The Imperial Physician 25 (English Subtitle)

The Imperial Physician Episode 25 SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers: Alina Dadelus Zhesan! Zhesan! Talk to me! Zhesan! Zhesan! Wake up! Zhesan! Zhesan! Stop shaking me. You almost shook me to death. What should I do? You are covered with blood. I don’t know how to stop the bleeding. I’m sure you can’t stop the bleeding. But you are good with gambling How can you joking now? Then I won’t joke anymore. Zhesan! Zhesan! You are scaring me. Ming Jing! Ming jing! Hurry find a doctor! Ming Jing Yes Open! Hurry open! Hurry open! What’s wrong Mister! Mister Hurry mister! Doctor hurry and save him! He can’t hold on any longer It’s a criminal,Xiao Er go call the guards hurry! Don’t call the guards! I’ll give you this As long as you don’t call the guards we will leave immediately Miss,money is not the issue here. If the government discovers this,we will be in trouble. Xiao Er,call the guards Don’t move,Don’t go Don’t you dare to inform the officials. 26 00:03:12,980 –> 00:03:14,150 Ming Jing,hurry up and get the healing medicine. And the bandages. Hurry! Yes Miss! Miss! Hurry How do you all do things? That Zhang Zhesan was injured to that extent. And yet you still let him escaped. You’re really worthless Yes. I will return immediately and fire all those guards involved. I specifically ordered all of you to be very careful and cautious this time. And yet you still gave me this kind of result? How can I trust you with a task again in the future? Master Zhang Zhesan was actually rescued by someone. His accomplice followed us out of the city. They rode a carriage to rescue him away. How absurd! You don’t even know you were being followed? Did you catch his accomplice? Not yet. It happened too quickly. – We couldn’t react in time. – Bastard! Send some men to look for Zhang Zhesan immediately! When you find him,kill him right away! I will. Get lost! Ling Chun,let me ask you. Did you sew my doll personally? That’s right. I sewed every stitch myself. I even designed its clothes by myself. Then did you put anything in the doll? I didn’t. I only stuffed the cotton fell out back in. Then I sewed it up. I’m sure,teacher. But the Emperor told me that he found the Empress Dowager’s birth date in the doll. I’m not aware of that. Are you really not lying to me? Teacher,I absolutely did not lie to you. In the palace,birth time and cursed charms are the worst taboo if anyone touches those things,they will be executed. Further more,I have so little guts. I will not disobey the rules,teacher. Every word I said is the truth. You know that I lost my parents when I was young. I only have you by my side now. I would jump at the chance to protect you. How could I lie to you and do anything to hurt you? Alright,I understand. Please get up. No. Until you believe me,I will not get up. I believe you. Teacher,I will never ever lie to you. I know. Quickly get up. I believe that you wouldn’t do it. I will get to the bottom of this. Yes. Who has the guts to do this? Who can it be? Doctor He. Is doctor He in? What is it? There’s someone outside looking for you. Docotor He. Have we met? Doctor He,it’s me. Ming Jing. Ming Jing? Ming Jing,why are you dressed like that? Where’s your Mistress? Mistress is with Mister Zhang now. Please go and save them. Official Mo,please believe me. I really didn’t put anything in Teacher’s doll. Then how did the cursed charm and hair end up in the doll? I don’t know. Then did you hand this doll over to anyone else? I didn’t. Official Mo,you have to believe me. Fine. I believe you. I will speak for you regarding this matter. Thank you Official Mo. There must be a reason for all of this. We must not overlook anything. Ling Chun did your teacher behave oddly recently? For example,did she see anyone? Or… Did any incident happened? Today,someone outside the palace came to look for her. Who? I don’t know. I only know that a palace maid came to look for teacher. And said that someone outside was looking for her. That person waited at the door of the Royal Clinic. In the future,if something like this happens again, Inform me immediately. Do you understand? I will,Official Mo. You may leave now. I will excuse myself. Octopus Girl,your face is scrunched up like a bun. You look awful. Is it your business? Shut up and rest. You are so fierce. Be careful that nobody wants to marry you Is it your business whether I marry or not? Of course it’s not my business. I am worried that your future husband will get toyed to death by you. – You… If you