The Imperial Physician 20 (English Subtitle)

The Imperial Physician SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers: Dadelus, Alina Episode 20 Baochuan… Baochuan! Your Majesty! The Empress Dowager… She keeps staying inside and won’t go out. She won’t eat anything. She needs your comfort. Mother, you must take it easy. Kneel down. Kneel right now. Swear in front of your cousin that you will find the murderer and see him destroyed. Cousin, rest assured. I will definitely find the murderer, and avenge you. Yunying, did you hear that? A gentleman never breaks a promise. Your cousin said he would avenge you. Search carefully! Don’t neglect any bottles! Oh, right… Tian, don’t worry. Everything will be fine. It’s alright. What are you doing? What are you trying to do, huh? Don’t stand in my way. – Mind your language!
– Get lost. Yirou, how come you’re part of it? I’m just following orders. Li Baochuan Yunying died while she was eating. Why aren’t you searching the Imperial Kitchen? Also, Tian is a physician. You’re not after the murder, but the savior? You’ve no right to talk. Fuck off. Okay, I’ll leave now. I’ll go to the Emperor. No need. It’s the Emperor’s Edict to do a thorough search. That can’t be! Besides the Imperial Kitchen. Everything and everyone related to Yunying will be investigated. What has this got to do with Tian? Don’t you know that Tian treated her after the murder? But the last person she saw before dining was Tian. We’ve found it. These are the medicines Tian prescribed for Yunying. Then let’s go. Be careful. Walk slowly. Watch your step. Any discoveries? No. I’ve found a clue! What’s the clue? What’s the matter? What’s this? Ingredients of the tablet are identical to the poison in the corpse! What poison? Where did this come from? The health center. He Tianxin? San, Tian. Brother, what’s going on? Why did they investigate Tian? Tian, someone saw you give the medicine to Yunying. What did you give to her? What do you mean? You suspect Tian? I didn’t mean that. Zhesan, don’t be like this. This needs to be clarified, anyway. There’s nothing wrong with him asking. Are you both out of your senses? They’re suspecting you Zhesan, I trust that Tian is innocent. I’m clarifying things to do her justice. Previously, Yunying was stung by bees. So I prepared herbal soup for her. Then, when she was having the medicine, were there any strange signs? No. Everything was normal. After drinking the medicine, she went to dine. After a while, Li Baochuan rushed here He asked me to save Yunying. When I arrived there, nothing could be done. Brother, this is a no-brainer.
There’s no way Tian was involved. I know. I was just thinking Yunying is so naive. Who would want her dead? Perhaps it was targeted at the Empress Dowager… The Imperial Kitchen must be involved. Yunying was killed instead of the Empress Dowager. No, Doctor Leng has tested it, and it has nothing to do with the food. The poison inside my cousin’s body are… the same with and the residue of medicine in the clinic. Yes. Even the pills are completely the same. Couldn’t there be a mistake? I’ve checked repeatedly and this has been confirmed. Maybe, the medicine came from other places I’ve already investigated It indeed came from the clinic. Your Majesty Although He Tianxin is insolent she is kind at heart. She wouldn’t poison Yunying. Don’t tell this to others. You may leave. Yeah. What?! You think I killed that fat girl? Can you lower your voice? Tell me the truth, was it you? I do not hate her. Why would I kill her? But you threw the beehive into her room. I was helping you to revenge. If I had wanted to kill her, I wouldn’t have used the beehive. I would have carried a pig in to bite her. You made me disappointed. I spoke up for you in the clinic yesterday. But you… You repay my kindness with suspicion. What are you doing? Wanna escape? I’m not escaping. A gentleman should not argue with a woman. Okay, sorry. I was just asking. Good thing it isn’t you. Don’t look so upset. Who do you think killed Yunying? This problem now is not who killed her, but who has the motive to kill her. Although she is the Empress Dowager’s niece, she doesn’t have wealth or power. Killing her won’t make one rich or powerful. The murderer will only end up in trouble. Who will wanna do it? You’re right. The motives of murder involve love, wealth or revenge. But Yunying… Brother, why are you here? Have you got any clues? Any progress? The poison was found. Very nice! Where? The clinic. Very nice! The clinic? Your clinic? A bottle found in the clinic contains the poison. The poison was the same as that in Yunying’s body. It was kept together with your remedy. It can’t be. Do you think I poisoned Yunying? Brother, stop fooling around. It’s impossible for Tian to kill your fat cousin. I know, but all the evidence point toward Tian. The poison was found in the clinic. The witnesses claimed Yunying drank what was sent by Tian. If she wanted to kill someone,
would she leave the evidence behind? She might as well write a note saying she’s the murder. I totally understand. But not everyone would think this way, especially my mom. She only wanna avenge Yunying. I am afraid she’ll execute Tian on impulse. The Ministry of Justice will issue the search warrant for you. Find a place to hide first. Give me some time, I’ll get to the bottom of this. I’ll prove your innocence. What nonsense! You’re the Emperor. Just declare her innocence. Because I’m the Emperor, I must abide by the law. Then why don’t you arrest her now? Right now I’m not the Emperor.
