The Imperial Physician 30 (English Subtitle)

The Imperial Physician SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers: Dadelus, Alina Episode 30 Yirou, I have neglected you recently. I’m sorry. It’s okay. I will come here more often to accompany you look after you and make it up to you. I came straightaway after I got your notice. How’s Tian? Zhesan, you must be mentally prepared. Spit it out. Come on. Tian uses Black Scent habitually. You asked me here at midnight just to say this. Do you remember the bag of things she took away? It contains Black Scent. I didn’t suspect her when she took it away to experiment on it. Who knows that she would become addicted to it later on? Even if she had Black Scent, I don’t believe she would use it. You asked me here to listen to your joke? I just came back from her chamber. Tian’s locked up. She bit and scratched people like she lost her soul. My heart hurts. How can you still say I’m joking around? If you want me to believe, then show me proof. I saw it myself, how can it be fake? I still don’t believe you. If it’s true, I will smash your head first. Because you were the one who gave her Black Scent. It was my mistake.
I regret this more than everyone else. Enough. I’ll see her first. Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Where are you going? I’m going to see Tian. How can you go there? Haven’t you made enough trouble? Don’t worry. I will think of a way. I won’t make trouble for you. Hey! Zhesan! She broke in again? Your bed got stinky. I’m throwing it away! You’re tired right? Why don’t you wash your face? Here. Have some fruit. I’m leaving now. Hey, Octopus Girl! I just realized how useful you are. What use? I must try it before I know it. Come here. You must first tell me how you got in here every time. Your Highness, I just fed He Tianxin. Judging by her condition now, if we feed her a few more times,
she will either be dead or disabled. Increase the dosage. Yes. Hey! Open the door! What crimes are you committing inside? Open the door! Still not opening the door? You! Get out of my way! You are the newly named consort? I want to see Tian. Miss He is not in. It’s none of your business! Bring Tian out here, or I will go in. Miss Zhao. So, you know who I am? You are pretty famous in the Palace. I’m very pleased to meet you. Cut the crap! Tian! Tian! Tian, where are you?
Miss Zhao! What are you doing? Miss Zhao! Don’t be like this. Tian, Tian? Tian, come out. Tian? Tian. Miss Zhao! Miss Zhao! She’s not here. Where is she? I want to see her. May I know why do you need to see her? I can help you relay your message to her. Sorry, I have to see her personally. Then I’m sorry. I can’t fulfill your wish. I didn’t expect you to be more unreasonable than me. Miss He is absorbed in learning etiquette here. She can’t receive any guests. I came such a long way from home. I won’t leave until I see her. Tian! Tian, where are you? Miss Zhao! Tian! Miss Zhao! Tian! Tian, where are you? Let go of me! Even if the Empress Dowager should be here, I have to see Tian today. Please forgive me. Not gonna happen. Oh. Fine. Then let’s see if you have more time than me. Cui Huan. – Yes.
– Get back to your work. I understand. Hey, come back! Miss Zhao, I will accompany you. Come on. Tian, are you okay? Let’s go quickly. Ah. I understand now. If Tian were well, then why don’t you let me go in? I think that you must have done something to her. Or she wasn’t inside in the first place. You mean I’m putting Miss He in captivity? I didn’t say the word “captivity”. If it’s only you who wish to see her, then I can’t allow it. Miss Zhao. Alright, alright. Aiya. I won’t see her if it’s forbidden. I’ll go tell my dad myself. I’m sorry to trouble you. Have mercy on us! When did it happen? Please have mercy on us! Please punish me severely, Your Majesty. Rise. What happened? Tian has gone missing. Huh?! When I went back, servants came to report to me. Tian struggled to untie herself. She broke the door lock and escaped. Then… Where did she escape? I don’t know that. Then did they see anyone suspicious? No, they didn’t. But just now, Miss Zhao came to look for me. She said she wanted to see Tian. After I deferred it, she left. It happened all because of my carelessness. Please punish me. This is not your fault. You sacrificed so much for Tian. You didn’t want her to escape. Don’t blame yourself. Please help me to get Tian back. I’m afraid that the Empress Dowager will
complicate the issue if she knows. Furthermore, her withdrawal symptoms got pretty severe. I’m afraid something will happen to her outside the Palace. I understand. Until Tian appears, I won’t be able to rest. You must have worn yourself out these few days. It’s better for you to rest early. Thank you for your concern. Zhesan! Tian is awake. Hurry up and come here. Make way. Tian, are you awake? Tian, I’m the one who rescued you. Aren’t you embarrassed? Did you go in and face the boyish maids? If I hadn’t detained the hypocritical consort, would you have succeeded in saving her? Look. You admit it. I am still the one who saved her. You! You better not ask for my help next time. Octopus Girl, thank you so much. Why are you calling me Octopus Girl too? No wonder. Even your hat says a lot about your image. Tian, you are holding the wrong person.
