor’s Edict. Congratulations, Tian and Zhesan. Return to the capital with me. The Empress Dowager agreed to this? His Majesty has already solved that problem. The Edict is here. You can take it and read it. Your Majesty. Mother, you wanna see me? Am I still your mother? Do you still have your mother in your heart? I wouldn’t dare to. You dare not? Would you dare not? I wanted to execute He Tianxin You and Zhang Zhesan stopped it I wanted to punish Zhang Zhesan You rewarded them instead. Mother, I don’t mean this. This is precisely what you meant. You did it without my approval. Everyone knows about this, except me. As an Emperor and a son, should you have done that? Should you? Sorry, I realized my mistake. What’s the use of knowing that you are wrong? Your plans have already been carried out. What can I do other than to accept it? Your Majesty, please calm down. His Majesty pardoned Tianxin and Zhesan due to friendship. It’s quite understandable. Wrong is wrong and right is right. Don’t speak up for him. I’m not speaking up for His Majesty. It’s for the sake of Your Majesty. He Tianxin has good medical skills. But she’s poorly educated. Why not let her serve as a female official in the Palace? She can learn social etiquette to improve herself It also puts her at your service in case Your Majesty might be down with illness. As for Zhang Zhesan, he has always been reckless and lazy. I propose we let him stay in the Palace as an eunuch. So as to prevent him from becoming a laughing stock. But I’ve promised to restore them to their original positions. If I did as you proposed, wouldn’t I be going back on my word? Enough, don’t say anymore. Do it as Baochuan proposed. If you dare to be insolent again, don’t regard me as your mother anymore. Go out now. I’ll obey. What does a female official do? She’s in charge of matters in the back Palace. But you’ll still be in charge of the royal clinic. I’m fine with it. I have nothing to do in the Eastern Depot. I’d be happy to be transferred back. But if Tian becomes a female official, will the fucking Baochuan be her boss? Theoretically, yes. Wouldn’t that be dangerous for Tian? I’ll make sure that Tian will be protected. You’re too busy to look after her Baochuan transferred her to the back Palace He is obviously after her. Nonsense. You understand what I mean. Li Baochuan does not have good intentions I know he doesn’t harbor any good intentions, but I am not someone to be bullied. Don’t worry, Brother. But what about your mom? As for Madam He… Well… Would Madam He object? Don’t worry, I’ll handle it. Are you sure? It’s no problem. Just let me handle it. Mom, the Palace is like hell. I really don’t wish to go there. In the Palace, one must be discreet He even can’t eat noodles nosily. Mom, don’t worry about me. Only fools would want to enter the Palace. I’m too smart to make such a mistake Nothing is better than living with my mom. If I were to choose, I will definitely stay at home. But this is what the Empress Dowager ordered. No one dare to object. Mom, isn’t that so? Why are you asking me this? Did you even listen to what I say? Before you entered the Academy, we agreed upon three rules. But once you entered the Academy, you forgot about all of them. I doubt if you can remember even one of the three rules. Mom. You’d better think it over carefully. After you entered the Academy, how many times did you get into trouble? How many times have you been caught? You even almost got beheaded a few times. I was also jailed several times because of you. Yet you still dare to talk about it. All right. Let’s not talk about it. Anyway, you have already grown up. From now on, just do whatever you like. Mom, don’t worry about me. Yirou is in the Palace. She will take care of me. If you weren’t my daughter, I wouldn’t bother to worry about you. Auntie, if you are very worried, you should go with her then. Mom, I will bring you to see Lady Mo. She is in charge of the back Palace. Tianxin. Yirou. This is… Oh. Nice to meet you, Lady. Madam, you may call me Yirou. My mom insisted on coming with me. Sorry. What are you talking about? If you didn’t get into trouble wherever you go, I wouldn’t want to come here with you. Yirou, my mother is an honest person. I promise she wouldn’t make any trouble in the Palace. I am very honest. but my daughter didn’t inherit my honesty. She created much trouble before. I’m sorry. Mom. What? Did I say anything wrong? If you think it’s not proper for her to be here, you can ask her to go home. How could it be? With Madam He here, the Palace will be more lively. See! Let me tell you, no one is more disobedient and immature than you. I’ll trouble you to discipline her. Right. Where are we staying? The things that I’m carrying are quite heavy. I’ll get the servants to help you. No need. These are my treasures. It’s better that I carry this myself. Aren’t these just broken knives, bowls and pots? Stop nagging. Without these, could I have raised you? Shall we go have a rest? – Okay.
– Come with me. I thought I’m transferred to the back Palace? Why are we still staying here? You still live here. But your title is different. You belonged to the Imperial Academy. But now you’re under my charge. That is good. I will have a good time here with your help. Really? Although I do not have much knowledge, I have common sense. The person in charge of the Palace is
Li Baochuan. With him around, will you have a good time here? Madam is right Li Baochuan is my superior But he entrusts me with the management of the Palace He has never interfered with it. Also, the person looking out for you is His Majesty, not me. So, you don’t have to worry. Surely, I should be worried. Madam, what did you say? Nothing. Then, please rest early. Later, I will explain the Palace rules. Sorry to trouble you then. Thank you, Miss Mo. Mom, you made my really embarrassed. People of my age are enjoy their remaining years with grandchildren. What was I doing? I have to follow you everywhere . Who should feel embarrassed? But isn’t my pose in the Palace a glory to our family? Yes, it’s something. Thanks to you, I was imprisoned and paraded on streets with shackles. It’s indeed a glory to the family.


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