I’m her brother! You fool Okay. Stop fighting. I won’t run away. Brother, I didn’t kill anyone. You are wanted now! That’s precisely why I can’t leave. Leaving would mean I’m guilty. I believe you can prove my innocence. Are you sure you wanna do so? Yes. I don’t understand. Brother let you go, but you voluntarily
came back to be jailed. He’ll prove my innocence. You’re afraid to get brother into trouble if you ran away. I know you only care about him, not me. Enough. I’m in a mess. I’m not saying anything anymore. Lord Zhang How is it going? It’s almost done. Hurry up. What are they doing? You will know soon. Look. Move it to the left. Okay. You may leave. – Is it okay?
– Yeah. You may also leave. Yes. I knew that you would be coming. So, I had this prepared for you. Everything was done in a rush. Some stuff will come in later. These are your favorite food. I treat you very well, huh? This is a bell. If you need anything, pull it. Coming. Miss Tianxin, how are you? This is your personal butler. Why is the bed so hard? Oh, I’ll change it. Quick. Hurry up. Oh, no. I don’t want to abuse privileges. It’s not your privileges. It’s mine. And we are not abusing the privileges. I’m taking care of your needs. This place is not bad, right? This is really weird I’ll be in a cell like other criminals. You are not a criminal. You are under the investigation. Stay here like you are on vacation. If your mom sees you have a good life here, she won’t worry, right? No. You can’t tell my mom about this. What if she asked? I don’t care. Anyway, don’t tell her. Or, I’ll not talk with you anymore. Fine. I’ll listen to you on this. Come. Madam, this is less than two pounds. Lad, it’s impossible. She never makes this kind of mistake. Sorry, I’ll give you a little bit more. Come. Sorry about that. – Bye.
– Take care. You seem to be out of sorts lately. Normally, you can cut 2 pounds of meat
accurately with one slash. Lately, you seem to be… It’s weird. I also don’t know why. Lately, I have been forgetful. I feel so irritable. Is it because you are tired? Why don’t you come to my place tonight? Let’s have a drink. I’m afraid I’m not free today. Madam. A letter for you. Who gave it to you? Physician Leng. Money? Here. I’m already a big boy. Isn’t this too little? Enough. It’s good enough. Take this and go to play. You little rascal. Can you help me to look after this stall? This chopper is a little blunt. I’ll go back and sharpen it. I’ll be right back. Isn’t the sharpening stone right here? There is evidence the she’s the killer. Sentence her now to avenge Yunying. Even though the evidence all point to He Tianxin, I know that she’s not the killer. If she is not the murderer, then who? The poison is found in his clinic. You still don’t believe it? You want your dead cousin to tell you she’s the murderer? There are doubts. We can’t reach the conclusion so soon. Your Majesty, come. Actually, it’s a tough decision for His Majesty. On one hand, it’s his close friend On the other hand, it’s his cousin. I would have done the same if I were in his shoes. Baochuan, are you implying that I am being partial? I dare not to. I think what Baochuan said is right. You are biased. You wanna help her escape her crimes. Just think of the ordeal your cousin went through in her death If you do this, how can you face your uncle and your cousin? He Tianxin doesn’t have the motive to poison her. When she was a fugitive, she came to treat you at the risk of her safety. You could see that she’s not someone who’d harm anyone. Enough! There isn’t any doubts. If this murderer is not He Tianxin, will you still have doubts? Your cousin was murdered Why don’t you investigate it properly
instead of arguing with me? Your Majesty, don’t be angry. Take a seat. The Empress Dowager is weak. Yet she is still so worried about Yunying’s death. It’s advisable to listen to the her words Please make He Tianxin pay for her crimes. If Tianxin really wanted to kill her, she’d have done it secretly. Why would she be seen bring the medicine to Yunying? And after the murder, she didn’t run away. She didn’t even destroy the evidence until it’s discovered. Mother, I’m not helping Tianxin to cover her crime. I also feel sorry for Yunying’s death. I want to discover the truth. I can’t let the real killer get away and make an innocent person become his scapegoat. – Baochuan.
