The Imperial Physician 19 (English Subtitle)

The Imperial Physician Episode 19 SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers: Alina Dadelus It’s the prescription Lingchun,take this to the imperial hospital and find the medcine we need Don’t make any mistake this time Yes Sister,have a good rest. I’ll do some acupuncture on you. It will make you better. Xiao Tian,when did you start to study medicine? I started when I was three. Three years old? You probably weren’t even literate then. Yes. When I was young,my family was very poor. We had no money for toys. I would play with whatever’s there. One day,I found a book under my mother’s bed. But you couldn’t read. How did you understand what was in the book? Yes,I didn’t understand it. But there were a lot of pictures about people with dots and lines in it. Very interesting. I would always take it out to read the pictures. Later,when I was older and knew how to read, I found out that the dots and lines were acupoints and vessels. That means you learnt the skills by yourself? Yes. My first patient was a doll. I used sewing needles to practice acupuncture. Once my mom tore her pants. She looked for the whole day and couldn’t find any needles. After I got bored of practicing on the doll, I practiced on Da Fu’s father. After he passed away,I practiced on Da Fu instead. Who is Da Fu? He’s our pig He Tianxin’s father left home before she was born. And has never returned since. Her mother and her relied on each other. Madam He single-handedly raised He Tian Xin. Madam He was afraid that they both will be picked on by others. So she raised her up as a boy They moved several times and never contacted any of their relatives. He Tian Xin has also never heard her mom talked about their relatives. Then,who did she learnt her medical skills from? He Tianxin never learnt from anyone, she picked it up on her own. This is strange. With everything as blank as this… Maybe she lied to you? She and I call each other sister. She trusts me very much so she wouldn’t lie to me. In order to get closer to her, What you have suffered is worth it But I would like to ask you He Tianxin is a doctor. How did you fool her? I recently drank some tonics which will make me dryness-heat like I am having a fever. If I’ve more people like you who are as capable, I would have been able to retire earlier. I’m only obeying your orders. And paid special attention to some details. Good. Excellent. Right. I would like to thank Gonggong for ordering the eunuchs responsible for my beating lightly. I only suffered a little pain. Nothing serious It’s a small matter. If I hurt you, it wouldn’t be easy to find another smart daughter Right. I still have something to remind you. Godfather,please say it. Didn’t you wish to be the Empress? Then,He Tianxin will be your rival. If you were to play along with her for long, don’t make things become real and get attached Godfather,don’t worry. He Tianxin is merely an obstacle in my way All I want is to get rid of her I didn’t treat her from my heart. Obstacle? Then what will I be? Godfather,you are my savior and benefactor. You are someone I love and respect the most. Okay,you can go back now. Yes,godfather. Wait a second. Lately,I heard that He Tianxin has been looking for a set of medical books. I don’t know what the title of the book is. Nor do I know why she’s looking for that book. Help me to find out more about it. Yes. I will take my leave Cousin,I know that you are looking for me. I came as fast as I could. How are you today? Are you tired? Have your wounds healed? Let me take a look at your wounds. The wounds have healed. There is no need. Oh,all right. I know that you have been busy lately. That’s why I tried my best not to disturb you. Then,aren’t you tired lately? Do you want this best massager to give you a massage? No need,cousin. I’m here because I have something to tell you. Don’t go and look for He Tianxin anymore. She complained to you,didn’t she? She didn’t say anything. Is that so? Then,it must be Zhang Zhesan. It’s not important who told me,cousin. Most importantly is,don’t bully others. You are a relative of the royal family. If word of this get out, It will be disgraced to the royal family How? How did I bully her? She was wrong in the first place. First posing as a man to get close to you. And caused you to be scolded by Aunt. And caused you to be injured. It’s not something I can overlook. What’s wrong with me trying to get even for you? These things have already passed. I no longer care about them. Furthermore,you shouldn’t have used these reasons as excuses to bully them. Why are you speaking up on her behalf? I’m your cousin. Why are you