The Imperial Physician 23 (English Subtitle)

The Imperial Physician Episode 23 SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers: Alina Dadelus No matter what, you have already been clear your name You should be happy,right? I must go and tell Auntie about what happened. She will be so happy that will gain 3 pounds. Go go go I have compared the handwriting and thumb print. I can confirm that it was personally written by Hua Tuo. Do you believe that this is true? So you are saying that Yun Ying was not murdered? But she killed herself? In between are some details that only the murderer would know. This shouldn’t have been made up. I really don’t believe that Yun Ying could do something like this. I didn’t believe it too at first But the reaction of the poison from cousin’s body 21 00:03:36,260 –> 00:03:38,790 shows that she had only taken half a pill. If she was killed by someone they wouldn’t have reduced the dosage by half. If mother is still have doubts I will send some men to go to Uncle’s house and check. To see if they can find out relevant evidence. Your Uncle already has lost his wit. Don’t go and disturb him anymore. Yes. Announce that Yun Ying died of heart attack Not being murdered as they said It was Physician Hua Tuo from the Royal Clinic who has a grudge with He Tianxin. He made use of Yun Ying’s sudden collapse, to frame He Tianxin on purpose. After his crimes were found out, Hua Tuo was afraid that he would be punished, and therefore killed himself. Mother. This is the last thing I can do for her as her aunt. Don’t tell that you are still opposed to it? I dare not. Okay I blamed it on He Tianxin before Reward her as a sign of compensation. Yes Leave I will take my leave It’s quite lively today To thank everyone, I have reserved Zui Yue Restaurant today. Good! Great! Bring all your friends. or relatives. And everyone you know. All on me. Good Good! Are you crazy? Where are you going to get all that money? I invite them but the Empress Dowager is paying. Why should we be modest about it? Other than eating, you can also participate in the lucky draw. Show some support. Show some support. Good! There’s also lucky draw! Good good good! There’s also lucky draw! You leave first,I’m going to check on my mother Okay Let’s set off for Zui Yue Restaurant! Mother That day at the cell,didn’t you say that you will deal with me viciously after the murderer has been caught? If you are not going to hit me,I’ll do it myself. Okay okay okay Put it down,put it down. They are celebrating for you,you should go now. How can the guest of honor be absent? Go Go with me I’m not going Once I think about how my daughter almost lost her life for this, I will lose my appetite How can I be happy when I see you unhappy Cheer up I am not unhappy,I am just worried How many things happened since you entered the Royal Clinic? I am so worried about you every day. If I knew this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have brought you up. Mother,In the future it won’t happen again Future,Even you said it You said the word future lots of times You know that I am no longer young I cannot stand this kind of torture anymore. If it happens again, I will be scared to death. Do you know,at that time, when you call me mom,I was afraid that I wouldn’t be with you Okay,enough nag You won’t listen anymore. Since you are already are adult Do whatever you want I can only pray to heavens to protect you. I don’t mind if my life becomes shorter. Come in Your Majesty what would you like for dinner? You choose Perhaps Korean ginseng chicken? It can help you regain your vigor. Fu Ling ingot can help calm your spirit down. And Your Majesty,what are you looking at? Oh. Come over and take a look Something is not right here. Didn’t the Law Enforcement Department check the handwriting already? Where do Your Highness think is not right. There are 2 point. Take a guess. I can’t guess at all. Letters written in the palace, have fixed paper sheet sizes. But look This sheet of paper has been cut before. Why does it need to be cut? Was there something else behind? Furthermore,this Letter of Will, didn’t mention the writer’s name anywhere. This is not reasonable. Didn’t they deduce that Hua Tuo committed suicide because his room was locked inside? At first glance,yes But at the crime scene, I found out that there’s a small hole on the window. Maybe someone created a mechanism. Hua Tuo could have been killed first, The murderer made the scence That way,the murderer can blur our senses. There should be someone there. It’s just that there isn’t any sign of struggle at the crime scene. Then this culprit,must be someone Hua Tuo knows. If that’s the case,Hua Tuo had an accomplice. Perhaps it may not be an accomplice. Hua Tuo maybe just a scapegoat. That time after the earthquake, when Xiao Tian participated in the disaster relief, There’s assassin who used strange weapons. To prevent his identity from being exposed, He had prepared some poison and killed himself with it Are both incidents connected? I can’t say exactly. Moreover,their plans are so secretive. An organization must be responsible for these incidents. Your Majesty. You have to be careful The drastic reform actions you