– Here. You will be in charge of this matter. Yes. The killer should be still in the Palace. The one in charge should be disinterested. Zhang Zhesan doesn’t spend much time in the Palace. His background is clear too. I hope that he can be in charge of this case. This Zhang…. Zhang Zhesan. This Zhang Zhesan is intimate with He Tianxin He’s no less disinterested than Baochuan Fine. Get someone with no connection to the Palace to investigate. Your Majesty, why not let Grand Preceptor Zhao to work on this case But he is prejudiced against He Tianxin. If Grand Preceptor Zhao is in charge… Alright, this is decided. Get Grand Preceptor Zhao to investigate. Mother, then I will excuse myself. Here. Auntie, please don’t be mistaken. Tian is not detained for interrogation. She is just helping with the investigation. Look at these decorations. This is a hotel, not a prison. Tian has been well-behaved. It’s not her fault. You shouldn’t blame her. As the saying goes, misfortunes never come singly. That’s why she is in trouble twice in a row. First, she burnt the hall. This is the second time. Surely nothing will happen in the future. Zhesan is afraid that you will worry. He might be a bit wordy. But what he said is all true. It’s a false charge. I didn’t kill anyone. I am well aware that you are innocent. You always make me worry about you everyday. If this carries on, my life span will surely
be shortened by twenty years. Tian overcame so many obstacles. Auntie. I think that you can live to at least 180 years of age. Minus 20 years, you will still live to 160 years old. What’s important is to find the true culprit
and prove your innocence. Auntie, the Emperor has already
sent people to investigate. Don’t worry too much. Please visit Tian more often. I can add another bed for you. You might as well move here to look after her. I’ll even get your pig here. Everyone will live happily! Then, I will move here too. Grand Preceptor Zhang Zhesan, you abused your power as an inspector. He Tianxin gained much credit for saving the Empress Dowager. I am only giving her due respect. It’s better than bribery. What do you think? Zhang Zhesan, the Empress Dowager has assigned me to this case. She only gave me 7 days. Today, I will interrogate the suspect. Men! Take He Tianxin to the Ministry of Justice! Yes. Seven days is not enough. I’m afraid you’d muddle through the case and make He Tianxin a scapegoat. Zhang Zhesan, I am warning you! Although the Emperor favors you, it doesn’t mean you can treat me disrespectfully. If she didn’t commit the crime, I will prove her innocence. Men! Take her away! Go. Mom, don’t worry. Brother will prove my innocence! What are you doing here? Doctor Leng, can I ask you for a favor? You took so much risk to visit me. What can I do for you? I need you to alter the inspection report. Just say that the poison is not the same. Or just say the cause of Yunying’s death is unknown. I can’t do it! Doctor Leng, I know that you are in a difficult situation. But Tian is a good girl by nature. She even takes beggars home
to give them treatment, food and shelter. Do you think that someone like her
is capable of harming someone else? I know that Tian can’t be the killer. But I can’t fake the documents. Doctor Leng. I only have one child, Tian. Without her, I can’t live on. She is still young, I am begging you to save her!! I remember when she was eight years old, I caught a cold, and couldn’t stop coughing. The next day morning, she disappeared. I looked for her everywhere. When I found her, her hands were filled with blood. But she was still holding the herbs. She always cares for others. I know she’d be taken advantage of. Now, she is framed. On the account of our friendship, I am begging you to save her, please. I’ll try my best to find evidence and prove her innocence. Thank you! He Tianxin, you are suspected of poisoning Yunying on June 10th. A bottle containing poison was found at your clinic. It’s identical to the one hat killed Li Yunying. His Majesty has arrived. Long life to Your Majesty! A long, long life! – Rise.