supporting outsiders? I’m not speaking on her behalf. It’s because you are my cousin, that I won’t let you make this mistake. You liar. I have been in the palace for so long and you have never came to see me,only her You’ve neglected me for so long. And because of her,you are here to scold me. Tell me,do you like her? Okay. Anyway,don’t go and look for her in the future. Okay,I will not look for her anymore but you are not allowed to like her. You can only like me. If you like her, I will be very very hurt. Do you know? Cousin? Cousin? Why did he suddenly disappear? If you lacking or need anything, just tell me. Don’t be shy. What is it? What do you want to say? If I can help you,I will. Sister Yi Rou,have you heard about the book about hers ‘Ben Cao Pin Hui Jin Yao’ I’ve never heard of that. I know nothing about medicine. But I can take you to the library to have a look. Big Brother has already brought me there. I have already seen all the books there. Thanks. That’s true. The Emperor likes you so much. He would have already brought you there. Why didn’t I think of this? Don’t say that,Sister Yi Rou. Big brother just happened to go there so he took me Right. What kind of a book is this? What is it about? It is a rare and mysterious set of books. To put it simply,this set of books is the encyclopedia of medicine. Priceless and extremely useful. Zhang Zhesan you stupid eunuch. How dare you lodge a complaint against me? I curse all your family will become eunuchs. He Tianxin you ugly freak. I hope that in your next life as a male, you will become an eunuch too. I’m so mad. Your father is an eunuch. Your uncle is one too. Your grandfather is an eunuch, all the men in you family are eunuchs. If you get married your daughter will marry a eunuch! I want to bless you to be a pig head every day. Zhang Zhesan I curse that all your ancestors and children are eunuchs. Oh wait,his mother can’t be an eunuch. His mother can marry an eunuch then. His father,grandfather and uncle are all eunuchs! his wife in the future will become an eunuch too! Oh wait,that can’t happen either. The Emperor is here. Cousin,I’m coming. Cousin A little surprise? He Tianxin,you despicable little creature! Do you think that by making me look like this, that you would be prettier than me? That’s not going to happen! I’ll show you… I want you to look even uglier than I look now! Miss Yun Ying,what happened to your face? Move aside,it’s none of your business. I’m here for this evil woman who stab in the back How did I hurt? Don’t act innocent. You can con my cousin but you can’t con me. Beat her! Yes. Wait! What on earth is going on? What? You’re asking what’s going on? Look at my face. Who just knocked at my door and left me a wasp nest? Look at this,here, look! The evidence is here. I didn’t do it. It wasn’t me. If not you,then who? Miss Yun Ying, He Tianxin has been with me all along. It can’t be her. Stop protecting her. Go away. I’m not helping her. I was sparing a thought for you. It’s true that you got stung by wasps. Does that even need to be mentioned? But He Tianxin was with me the whole time,that’s also true How would I know that both of you are not in cahoots? You are so intelligent, I’m just a mere court lady. If I lie,there is no way I can escape your eyes. Then, Furthermore,He Tian Xin was given a beating of 30 strokes, – she can’t move around freely. – Serves you right! Let alone whether she can get a wasp nest, just run from your rooms to mine, would require a tremendous amount of effort. Furthermore,you are so awesome, you would have been able to catch her along the way. Then,I… It’s a small thing for you to punish her. But if you punish her in error, and if the person who truly pulled a prank on you were to know of your reckless behavior, That wouldn’t be a good thing. I… then… Miss Yun Ying, you are the pride of all women in the world. I hope that you can do a thorough investigation before you mete out the punishment. He Tianxin,I ‘m letting you off this time. But don’t be too happy yet, I’ll go back and reveal the identity of your accomplice. When that time comes,let’s see what you will say. Right. Also, if you are so capable, you might as well kill me with your pranks. Stop using this kind of petty tricks on me. Retreat! It’s all right now. If you didn’t speak up for me just now, I would have become the scapegoat again. I don’t understand why she keeps picking on me. She is not picking on you, She is jealous of you. Because she also likes the Emperor. But the Emperor likes you. Don’t tease me. Don’t tell me that you didn’t know that. Right,is the Emperor aware of this? I have never told him. Why? Big brother already has a lot on