The Imperial Physician 28 (English Subtitle)

The Imperial Physician SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers: Dadelus, Alina Episode 28 I have been living at the Palace for 30 years. I have seen countless concubines who failed to get the Emperor’s favor. They seem as if living in widowhood. Don’t be so proud of being an Honored Consort. He Tianxin is the one who has the Emperor’s favor! I understand now. Understand? I think you don’t understand! Do you know why the Emperor met the Empress Dowager? I don’t know. He wanted to name He Tianxin as a consort! If I hadn’t spoke up for you in front of her, then right now, people will be preparing the ceremony to name the 2nd consort. I will never forget your kindness. You make me worry about you. Now it seems like He Tianxin is closer to becoming the Empress than you. Do you think that just by becoming a consort, it’s guaranteed that you will become the Empress? Child, you must always make plans
to deal with forthcoming obstacles. Thank you for your reminder. Do you understand now? I do. It’s good that you understand! Then I won’t disturb you anymore. I’m leaving. I’ll send you off. Don’t bother. If anyone see that a consort is sending a eunuch off, how inappropriate will that be? Stay where you are. I’ll be leaving first. How is Tian after she moved to the Palace? Tian is very outgoing
and doesn’t like to be restrained. So, she’s not quite comfortable here. But the peaceful life here has helped her restrain herself. Please don’t worry. If she can’t get used to it, then don’t force her anymore. I’ll find an opportunity to talk to the Empress Dowager. This way, you don’t have to work so hard. This is Her Majesty’s order. I don’t find it hard on me at all. But there’s one thing that I’m not sure whether I should mention. Say it. Actually, Your Majesty is mostly responsible for making Tian turn out this way. You dote on Tian and care for her in every possible way. Every time she’s in trouble,
you bear the responsibility for her. Since that always happens, Tian has got used to it. So what you mean is, I have spoiled her? I don’t dare to say it like that. But Tian is really overdependent on you. That’s why people in the Palace always treat her with more courtesy than usual. So you want me not to treat her too well? I think that this is only a stopgap. I got it. Then I must trouble you with
the matter regarding Tian. Yes, Your Majesty. There is another thing that I want to ask you What is it? Do you have time tomorrow to come to Chu Xiu Chamber for a meal? I have quite a lot of things to do tomorrow. I don’t think I can go. Then another day perhaps? It’s just that both Tian and I hope to meet you. Tian misses you too. – She told you that?
– Yes. Then I will try to make time. I’ll go and ask the servants
to prepare tomorrow’s meal. Don’t make it lavish. A normal lunch will do. You can leave first. Yes. Thank you, Your Majesty. Tian! Where did you go? Your Highness, why aren’t you asleep yet? If you don’t return, how can I go to sleep? I’m sorry. Please go have a rest.
I’m going to sleep too. Tian, do you really understand why you are living in Chu Xiu Chamber? I do. It’s to make me learn and reflect on my actions. The Empress Dowager gave me
the responsibility to teach you. Now you don’t even tell me before you go out. How will I explain it to the Empress Dowager if she asks? Sorry. I was only thinking of going out to loiter around. It won’t create any trouble for you. Anyway, it’s against the Emperor Dowager’s order. If she really asks, then I can’t help you either. I know now. I won’t do it again. Tian, I hope that you have better judgment. You are passionate about medicine. It’s a pity if you can’t see the rare drug in the Palace. In the Palace, there are secretly hidden drugs? Are they in the Academy?
How come I didn’t know about them? Actually… The Academy of Medicine only has the common drugs. The priceless and imported drugs are all in the Palace. Really? What special drugs are there? I heard that Siam paid tribute of a drug called Black Scent. The drug is extremely unique. And it’s also very precious. Black Scent? Then how can I get them? Can you get them? This drug is managed by Li Baochuan. I haven’t seen it either. If he’s the one in charge, then there’s no hope. You can tell the Emperor. Ask the Emperor to get them from Baochuan. That’s it! I’ll go tell Brother. Baochuan will surely listen to him. But if the Emperor comes tomorrow, you mustn’t tell him that I told you to do so. Of course! I’m very trustworthy! Alright, go to sleep. It’s getting late. I will be going to sleep too. Tian, you mustn’t run out secretly again. Yes, Your Highness. – Go.
