The Imperial Physician 18 (English Subtitle)

The Imperial Physician SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers: Dadelus, Alina Episode 18 What Madam He said is right. Li Baochuan is my superior. But he entrusts everything in the Palace to me and he never interferes. And, the person looking after you is His Majesty. It’s not me. So, don’t worry. Sure I should be worried. Madam, what did you say? Nothing. Then, please take a rest. I’ll tell you the rules and etiquette in the Palace later. Sorry to trouble you. Thank you. Mom, you made me embarrassed. People of my age should have grandchildren and be retired at home. But what am I doing? I’m wandering about with you. Who should feel embarrassed? But my position in the Palace should be an honor for our family. Yeah, it’s something. I was imprisoned and paraded on streets with shackles thanks to you You’re a really honor for our family. Tian. I miss you so much Have a hug. Hugging you is the same. So warm. Tian, have a hug. Lad, are you flirting with my daughter? Oh, this flower was originally for Tian. But I think it suits you better. See how matching the color is? He Tianxin! Come out now! Who is this? His Majesty’s cousin, Empress Dowager’s niece. Why does she look so funny? Well, I wouldn’t say she’s ugly But she lacks all the features of a beauty You bitch! You dressed as a man to seduce my cousin. – Impossible!
– No, I didn’t. I didn’t get selected as a concubine because of you. Hey. Oh, I slapped you Go make a complaint. No one will hear it. What are you doing? How dare you slap my daughter? You should look yourself in the mirror. With your ugly look, you shall never be chosen. The Emperor won’t choose you unless he’s blind Don’t even dream of being a concubine You scolded my daughter. Are you mentally ill? Have you said enough? You can insult me, but not my mom. If you say one more word, you’ll regret it! I’ll tell the Empress Dowager. I’ll beat you up. Empress Dowager, they are bullying me. Even if Empress Dowager came, we won’t be afraid of you. You look horrible. You shall never be the concubine. Concubine? Tianxin. What’s the concubine selection? Tianxin? Zhesan? Brother, do you always come here to look at the night scene? I used to. But I’ve been very busy lately. I’m not in a good mood. But now that I’ve met you, my mood is a lot better. You have so many state affairs to deal with. It’s normal for you to be troubled. But you need to take care of your health. Don’t exhaust yourself. Thanks. Oh. Right. Thank you for allowing my mom to enter the Palace. Recently, many unhappy things happened. Surely, your mom should worry about you. I made you suffer and caused your mom to worry. It’s all my fault. Forget about it. Look at the future. You should be sleeping at this time. Why did you come here? I just finished reading some reports. I wanted to meet your mom tomorrow. But I saw the light on in your room, So, I came to see you. Actually, I also wanted to meet you and have a chat. But, everyone now knows that I’m a girl. If I’m seen visiting you at midnight, I’m afraid people would gossip. Tian. Don’t worry too much. It’ll make things more complex. Why don’t we just be the way we used to be? How is it possible? In the past, if I wanted to see you, I could do so immediately. I could always ask for your advice. But now, I feel that it’s totally different. Even the way you look at me is weird. What’s weird about it? I can’t really put my finger on it. I just feel that it’s not the same. Brother. Can you not treat me as a girl? Okay, I’ll treat you as I used to do. Tian, a shooting star! Quick, make a wish. What did you wish for? It’s a secret. The moon is beautiful today. Tian Tianxin, where are you? Tian When you have time, you can come and visit me. There are a lot of fireflies to catch in the garden. It will surely be interesting. Have a stroll when bored. The weather is so nice. I’ll take my leave. Well, I… There are 12 eunuch agencies in charge of administration in the Palace. There are also 4 offices and 8 services. Each have its own duties. It’s so complicated Can you put it simply? Simply put, all basic needs are taken care of. What Madam said sounds really good. It’s the Imperial Catering Department. The Emperor and the