his mind. I don’t wish to burden him any further. I’m leaving first. Sister,please have a good rest. Xiaotian. It’s better to have a friend than an enemy If you have a remedy to cure wasp stings, I know. Yi Rou seeks permission to see His Majesty. Enter. Thank you,Your Majesty. It’s late now. Is there anything the matter? It’s about Xiao Tian. What’s wrong with her? Two days ago,Xiao Tian burnt down the Empress Dowager’s praying hall. and was beaten 30 times by the Empress Dowager Xiao Tian repeatedly ordered me to not tell you about this. She was afraid that you will worried That will only make her feel bad I’m her Elder Brother. Why should she feel bad about this? Your Majesty is right, but Xiao Tian has your interests at heart. If she was to discover that you knew, her good intentions will be in vain. How is she now? She can walk and move and is fine now. But didn’t Xiao Tian ask you to keep it from me? Why did you come and report this to me? Because I can see that Xiao Tian is unhappy. She is not as energetic and cheerful as before. Her smiles are getting lesser and lesser. It’s hard for me to see her this way. I thought that by allowing her to return to the palace, she can be as happy as she used to be. But the Empress Dowager transferred her to the Harem Chambers. I couldn’t do anything to made her suffer less Maybe outside the palace would be better for her. Why don’t you go and comfort her? With your encouragement, she will definitely find her smile again. Thank you for being so concerned about Xiao Tian. If anything else happens, please come and tell me immediately. Yes. It’s getting late. Your Majesty should retire early. Didn’t I tell you not to go? Now Yun Ying is blame me for that. Aren’t you making me more troubles? Why are you so mean to me? I was helping you. You should be grateful to me. Moreover,you have a clean alibi.She can’t blame it on you. Do you think that I’ll feel better if you prank her? I was just giving her a lesson,Why are you so serious? She can’t die from a few wasp stings. It’s a pity that you were not there. When I threw the wasp nest, she was running and screaming. In the end,her face swelled like a pig! It looks good with her hairstyle. Childish and boring. You have been with big brother for such a long time. Why can’t learn from him and be mature? Yes. Yes. Yes. Big brother is good. Whatever Elder Brother does is good. But whatever I do is childish. Did I get it wrong? Do you think big brother would play such a childish prank? No. He wouldn’t be as cowardly as me. When you want to exchange letters, I am there and be a that messenger When you peek at elder brother, I protect you in the dark. I think that I am more of a little brother than your second brother. What nonsense are you spouting? I am only judging things the way they are. What’s are you arguing about? We were just joking. You know how second brother is. If I don’t bicker with him,he will have sleeping issues at night. Xiao San,what’s wrong? Nothing. My stomach doesn’t feel good. I am just suffering from gastric pain and indigestion. I can’t bear it. Do you want Xiao Xin to give you some medicine? No need. I just need to go back and sleep Confucius once said,no nap at the noon we will collapse later. Menci once said Confucius’s saying was right. Why Xiao San is acting so strange. Leave him alone. He will be fine in a while. Big Brother,why do you have the time to come here? Nothing. I wanted to ask you if there is anything you are not used to since you came back. I’m used to the place here. Sister Yi Rou treats me well. The Empress Dowager likes me too. Even the way Yun Ying treats me is improving. That’s good. If there is anything don’t be afraid to say it out. I am very used to it. Mum once said that I am a cockroach that can’t be killed. I can eat and sleep anywhere. Xiao Tian,I want you to go to a place with me No problem. Where ? You will know when we get there. Let’s go. Are we there yet? Not yet. You can’t open your eyes yet. You can open your eyes now. So how is it? Well? How is it? It’s so beautiful. Xiao San once told me that you hope to till a piece of land make it your own herb garden. But then you were summoned back to court, your dreams were put on hold. For saving the Empress Dowager, I’ve been thinking of ways to thank you. Promoting you to a high ranking officer or giving you wealth is too old-fashioned. So,I decided to give you this happy herbal garden. I hope that you will always be happy. Further more,I have already informed the guards that only you have the rights to enter here. No one else is to be allowed in. Even if I want to come in, I’ve to get your permission first. This is your little