The Imperial Physician 32 (English Subtitle)

The Imperial Physician SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers: Dadelus, Alina Episode 32 It’s weird. Why your mom has a book complied by Chu Hong? I also find it weird. Should we go ask your mom? Oh, no. I got beaten just by mentioning the name of Chu Hong. She would by no means tell us. Then, do you think Chu Hong is your dad? Bullshit. My dad is surnamed Zhang. He was a drunker and gambler, who ran away because of debt. My mom hated him, so changed my surname into He. Oh, I know. It must be a black, windy night when your dad was drunk. Then, Chu Hong raped your mom and had you. Well, I know. It’s still a black, windy night when your dad was drunk. Then, your mom raped Chu Hong and had you. Nonsense. It can’t be that Chu Hong raped your dad. Cheers! Congratulations to Tian for
returning to the Imperial Academy. It must be because your skills are too superb. Physician Leng should resign. Don’t talk nonsense. I respect Mr. Leng. Furthermore, it’s my mother’s credit for giving birth to a smart daughter. Absolutely. Your accomplishments are due to the fact you have inherited Madame He’s intelligence, gentleness and… …and pillar. And… I don’t know any more words. Go ahead. Did you smear honey on your lips? So sweet. Are you trying to borrow money from me? I have none. Let me tell you, I am serving the royalty now. I will pay for this entire meal. I may go buy some more wine. Here Yeah Mother, you can drink more today for celebration Come. Cheers Here Madam He Tian’s medical skill is well-known
in the Palace now. She is the Empress Dowager’s personal physician. She managed to cure the her headache. Everyone says she will surely be in charge
of the Imperial Academy. She will be the first female director. Actually, it’s not important whether she is in charge. What’s important is safety Right. Very well. Everyone in the Palace says her needles are incomparable and miraculous. Aiya Don’t say it like that. Don’t they say my acupuncture skills are inferior to him? Who? You mean the physician called Chu… Chu Hong. Right Chu Hong. Madam, He do you know that person? I don’t know him Mother, you don’t know him Then how come you have that
acupuncture book written by him? Mother When I was young, I read that book Where did you get it? I picked it up from the ground. Madam He Sometimes, love doesn’t go the way you wish. When a man chats up a woman,it’s called flirting. The other way around, it’s seducing. With mutual affections, it’s love. It’s okay. Just tell Tian. Mom. You know Chu Hong right? Tell me who is he? Let me tell you Tian From now on, do not say that name If you say that name again, don’t call me your mother She actually did get mad He Tianxin borrowed a series called Picture Book of Flowers, Plants, Birds and Beasts? Yes, exactly. Measure the size of this book series. Wait Are the volumes of this series the same as Essentials of Materia Medica? They are the same. You useless fool. No need to check! We only asked her a few questions. And Madam He got mad Things between her and Chu Hong, must not be simple. Yeah. But there’s nothing I can do
if my mother refuses to say. Then… Why don’t we ask Physician Leng? It’s quite nice of him to dress up as a guy at the Imperial Academy. There’s no use asking him. Here. You asked? He told me before, if you want to live do not look for the book. Is it really that serious? Then are you gonna continue investigating? Of course Their silence only makes me more curious. Mr. Leng, what can I do for you? Consort Mo wants you
to deliver the medicine to her Chamber. What medicine? Medicine that is good for her baby. Aiya Sorry to trouble you to prepare medicine for Consort Mo. If there isn’t anything else,
I’ll take my leave Hold on. I’ll make sure that the medicine has no problem Who knows if you want to poison Yirou? You shouldn’t think that everyone in the world
is like you Last time, you messed up with
Empress Dowager’s medicine And you are so jealous of Yirou
because the Emperor dotes on her. I have other things to do.