Empress Dowager’s meals are prepared here. But the servants’ meals will be prepared somewhere else. Madam, what’s wrong with you? Nothing. I’m just a little tired. I don’t wanna walk around. I want to go back and take a nap. Mom, you can’t. She’s telling us the rules. You should listen. How can you go back and sleep? Is sleeping forbidden in the Palace? Do you think that this is our home? Hear her out before you sleep. It’s okay. If you’re tired, you may go back and sleep. Tian, let’s continue. There are still many places to show you. Okay, I’ll go back first. He Chu Hong. This is the Empress Dowager’s herbal meal. Okay, leave it here. Chu Hong, I heard your wife is pregnant. Yes. We can’t tell whether it’s a girl or boy yet. Is that so? That’s great. Then, you must take good care of her. Then, I’ll leave first. Okay. He? Physician Leng! It’s really you. Come, tidy up this place. Yes, Lady Mo. Cleaning has to be done every day. If you stop for one day, you will be lazy. Then you’ll be undisciplined, understand? Yes. Continue tidying up then. Yirou, I really admire you. I can’t see why This is my everyday work. I supervise the cleaning to make sure there’s no dust or spiderwebs. Actually, I admire you as you can save lives. Don’t say that. You’re smart, competent and has a good education The Emperor will definitely promote you. Don’t be so humble. Thank you. Trust me, you’ll get a promotion. I can see that the Emperor really likes you. If one day you become a concubine or the Empress, don’t forget about me. Yirou, don’t tease me. Lady Mo! I’m so sorry! Lady Mo, Li Baochuan is asking for you. I have to go. Ling Chin, Take Ms. He for a walk around to familiarize her with the Palace. Yes, Ma’am! Yirou, please. Let’s meet up later on. So you’re Ling Chun, right? Hello, I’m He Tianxin. I know! You’re Physician He! I know a lot about you. You dressed as a male and got into the Imperial Hospital! You also cured the Empress Dowager and escaped from the wedding! You even survived the execution! You’re so capable! I grew up in the back Palace. I’ll help you if you have questions. We’ll walk around for you to know the Palace. Thank you This way, Lady He. Hello, Lady Mo, I am.. Greetings. You’re here. The rest of you are dismissed. Yes. What’s the matter? Godfather Don’t stand there. Sit down. I’m fine just standing here. You have already called me godfather. There is no outsider here. Don’t be so formal. Speak. Godfather, I’ll just remain standing. This is a sign of respect. Now I’m sitting here while you’re standing there. When you become the Empress, it will be vice versa. If I were to become the Empress, then you will be the father-in-law of His Majesty. If you stand, no one will dare to sit. You’re so sweet. I heard that He Tianxin came back recently. She even brought her mom along. Yes. I proposed to the Empress Dowager to allow her to come to the Palace. From now on, your task will be to follow her around. Investigate her thoroughly. I understand. Check out everything about her and her family. Yes. Also find out who taught her medical skills. Yes. Don’t you wanna know why you should check up on her? A daughter should be both filial and obedient. I’ll do whatever you say. I won’t ask any questions. Excellent. So, Tian is your daughter. Since your daughter is in the Academy of Medicine, why didn’t you look me up? Physician Leng, I didn’t want my daughter to enter the Academy. Does Tian know your past identity? She doesn’t know that I was an imperial cook. Neither does she know that we are old friends. I hope you will keep these matters secret. After the incidence at the Academy, you were missing. Never thought I would meet you again 20 years later. And you even have a daughter. The past is over. Forget about it. Now, I’m just a pork butcher. Tian and I can only rely on each other. As long as we can live peacefully, I don’t care about anything else. I’m glad you’re safe and free of worries. Physician Leng, I’d like to ask a favor of you. Please don’t give Tian any privilege in the Imperial Academy lest there will be any suspicion. When I came out, I didn’t tell her. I’d like to leave first. All right. He. How did Tian learn her medical skills? I knew you would ask this. Tian is not related to you. Tian is