paradise. you don’t have to care about the palace rules and regulations here. You can be yourself. If you want to plant herbs or daze about, it’s your choice. Just do whatever you want. No one will bother you. And no one will interrupt you again. Big brother,thank you. Okay,go take a look. Officer Mo,Where are you taking me? Don’t be so anxious. You will know in a while. Can’t you just tell me where we are going? Why are you being so secretive? Xiao Tian. Come. Give it to me. No. You really dare to splash the water on me? So what? You can’t get me! I will let you hide again. Come Okay. Just watch me deal with you. Give it to me. Running away? Come here. You can’t catch me! Give it to me. No! Xiao Tian. I really hope that you will always be happy. I wish that you can smile so innocently and brightly forever. Just like the other time when I saw you at the lakeside. Don’t be rash. If you rush over, you will do you no good Don’t tell me that I should just watch while she steals my cousin? Don’t worry. No one can take away your seat as the Empress. Come in quick. Tell me what we should do. There’s no one here. Tell me what we should do. He Tian Xin used her sweet words to successfully seduce his majesty. If you want the Emperor to leave her, you must first arouse his suspicion. Suspicion? How can I make my cousin suspicious? What is this? He Tian Xin doesn’t behave the same way as others do. If she want to seek forgiveness, she will surely come to you. And also,she will try to relieve you from the illnesses you are suffering from. As long as you take them and be poisoned, He Tianxin will surely fall into your trap. This is poison? Where did you get it from? This is use to grant death to servants. Are you crazy? Do you want me to die? If you take this pill, It will kill you. But if you only take half of it, You’ll only have half of the poison and will not endanger your life. He Tianxin is full of tricks. If we don’t use this method, it will be hard for her to fall into your trap. Why are you doing this? Haven’t you always been in collaboration with her? In the past,I thought that Tianxin was a good person. But after seeing her together with the Emperor… She has actually always desired to be the Empress. It’s just that I didn’t expose her desire It was my fault. Please forgive me. See,I have been telling you that but you didn’t believe me. I was so close to punishing her the last time. Why did you become her alibi? But Tianxin was really with me at that time. But I believe she must have an accomplice. whom brought harm upon you. I know. It must be that stinking eunuch,Zhang Zhesan! Miss Yun Ying,your opponent is devious and cunning. We have no choice but to treat them like they treated us. However,if you are willing to risk your life, I believe that getting rid of them will not be a problem. But if you are not willing to, I’m afraid that it’ll be increasingly difficult for you to be the Empress. You said that there won’t be any problem if I eat this medicine? Eat the other half and let me see. Eat it! Eat it! Eat it! Drink. Swallow it. Open your mouth. Thanks. Who is it? Xiao Tian,it’s me. Big brother,what’s the matter? Nothing. I was just passing by and wanted to see if you were asleep yet. I was asleep. Sorry,I won’t bother you then. Big brother. What’s the matter? Nothing. Goodnight. Goodnight. Lady He, I brought it. Lady He,why are you so happy? Did something happened? No,nothing happened. Ouch! Lady He,what is this? There’re lots of herbs inside. Including the Centipede and Ice Toad’s skin Centipede? Ice Toad’s skin? Can this be medicine? Of course it is. This is good for treating heatiness and removing toxic in the body. You’re really knowledgeable! That’s good. Unlike me, I only know how to run errands. Sweep the floors and I can’t even do them well. Don’t say it like that.Everyone has their own special abilities you just need to learn. Lady He. Why don’t you teach me medicine? Do you really want to learn medicine? Yes,yes. yes. Lady Mo sent me here to help you. If you teach me what you know, In future,I can 504 00:33:21,440 –> 00:33:23,440 Saving people and curing illnesses. Okay. I’ll teach you if you want to learn. All right. If you want to learn,I will teach you. You can take this book back and have a look. I will teach you another day. Thank you,Master. Please receive three kowtows from your disciple. What are you doing? Didn’t you promise to teach me medicine? You are my teacher then. Okay,enough. No need to bow. No way. If we want to learn skills from others,we must kowtow. If you are going to kowtow,I’ll not teach you. Pick your choice. Reporting! Yes,thank you teacher. Teacher,it’s on fire. Fire! Fire! Hurry