Hold it Wait a minute Why are you so rude? Even if you don’t want to prepare it, you don’t need to be like that What exactly do you want? Pick it up. Hurry I know that you are envious of Yirou. There’s no need for you to resort to such petty tricks. Since the medicine is spilled, shouldn’t you go and fetch another bowl? Miss Zhao, are you really going to leave? Of course If I don’t leave, I will need to marry him What if your father asks about you? How about this? I’ll get some money from the accountant. Take the money and hide yourself. Do not come back until I am back Understand? No matter what, don’t let my father hit you. Go as far as you can I won’t leave I’ll wait for you to come back Ever since young, I was the only child in the family You were like my sister If not for you I would have left this house long ago. Without you, this mansion is not fun But there’s a lot of fun in the outside world I need to go out and see Go to see Zhesan, right? Of course not. At most, I’ll tell him before I leave When will you be back? I won’t be back until the minister’s son marries someone else Your father surely won’t let
the minister break off the engagement. Then I will never come back I’ll see who can last longer. It is tough Baochuan, please come this way. Okay Why is he here? I suspect that Essentials of Materia Medica has been found by He Tianxin and Zhang Zhesan. It’s alright if they found the book. But I’m African they’d investigate the death of that physician Then where do you think is the book? I already looked into it.
It’s not with He Tianxin It should be with Zhang Zhesan Zhang Zhesan Settle down. I know you hate Zhang Zhesan. I will put my men on it. If our past secrets should be revealed, then we will be in a big trouble. OK, take this chance to get rid of Zhesan And we’d rest assured about our wealth. That’s rather interesting. Zhesan, Zhesan Zhang Zhesan Zhang Zhesan Don’t sleep, get up quickly What is it? Run away! What’s wrong? My father and Baochuan are after you Leave! Run away! What is it? What are you doing? Packing the books What? Why bother about the books? Leave These are important to Tian Help me pack up Okay Hurry Open the door Open the door! This way Open the door Search Yes Mr. Leng? Come in Are you tired? Drink some tea You’re writing? Here I’ll help you with the ink No need Is your shoulder aching? Do you need me to massage? Why are you so eagerly attentive? What do you want? I’m just expressing my gratitude to my teacher. I’m doing my duty of a student. But I want to ask you something Say it Was there a doctor named Chu Hong in the Imperial Academy? What’s the matter? I’m fine I don’t know this person Really But he seemed to be a really good physician He participated in the compiling books. Think about it If I say I don’t know him,
then I don’t know him I’m busy. Get out of here. – Think about it again.
– Why aren’t you going? Mr. Tang! I have a question for you Follow me Chu Hong? I remember this person Why are you asking about him? I heard he’s a very skillful physician So I was just wondering He was somebody Till this day, no imperial physicians can beat him in acupuncture skills. Are you okay? Yeah. You should talk to Physician Leng about this He had an intimate relationship with Chu Hong. What is it? Nothing So where is Chu Hong now? Well Nobody here wants to talk about this How come? The previous Emperor ordered the top physicians from the Imperial Academy to compile a series called ‘Essentials of Materia Medica’. Chu Hong was one of them. Not long after completion of the series, a mistake was found in the book. Thus, the book was burnt. All of the 12 physicians and their families
were executed. I see. Thank you. I’ll take my leave Ms. He! Ms. He. What is it? Let me tell you Essentials of Materia Medica has been found! How did you know? Everyone in the Palace knows And Baochuan will burn it Ms. Zhao! Aiya The number is not right. It’s less than 42 volumes. It’s less than that. Just burn it. Yes Stop what you’re doing Baochuan, you can’t burn those books Burn Yes Stop. Stop here. Make way. You can’t burn it I can’t give it to you Let go He Tianxin What are these books to you? There are the best illustrated books of medicine. It can save a lot of people Okay. Very good Very well. Xi. Yes Since she’s so fond of the books burn her along with the books Yes Stop. Go Your Majesty What are you doing? I found the flawed Essentials of Materia Medica. According to the late Emperor’s Edict,
they must be burnt. I’m carrying out the Edict here. Where did you find the books? We found it at Zhang Zhesan’s home. He also took away several volumes. At that time, who said that there was
a mistake in this series? I act according to the Edict And I don’t know other things These are over a thousand medicines in the book. It can’t be that all of them have errors And errors can always be corrected. You don’t have to burn the books. This was the previous Emperor’s Edict. Don’t listen to that physician’s blabbering These books can help doctors distinguish between medicines A good reference for prescription. Maybe, there’s a cure for the Empress Dowager’s headache But, there are mistakes in the book. What if it leads you to a wrong medicine? Are you trying to harm Her Majesty? – Your Majesty
– Okay, okay. Since not all the volumes are here, and Zhang Zhesan smuggled
these books into the Palace, these books will serve as evidence. Put the books in custody.
