The Imperial Physician 29 (English Subtitle)

The Imperial Physician Episode 29 SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers: Alina Dadelus My Lady,look. She brought weapons to Chu Xiu Chamber. Confiscate them. Yes. Give it back to me! Give it back Cui Huan,Miss He is not feeling well. Help her to the bed. Yes. Let go… Let go of me! Xiaotian,you got dizzy again just now. You must be too hungry. Here. Let me feed you. Don’t do it! Don’t do it! No! See her finish the soup. – Yes. No!… No! Yi Rou pays respect to Your Majesty. It’s alright. Get up. Where’s Xiaotian? Xiaotian said that she’s a little bored lately. So she went out to take a walk. She will be back soon. Then where did she go? She left in a rush and didn’t mention it. How was Xiaotian’s performance lately? These few days,Xiaotian has been quite fickle She is playful and couldn’t concentrate on her work But don’t worry, I will tame her playfulness. Xiaotian has a lively personality. She needs a little time to learn. Just let her proceed step by step You must not force her before she is ready. I understand. But the Empress Dowager wants Xiaotian to finish learning the palace rules as soon as possible. I am doing this for her own good. Your Majesty,do you think that I’m boring? You would rather stand at the door than chat with me? If you don’t want to remain here, then don’t force yourself. When Xiaotian comes back,I’ll tell her to see you Since Xiaotian is not back yet, let’s go out and take a walk. Yes. Are you unhappy? This is the first time I’ve taken a walk with you. I feel very happy. What is it? I think some sand got into my eye. Come,let me have a look. Is it better? Much better. Thank You. No need to thank me. You’ve taken such good care of Xiaotian during this period of time. I should be the one thanking you. I just did what I should do Your Majesty,it’s getting late. Do you want your meal to be sent to Chu Xiu Chamber? No need. I’ll be going to the Imperial Study later. Your Majesty,I have something which I am not sure whether I should tell you. Say it. Those two times,you came to Chu Xiu Chamber because of Xiaotian. The palace maids have been discussing behind my back. They say that Xiaotian is the Emperor’s true concubine. I can tolerate their discussions. But I have been waiting for you every day, from nightfall to sunrise. But in the end,it was just a disappointment. Yi Rou,it’s been hard on you during this period of time. It’s just that the incident at the Imperial Study that day, wasn’t what I expected. Our relationship is progressing too fast. I can’t really accept it. Further more,I already have Xiaotian in my heart. I wasn’t hoping to become the concubine. And I didn’t want to stand between you and Xiaotian. But… This was the Empress Dowager’s order. I only wish to carry out my duties as a concubine. I don’t mind how many people you have. I only hope that you can be more concerned about me. And ask me a few more questions about my well-being. Then I will be very contented. Your Majesty. Your Majesty,something bad happened. Brother San went to Chu Xiu Chamber to make a ruckus. – Mister Zhang! – Why are you pulling my sleeves? – Stand there. – Let me in. Let me go in. – No. – Stop there Human-wall,huh? Must you be like this? I only want to go in and look for someone. It’s not like I am demolishing the room. Will it kill you to let me in? Why are you sticking out your chest for? Are you that proud? This is the concubine’s resting chamber. You are no longer an eunuch. You can’t enter the Harem Chambers as you please. When I was an eunuch,how come I missed such a privilege? Fine. I won’t go in. Will it be okay for you to ask Xiaotian to come out? I’ll just say a few words to her. Even if I go in,you won’t lose a piece of flesh. Miss He is now being kept under control. It’s not convenient for her to see any guests. But the problem is,I’m not a guest. I am her Second Brother Other than the people living in Chu Xiu Chamber, the rest are all guests. No. You little fatso, you look quite pretty Your lipstick is a little thick- why are you making it hard for me today? Let me tell you. I am always a reasonable person. Otherwise,with just these few of you,I would have gone in already. The Harem Chambers have rules. Please mind your own manners. Fine. I know that my specialty doesn’t lie in eloquence. But let me tell you. I will and must see Xiaotian today Careful,don’t get hurt. If I hurt you,take it as I am giving you a face lifting Leave. Trying to scare me? I can do it too. You are serious,right? Scared now,aren’t you? Xiaosan. You came. You came just in time You just saved a life. Okay,okay. Raise I want to see Xiaotian. They said I am a guest. The Emperor is here. He can’t be a guest right? Bring me in. Did you treat Mister Zhang rudely? I only did what my job required. What kind of job requirement is that? You are just guarding the door here. Look at