The Imperial Physician 33 (English Subtitle)

~Episode 33~ Xiao Shi Tou How did you know we were here? I saw lots of generals running back and forth I wanted to see what was going on In the end I saw you guys Boss, What happened? Madam He
Madam He Madam He Madam he Are you okay? I’m fine Whatever you want to say
Say it later We need to leave here Then okay Lets bring Madam He to my secret spot Xiao Shi Tou This doesn’t involve you Leave This is dangerous Mom,am I such a disloyal person? Don’t say anymore I’ll take care of this Lets leave Art of 9 Needle… Subtitles brought to you by the Unruly Qiao team at
Viki Your Majesty This is when we were after He Tian Xin
And her Mother When this fell out of them From just a book, you can’t tell He Tian Xin is Chu Hong’s child.. Your Majesty If she isn’t Chu Hong’s daughter, then this book– Then how did this appear in He Tian Xin’s house? If it’s not like that, why did they run away? Try to piece it together. Yeah Maybe they bought the book Or borrowed it or someone gave it to them Accusing a person with only a book, is no different than unlawful imprisonment. Your Majesty Let me tell you a
Trustworthy news A person that helped Chu Shong give birth said That his daughters shoulder has This big of a birthmark Capture He Tian Xin Take a look Then we will know the truth Your Majesty Hurry and put down that order Capture He Tian Xin and get to the bottom of this! Your Majesty Your Majesty I’ve already prepared the workers Please sign and complete the order. Quick bring it over
Bring it over Hurry
Come come Here here here Your Majesty Your Majesty Aiyah Don’t tell me you are going to ignore the previous Emperor’s order to cover up a fault? Your Majesty if you do not want to take charge Then I can only go to the Empress Dowager To let Empress Dowager take charge Your Majesty If your always going to be this indecisive. Then we will both really go to Empress Dowager Wait This is an investigation oder Not a criminal order If Tian Xin loses even one strand of hair Then I will be questioning you Understood Your Majesty Please Okay Okay okay okay Your Majesty aiyah Thank you Your Majesty I will take my leave Under the Emperors order Go after He Mei Li He Tian Xin both Mother and Daughters case If someone dares to reject They shall be killed Yes If someone dares to help them They shall be killed Yes But listen up, theres an important note. Everyone listen well The criminal is already hurt Guard the medicine stores carefully, If anyone comes to buy wound-treating medicine, search them extensively. If you see anyone behaving suspiciously, arrest him immediately! If anyone dare to resist, just kill. Yes Draw according to this.
The more similar it is,the better. If the fake drawing cannot be differentiated
from the original one,that’s even better. Alright. Heres the money
Okay I’ll come back another time to pick it up. Okay? Will do. Will do. How is it? Its been solved I approached 8 stalls in total. The work will be divided. What about you? I’ve also solved it Now that there are so many stalls
helping us to copy the painting, we’ll be able to get the duplicates soon. Your plan isn’t that bad Never thought that you were that smart I have lots of good points You just haven’t noticed yet Everyone listen well Theres two criminals we need to capture If you see tell us immediately Take a good look Look look Everyone look at it clearly Theres two criminals we need to capture If you see these two You must tell us immediately If you see them,report to the court immediately! Things were quite good. We haven’t seen each other for a while Hey Why didn’t you continue your kissing? I couldn’t make my lips obey. The books are with me
They should be looking for me Why are they capturing
Xiao Tian and Madam He? Xiao Tian must have
Gotten into conflict with Li Bao Chun So they sent people after them How can Elder Brother be so unreliable? Why didn’t he protect Xiao Tian? You can’t blame the Emperor It must have been Xiao Tian
Not wanting to give the Emperor trouble Then what doe this got to do with Madam He? How would I know?
Why do you keep asking me? Think about it yourself You are also a criminal Shush Let me go Let me go Let go of me I was just trying to buy some medicine. Is there a need for you to check my relations? By the time you finish checking my identity, someone would have died.
What use do I have for the medicine then? Stop your nonsense. If you continue talking, I will arrest you too. Leave Leave leave I spit. I spit-spit-spit-spit-spit. What’s so great about the General I’m just trying to buy some medicine. Just wait until I become the Emperor I will kill you I spit! I spi- Who are you? Shush Who are you people? Eh? Brother San Octopus Girl What’s going on? Why did you quarrel with the guards? I wanted to buy some antiseptic. But they said that they will only allow
the patients to buy medicine by themselves. They also said that it’s a court’s order. What kind of logic is that? Then what do you need the antiseptic for? Did your there get inflamed? What? Madam H is hurt Madam He’s hurt? Where are they At my secret place
Follow me Xiao Tian Mmmhm I’m fine You should hurry up and leave Mother you’re at it again You are already having a fever.