My hand is here. I am the hero who saved the damsel in distress. Thank you Zhesan. I got it. Don’t mention it. Such heroic deeds are who I should do. Don’t tell the Emperor. What? Don’t tell him that I am here. But… Did you have a quarrel? Yirou framed me on purpose. She forced me to take Black Scent. Oh my God. I knew that something is wrong with that consort. Brother must have been blinded by that Yirou. I will go look for him now.
I’ll smash his head to wake him up. Don’t. You must never do that. Don’t tell him. Tian. Tian. Get lost and remove your hat. What has it got to do with my hat? She fainted because of it.
Go get her medicine. Go go go! Tian, Tian? Protect His Majesty! Quickly! Zhesan? What are you doing? I came to strike your head. What? Hey, say it more clearly. You know what you did. You said we are sworn brothers? Don’t think that you are great
just because you are the Emperor. Let me ask you. Have you really cared about Tian? I’ll follow your surname, if I don’t smash your head. I will call myself Zhu Zhesan. Er… All of you retreat. Hey! If you have something to say, say it clearly. Do you know Tian disappeared? You still care about Tian? You are doing it for real? Tian is always sad because of you. I know what I am doing. Oh, Empress Dowager, it’s him. I didn’t do it on purpose. Hey! What’s wrong with you? Peaches! Take a look. They are very fresh. Peaches! Peaches! Madam, take a look. Your servant, Majesty. Why are you following me? Em… Stop finding. There’s a hole for you to crawl in there. Wow. What a coincidence to find you eating an apple nearby. Er… Is Tian nearby too? Stop acting. You’re bad at it. Then I won’t act. Is Tian with you? We are brothers, how can you suspect me like this? Yes. Tian is with me. So what? Can you bring me to go see her? Not gonna happen. I want to know her present condition. Why didn’t you concern about her
when she was in the Palace? Why bother pretending to be a good person now? Who said I wasn’t concerned about her? Then do you know what kind of life she had in there? Yirou took good care of Tian. Good care? Your wife locked Tian up and forced her to have Black Scent. You call this ‘good care? Hey, hey hey. Don’t talk nonsense like this. We both know who is talking nonsense. Why don’t you go back and ask your wife? See if she’s trembling with fear and guilt. Yirou… Why would she treat Tian like this? How would I know that? I only know that Tian indeed got tortured. The reason is that you left her with Yirou. Please bring me to her. She doesn’t want to see you. I… I want to… I am telling you. Don’t you dare come near my house. I want to explain it to her. What is there for you to explain? Let me ask you. Do you really believe that Tian
was forced to take Black Scent? I really feel sorry for Tian. So long, Your Majesty… Hey! Hey, hey! How could allow this to happen? You locked her up and made her have Black Scent. With so many people watching her,
she could still escape. You are worrying me to death. I suspect that this must be done by
Zhesan and Xiangning. Xiangning can only oppose her father. We don’t have to worry about her. The troublesome one is that Zhang Zhesan. With your power, I have confidence that I can get rid of him. What about the Emperor? He doesn’t care much about me. Aiya. If this carries on, Tianxin will become
the Empress sooner or later. Even if I want to help you, there’s nothing I can do. – I already have a plan.