made, might have ruined benefits of some people Perhaps,their target is Your Majesty. Yi Rou,thank you for your concern. But recently,you have been getting too close to me. Is Li Gonggong unhappy? Thank your majesty for your concern. Your Majesty,don’t move There is something on your face What? Xiaotian. The Emperor had something on his face Big brother,you are already this age And you still like a child Why did you come here? I came to thank big brother for the reward. No need. It was the Empress Dowager’s order. Right,wait and eat with me Is there anything you like to eat? Tell her. XiaoTian. What would you like to eat,I’ll prepare it for you No thanks I have already ate at home Amazing! I saw Octopus Girl Mister Zhang,who is Octopus Girl? You don’t know? Its prime minister Zhao’s daughter Zhao Xiangning Emoress Dowager,prime minister Zhao and his daughter requested to see you. Let them in immediately. Prime minister Zhao,please enter. Prime minister Zhao. Empress Dowager,I’ve brought my daughter to see you. – Empress Dowager. – Secretary Zhao. Get up and talk. Thank you Empress Dowager Come sit down Is there any matter? My daughter heard that your appetite hasn’t been good. So we have specifically chosen some appetizing tonics as gifts for you. Excellent. What I made for Empress Dowager are supplementary lotus to relief the heat, Flower buds for tea,for appetizing Aromatic lotus seeds,to help you sleep more soundly; Lotus core and stamen,to calm your spirit; Jade lotus roots,to improve your respiratory system. Lotus… Lotus… Lotus… Lotus what? Xiang Ning deserves to die This morning,daddy gave me the notes. I didn’t have time to memorize it properly. If you talk this way,your father will lose face. If I can’t remember,It’s my problem. It has nothing to do with my father. That means,you didn’t come to see me out of your own will? For me to come pay respects to you, Of course,it’s from my own will But if you want me to memorize what the lotus’ uses are, then I am unwilling to do so. Prime minister,your child is so interesting. Empress Dowager is too kind. If you don’t mind, Please allow Xiang Ning to stay in the palace for a few days. So that she can chat with you and relieve your boredom. Okay. It will be great. Hurry. Hurry and thank Empress Dowager Hurry go Xiang Ning thanks Empress Dowager Let’s go out for a stroll. Okay. Let’s go. Your humble servant will send you off. Let’s go and enjoy the flowers. Empress Dowager. The weather is so nice today. It’s so delightful to be out here for a walk. I’m happy just to see you. Empress Dowager,are you tired? I’m fine. Look. This year,the flowers are blooming well. Empress Dowager,have some tea. Come Eat some fruit Thank you Empress Dowager This tea has been specially brewed by me. Really What’s wrong Empress Dowager Just playing a prank on you. Empress Dowager,you are so naughty. Not bad. Godfather Prime minister Zhao,this creature. He is a sly fox. The last time,the selection wasn’t successful. Now,he sent his daughter to the palace again. Obviously,he is paving his daughter’s future by taking advantage of the Empress Dowager’s low spirits. One He Tian Xin is already problematic. Now,there is another Xiang Ning to reckon with. Girl,you’re being attacked from the front and rear. You must be more careful. What is it? Empress Dowager is aging Her body is fading away And is starting to believe in ghosts,gods and the like You Got it? Godfather. Yi Rou get it But you should see how you can handle this. Okay. Teacher,you are already an adult. And still playing with dolls? My mom made it for me When I was young, We were poor and didn’t have money to buy toys. Mom made this for me. Oh. Why are there so many holes here? That? That’s when I was younger I used it to practice acupuncture on her Teacher,look. There is such a big hole here. Why didn’t you patch it up? I’m bad at needlework. It will tear off again after a few days. Leave this to me then. I will guarantee that I can make it just like new. But you must be careful Don’t damage the doll. It’s a gift from my mother Yes,teacher. Ling Chun. Lady Mo. What are you holding? Take it out for me to see Don’t you know that it is taboo to own a figurine or a doll in the palace? This doesn’t belong to me. It’s my teacher’s. I saw a hole in it and wanted to patch it up. Lady Mo,please don’t be angry. If you want to punish,just punish me instead. This doll, Is made my her mom When she was young She used it for acupuncture. Please don’t confiscate this. Get up. Yes. Keep this properly. This time,I’ll take it as if I haven’t seen anything. But you must be careful. Don’t let anyone see this. Thank you,Lady Mo. Leave then. Finally,I can come out and take some fresh air. I just can’t understand my dad. Why did he send me to the palace? He took me as a company with the Empress Dowager. I have to listen to her complaints all the time It’s killing me Miss,please tolerate it for a few days. Wait after a few days have passed. then tell the Empress Dowager that you miss home. Return home? It will be even more boring. How about this? Let’s sneak out to play. To Jiang Nan. How about it? If old master finds out,he will be very angry. I know that you have no guts. Stop Who is this