Don’t act strong anymore. I’m as strong as a bull. Losing some blood, having fever, none of it matters. Mother
Don’t joke around We are very safe here No one will know The only way we will be safe now,is to leave the Capital. The further we are from the Capital,
the safer we will be. Mother
You raised me for 20 years Now it’s my turn to take care of you Yes I raised you for 20 years for what Its to keep you safe and sound Now there’s generals chasing us Theres 8 (out of 10) percent that they
Found out about your identity If you get caught, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to escape anymore. Just stay far away. Change your name Move to a new place After a long while They will forget about this I won’t hide. I haven’t done anything wrong Why must I hide? That is not important What’s important is I don’t want you to die before me. Hurry leave Listen to your Mothers words Once I’m healed I will come and find you Mother it doesn’t matter if we’ll be able
to get through this difficulty. We need to face it together I will not leave you behind Understand Get some rest. Xiao Tian Xiao Tian
We’re back Second Brother and Xiang Ning are back.
I’ll go there first. Buddy Lets
Talk by the river Okay So you’re actually the descendant
of a famous physician? And your medical knowledge
is passed down from your family? It’s a pity that the “Art of 9 needles” my father left to me Have been taken by Li Bao Chuan It’s okay
I’ll steal it back for you A fugitive like you should behave yourself. But thats what Xiao Tians Father left behind Right now I’m worried about my Mother not the books My Mothers wound is deep I do not have enough medicines If I keep putting it off Im scared Then what should we do? Do you need us to get it Yes To stop the bleeding and cure the inflammation,
I will need a few herbs. Then what should we do? Just now when Xiao Shi Tou
Wanted to by the medicine They wouldn’t allow him to I think I need to get it from the Royal Clinic You’re dumb
There’s more Generals there that wants to catch you They want to catch you No You can’t go
You’ll die I will be very careful I know the work schedule in the Imperial Hospital.
Maybe I can sneak inside. I wont allow it It’s too dangerous Leave the medicine to me
I’ll get it Eh No
I won’t allow it You’re a criminal
And you’re in danger How funny My martial arts are good
They can’t catch me Eh How about this I sneak back home And steal the medicine from there Don’t bother If you go back your Father will capture you You won’t be able to come out You can’t even come up with another plan Second Brother I don’t want to drag you into my problems Xiao Tian We’re sworn Sister and Brothers Your Mother is my Mother Don’t say anymore I’ll get the medicine Xiao Shi Tou Don’t play anymore. Bring the prescription list over. Alright! Coming Brother San Here Xiao Tian You and Octopus Girl take good care of Madam He Xiao Shi Tou be a good look out Don’t play around
Understand Yes Brother San Second Brother
Thank you I’m leaving I’m leaving Ai Be careful Eh He can’t read words Subtitles brought to you by the Unruly Qiao team at
Viki Hey hey hey Shush Mister Zhang Why are you dressed as an Eunuch? You don’t understand. It’s my hobby. Huh? My hobby. Oh Is my teacher okay? Still okay. Just encountered a minor problem. Problem?! Shush What problem? Hey
Here she wrote it down Help me get the medicine Get medicine Shush 2 days ago I went over to clean up There’s no more medicine Then get it from the Royal Clinic As fast as you can I’ll wait for you
Shush Hehe I know I know Here Shhh Zi Cao – 35grams, Dang Gui-Dang Gui – 35 grams, Huang La – 15grams, La Shu Pi – 5 grams,
Shi Qi – 15 grams. Do you have a heart? It’s a miracle you’re still alive. Tian Qi… Zi Cao…? You’re here to steal things? I… I I what? Where did you get the medicine list from? This Umm this This Is
Who are you helping to steal the medicine? Its the girls from the Harem
That told me to steal the medicine They are not feeling well This is I wrote the list myself What right do you have to prescribe medicine? I’m from the Imperial Clinic! I see you acting so sneakily You definitely have a problem You Someone Report to Eunuch Li Huh Am I right I’ll take it then talk That fast The Ling Chun medicine is here. Don’t move don’t move Mister Zhang Mister Zhang this has nothing to do with me Sorry I Zhang Zhe San He Tian Xin told you to