– Enough. I will report this to the Empress Dowager. Yes, Godfather. Yirou, Yirou? Your servant, Majesty. Yirou, did you force Tian
to take the Black Scent? Who said this? Answer me! Did you force her or did she take it willingly? There’s no way I will dare to do
such a lawless thing! But Zhang Zhesan told me you held Tian against her will
and forced her to take Black Scent. Then, Mr. Zhang must have
a misunderstanding with me. You believe him? He’s straightforward. He will never lie to me. Then why would I lie to you? Tian and I are as close as sisters. I even took 30 beatings for her willingly. Now that she is addicted to drugs, I can’t even sleep at night. There is always a reason for everything. If you don’t have a motive to harm her,
people wouldn’t say so. I think that Mr. Zhang isn’t
the kind of person who spreads rumors. Did Tian tell him that? This is one of Black Scent’s effects. It causes hallucination easily. If you don’t believe me, you can get Doctor Leng to verify it. I am willing to confront Tian about it too. Every word I said is true. I am absolutely not lying to you. And I have never harmed Tian. I hope so. Then, is Tian okay now? Did she get in touch with you? Is she with Mr. Zhang? She’s fine. Don’t ask about anything else. Now that Tian is fine, I can stop worrying. Get up. I won’t get up. If you don’t believe that I’m innocent, I will remain on my knees forever. I’m back. Octopus Girl, come over. She’s like Buddha. Come to pray. Please protect Tian. Zhesan, I can’t take it anymore. I’ll save you. Even I can’t take it anymore. Really. It’s suffocating. Quickly. Tian, come out quick. Come, come. Be careful. Come sit over here. Careful. Drink some water. How is it? Shall I remove them? You might ascend to heaven. I’ll pull them out for you. Are you feeling better? Octopus Girl, come here. These things should be used at the right place. Get it? See. You look different immediately. Look, a good match. Find a mirror and look. It’s great. Tian, is the steaming therapy useful? If it were you, you can only lose weight.
But it should work for her. One time is not enough. It will only be effective after a few more times. You’re right. Steam a few more times before it’s well done. Yes, yes. Come on. Let me carry you. Go in and rest. Come, come. Aiya. It’s here. The medicine is ready. Give it to me. – It’s hot.
– I’ll feed her. You should go back first. Why? I don’t want to go back. What if your dad comes to find you and sees Tian here? Fine, I’ll leave. Remember to close the door. Does Xiangning often come over? She often comes over to vent her anger on me. I think that you suit each other. Nonsense. We’re a perfect match, right? Here. Drink the medicine. What are you doing? I am serving you for once. There’s no need. I can drink it myself. Why didn’t you tell brother that
Yirou framed you? Huh? Yirou is brother’s consort now. I am but a small female servant. I don’t want to ruin their relationship. But Yirou ruined the relationship between brother and you. I am talking about the relationship between siblings. What brother saw was all fabricated by Yirou on purpose. Don’t mention it again. Oh. I see what happened. Don’t tell me you already told him? No, I didn’t. Who said that I have already told him? You just said it. I didn’t. Didn’t I ask you not to tell him no matter what? Why are you so overbearing? The needles are still with Octopus Girl.
I’ll go get them back. Zhang Zhesan… It’s true that Black Scent
can alter one’s consciousness. It makes one imagine things that don’t exist. Then will it affect one’s memories? The user might mistake what they fabricated for the reality. What’s the chance? Quite high. Drag users can’t distinguish between reality and illusion. Palace maid Cui Huan wishes to see Your Majesty. Come in. Your servant, Majesty. Please save Yirou. What happened? After you left, she has been kneeling at the courtyard. And she refused to eat or drink. I am really worried about her. She said that she won’t get up until you forgive her. Recently, her health hasn’t been good. If she catches a cold, I am afraid she won’t be able to take it. I am begging you to go save her. I know. Get up already. I will take my leave. Physician Leng. I’m here. I must ask you to prescribe some medicine. Medicine to get rid of drug addiction. I will do as you ordered. The Emperor is coming. Get up. Are you going to believe me now? Get up first. Your Majesty, you asked me to get up. I didn’t do it because I wanted to. Go inside first. Or you may catch a cold. Come. Are you leaving? It’s late. I will ask the maids to send some food here. Rest early. I have no appetite. If you think that I’m not good enough, then all I can do is to reflect on my actions. But you accused me of something I didn’t do. This, I can’t accept. I will get to the bottom of this. Can’t my loyalty prove my innocence? Are you going to keep refusing me? How long do I have to wait before your heart leans towards me? I will always belong to you. The Empress Dowager asked for both of you. How you no respect for your mom? I made Yirou your concubine, but you treat Yirou indifferently. And you even turned a blind eye
to the trouble He Tianxin created. Worse still, you wanted Yirou to protect her