– Okay. Cuihuan, why did you lock me up? You left here without permission, and made me get punished by Yirou. To play safe, I will have to inconvenience you. Even so, you don’t have to lock me up. This is expedient. I hope that you will not make it difficult for the servants. Please get Yirou here. I will tell her personally. She has retired for the night. Please rest early. Tian, you must be mindful of your appearance while eating. But I’m hungry. No matter how hungry you are, you can’t eat like this. A female officer in the Palace should have gravity when eating or walking. Look at Yirou. I have always been eating like this. You didn’t mention it before,
why are you so naggy now? He only hope that you can adapt to the life in the Palace. There isn’t an outsider here. Why should you bother about it? Brother, what’s wrong? Nothing’s wrong. Then why do you look so bitter? Brother, have you heard of something called Black Scent? Black Scent? I don’t think I have heard of it. I heard that it’s with Li Baochuan. Brother, can you get some for me? Why do you need it for? For experiments. I heard that it’s extracted from rare herbs. It’s a rare medicine from Siam. Is there such a thing? Then what are its functions? I am not sure about this. That’s why I want some for research. Fine. I’ll help you ask about it tomorrow. Tian, the Emperor has been busy all day. Don’t keep talking to him. Let him have a rest. You’re right. Right. Your Majesty, this is tasty. Eat more. Tian, this absolutely tastes good. Try it. No need. I can pick the food myself. Tian, don’t be so rude. Aiya. I don’t like that dish. Why are you forcing me to eat it? If the Emperor likes it, he should eat more. Tian, don’t talk back to Yirou. Brother, come on. Yirou is not even angry. You haven’t learned anything here. Aren’t you making trouble for Yirou? Tian, we are doing this for your own good. You must not let everyone down. What’s the matter with both of you today? Blaming me for being rude and talking back. And now you say that I am letting everyone down. You are giving me too much pressure. I don’t mean to give you pressure. I only hope that you can be self-critical. I didn’t do any wrong. Why should I be self-critical? So troublesome. I don’t want to eat anymore. Tian! Your Majesty, perhaps the pressure
on Tian is too much. I will talk to her later on. It’s not your fault. Maybe what you said is right. She has become spoiled. Give her some more time. I will teach her well. I must trouble you then. Your Majesty, it’s getting late, do you want to stay here today? No need. I haven’t looked through all the reports yet. I have to go back first. Then I’ll be leaving now. Open the door! Open it! Where has everyone gone to? – Open the door.
– Stop knocking. I yelled for so long, where have you gone to? Excuse me, Miss He. The Emperor just left. Everyone was waiting on the Emperor. That’s why we forgot about you. Miss He, what’s wrong? Did I say something wrong? Nothing. It’s nothing. Then can you please go see Yirou? Okay. Then I’ll be going. Your Highness, did you ask for me? Morning, Tian. The Emperor wants you to go to
the Upper Library to get the drug. He got it so soon? He’s really capable. He knows you’re impatient. So he asked me to tell you early in the morning. Return after you get them. Don’t delay. It won’t be good if the Empress Dowager knows. No problem. You just woke up? The Emperor just left. He refused to leave. He just went to attend the morning session. Even though he keeps talking about state affairs, it looks like he knows how to skive. The Emperor really cares about his job. He often discusses government issues with me. He says I can share his burden, and he feels less stressful. He should consult the ministers, why must he discuss with you? Yes, that’s what I always tell him too. Since he is busy throughout the day, he should rest well at night. Then did Brother mention about me? Of course he did! He said that I have lost weight recently because I have to look after you. My face is fat. Of course, you look lean beside me. Nonsense. You should go. Don’t you want the Black Scent urgently? Yes. Then I’ll be going now. Your servant, Majesty. Tian, why are you here? Last night, after I listened to your advice, I reflected on my actions. I have decided to be mindful
of my appearance and attitude. How do you like the way I am now? Alright. Don’t be like this. I am not quite used to it. You didn’t approve of the way I was before. And now that I have changed, you can’t get used to it. Will you explain clearly what you want? Don’t put me in a difficult position. Tian don’t play with me. Be normal. It’s enough. I don’t dare to play with you. I am only doing things based on your orders. Alright, enough. I am at fault for what happened yesterday. I apologize. Didn’t you ask for a drug yesterday? I’ve already found it. So this is Black Scent. What kind of smell is this? This smell is so special. Brother, did you ask them about its uses? I’m not sure about this. Seems to be refreshing. But Li Baochuan isn’t sure about this too. Tian, what are you doing? I’ll only know its effects after I try it. Oh, no. Let me try instead. Spit it out. Come. Quick. Brother, don’t worry. This is a tribute from Siam,
it can’t be poisonous. Haven’t you heard of the ancient physician who tried hundreds of herd on himself? It’s a common practice for famous doctors. Then how do you feel? The taste is a little strange. – Now?