Come to the palace to steal medicines Where is she It’s my thigh,feet and butt that are aching. It has nothing to do with anyone How meaningful Don’t want to open your mouth. I have a plan to make you talk Take him away. Yes Hurry leave hurry walk Hurry Go Mister Zhang Walk you walk Go Hurry Hurry go Cui Huan This time you’ve caught that Zhang Zhe San You deserve much credit. Talk what reward do you want? Eunuch Li, Cui Huan does not want any reward I just want to stay by your side To help you sort out the problems And help you with it Your little mouth is so sweet. Aiya Since you are serving Concubine Mo,
how is her situation? She is coping well with her pregnancy. Everything is going well No… If you were to work under me, who will serve Concubine Mo? Of course I will be the one looking after Yuh Oh Helping her isn’t it helping Eunuch Li Good good good How meaningful Well said. Your little mouth is so sweet. I’ll promote you to officer. From today onwards,you must take care of
Concubine Mo’s daily needs. But there is one thing… You must report her every move to me. Understand Cui Huan understands Second Brother has been gone for a long time He must have been held back because he can’t read. Xiao Tian Lets wait and see If anything then I’ll go get the medicine If things still don’t work out,I’ll expose my identity. I’ll see if anyone still dares
to not sell the medicine to me. Don’t What if the Generals catches you How am I supposed to tell Second Brother Xiao Tian… Xiao Tian Xiao Tian Mother Xiao Tian How is it Zhang Zhe San Hurry tell me Where is He Tian Xin Grand Secretary is asking you Hurry reply I’ll hit I already told you I don’t know I can’t do anything about it Keep hitting Keep hitting till he talks Yes Are you gonna tell Say it Hurry say it Xiao San Just hurry and tell us You can save yourself from a few whips. I’ll beat you to death Older Sister Use more energy Hit me more Still dare to talk back? Wait Zhang Zhe San You keep protecting He Tian Xin Do you have some sort of secret I don’t have any secret How come you gusy want to find her so badly Do you have a guilty conscience? Do you have some kind of unspeakable secret? Mister Eunuch I see this just wasting our time Torture him! Yes Wait and see Aiya This time,I must do it myself. Here
Spit it Hehehe Aiya Your pair of eyes look not bad. Should I put it on your left eye first Or your right eye first Eunuch I have something to tell you Ohh more meaning You want to say it Talk I stole your “Precious” Huh I at first wanted to give it back to you But I accidentally let the pigs ate it. I could only put a turtle inside. See if that has any meaning You rascal Huh You you I understand I understand your meaning You want me to give you a fast beating right Hurry I’m afraid that your sword is blunt. This is good. Stop Your Majesty Why did you torture him? Your Majesty He is hiding He Tian Xin. It is only right for me to use torture methods on him. Yeah Your Majesty Zhang Zhe San smuggled books out of the palace. I already gave the order to question him myself. Why did you still torture him without my consent? Your Majesty I’m only carrying out the investigation according to the pervious Emperor’s order. Please don’t put me in a difficult spot. Capturing He Tian Xin is another thing that I want to participate in. If there is any progress in the case, You need to report it first Eunuch Li Grand Secretary Zhao Grand Secretary Zhao I only wish to do something for the late Emperor.
And do my duties as his son. I only wish to do something for the late Emperor. And carry out my duties as his son. Surely you won’t disagree? But.. but but Release Zhang Zhe San Xiao Xi Zi,Xiao Gui Zi, Your Majesty said it Hurry release him Yes Aiya Zhang Zhe San,you will be detained in the mean time. I’ll question you another day. That’s all for today. Leave. Leave! Are you okay? I’m fine You Are you still angry with me? Am I such a petty person? Next time come earlier Oh yeah I’m fine But Madam He is hurt I couldn’t ge the medicine Quickly get some medicine from the Imperial Hospital.