from the consequences. This matter is not that simple. It’s not the way you think it is. You know what I am thinking. You’ve turned a deaf ear to my wish for a grandson. Not only do you disappoint Yirou, you even let your ancestors down. I know that you are anxious
to see the royal bloodline being continued. But I have no interest to do so now. I know that your mind is
filled with thoughts of He Tianxin. Okay I’ll give you time. Find out where she is. I want her to pay for her deeds, including the hurt caused to Yirou! She even got you implicated! All these crimes deserve severe sentence! If I were to ask, how did I get implicated? You gave her the Black Scent, right? I have lost all my faith in you. Mission accomplished! Good job, good job. Here. Let me do it Sit for a bit here You are almost fully healed What are your future plans? How about you stay here? Stay here to be a garbage woman? Xiangning throws away garbage everyday If you come, I will personally serve you And I will make it neat and tidy. Can you keep this away properly? No Don’t rummage through my things. Who does this belong to? Octopus Girl When you come here, don’t bring along your father’s things. Look, look at this It’s her father’s. It’s a misunderstanding If you don’t want to stay here, it’s fine. I said I’d take you and your mom to a distant place. I haven’t really thought about what I should do next. You’ve ran out of matches. Do you want me to buy some? Do as you please. You don’t need to think. Just say yes and I’ll pack up We’ll be the same as we were on the mountain A family of four living in happiness. Only you’re happy No Your mom will be happy Her daughter, son-in-law and pet gather together. She might even have a grandson very soon. I don’t want to hide anymore I will not let you return to the Palace You’re always getting framed there. But didn’t you also get bored hiding in the pigpen? That’s not the same. How can you compare my mansion with a pigpen? How is it different? If we hide now, won’t we have to remain hidden forever? Hey, hey I said this work is not for you We have Octopus Girl, look at you Octopus Girl Zhang Zhesan, I’m gonna kill you Who do you think you are? You think I treat anybody this good? I serve and care for you but you have no response at all. Maybe, Zhesan really has no emotion Okay Starting from tomorrow, he won’t see me again. Really? You are letting go of him? If I don’t give up, what should I do? How could he so insensitive? Do you think he will change? He isn’t the type of person who is refined. If you want to change him, it’ll be a bit hard He doesn’t cherish my love I’ll let him regret it You really will refuse him? Definitely. I won’t be softhearted. Actually there is something I need to tell you Say it Today, Ministry of Rites came to our house It’s quite normal He comes over all the time He’s here to propose a marriage He came to propose Yes What did my father say?
What’s his response? He agreed to it You scared me to death Why did you come back? I came to see you Come in How come you didn’t come back for a long time? Why does your complexion look so bad? Are you sick? No, I have been busy Busy? Even if you’re busy,
you need to take care of yourself I’m counting on you to take care of me
for the rest of my life I know Mother I want to ask you something Say it If someone is hurting you, and the whole world does not believe you, what would you do? Is someone framing you? No, I’m just asking Then you need to make a plan
to prove you’re innocence What if you can’t find proof? When you were young, a child in the neighborhood lost his toy. In the end, the toy was found in our house. You were accused of stealing. Do you remember? I remember. Who would want to steal his toy? He mocked at us for being poor. And he got scolded by me. So he secretly put the toy in our house and then said that I stole it After that, everyone thought you were a thief And you kept saying that you wanted to move. I told you not to worry about false blames. If you don’t do anything bad,
then don’t be afraid of what others say After that, that little boy tried to
use the same trick again. In the end, I caught him red-handed. And I made him apologize to you
in front of everyone else. It proved your innocence. If being framed is a momentary thing, then just bear with it. If your conscience is clear, God won’t let the culprit to continue framing you. Tian what’s wrong? Did something happen? If something happened, how can I chat with you now? Don’t argue with me. You better hurry back and report to the Emperor that you want to resign. Give me some time After I finish what I should do, I will think about it. Think about it? I don’t buy it. You said that a lot of times Never once did you do it Mother, I promise This is the last time Mother, I’m hungry Is there anything to eat? What do you want to eat? Tian, Zhesan Your Majesty, forgive me for not receiving you earlier. I brought medicine for Tian I wanna have a word with her. Tian does not want to see you Open the door Zhesan, open the door I came to see Tian Don’t be like this You can say it to me Tian, open the door!


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