my daughter. In this world, I only have her. If anyone wants to harm her, I will fight him to death. Please help me relay this message to Tian. Stop looking for that set of books. Is this a temple? This is solely for the Empress Dowager. Let’s leave. Lady He, the Empress Dowager came at dawn. Nobody would come here after that. Why did you bring me here? Didn’t Lady Mo asked me to show you around? Come. Okay, we have seen enough. It’s time to leave. Wait a minute. You’re conscientious about your work. Of course. If it’s not clean, I will get punished by Lady Mo. Okay. Go. Quick. Let’s go. What should we do? Help! Help! Quick, let’s go. Help! He Tianxin. You might as well die in the fire
and save me the trouble. Your Majesty, I’m sorry. Ling Chun was showing me around the Palace. When we passed by the hall, I saw ashes on the table, and then… Baochuan, what was that sound? It was irritating. I understand. Drag this girl out for execution. Yes. Your Majesty. It doesn’t concern Ling Chun. Let her off please. I wanted to go to the hall. Punish me instead. He Tianxin. It was because you cured me that I allowed you to enter the Palace. I wanted you to have a proper training here. I wished you could display your talent. But now, it looks like I overestimated you. Baochuan. Tell me what I should do. Mm… Starting a fire in the Palace should be punished by execution. Okay. Since she saved me, just spare her. Thank you for your kindness. Listen! Your heads can be kept. But if you’re spared, it will be unfair. Drag them out. 30 floggings for each. Yes. Beat these arsonists. Yes. Spare me please. This was all my fault. Punish me instead. 30 beatings for each. You can receive the punishment for her. Okay. Xi. Yes, sir. 60 beatings for He Tianxin. Yes. Hurry up, what are you doing? Wait. What’s the matter? 60 beatings is too severe. He Tianxin may not survive it. I merely said that they can keep their heads. Only God knows if they can survive the punishment. Come. He Tianxin. If you survive after receiving 60 beatings, you should be grateful to the Empress Dowager for her benevolence of not killing you. – Wait!
– What’s wrong? Sir, I didn’t teach her well enough. Yirou Another one is speaking up for you? Okay, you will be punished too. Xi. GUI. 60 beatings for one and 30 for the other. Hit hard. Hit! Tian Daughter, you are awake? What happened to me? Mom, why are you crying? Your mom stayed up all night. It’s all right. Close your eyes and rest. Mom, leave me alone. Go get some rest. I am fine. You are more important. Daughter, does it still hurt? No. No way. Your buttocks are bruised. It must be painful. Gee. I just left you for a moment. You got yourself into trouble. The first day you entered the Palace, you burnt the temple. If you were to stay here longer, you might burn down the whole Palace. Mom. It was just an accident. I didn’t want it to happen. Are you trying to find a set of books in the Palace? How do you know? Did Zhesan tell you this? It doesn’t matter how I know. From now on,
you should behave yourself in the Palace. You are not allowed to look for that set of books. Mom. I want to look for that set of books. It’s for the sake of saving lives. You can’t talk about that set of books. Why not? Don’t ask me why. You’re just not allowed to. Mom. Are you okay? Daughter, mom is begging you. From now on, don’t let me worry for you, okay? You are my daughter. If you’re in trouble, I’ll bear the responsibility. But I can’t be with you forever. If I depart from this world, I will not be able to help you anymore. If you act so rashly, I’d be worried even in heaven. Tian, mom is begging you. Don’t make any troubles, alright? Surround the whole place. Don’t even let out a fly. I’ve already warned you not to offend me. This is my territory. The people inside, come out now! Come out, quick. Lie down, Tian. Lie down and wait for me. Mom will take a look. Why is it you again? Dear, what is the matter? Capture her. Yes. Miss Yun Ying, What crime did I commit? He Meili, I have already checked. You have no permission to stay in the Palace for so long. Now I suspect that you are participating in illegal activities. You can remain silent,