Then go and see them. Where are they Do you know where is Xiao Shi Tou’s tree house? i know I know They’re over there
Hurry go I will save you How is Zhang Zhe San now Is his wound deep Just minor injuries. He’s alright. I’ll take care of Xiao San You two think of a plan to get him out Elder Brother I’m giving you trouble again Sorry It’s not the time for you to apologise. You should go back and take care of Madame He now. After a few days I will think of a way to get all of you to Jiang Nan. Don’t come back to the Capital anymore. Elder Brother I don’t want to spend my days hiding This is the late Emperor’s order. I-I can’t go against it. Xiao Tian,I think that it’s better for you
to lie low for awhile. Your Majesty Can’t you think of a way to retract that order? That’s impossible I’ll think of a way to redress the case instead. Give me some time I will investigate the case
Find out what happened that time Elder Brother This is my problem I should be the one doing it I had enough of taking refuge. I want to go back and face everything. No you can’t go If you go then you will die Dead for sure If my father did commit a crime I’m willing to recieve the punishment But if my father did nothing wrong I want to seek justice for my father and the 12 physicians from Imperial Hospital. Elder Brother Xiang Ning You guys are going to
Have to take care of my Mother That is no problem But Once you go,what are you going to do I will go to the Law Enforcement Department
and lodge a complaint. Who do you want to lodge a complaint against? Your father. Subtitles brought to you by the Unruly Qiao team at
Viki Stop beating! Stop beating! He Tian Xin you are a fugitive. Shouldn’t you be hiding rather than beating the drum here? You are asking for death! What kind of complaint are you lodging? Since my conscience is clear,I have nothing to hide. I need to see the Emperor This is my complaint form. You You may be alive when you beat the drum, but you will be dead before you can seek justice. Capture her Pluck off her clothes. See if she has a birthmark Yes Don’t I am indeed Chu Hong’s daughter. uhh Eunuch Eunuch This has meaning Okay You even confessed this. It will be easy for me. Twenty years ago,
when I was confiscating your family properties, I let a little brat like you escape. Today, I will let you reunite with your father and mother! Eunuch Li everyone saw me beating the drum. If you want to kill me you must wait till I finish complaining. Okay Complain to Hades when you are in Hell. Capture her According to the late Emperor’s order, since Chu Tian Xin escaped her crimes for 20 years, by right she should be executed on the spot. Do it. Yes Halt! Do it! I already told you to stop why did you carry on with the punishment? Li Bao Chuan Do you still hold me in regard? Your Majesty I have captured the criminal. By right she should be executed. It’s the late Emperor’s order! I wasn’t opposing the order. Your Majesty My name is Chu Tian Xin. I am the daughter of
Physician Chu Hong from 20 years ago. Today,I beat the drum to seek redress of grievances. I’m sincerely asking you to uphold justice. Stand up then talk Yes Your Majesty Your Majesty Chu Tian Xin should have been dead 20 years ago. This was the late Emperor’s order. If we don’t execute her now, we will be letting the late Emperor down. I’m so sorry! 20 years ago Chu Tian Xin was just an infant. How could she commit a crime? Even if there was a crime,
it was the crime of being related to a criminal. Today,she risked her life to file a complaint. I’ll handle this impartially. Follow me into the palace. I will question you personally. Your Majesty Your Majesty This has meaning Hurry walk Chu Tian Xin, aren’t you going to lodge a complaint? Okay Get across this path while kneeling. Shout out your grievances loudly. Hu The Emperor is coming Your Majesty Your Majesty Aiya Your Majesty Your Majesty you are here Aiya Your Majesty Chu Tian Xin is here to seek redress, not receive punishment. Remove the stones. And let her walk over. Your Majesty Your Majesty, since she beat the drum to file a complaint, she has alerted the heaven. It’s not a small matter. If we let her cross over so easily, we’ll have to do the same for others.