continue to talk nonsense then I will – You will what? Zhang Zhesan,Zhang Zhesan! You are scaring me. Wake up. Zhang Zhesan! I’m ordering you to wake up! Zhang Zhesan. Zhang Zhesan,come back! You must stay alive! If you stay alive,I promise you that I will… I promise you that I will never fight with you again. Quickly wake up. Say something. Don’t scare me,say something! Stop shaking me. Stop shaking. Stop shaking! You are hurting me. Just now you want me to stop talking. Then,you want me to say something. Why are you so hard to please? You deceived me. So what if I deceived you? You pinched me just now. Can’t you be more serious? Is this the time for you to talk rot? I only have this little ability to divert your attention. And furthermore,look. You are not arguing with me anymore. This method is really useful. Who said that I will not argue with you anymore? Didn’t you make a promise just now? So you don’t intend to keep it already? Did you learn that from me? What you are holding can only kill a rat. Mistress. Ming Jing,Xiaotian,follow me quick. Hurry. Second Brother,how did you end up like that? He got slashed by the guards. He couldn’t run fast because of his leg wounds. It’s all my fault. Where did this doctor come from? Looks pretty familiar to me. Xiaotian,I miss you so much. Give me a kiss. The medicine has been applied? Did you bandage this wound for him? Yes. I bought the medicine from a pharmacy. I bandaged it. Bought it? More like you stole it. Xiaotian, you didn’t see her holding a knife to the boss’ throat. She slapped the money on the boss’ face,turned around and left. She looked so cool. Didn’t I do it for you? I’ve only just praised you and you got fierce again. It’s better for you to be more gentle. Look at the way you bandaged me. I look like a big dumpling now. Count yourself lucky that I didn’t make you look like a rice ball. Ming Jing,I must trouble you to get me some water. Okay. Bear with it okay? It was well-bandaged. Why do you have to wash it? Second Brother,the medicine applied won’t be enough to stop to bleeding. Some of your wounds need stitching. That can’t be. I lived on the streets for so long. I have been slashed and stabbed before. But I haven’t been stitched up before. This thing that women play around with- You should just obediently and listen to Xiaotian’s advice. Xiaotian,we have to trouble you. Don’t worry. Physician He,water is here. – Here. – Thanks. Second Brother,lift up your arm. Do I have turn over too? – Fix this up nicely for me – I still have to meet people! Oh,how “nicely”? How about I stitch a turtle on you? Why would I want Li Baochuan to appear on my body? It’ll be alright… Your wound here shows no sign of injury to the arteries. Sure,there’s no vein injury,but it’s a deep wound. It’s ok. I’m lucky that she came out to save me. Huh,what luck! How was it that you happen to be passing by? Hey,that’s right. Why are you out here? When did you come out? Uh,here’s what happened! She and I went to the mountain for an outing. That’s not it! That’s not it. I know your injury was caused by me. It’s all because of my prank Exposed your identity I felt some responsibility towards you. Therefore,I decided to come save you. Second Brother, now you owe Octopus Girl a big favor. You… You just pay attention to the stitching,ok? Who in the world is this vicious? He’s already been sentenced to exile and yet someone still wants to kill him. Is there any question? It must be Li Bao Chuan and Zhao… So-sorry! My hand ju-just shook a little. Hey! Are you from the imperial hospital? Can you be more professional? How dare you blame Xiaotian! You are currently an imperial criminal. Other than Xiaotian,who would dare to treat you? Hmm,then help suture me up,and then do me a favor… What favor? After you finish,please take her back. I don’t want to go back! If you don’t go back,where will you go? I won’t go anywhere! – Miss! -Go to the imperial palace and stay with the Empress Dowager I won’t go! I won’t go anywhere! I’ll stay here! Miss,you suddenly disappeared The prime minister will be very worried. I won’t go back! I won’t go back! I’ll just stay here.I won’t go back! Will you guys stop? Listen to her! Listen to her! Listen to her! She’s got a weapon in her hands You can’t stay here for long We must find you a safe place to recover. Then where should we go? Come to my place. Be careful… here… take it slow… Here… slowly… Here,here… Careful… Take care not to hurt his wounds… Careful,your leg. Don’t hurt his wounds. – Ming Jing. – Yes,Mistress. Don’t come with