up and extinguish the fire! What happened? You… Have you come to seek revenge? Since you have been stung by bees, I have prepared some medicine for you. For me? Is it your conscience speaking? Miss Yun Ying, I am only doing what a doctor should. I hope that you can get well soon. What happened in the past were all misunderstandings. Don’t take it to heart. He Tianxin,you secretly asked someone to harm me. Then on the surface,you try to give me treatment. You planned a performance for my cousin to see,didn’t you? You act as the good person, while I play the villian’s part. Do you think I’m an idiot? I’m in charge of the health of all persons in the palace. Since you are ill,it is my responsibility that you get well. If you won’t drink it,I’ll take it away. Wait! Come back! Put it down. All of you are dismissed. Yes. Hurry. What is this thing? It looks so dark. Is it edible? Are you trying to kill someone with it? Of course it is edible. This medicine can neutralise poision, reduce swelling and ease pain. I even added honey so that it won’t taste too bitter. Since you are so sincere, I’ll try it. It tastes so awful! Don’t think that I have forgiven you just because I drank your medicine. Stay as far away from my cousin as possible in the future. Sure. It tastes so bad. Hurry up and leave. What’s the matter? Miss Yun Ying,the Empress Dowager wants you to go and have your meal. Let me tell you. I ate it. See how I will deal with He Tianxin in front of the Empress Dowager. Thank you,Aunt. Look at your face,see how badly you have been stung. You are feeling better right? It doesn’t hurt anymore. But do I look ugly? No. Aunt will think of a solution. I will ask the physician to make sure that it doesn’t leave any scar. Eat up. Eat more. Okay. Yun Ying,this time you went home for so long. How’s your father’s condition? Still not good. He can’t even recognize me now. What did the physicians I sent there say? They have yet to come up with anything good. Now,my dad’s state of mind isn’t even comparable with that of a three year old kid. And they said that his condition will deteriorate. I’d like to name you as the Queen, but I am afraid that our family’s history of Alzheimer will affect the royal bloodlines. No,it won’t happen. Aunt,look at me, I am so healthy. This kind of disease won’t be passed on to me. Am I right? Yes you are. Yun Ying? What is wrong with you? Yun Ying? What happened? Yun Ying? Yun Ying? Summon the physician! Hurry! Yun Ying,what’s wrong? Yun Ying? Yun Ying? Oh my goodness,Yun Ying. Stop scaring me,Yun Ying. Don’t be like this. Don’t scare me anymore. Miss Yun Ying? -Miss Yun Ying? -Yun Ying?? Yun Ying… Hurry! Where is the physician? Quickly! Send for the physician! Quickly send the physician to Ci Ning Palace!!! Something bad has happened! Something is wrong with Miss Yun Ying! What is wrong with her? Stop asking. Hurry and rush to Ci Ning Palace. Hurry. Hurry. Quickly. Lady Mo? Yun Ying… Yun Ying… My precious Yun Ying… What is wrong with you Yun Ying…? Talk to me. Hurry,hurry,hurry. How is she? What is truly wrong with her? Tell me now. How is she? Miss Yun Ying… is dead. Impossible. She was still fine just now. She… She… It’s not possible! Doctor Leng,please check! See what is wrong with her. How is she? Your Majesty,Miss Yun Ying has passed on. That can’t be. She was still fine just now. Do a more thorough check. Check her more thoroughly! Do you hear me? Just check again more carefully! Examine her thoroughly. Thoroughly. No pulse and dilated pupils No breath. Please arrange her funeral. I say… I say… That she isn’t dead. She isn’t dead! Please save her! Quickly save her! Save her!! Your Majesty,please don’t take the news so hard. Leave. Get out! All of you get out! OUT!!! Yun Ying… Please wake up… Do you hear your aunt calling you? Rest assured. I will surely save you. Surely! You too! Get out!! All of you are liars. You have all lied to me. She only fell ill. She isn’t dead… All of you would rather leave her to die than save her. I want to kill all of you!!! Yun Ying… Don’t worry. Your aunt will surely save you. My precious Yun Ying… Yun Ying… Wake up… I am calling you! Son,you came at the right time. Your cousin has fainted. Hurry up and call her. To wake her up. Quickly call her! Call Yun Ying… Mother, cousin is already dead. It’s not possible! It isn’t!! She was still laughing just now. Laughing along with me. She can’t just leave like that. Call her! Mother,mother! She has already passed on. Yun Ying… Yun Ying… Get out. You get out! All of you leave me alone! Yun Ying…Yun Ying… Child… Go to sleep. Your aunt will stay here with you.


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