but your every word will be used as evidence in court. My mom didn’t mean to do that. It’s only because she wanted to take care of me. Shut up. I’ll just go with them. No. I’m going to take both of you along. Miss Yun Ying, Please don’t give my mom a hard time. You are begging me now? Oh. I have never seen anyone beg while standing I can’t see your sincerity. Kneel down. Miss Yun Ying, My daughter is hurt and can’t kneel. I will kneel. Mom! I will kneel. Mom. I will kneel, okay? Oh. Wasn’t she formidable? Didn’t you scold me so fiercely? Didn’t you gang up to oppose me? I was so scared. But why is it different now? Why is she kneeling down and begging me? Slap yourself! Okay, I’ll slap myself. Harder. Slap yourself. Slap yourself harder. Mom. Harder. Let my mom off. He Tianxin. Don’t pretend to be innocent even though you’re slim. You think you can’t fool the Emperor. I know very clearly what you are thinking of. As long as I’m here, you shall not marry my cousin. Mom. Harder. Now, I feel so much better. Seeing you slap yourself hard makes me happy. I’ll let He Tianxin off this time. But you must get out! Men. Take her away. Yes. Mom. Get up. Don’t worry about me. Take care of yourself. Did you hear me? Mom. Go inside. Go in. Okay, I’ll walk on my own. This time, I’m just kicking you out. The next time I see you, I’ll throw you into the sea. Okay, no problem. Shut the gate. Yes. Okay. Yes. Take your time. Don’t be anxious. Should I get a sedan for you? Don’t do that. I might be accused of abusing public property. You merely burnt Buddhist Scriptures and cushions how could they beat you up like this? I’ll go ask the Emperor to do you justice. It’s my fault for trespassing the hall. It’s only natural that the Empress Dowager punish me The Emperor quarreled with his mom before because of me. I don’t want to put him in a difficult position again. You even have to cement their family ties. No, but I’m not a little kid anymore. I can’t get brother into trouble every time. What about that fat woman? Are you going to swallow the shame? I promised my mom I will not make any trouble or make her worry. I can’t break my promise. You don’t have to do it yourself. I will avenge you. Please, don’t get involved. I already promised my mom
not to create any more trouble. They pick on you because you are weak. If you don’t retaliate, they will think you’re easy to bully. I think that if I behave myself, they can’t find any flaw to pick on. It is better to tolerate if possible. Are you serious? I have seen so many cases bullying. People can always find a reason to pick on you. Physician He! Please save Lady Mo! What’s wrong with her? Cool down. Tell me what happened. Lady Mo has been lying in bed for many days. She was in a coma. I’m afraid that something is wrong with her. Physician He, please save her. You were beaten because of my fault. Physician He, please help her. Please help her, Physician He. Get up first. Madam Mo is my savoir. It was I who caused her to be like this. I’m begging you to save her. Please save my Lady Mo. I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. You can’t even get out of bed. How can you be okay? Yirou, it was my fault You didn’t need to go through the beatings with me. Aren’t we good friends? We should go through thick and thin together. Lady Mo, it was all my fault. I overturned the candle and caused both of you to get beaten. Ling Chun, you were spared thanks to Lady He. You should thank her Thank you, Lady He. Tian, there’s only you at the health center. You must be very busy. Why don’t you let Ling Chun help you? Okay. No. Yirou, are you joking with me? In the clinic, she can stay away from Li Baochuan. Take pity on her. Accept her. Lady He. Please save me. If you agree, I’ll be your slave. I will do everything for you. Alright. Get up now. Thank you, Lady He. Yirou, you are having a fever. Come.


  1. I very much appreciate the uploads. However, the audio sync really needs a lot of work. It is it confusing at times just which speaker is speaking, and at times the subtitles appear before the speaker actually says whatever they're saying, and at other times it is reversed. With respect, I would be willing to help if you need assistance, especially with the English grammar before future uploads.

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