us. Go home first We should return together I’m going to stay till Zhang Zhesan fully recovers Xiang Yan. You should go home I can get my mother to take care of second brother As long as his injury doesn’t heal.I won’t be relieved Ming Jing,listen to me. It’s dangerous out here. You should go back first. That won’t do. How can a servant be safe while the Mistress faces danger? If we have to be on the run, Three people is easier than four You better stay in our residence. If we need anything, you can still help us from the inside. Listen to me and go back. I will not go back. If father asks, just tell him that I secretly went out of the palace. And that you know nothing of it. No matter what,don’t give us away. I really don’t want to go back. If you don’t leave I will get angry. Leave everything here to me. Be careful on your way back. Mistress… Ming Jing! Be careful on your way home! Yes! I understand,Mistress! Speak. Lass,what is it? I’ve gotten news that after He Tianxin left the palace in the morning, she didn’t return. That She has permission from the Emperor to come and go whenever she wants. She is not breaking any rule by leaving the palace. But when she left the palace,the time coincides with that of Zhang Zhesan’s escape. Their relationship runs so deep, I think there must be a link here. You are getting more and more quick-minded. Thank godfather for your praise. I know how to deal with these things. I’ll give you something nice Look… Here. Godfather,what kind of drug is this? This is called “Lovebirds will fly together”, no matter how much this pair doesn’t want to be together. If you make the Emperor take one of this, when the night comes, he wouldn’t be able to resist you. I will take my leave then. I’ll ask you one more time. Where did your Mistress go? Master,I really don’t know. I ordered you to stay by her side and look after her. Where is she now? How can you tell me that someone living in the palace can go missing? Why do I need a maid like you? I won’t commit the same mistake again. I beg of you,please have mercy on me. – Continue – Yes! Prime minister Li Baochuan came. Li Gongong Why are you looking for me? I want to deliver a big news to you. Where is Zhang Zhesan? I don’t know about this. But maybe He Tianxin will know. That’s why you should send someone to follow He Tianxin. And you will find Zhang Zhesan. Does the little Emperor know of this? Please take a seat. He doesn’t know. If he knows,we will be in trouble, He will definitely treated him with leniency That’s why I hope that we can act before the Emperor. Catch Zhang Zhesan before he does. If I catch him this time, I will absolutely kill him. Wait . I have an idea that will keep your reputation clean. Isn’t He Tianxin now harbouring a fugitive? What if one day this fugitive rebels, kills He Tianxin and committed suicide afterwards? Then the Emperor will have nothing to say right? If they conduct an investigation, wouldn’t they find out that my soldiers were involved? You are not thinking clearly. Didn’t you send out soldiers from the law enforcement department to arrest Zhang Zhesan? I’ll do it. Here. It’s time to drink your medicine. Here. Open your mouth. Open your mouth. You should drink the medicine. – Xiang Ning,I have to go out for a while. – Okay. Mom… What? I’m sorry that I have to trouble you again. This isn’t the first time. I raised you for 20 years and more. You’ve at least brought home 200 patients. 200? How can there be so many? If not 200, there must be 199. Looks like you went easy on me this time. At least this time the patient is someone I know. Second Brother is injured and framed by the government. He can’t go anywhere now. So I can only bring him home. I know. Besides,it’s not true that he has been framed. It’s a serious crime to pretend to be an Eunuch. How can you say that too? He didn’t have any choice. Like you when you entered the Royal Clinic? Right. Mom,you are not planning to inform the officials right? I know that Xiao San is our family’s benefactor. Am I that type of person who doesn’t repay the gratitude to others? I know that you are not that kind of person. Of course. If only my daughter usually says things that are flattering to others,like she’s doing now, then I could live 10 more years My mom is so kind-hearted. She will definitely live a hundred years. If the Emperor can live till 10,000 years old, – then my mom can live till 20,000 years old. – Speaking of the Emperor, don’t think that you can mess around the palace,like you do at home, just because the Emperor is