– It hasn’t taken effect yet. Wait a while. Tian, actually what happened yesterday… It’s not that I want you to change or anything. I only hope you can pay a bit attention to the rules, since many people in the Palace are watching you. I know that you are very stressed. Actually, I was joking around at first just to annoy you. It’s good that you know. As long as you improve a bit, I will ask the Empress Dowager to let you return to the clinic. Tian, what’s wrong? Tian. Tian! I’ll go get Physician Leng. I’ll be fine after I lie down for awhile. Are you sure? After the medicine effect wears off, I’ll be okay. Get up. Yirou, just now the Emperor sent someone
to get a drug from me. He wanted it to be brought to your chamber. This must be your idea right? Actually, the Emperor wanted the drug because of He Tianxin. It has nothing to do with me. So you suggested He Tianxin to ask for the drug. You’re the honored consort now. Come, come. Now, you should be the one sitting here. Here, take a seat. I should be standing here. Godfather. No, no. This is the etiquette. Do you know what Black Scent is? It’s a rare, precious medicine imported from abroad. Once a person takes it, he will feel light-headed. Taking it on a regular basis,
the user will become addicted. Gradually, the user will lose his self-control. Go on. I guess it was this drug that you gave me last time to put in the Emperor’s drink, right? I see why you became the honored consort while you’ve been in the Palace for less than 10 years. You flattered me. Godfather, can I get some more drug from you? What for? To eliminate He Tianxin. Tian, are you alright? I’m fine. I just had a nightmare. What did you dream about? I dreamed that I was playing in the grassland. Suddenly, it turned dark. The imps came to catch me. When I heard you calling for me, I woke up. Did this happen because of the drug? I don’t know about it too. But the feeling I had just now was very unique. I felt light-headed yet excited. And my body felt very weak. I think we better return this drug
to Li Baochuan. Don’t use it again. Please leave it to me Tian, I feel that this thing is not good. You didn’t see how you looked just now. It’s like you lost your soul. This is not a common medicine. Of course the effects must be unusual. Brother, please let me research on it thoroughly. I still think that this thing is too dangerous. I think that Black Scent has anesthetic and pain killing effects. The powder for anesthesia
may be related to Black Scent. If I can research on it for a bit, I may come up with a new kind of medicine. Not only will it benefit the people, perhaps the Empress Dowager’s headache can be cured. Fine. But you must promise me that you will not experiment it on yourself. Thank you. Come. What’s wrong? Nothing’s wrong. We were just chatting. Must you chat on the bed? Tian was feeling a little unwell just now. That’s why I made her lie down for awhile. Did the two of you lie down together? Brother, I have to go back first. Brother, why is she walking unsteadily? What exactly did both of you do just now? – We did nothing.
-Nothing? Let me tell you. You just got yourself a consort. If you have nothing to do, go and see your new wife. Stop looking for Tian. Why? Love is like eating buns. If you eat two at a time, you will choke. What do you mean? Women like dirty-looking men, not bad-looking ones. If you can’t understand, never mind. Enough. Let’s not talk about this. Why did you look for me? Initially, I just want to chat with you. Now, my heart is broken. If I take it out, it will look like dumpling filling. I’m going home to eat dumplings. Zhang Zhesan? What a coincidence! The environment here is not bad. Octopus Girl? No, why are you here? I just passed by here. I went to buy some things. Passed by? But where are the things you bought? Did you buy a doughnut and
put it on your head? Fuck. I heard that you saved the Empress Dowager. So you are fine now. Yes. And I also heard that you have become an imperial guard. So you can’t live in the Palace anymore. Is this your new home? That’s right. This is my mansion. This is not your home. What is this? How can you call this a mansion?
This is a run-down temple. What the hell? Look. – Help!
– Be careful. I use this to practice martial arts.
Don’t spoil it. I think it’s worse than a run-down temple. This is like a cemetery. Those are the new furniture! Even a dump is better than this! Tian, what are you doing? I am conducting a little experiment. So this is Black Scent? How come you have time to come over? I heard that you got the Black Scent today, and since I’ve never seen such a precious drug before, I specially came to appreciate it. You really know how to appreciate things. I’ve given it a try when I was with the Emperor. You have tried it? Yes. I wanted to try its effects. Then how did you feel? Like I forgot everything in a moment. Things got very blurry and dizzying. It’s so mysterious? Actually, it’s more powerful than I have described. This is really good stuff. I think it must be able to help relieve the patients’ pain. Since its effects are so strong, then the side-effects must be even stronger. You must be more careful. After all, it’s a drug we are unfamiliar with. This I understand. Discovering a new medicine is a great honor for a doctor. I must thank you for telling me about this medicine. You’re welcome. Just be careful. Sure, I will. I’m very professional. I haven’t been home for so long. I wrote a letter for my mother. Can you help me to deliver it? Of course. Thank you. Not at all. Go with your experiment.