Isn’t it our great hero Mister Zhang Why are you so free To come out to rear pigs? What else? Would you go our if I dragged you? You! Stupid eunuch. I heard that your martial arts aren’t bad Even Da Fu knows that. Recently,I am learning martial arts. Why don’t you show me a litttle? And I can pick up a few moves along the way. You think I’m a street performer? Da Fu,show your sister some moves. Hurry Ming Jing let hurry and find Empress Dowager Tell her that Mister Zhang is bullying us Okay Miss When did I bullying you? When I said it Ming Jing let’s leave Are you both in cahoots to mess with me? So what if I’m messing with you? Let’s see who Empress Dowager will listen to Ming Jing,let’s go Wait. – Want to learn martial arts? – Right. Do you want to learn the advanced level or the elementary level? For me,advanced level. Of course Okay. Then I will show you the ultimate moves I know so that you can learn it. Da Fu,look at my performance. First move: Appear Shadowless. How is that? – Not enough? – No Second move: Disappear Without a trace. Let’s go! Is it fun? I don’t want anymore. Stop. It’s fun right? Third move: awesome to death. Go! How is that? I don’t want it anymore. Stop. You still want to play some more? Fourth move: Octopus Fly Towards The Sky. Go! How is that? Is it fun? One more time. Let’s go These are my best moves : Da Fu Ultimate Skills! You should be able to pick it up now. Practice that and go down yourself,okay? Help! Help! Da Fu. Let’s call it a day. Help! Help! Help! Come in. Ling Chun,the department in charge of clothing is short of people. Lady Mo asked you to go and help. Okay. Let’s go. Want me to go and serve Octopus Girl? There’re so many palace maids here,why should I go? Xiang Ning told Empress Dowager that she wanted you. Did you offended her again? She came and messed with me okay? Xiao San,can’t you just leave her alone? I didn’t Big brother,you know it? Octopus Girl is always unreasonable. But Empress Dowager has already said it I can’t disobey her. Okay, Xiao San. Just go there for a few days. I’ll find an opportunity to tell the Empress Dowager to recall you back. Just take it as doing me a favor. Octopus Girl,if you want to get revenge just say it out Don’t use such despicable tricks. Stupid servant. Mind your manners. That’s the way I talk. If you are not happy,find someone to replace me Ming Jing,go see if the Empress Dowager is awake. Yes. She has already woken up and she is changing. Okay. Want to learn kungfu,right? I’ll teach you. You are willing to teach me now? What Da Fu Ultimate Skills? What awesome to death But I don’t have the interest to learn it now What do you want then? Do whatever I want. Just do whatever you want. Who cares! Ming Jing. Those cosmetics we just bought. I can’t judge the quality. That’s your problem. How should we commoners know? Ming Jing,go see if the Empress Dowager is awake. Yes,Miss. You don’t need to do that. She woke up and is using the toilet. Let’s go. Teacher,I have already patched it up. I even gave her a new dress. Thank you,Ling Chun. You don’t have to thank me. I haven’t thank you yet for teaching me medicine. Teacher,does this looks nice? Very nice. If you like this,I’ll make another dress in the future. Physician He,there is a sick patient. What’s wrong with you? My head hurts. Come,take your time. Be careful. Teacher,teacher. Teacher,you should keep this first. It’s taboo to own dolls in the palace. Why is that? It’s just a doll for playing. Teacher,just listen to me. There are a lot of rules in the palace. Wait till no one is around before you take it out. Why is it taboo to own a doll? There are so many rules. Come,take your time,Empress Dowager. Slowly. Empress Dowager,the tearing of the prayer beads, is it the Goddess of Mercy trying to indicate an omen? Could it be bad geomancy? Could it be that someone is doing some tricks Miss,it’s done. Turn around and let me take a look. Ming Jing,go see if the Empress Dowager is awake. She’s already awake. Have you played enough? If you have,let’s call it a day. Go see if the Empress Dowager is awake. Okay. Don’t know if the Empress Dowager is awake? Octopus Girl,have you had enough fun? No way. Come take a look. Is he beautiful? Come. Come take a look. Is he beautiful? Come and look! Eunuch turned into a beauty! Go. Quick. I’m warning you. Even if you beat me to death,I’ll not go in there. Anywhere else will do Then,where do you want to go? Don’t think that I don’t know what you are up to. Even if you beat me to death,I’ll not go in there. Ming Jing. Go check if the Empress Dowager is awake. Okay. You,you,you! You are overbearing. Still not going? – Come,everyone,take a look. – I’m not going. Look at the new maid I got. So how? Beautiful? So how? Is he beautiful? Go. My new maid. – Don’t laugh. – Go away – Is it funny? – Go away. Xiao Tian,this is my new maid. Put it down Is he beautiful? You eventually saw me. I’m warning you. I’m doing this just because of my big Brother. If you are so capable,go look for the Empress Dowager. I am done with you here You dare? Ming Jing. Let’s go and greet the empress dowager Greet you You! Stay there! My brilliant reputation! Stop there. Go after him. Quickly run. Let’s go. Let’s