backing you up. Do you hear me? Who messed around? Bringing a fugitive home is not messing around? I’m telling you, Xiao San is the limit. The more you push your boundaries,the greater the risk. I’m not like Second Brother who loves to make trouble. Really? Did he rescue more prisoner under the sword than you What’s the result of you becoming sworn siblings with the Emperor? two things – execution and exile for 10 years? And that’s what you sworn brothers got. You are thinking too much. Aren’t I fine? You didn’t return for half a day. Did you report to your authorities? I knew it. You haven’t. pack up and go back I will take care of matters regarding Xiao San. Xiang Ning said that she won’t leave until Second Brother gets well. okay. I know just by looking at her. Hurry go back. Then I’ll be leaving. Go back. Oh right,if nothing happens,don’t come back. Do you understand me? Don’t draw the palace guards back home too. I know. Since you are already here,have some congee before leaving. Yes. Yi Rou pays respect to Your Majesty. Rise. It’s already so late,anything wrong? I passed by here, and saw that the lights are still on. That’s why I came in to take a look. Are you still worried about the matter regarding Mister Zhang? About Mister Zhang’s exile. You must be feeling very powerless But it’s good that he was not sentenced to death. I think maybe after a while you can find him back. Letting my own brother suffer, as a elder brother,I’ve failed my duties. We always experience disasters and blessings once in a while. Don’t blame yourself too much. Did you see Xiaotian for the past two days? She… She must be busy. How is she for the past two days? I didn’t see Xiaotian during the past two days either. I’m guessing… she must be feeling troubled about Mister Zhang. Thank you for your concern. You should go back and rest early. Your Majesty, I’ll go get some tea to sober you Who is it? Xiaotian? Xiaotian… I… I miss you so much. I thought you were ignoring me I miss you too. You are so pretty I like the way you smile. Then I will smile every day for you. Xiaotian,you must not lie to me. Don’t lie to me. Octopus Girl. You’re awake? After you took care of me these past few days, I suddenly feel something. What are you feeling? A very special type of feeling that I have never felt before. It’s something I’ve only heard others mentioning. But I never personally experience it before. I only took care of you because you got hurt. Don’t think wildly and talk nonsense. Okay. Then I’ll go to sleep first. If you really want to say it, I can force myself to listen. Why are you so annoying? One moment you want to listen,and the next,you don’t What do you want exactly? Then are you saying it or not? What feeling is it? just that you are usually so fierce. But you are actually pretty gentle. Further more,the way you treated me these two days, make me feel that… I have gained one more mother. Mother? Do I look so old? What are you both chatting about? Nothing She said that after looking at me up close, she found out that actually handsomeness can be so specific. Second Brother,are you feeling better? Our Xiaotian’s medical skills are better than Hua Tuo. Of course I feel better. Xiang Ning,this is his medicine. He will get well quickly if he takes the medicine and changes his dressing regularly. Okay. Xiaotian. Xiaotian,are you returning to the palace? Yes. I didn’t tell them I was leaving the palace. I better go back. They’ll think that I’ve disappeared if they can’t find me. Quickly,let me give you a hug. Hurry. After you return to the palace, don’t tell big brother I’m here. Why? I was thinking of asking Xiaotian to look for the Emperor. Ask him to come and help you. There’s no need. He can’t do anything even if he knows. It will create more trouble for him instead. I consider myself lucky that I’m still alive. But if I don’t tell him,how will you return to the palace in the future? I don’t plan to go back. After I recover, I’ll return to the streets. And continue living my nomad life. Really? Bring me along. Have you ever seen a heroic figure with an octopus? Don’t think about all these now. Just recuperate peacefully. I must leave. It’s going to rain soon. Xiang Ning,you can stay here without worrying. Second Brother needs you to look after him. Okay. Rest assured. I will take good care of him. Thank you,mom Then I’ll go first. Recover as soon as possible. Don’t keep bullying Xiang Ning. I know. I’m sorry about that. Big brother,big brother! Big brother,are you asleep? Big brother,big brother! His