the bulky figures of the four of you. If you weren’t wearing these clothes, I wouldn’t be able to tell that you are females. Put down your arm and rest. You are already sweating. Are you done? See got scolded. Aren’t you finished? I’m talking about you,Xiaosan. No. I want to see Xiaotian,but they won’t let me.Shouldn’t you ask them instead? This is Chu Xiu Chamber. They are not wrong for stopping you. You can’t enter to begin with. Didn’t I do this to see Xiaotian? It won’t change no matter who you want to see .This is the palace rule. If we all ignore the rules,how will the empire functioning? Your Majesty,please calm down. Actually,Mr Zhang only wants to see Miss He. I won’t mind it. See for yourself. Even she doesn’t mind,so why are you stopping me? It’s a palace rule. You can’t barge into the Harem Chambers. Aren’t you worried about Xiaotian? The little herb garden had withered to that state. If she was okay,would she have neglected them? Xiaotian is being kept under control in Chu Xiu Chamber. That’s why she can’t move about freely. What do you mean by “can’t move about freely”? She can’t move about freely if she broke her leg too. If I don’t see her today,I will not be relieved Don’t stop me. I am the ruler of this country. If you still intend to break the rule, even I can’t protect you. What “ruler of this country”? What “palace rule”? If anything happens to Xiaotian, you can’t get her back even with the whole world. For the sake of Xiaotian. Then don’t go in there You say it’s for the sake of Xiaotian All you do is leave her alone while you accompany your wife to the garden for a stroll. This.. This situation is not what you think I am a foolhardy person. And I don’t know how to think. It was the Empress Dowager who ordered Xiaotian to reflect here. I’ve been pleading the Empress Dowager to be more lenient. But,if you continue to be unreasonable and barge in, then you will worsen the Empress Dowager’s impression of Xiaotian. Don’t worry. I also hope that Xiaotian would be out earlier But you must bear with it. Don’t ruin things. Pleading is all you can do .To determine the culprit,we need evidence. The way you do things,nothing will be solved. You have to understand What’s there left to understand? I’m only left with the choice to fight. Let me tell you If Xiaotian gets into any danger in there Or she gets hurt,it will all be because of you Your Majesty,he doesn’t mean what he said. I know Since you are already here, How about resting for a bit No. I have things to do. Zhang’s residential mansion? These beautiful words must be written by me. I have a door plate. That’s right. This is my mansion. You came back eraly Hey What are all these junks? Don’t stop me. I’m going to throw all of them away. It’s newly bought. Wear it tomorrow This hat has a new design. Wear it. Food for you to eat. The weather is hot,eat more fruits. The kitchen has food Remember to eat it I’m leaving How did she come in? I just can’t figure out how she came in. Stand there Father,why are you here? Where’s Ming Jing? She hasn’t been watching you well I asked some men to lock her up. Father,I am the one who ran away from home. Why did you lock her up? Tell your Father where have you been for these two days I was feeling low,so I went shopping. Xiang Ning,did I spoil you? You don’t even hold me in regard now. I’m not Then during past two days Why could run away from home at your will I didn’t run away from home I just want my freedom Father,please let Ming Jing out Okay? Unless you tell me where you have been these two days Otherwise,Ming Qing can spent her rest of life in there Okay I can tell father But I always have to answer your questions first This time,father has to answer my question first What question? Father,did you order Uncle Ma To send someone to kill Zhang Zhesan? Who told you that nonsense? Why would I need to send someone to kill Zhang Zhesan? Tell me did you or did you not first Zhang Zhesan is a wanted criminal He is always up to no good. Anyone can kill him But I did not order anyone to kill Zhang Zhesan You really didn’t? Xiang Ning,what kind of attitude is this You don’t even believe your own father? Uncle Ma and I are both esteemed court officials. If both of us are capable of being so daring and do things by ourselves, then wouldn’t the world be a total chaos by now? Then why were the Law Enforcement Department tags found on the assassins who tried to kill Zhang Zhesan the last time? You You… how did you find out this..? Answer my question first You ran away from home Are you with that Zhang Zhesan? I wasn’t Xiang Ning,you have totally disappointed your father Its father who has gotten me disappointed From the start to the end, You keep avoiding my question I’ve already said I didn’t order anyone to kill Zhang Zhesan Your Uncle Ma saw you grow up You should know who he is But the assassin confessed Uncle Ma’s involvement and in