I’ll be leaving first. Mom, how have you been? Does Stone come by to eat frequently? Does the pig lose weight? Recently, nothing new happened in the Palace. I’m just a little busy. So I can’t go home for awhile. Once I am on holiday, I will go home to see you. I haven’t got into trouble for long.
It’s an improvement, right? Brother and Zhesan are both safe. Please take care. Send my regards to Uncle Tao.
From Tianxin. Your Highness. Tian, have you eaten? No. I was occupied with the research
that I didn’t have dinner yesterday. – Cuihuan
– Yes Get a bowl of soup for Tian. Miss He, you are so lucky. The fish soup is bestowed by the Empress Dowager. Recently, the Empress Dowager
kept sending tonics over, to strengthen Her Highness’s health. Her Majesty hopes that Mo can get pregnant soon. It’s a good timing for you to be here. Cuihuan. Does it taste good? It’s good. But the taste is a little strong. The Empress Dowager specifically asked the Imperial Kitchen to prepare this. If it tastes good, then drink more. Here. Tian, did you stay up very late to research on the Black Scent? I stayed up until this morning. Did you get any result? Not yet. Then, will you continue experimenting? Of course! After I tried it yesterday, I felt so good. Looks like you are quite obsessed with it. This is not the usual medicine. There isn’t any other medicine
with the same effects as this. I must get to the bottom of it. If the experiment is successful, I will be able to create an extraordinary medicine. Tian, I really appreciate your spirit. To pursue your dreams, you are even willing to try new drugs. What’s the matter? As I talk, I have the feeling I had yesterday. This is Black Scent’s effect. How come? Did you take it again just now? I didn’t. Cuihuan, help Tian back to her room. Maybe last night’s drug hasn’t worn off yet. You should go back to your room and rest first. This is weird. The drug clearly wore off yesterday. I’ll walk by myself. Be careful. This fucking girl doesn’t have the fortune
to enjoy good food. – Keep an eye on her.
– Yes. It’s weird. This is clearly the effect of Black Scent. There must be something wrong with the soup. How come Yirou is okay? Looks like Tian didn’t care for you
for a few days.. It’s so messy, yet nobody bothers. Oh, I haven’t seen her for many days already. Don’t tell me something happened to her? Your Highness. Why don’t you rest more? I feel much better already. Come, sit. I can stop worrying since you are okay. I have something to ask you. After you drank that soup yesterday, did you feel weird? No. Why? I suspect that Black Scent was added to that soup. Surely not. It’s true. After I drank the soup yesterday, I felt giddy. It’s as if I lost my consciousness. This is the same as the symptoms of taking Black Scent. The soup was given by the Empress Dowager. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with it. I meant, could it be Cuihuan? Cuihuan is just a Palace servant. How can she get hold of Black Scent? Maybe, the drug you took yesterday didn’t wear off? Your Highness, the Empress Dowager
gave you some soup again. Here. Tian. Drink some soup. No thanks. I don’t feel like drinking. Cuihuan is my personal maid. She wouldn’t add any thing into the soup. Just drink it. I just woke up so I have no appetite.
I’ll bring it back to my room and drink it. Hold on. If I want you to drink it, you must drink it. Servants! Make sure Miss He finishes the soup. Yes. Think carefully. Will you drink it by yourself, or let them wait on you to drink it? It’s true. I water them everyday. But the more I water, the more withered they get. How come? It must be the water. It has a weird smell. I checked everywhere. Only the water in the herb garden is like this. It must have been poisoned. But it was fine when Tian was still around. It couldn’t have been poisoned. Then how can you explain the problem with the water? I have no clue at this moment. But if someone wants to harm Tian, he could have just done it directly. Why must he poison the plants? I won’t argue with that. But it has been a few days since I last saw Tian. I feel uneasy. I will go meet her now. No, you can’t! You are no longer a eunuch. You can’t go to her chamber. Really? Though the Empress Dowager forgave you, if she knows you trespass, you will get into even more trouble. You will be blamed, but I’ll be in a difficult spot. Alright, alright. I won’t go. But you can go there, right? Then I’ll go take a look. Your Highness, look. She brought weapons. – Confiscate them.
– Yes. Return them to me! Cuihuan. Miss He isn’t feeling well. Help her to the bed. Yes.


  1. 刁蠻俏御醫劇情有這牽強,不合羅輯,做御醫為甚麽一点防範都沒有,太后掌握生殺權,皇帝又不是小孩,太監公公權力還在皇帝之上,簡直開玩笑。

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