– Thank you, Your Majesty. Your Majesty, forgive your humble servant for not receiving you earlier. Do not stand on ceremony. Is it convenient for me to be
present at the hearing too? Not just the hearing, you can even personally carry out the interrogation and there wouldn’t be any problem. There are laws to abide. Even I cannot overstep my authority. You can carry on.
I will just remain at the side to listen. I will do as ordered. Officer Liu, please get a seat for His Majesty. Yes. Officer Liu. I must trouble you to get another seat for He Tianxin. He Tianxin is His Majesty’s confidant. We must also treat her courteously. I will do as told. Men. Bring the seats. Yes! I am a suspect. I should remain kneeling. I appreciate your good intentions, Grand Preceptor. If that is so, let us begin the trial. Your Majesty, please take a seat. He Tianxin, let me ask you. Did you poison Li Yunying? I didn’t do it. Then does the bottle acquired from the clinic belong to you? Yes, it belongs to me. Tests show that there is poison in there.
Are you aware of that? I only found that out later. You only need to answer whether you know or not.
Don’t say anything else. Yes. Let me ask you. How do you explain the poison in the bottle is the same as the poison in Yunying’s body? I have no idea why things turned out this way. You say you don’t know. Fine. Is anyone else involved in delivering,
consuming and brewing the medicine? There isn’t. Judging by the evidence, Yunying was poisoned after consuming your medicine. And you said there isn’t anyone else involved in the process. I am asking you one last time. Did you kill her? It’s not me! Grand Preceptor… Your Majesty… Although the evidence are against Tian, she doesn’t have the motive to kill Yunying. I suspect that someone plotted against Tian. Those evidence could have been
made up after the incident. Alright. I will request the presence of two eye witnesses. Summon Yunying’s personal and maid to court. Your Honor. Are you Yunying’s personal maid? I am. Before Yunying was poisoned, did she have any disagreement with anyone? I only know that the first day
He Tianxin returned to the Palace, Yunying met her and even slapped her. I was with Miss Yunying when she sent
He Tianxin’s mom out of the Palace. That day, Yunying wanted He Tianxin
to kneel down and apologize. She even slapped her mother. Is there any other incidents? Before Yunying’s death,
someone threw a beehive at her. Thus, she was stung by bees. She once suspected that it was He Tianxin’s doing. Good. Take a look and see if the He Tianxin you referred to is present It is her. Good. Both of you may leave. Yes. He Tianxin, Yunying drove away your mother. She even slapped you.
That is why you wanted to kill her. You made her get stung by bees. Then you used the excuse of delivering
the medicine to harm her. I didn’t! Now, the evidence and eyewitnesses are all here. Yet you still deny it. You are clearly giving me no choice but to force
the truth out of you. – Apply the instrument of torture!
– Yes. Halt! Your Majesty, I know you love the people dearly. But now, there is enough evidence to sentence her. Furthermore, the suspect denies on purpose. That’s why I have no choice but to torture her. Officer Liu, what do you think? Your Majesty, according to the law, torture is allowed in this case. And Your Majesty just said that there are laws to abide. I am acting according to the situation. These witnesses can only prove that
she has the motive to kill. But they can’t prove that she is the murderer. If you act rashly and torture her, others will say that she confesses guilty under torture. Your Majesty, I am merely conducting the trial
according to the law. I only hope to find out the truth. Now you accuse me of
making her confess by torture. If you think that I am not up to the job, I will resign as the main inquisitor for this case so as to prove that I am not guilty of your accusation. Although I will be letting the Empress Dowager down, I have no choice but seek her forgiveness. Your Majesty is wise. Then, we will continue the interrogation. Please. Men! Put suspect He Tianxin to torture. Yes. I’ll ask you one more time. Did you kill her? It’s not me! Tighten it! Is it you? No, it’s not me! Tighten it! Is it? – No!