turn,Uncle Ma confessed your involvement. He said it was you who gave the ordered to kill Zhang Zhesan Uncle Ma told you this? That’s right – I don’t believe it – Its true If Uncle Ma really did say that It was him who comitted the crime and trying to frame me Didn’t you say that you believe in Uncle Ma just now? Under this kind of situation, perhaps Uncle Ma has been blackmailed by someone. Then Father really didn’t do that? I didn’t Okay if father really did not do it Then swear to god,under Mother’s name You.Your Father didn’t commit any wrongs. I will not swear to god If your conscience is clear,why can’t you swear it? Xiang Ning How can your Father act like a child And joking about the passed away person As long as Father swears to god. I will believe in my Father You are being absurd. You’re actually too scared to swear to god You’re actually lying to me Ever since I was a child it’s always been the same You never had a part in your heart Shut up! It was you wasn’t it? If I didn’t save Zhang Zhesan Zhang Zhesan would have been killed before he got the exile place What? So you’re saying It was you who saved that Zhang Zhesan That’s right These days I have been with him the whole time Hit! Go ahead hit me again Aren’t you scared that Mother is up there looking at you right now I will never forget the day the Emperor came to search our house. You made me carry the account book on me In your heart those dirty money are more important than me! Xiang Ning Where are you going? – Take her! – Yes Let go! Let go! Let go! Let go of me Why did the drug suddenly wear off? Search her. Yes My Lady,I found a needle. How should we deal with her now? Increase the drug dosage. Yes Why are you doing this to me? What did I ever do wrong You didn’t do anything wrong You just get in my way. It’s your fault for obstructing my progress to becoming the Empress. Don’t be surprised The reason why I made friends with you in the first place,is to get closer to the Emperor. How is that possible? You are so good to me You even took the beating for me. And you helped me so many times. I’ve already told you everything and yet you are still so naive Then don’t blame me Blame yourself for being dumb – Take her in – Yes Leave leave – Your minister pays respect to Your Majesty. – Please rise. Did prime minister Zhao give you a new order? Yes. We met this afternoon. Then who is the next person he wants to assassinate? Zhang Zhesan He wants you to kill Zhang Zhesan He didn’t say it directly. But he said that He never wants to see Zhang Zhesan again How did you reply I replied according to what your majesty told me I told him that it’s difficult to carry it out. And that I need more time. Did he give you the order in hand-written form? No,Your Majesty If Grand Secretary Zhao urges me to take action, how should I reply? Try to delay it. If there’s any changes, I will inform you then. I obey your commands. If…If you get any lead, report to without delay. Yes,yes your majesty You may leave Yes your majesty Lady Concubine. We pay respect to Your Majesty. Where’s Xiaotian? Xiaotian she left It’s raining so hard,where did she go? Yi Rou doesn’t know either Xiao An,send an order All of the palaces maid and eunuchs If anyone sees Xiaotian,inform her that – I am waiting for her at Chu Xiu Chamber. – Yes. Please forgive me for the crime of deceiving you. Xiaotian is inside here. Why did you lie to me Yi Rou has a reason What reason? Xiaotian got addicted to Hei Yu Xiang. Yi Rou will bring Your Majesty to see Xiaotian right away But Your Majesty has to be ready for this The way she behaves it’s not her Your Majesty please come Move away,move away Let go of me! Hurry,get her,hurry,hurry Let go Stop! Stop How can all of you treat her like this? Your Majesty,we had no choice. If we don’t tie her up,she will harm someone. How did things turn out like this? Xiaotian,sister know you must hate me But I did it for your own good Let go! Let go of My Lady! Xiaotian let go Xiaotian My Lady! My Lady! Quickly tie her up! Hurry! How are you? Quickly! Stop moving! If I knew she would become like this, then I wouldn’t have given her the Hei Yu Xiang in the first place. This is all my fault. I failed to guide her. Please punish me. It’s not your fault. I really didn’t think that things will become like this. It’s been hard on you. I intend to send Xiaotian back to the Royal Clinic. And let Doctor Leng deal with this. It’s not like I didn’t think of this method before. But if word gets out, it won’t be good to Xiaotian’s reputation. Furthermore,if the Empress Dowager knows then Xiaotian won’t be able to remain in the palace. Why not leave Xiaotian to me? I will try my best to help her get rid of her addiction. And give her a chance to turn over a new leaf. Yi Rou,you treat Xiaotian so well. I must thank you on her behalf. As long as Xiaotian is fine, I don’t mind the hardship. Oh right. Just now