Majesty is already asleep. Do you have anything? He’s feeling down these days. So he asked me to keep him company. What’s wrong with him? It’s because of the matter regarding you and Zhang Zhesan. Don’t look for him in the mean time. If you have anything to say,tell me instead. It’s late. Go back and rest. Your majesty. Put on some clothes first. The Empress Dowager has arrived. – I… I pay- Enough. No need to greet me Official Mo,tidy your appearance. Then come to Ci Ning Palace to see me. Yes. You can leave after you put on your clothes. you don’t have any other commands your majesty? No-Nothing else. Empress dowager,I deserve to die. Please punish me. I don’t want to listen to this. Get up. Thank you,Empress dowager When did you enter the palace? I entered when I was 14. I have stayed here for 7 years already. What record of service do you have in here? I became an 8th grade Official when I was 16. And was promoted to 7th grade Official at 17. At 18,I became a 6th grade Official. Let me ask you, why did you stay over at the Imperial Studies last night? The Emperor works hard for the government and loves his people. He often works through the night. I walked past the Imperial Studies last night, and saw that the lights were still on,so I went in and check. There is no outsider here. Continue speaking. He was feeling down yesterday. He drank some wine and got a little drunk. Then he… Say it. I deserve death. Please punish me. You took care of the Emperor. There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing else. Leave. Thank you,empress dowager Son,what do you think of Official Mo? Why aren’t you saying anything? Official Mo,she… She’s smart and she does things systemically She is an exceptional official. I think that she is not bad too. Then,let’s make her your concubine. What is it? Her background is clear,educated and knows how to take care of things. She follows the rules and knows how to carry herself in the public. Furthermore, you have already behaved intimately with her. If you think she’s lacking in any area,tell me about it. She… She… She’s not lacking. That’s good then. Leave the concubine thing to me. I will arrange everything for you. Just rest assure and continue with your things. Mother,I will give Official Mo a reply. But can you give me more time? What? Do you want to wait till I’m dead, and come before my tombstone to report? This… This matter has been decided. Teacher! Teacher! Teacher,Teacher. Teacher,something big has happened. Something big has happened,teacher! What are you making a fuss about? – Something nice – What thing should I be happy about? But it can’t really be qualified as a happy thing. I don’t know whether I should tell you about it If I say it,you might be unhappy. If I don’t, you might think that I don’t treat you well. Then don’t. I’ll go take a nap. Teacher! I’ll say,I’ll say it. I heard the other maids say that the Empress Dowager gave the order to name Official Mo as a concubine. I thought I heard wrongly too at first But now,some servants seem to start preparing for the ceremony. Teacher,are you okay? I’m okay. Teacher,you are lying. You are actually very bothered by it. I… That’s not true. One of them is my big brother, the other is my good Sister. I cannot feel more happy about it Teacher,you shouldn’t think too much. Which Emperor doesn’t have countless concubines? You’ll only have a few more sisters. Nothing’s wrong. Don’t talk nonsense. I only treat the Emperor as my big brother. Huh? You don’t like him anymore? I hope that he can focus on treating Sister Yi Rou well. And that he won’t be fickle. But you and Official Mo are close sisters. Close sisters sharing a husband, there won’t be any dirty fight in the back and jealous act That will be quite good. What’s good about it? Two women sharing a husband. There will surely be one being neglected. I don’t want this happen to anyone of us Let’s not talk about this. It’s so stuffy in here. I’ll go out and take a walk. Teacher! Teacher. Why not let me accompany you? No need. Let me be alone for a moment. Xiaotian! Xiaotian! Xiaotian. So you were here. I looked for you for so long. I have some things to tell you. Big brother,are you going to talk about the matter of naming a concubine? You’re too late. Ling Chun have already told me about it. Congratulations to you. Sister Yi Rou is such a good person. Don’t bully her or I’ll be angry at you. Xiaotian,I know that you are feeling bad inside. You don’t have to force yourself to smile.


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