go in. Why are you looking at me like that? I’m not used to seeing you in women’s clothes. Don’t say that you are not used to it. Even I’m not used to it. You did that to Second Brother? He deserved it. He bullied me first. I purposely asked the Empress Dowager to get him to serve me. Second Brother just like to make jokes but he’s actually a good man. Why are you saying this? It was hard for me to enter the palace. In the future,if I’m bored,I’ll find you to play with me. I’ll welcome you. You have helped me before. I don’t know how to thank you. You want to thank me? It’s easy. Be my maid,okay? Be friends instead. How can I be your maid? Miss Zhao. I really treat you as my friend. If you don’t have this intention in mind, then we can be on the opposite sides. I was only joking with you. Why are you so serious? Don’t call me Miss Zhao in the future. Just call me by my name. Then,call me Xiaotian then. Okay. Haven’t you played enough? Octopus? What the hell do you want? Haven’t you played enough? Here come some Octopus Brothers – What Octopus Brothers? Search here – Yes. Search what? What are you searching for? What are we searching for? As ordered by Eunuch Li, I came to search the rooms in the Harem Chamber. To see if anyone owns taboo objects. So you want taboo objects? Wait a moment. I don’t know if this counts Bring it back to your room it can protect you from mosquitos. Actually,you should be checking your boss. He is the palace’s most taboo object. You! What did you say? Right. There’s more. I have a big underpants here. I don’t know if you want to take a look at it. You are so shameful! So shameful! Search here – Search through the room – Yes. Search thoroughly. Don’t miss any corners. Search! Search! Gently,don’t damage it. – Go in and search. – Yes. Ling Chun. Tell Xiaotian to hide the doll. Yes. Teacher,teacher. Teacher,teacher. Teacher,bad news. Teacher,teacher. Teacher,bad news. What is it? Li Gonggong is searching for taboo objects. He sent men to search the rooms and will be here soon. Teacher,where is your doll? I’ve already keep it. It shouldn’t be okay No,it will be found. You must burn it. How can I burn it? Can’t I just hide it? No,no. They are searching thoroughly this time. They won’t miss anything. It will definitely be found. Then,just tell them that my mom gave it to me. No. No. Teacher. If they find the doll, not only will it be burnt. Further more,you will be taken away for questionings. Maybe you will even by punished. It’s so sudden. Where can I hide it? Teacher. Teacher. Do it quick. They are coming soon. If you can’t hide it,just burn it. Let me think about it. Teacher, hurry up. I know of a hiding place. Teacher. Big brother. Big brother. Big brother.,are you in? Sister Tian,why are you here? I was looking for my big brother. His Highness will be back soon. Why don’t you wait for him here? Forget it. Since he’s not here,I’ll leave first. search thoroughly! Search every single corner! Search every bottle and flask carefully! Xi Gonggong,how can you ruin everything like this? We are abiding to the order to search. Don’t make trouble. Stand at the side to watch. Hurry! Flip that thing over! Are you searching or tearing the place apart? Tearing the place apart? You just gave me an idea. Men. If you can’t find it,tear the room here. – Tear the room apart and search. – Yes. Hurry up,hurry up. You said that the doll is in He Tianxin’s room. Why couldn’t they find it then?! It was I who instructed Ling Chun to to tell He Tianxin to hide the doll. You dare to do such thing? Huh? When Miss Yun Ying was killed we had all the evidence we need. But the Emperor still didn’t believe He Tian Xin is the killer. Rather than us saying there is a problem, we should leave it to the Emperor to start suspecting her What are you saying? There’s a place in the palace where we can’t search. The place that He Tianxin usually goes to, There is only one place. That must be the Royal Study. If you hide the thing in the Royal Study, who would dare to search there? You? There is no need to search. We only need to tidy up. If you were to find that thing, can you prove that it belongs to He Tianxin? There is a palace maid called Ling Chun. She can prove it. What if she doesn’t say? If she doesn’t,we will torture her. What if she still doesn’t talk then? He Tianxin is soft hearted. If we torture Ling Chun instead, She will definitely admit it. My god daughter is now experienced. The way you conduct things is strict and confidential. Now,even your Godfather can’t touch you. I am only doing things the way you would. Act according to logic. We are family. Next time,before you want to start your brilliant plotting, tell me first. Don’t keep me in the dark. See what happened today at the Harem Chambers. I made such a big fuss, they didn’t even find anything. Do you think I will feel good this way? Godfather,please calm down. I only thought of the most crucial thing at the last moment. That’s why I couldn’t inform you in time. Please forgive me,godfather. Get up. Yes,godfather. Stay here first. I’ll go over to the Empress Dowager’s to take a look. Godfather,be careful. Interesting. Castrated evil


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