Xiaotian scratched you. Are you hurting? No,it doesn’t hurt. Your Majesty,it’s raining outside. Why don’t you stay over at Chu Xiu Chamber tonight? I have a few more reports left I have to go back first. My Lady,this time He Tianxin is a dead meat. Even the Emperor believed that she took Hei Yu Xiang. From today onwards,nobody will ever fight with you to become the Empress again. How should we deal with He Tianxin next? Continue to increase the drug dosage, until she can’t quit her addiction. Who is it? How did you let her get out? Chase her down. Yes. Quick! Let’s go over there and see! Hurry! That way! Hurry up! She’s there! She’s there! Chase after her! Hold it!Hurry! Stop! Big brother! Big brother,please save me! Help me,big brother! – Quick,quick! Help! Big brother! – Hurry! Tie her up quickly! – Quick! – Let me go! – Move quickly! Big brother! Help! – Let go! – Stay still! Let me go! My Lady. What did I say the previous time she escaped? You said, if people with eyes can’t look after her, then we don’t need the eyes. Then what should you do now?! Please have mercy on us! Spare us! We will not let her escape again! Please have mercy on us! – For the next two days,you can forget about eating. – Yes. Tidy up the things and fix the window. Yes. We will obey. If you want to do it this way,then don’t blame me. The victor will be the king. And the loser will be the villian. It’s better for you to give up earlier! Yi Rou pays respect to Your Majesty. Please rise. Thank you. Your Majesty,why did you come here suddenly? Nothing. I thought of Xiaotian this morning. So I came here to take a look and see if she’s okay. She’s fine. She is resting in her room. What’s wrong with your hand? It’s nothing. Just a small wound. My Lady,why don’t you tell him honestly? About what Cui Huan,don’t talk too much. Wait a moment. What happened exactly? Xiaotian wanted to escape. When we were tugging each other,I got hurt a little. Was that a scratch? Xiaotian broke the bowl, and used the shattered pieces as a weapon. When did this happen? About an hour ago. Then did she…Did she escape? The palace maids found her after much difficulty. She is in her room now. Yi Rou,it’s been hard on you. You got hurt so many times because you had to look after her. Your Majesty,don’t say it like that. What you are concerned about is also my concern. Since I didn’t look after Xiaotian properly, I feel sorry about it. Please forgive me. Quickly,get up. This isn’t your fault. Actually,I should thank you instead. You took such good care of Xiaotian. What is there to forgive? Thank you. I wish to see her. But she is resting. It’s okay. I won’t disturb her. Your Majesty,please come this way. Your Majesty,I was afraid she would run out again. That’s why I pushed myself and tied her up like this. Xiaotian,I won’t blame you. Don’t worry. I will surely help you get rid of your drug addiction. Yi Rou, let’s go take a rest first. So that Xiaotian can rest properly too. Cui Huan,take care of her. Yes. Yi Rou,what’s wrong? Nothing. It must be the reason I didn’t get any sleep the entire night to help Xiaotian. That’s why I feel a little dizzy. Let me help you back to your chamber to rest. Thank you. Come. Slowly. Careful. Rest early. I’ll go back first. Your Majesty! Your Majesty. Can you keep me company? A little while will do. Aren’t you feeling dizzy? Then you should rest early. This is the first time you came to my room. I can’t bear to sleep. Your Majesty,do you know that I have liked you for 10 years? At that time,I just entered the palace. I couldn’t adapt and I felt bored. Until the first time I met you. Was it? But at that time we were still children. How could we have known what it’s like to love someone? It’s true. The first time I met you was at the Practice Hall. You were practicing martial arts with the guards. But you ordered the guards not to go easy on you. You looked so imposing. Sometimes, I would peek at you while you were studying. You were very smart. You already understood everything before they taught you Sometimes,you even asked questions that your teacher couldn’t answer. But,I was aware of the difference in status between us. So I could only secretly… Secretly look at you. Unknowingly,it’s been 10 years already. Yi Rou,I’ve neglected you during this period of time. I’m sorry. It’s alright. Next time,I will come more often to accompany you, to look after you,and to make it up to you.


  1. Are we to believe that royal family members are so lacking in brains? Believing and trusting the villains and bad guys like yirou and gong gong so implicitly, it is so frustrating to watch! I just can't fathom why the emperor and his mother are so utterly stupid and yet they are supposed to be China's ruling family!

  2. beware of a person,,,, so perfect, too good to be true. he/she has evil intentions. trust no one.

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