No one is allowed to touch them. And Baochuan. If you find Zhang Zhesan, bring him back without harming him. I will question him myself. Your Majesty… It’s settled. Sure. Retreat! Yes Go. Brother, thank you You found the book Why didn’t you tell me? We didn’t get the chance to talk to you. We didn’t do it on purpose Even though Li Baochuan didn’t destroy these books, his motive is questionable. That’s right I heard 12 physicians were killed because of the book This seems like a really big issue Since you read the books did you find anything? I haven’t finished. So I didn’t find anything Tian Do you know where is Zhesan? I don’t know I also want to find him I’m really worried about him If you have any news about him Please tell him I want to get in touch with him What’s wrong? Even if we’re able to get in touch, I don’t know if he wants to talk to me You guys haven’t made up yet You know what type of person Zhesan is He’s just short-tempered. He’ll be fine after he cools down I know his personality But what I’m worried about is we’ve drifted further and further apart Besides, I feel the same way about you The three of us used to work for the same goal Even if we went through hardships, that was my happiest days. But now, it’s all changed Oh, you’re frowning heavily again. Brother, it’s not changed We’re the same as before, having the same goal What goal? Safeguarding the books of herbal medicines Oh yeah, can you help me with something? Say it Can you write me an Edict? I want to investigate in the Ministry of Revenue What would you investigate? Among the executed physicians, my mother seems to know one of them. I want to ask her about it How come Madame He knows a physician? This I don’t know That’s why I need to find out Okay, I’ll write it out Is there anyone? Open the door Nice to meet you I’d like to know if this is Chu Hong’s home Yes There is something I need to investigate Does Physician Chu have any old neighbors or friends? Well Follow me. Go out of this gate and it’s on the right Thank you You’re welcome Is there anyone here? Anyone? Is anyone home? Sorry Who is it? – Madam
– You are? I’d like to ask you about something What is it? Do you know of a doctor named Chu Hong
from the Imperial Academy? Physician Chu? You are also a physician? Yes Come in It’s true that I delivered Physician Chu’s daughter. You’re sure about that? Oh, yes. I remember the day she was born. It was the mid-autumn festival 20 years ago. Mid-autumn festival? How can it be? What’s wrong? Nothing The child should be 20 She is about the same age as you And on her back, there is a big birthmark I remember the day she was born It was the mid-autumn festival 20 years ago. This child should be 20 And on her back, there is a big birthmark Mother Why are you home? Are you on a vacation? You don’t need to work? Go get a cup. Let’s have a drink. Come How is it going with that matter? It’s better now Better? The why is your face stern? You haven’t been back for so long Can’t you soften your face? There is something I want to ask you What kind of person was my father? Why are you talking about him out of the blue? I know he’s no good But he is still my Father I want to know more things about him He’s a bastard You don’t need to know anything about him Come drink Mother, please answer me How did my father look like?