– Tighten it! I will ask you the last time! Did you murder her? – No. I didn’t kill anyone.
– Torture her! Enough! Release her! Your Majesty. You have been impartial throughout this hearing today. I have learned much from you. Then, we will continue the hearing another day. – Men!
– Here! Take suspect He Tianxin back to her cell. Yes! Court is dismissed! Tian. I am sorry. I failed to protect you. It’s just a minor injury. Rest assured. I will surely rescue you. I know. Get going. Hurry!
Go! Brother, have you gone silly? You watched Tian get tortured and did nothing. It’s done according to the law. Grand Preceptor Zhao has done nothing wrong. Rules are always subject to change. They are trying to make her plead guilty by torture. I don’t want it to happen! When I saw Tian suffer, I felt hurt more than anyone else. Why didn’t you stop them? All will listen to your orders. Right. I could have stopped it. But others will feel that I am defending her. They will think Tian has no respect for the law because of my favor! You are the Emperor. Your every word is law. If you say Tian is not guilty, nobody will dare say anything more. They wouldn’t say it in my face. But they will say it privately. I am the Emperor. If I don’t abide by the law, how can I expect others to adhere to it? Anyway, why should Tian get punished? Doesn’t the law protect the innocent? It’s used by corrupted officials to commit evil deeds. You call yourself the Emperor? Tian has obviously been framed. Can’t you be more flexible? You should save her. I will surely save her. I will do her justice. But I need time and evidence. Stop being unreasonable! This is a Palace. You can’t do anything you want. Fine. I am being unreasonable. I’ll see how you will save her! Your Majesty, how’s the situation regarding Tian? There are unfavorable evidence and witnesses. Today, Grand Preceptor Zhao put her to torture. Did Zhesan become so angry because of this? I completely understand his feelings. I won’t blame him. Then, who will think for you? I know that Your Majesty
must still be worried about Tian. Zhesan was so agitated because he’s worried too. But, this is not your fault. So don’t give yourself so much pressure. It’s only my responsibility. You have to catch the culprit to please the Empress Dowager. You have to prove Tian’s innocence. I know that you are in a difficult situation. But I believe that you will find out the true culprit. It’s just a matter of time. I cannot shirk my responsibility for this matter. I cannot delay this any further. It’s true that time is pressing. But you must take care of yourself too. Thank you. Please leave. I wish to be alone. I will excuse myself. Wait. Investigate in the Palace. Keep my posted. Yes, Your Majesty. Are you okay? I’m fine. You’re hurt and you still say you are fine. If you are in pain, you must say it.
Don’t keep it to yourself. Brother, can you not be there for the next trial? If I am there, they will treat you with a little respect. If I don’t attend the hearing, they will be more rude to you. But I truly don’t wish to see you suffer. If I am the only one in pain, it will be okay after the pain has subsided. It’s troublesome for you to care for me. It’s nothing. I am only worried for you. Brother, my injury is nothing serious. It no longer hurts. Don’t mind it. You are not the only one I care about. I also care about this kind of system. The use of torture in the legal system. If I don’t try harder to improve it, many more innocent people will suffer and die. If my suffering can improve the citizens’ lives and change this kind of system, I don’t mind the pain at all. Don’t worry. This is something that I will do. But the most important thing now is to prove your innocence. Brother, actually I am very clear that all the evidence and witnesses prove that I am the culprit. In case you can’t think of a way to save me, don’t force yourself. No matter what,
I will prove your innocence. Tian, didn’t we swear that we will go through think and thin together? Brother, don’t worry about me. I will take care of myself. Focus on catching the murderer.
You must avenge Yunying. Rest assured. I will catch him. I’ll no only avenge Yunying, but also do your justice. Look at my hands, I can’t pinky swear with you anymore.


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