Where was he from? Did he have other relatives? When did you get married? Mother, it seems like it’s
something you can’t talk about What is my father’s name? Since I raised you, your last name is He You don’t need to care about other things Then what’s your relation with Chu Hong? You really don’t know him? Come on. I already told you not to bring up this person If you won’t say, I’ll say it for you Chu Hong was an imperial physician. But his entire family got executed. He also had a daughter who was born on the mid-autumn festival 20 years ago. The same day as me On her back, there is a red birthmark Answer me I’m Chu Hong’s biological daughter, right? Mother I want to hear it from you Mother For 20 years, I never knew what kind of person my father was When I was young, everyone had a Father Do you know how envious I was? Right now I know that my father was a brilliant physician. Please don’t hide it from me anymore. Tian I’m going to tell you a story There was a female chef. She got to know a physician. They were as close as siblings. But then for some unknown reason, the physician’s family was sentenced to death The doctor gave his daughter to the chef He asked her to take the daughter some place far away Her real name was kept secret. He didn’t want her daughter to know her identity This is the only way her daughter can survive. This chef took the child and kept moving houses. She treated her like her own daughter They lived together for 20 years In fact, the cook wanted to tell the little girl her family origin. She wanted to let the child know her father. But she remembered what the doctor said and how his wife left the child behind reluctantly She had to ensure the safety of the little girl so that she could fulfill her parents’ wishes So… I am Chu Hong’s daughter. Tian, it’s only between you and me. Don’t let anyone else know, okay? If someone else finds out,
I will never be able to see you again Then why was my father sentenced to death? It’s already in the past. I must find out how my father died He died without a reason I won’t allow that Why? For these 20 years, I kept this secret because I need to protect your life. If anything happens to you, how can I answer to your mom and dad? You never wanted to find out the truth
behind my father’s death? What if he was a scapegoat? Haven’t you thought of redressing it? I don’t care I only want you to be safe and sound I need to know the truth Otherwise, I can never be happy Stop Mother I’m begging you Don’t look into it anymore Okay? These 20 years, I brought you along while I kept moving houses. I was subject to slander Everyone said that you were adopted. A child no one wants I bore it all. As long as you’re safe and sound, I’m not letting your dead father down. Mother I won’t let down my father Don’t worry I will take care of myself So what if you check it out? You’ll still live on in the same way As long as you’re safe and sound I beg of you Don’t let me lead a life full of worries, okay? Mother You said before if one’s frame, he must prove his innocence I’m gonna do that If you’d lose your life, there’s no point in proving it If I find out the truth I will leave the Palace and we’ll lead a happy life together And I will take care of you I will continue to talk back to you, and get scolded by you. Let me go Do not move Mother From today, stay at home. You are not allowed to go anywhere else. Mother Mother, open the door Open the door Mother Mother Open the door Tian There are guards outside with weapons. What about the pig? Forget it. Let’s go. Arrows! Mother, be careful Be careful Mother The book I’ll get it Mother Mother Mother, you’re hurt Don’t mind it. Leave. Mother Mother Mother Mother Mother How are you? Don’t move Freeze Freeze. Don’t move Don’t move. Hurry up. Freeze Don’t move Let’s go over there Come Mother, don’t move Hang on What should we do? You’re losing a lot of blood I’m fine Leave me alone. Leave before the guards come back Stay here. I’ll find some medicine Leave me alone Find a place to hide Two days from now, we will meet at Lou Village. Leave. Leave Wait for me. I’ll be right back Be careful Here’s the medicine. Goodbye. My mother’s hurt. I’m here to get medicine What medicine? Medicine for all kinds of injuries. Alright. But it’s expensive. Do you have money? I’ll pay the money later Huh? No money? No money, no medicine Get out of here Don’t come again Doctor My son has a fever He has a headache, cough and diarrhea. And also… Just a second. Hey, what are you doing? Don’t move Don’t run. Mother Mother Wake up Mother Wake up Mother Mother, wake up Did anyone follow you here? I don’t think so Don’t move, let me treat your wound Tianxin If anything happens to me You must acknowledge your origins. and get memorial get tablets for your parents. Mother, don’t say that Nothing will happen to you This is my last wish You must fulfill it. Promise me. Okay When your wound is healed we’ll do it together Don’t say anymore Is there anyone? There is no one here No one here, either Come over here You guys, come over here Villagers said the two women are hiding nearby. Search thoroughly! Yes Take a look there Sir What is it? What’s wrong? There are two women over there And one of them is hurt Where? That way Go Yes Stone Hurry How do you know we are here? I saw lots of soldiers running back and forth I wanted to see what happened Then I saw you guys What happened? Madam He Madam He, are you okay? I’m fine You can talk later. We need to leave here Okay Come to my secret spot Stone. This doesn’t involve you Leave here. It is dangerous Madam He Am I such a disloyal person? Don’t say anymore I’ll take care of this. Go.


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