We cannot allow this to happen. Yeah Your Majesty If we allow this to happen, everyone will be coming here to lodge a complaint. Then won’t you have to abandon the court affairs and investigate cases everyday? I told you to remove the stones! Your Majesty I’m Chu Tian Xin,a commoner. I came here to seek redress of grievances
on my father’s behalf. I am the descendant of Physician Chu Hong. I am an orphan whose entire family got executed. I’m unwilling to accept the verdict. I want to complain about the late emperor’s
inability to differentiate right from wrong. He destroyed the books that can save everyone. Secondly,he toyed with human lives
by making my innocent parents suffer wrongful deaths. That’s enough Don’t crawl anymore Block His Majesty. Stop His Majesty. Thirdly, Thirdly… Thirdly,the late Emperor was useless for
allowing his subordinates to harm the righteous. Your Majesty Please help me… By upholding justice! I understand. I understand now! Stand up Yes Your Majesty Xiao Tian! Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Xiao Tian! Xiao Tian Hurry call a Physician Someone Call a Physician Call a Physician Your Majesty. This Grand Secretary and Li Bao Chuan,
the way you treated me, I will always remember this This has no meaning Chu Tian Xin actually The way the Emperor dealt with things today, tells me that he was already aware of the situation. The Emperor might have instructed her
to lodge a complaint. He was trying to make use of this opportunity
to help Chu Tian Xin escape her crime. I am not blur. The Emperor helped Chu Tian Xin
to escape her crimes everytime. Don’t worry and don’t panic. I am not panicking. I’m just disappointed. Chu Tian Xin has been in the palace for so long. If you got rid of her earlier, things wouldn’t have turned out this way. Now everyone knows of it. Aiyah. Grand Secretary… 20 years ago,we made a grave mistake. But we are still fine now,aren’t we? She’s just a little brat. It won’t be hard to handle. Okay? She’s right in front of you
and yet,you still can’t kill her. Now that Ben Chao (the books) is out in the open again, and the Emperor is getting involved in the investigation, don’t ever say that we are on the same boat again. Or that we are locusts on a rope. If there is even a tiny mistake,the boat will capsize and
both of us won’t even have corpses left to bury. To think that you are the person-in-charge
of the six departments. Everyone is your subordinate. How can you still be afraid of a little lass? Huh? I’m just afraid that our misdeeds will be exposed. It’s alright if you die. Don’t drag me down to hell with you. How can you say such awful things? You should have thought of what will happen today when you did this at that time. If something should happen to me, you are going down with me. Are you threatening me? I’m not threatening you. It’s just a reminder. The luxury you enjoyed this 20 years…
I risked my life to earn it! I am your boss! You! You better be more polite
when you speak to me next time! Really damn interesting. Eunuch Li,you are leaving? Get lost! Grand Secretary What is it? Miss is back Huh Say it again I beg you to release Zhang Zhe San He is my saviour I beg you release him You really don’t have any shame! You appeared in public with him. And even shared a room with him. You have ruined your own reputation and made me lose face! Now,you still want me to release him? You have really gone overboard! I raised you and fathered you. Not only did you not show filial piety, you even talked back to me because of him! In your eyes do you see me your Father? Father I came here to reason with you. Not to start a fight I beg you please release Zhang Zhe San In your dreams Zhang Zhe San is a criminal Even if I don’t kill him, I will make him half-dead. Otherwise,I won’t be able to vent my hatred! Then you can take it as you don’t have a daughter! What did you say? Say it again? Father If you dare to even touch Zhang Zhe San, then I will never step foot into this house again, no matter what happens. Very good If you have what it takes, Then leave right now Once you leave I’ll kill Ming Qing And then kill Zhang Zhe San I’ll see what you will do to me! Father Don’t make it difficult for Ming Qing I promise you As long as you release Zhang Zhe San I will never take one step out of the house I will behave myself and get married to the Minister’s son. Do you mean what you say? Father Under my Mothers name I swear Your daughter will do what she says Okay I promise You Open the door Zhang Zhe San Come out You can leave Can you guys not tempt me? You see that I don’t have enough criminal records So you want to make me get charged
with the crime of escaping from prison too? No What do you mean by this? I’m leaving I’m really leaving I Leaving I’m leaving Subtitles brought to you by the Unruly Qiao team at
Viki I’m really leaving Hey This is not right There must be a trap somewhere. Open the door I don’t want to leave I want go back in Open the door Aiyoo I didn’t runaway Mister Zhang Why is it you? It wouldn’t be you who got them to release me I don’t have that type of power It’s Miss Don’t play with me anymore. How can Octopus Girl have that type of power To get you out She agreed to the Minister son’s proposal Mistress wants you to leave the Capital quickly. She gave you this money
to cover your travelling expenses. From now on she won’t be bothering you Hope that you will take care
Of yourself and stay healthy You said it as if it’s true. There is a problem There must be a problem Octopus Girl Octopus Girl I’m calling you
Hurry come out I saw you already. Why are you glaring at me? I don’t believe Octopus Girl will
Obediently marry someone She must have forged some documents to make the Law Enforcement Department release me. Mister Zhang,please mind your manners. When someone tried to harm you after you were exiled,
who risked her life to save you? When you were injured,who stayed by your side
and looked after you the entire time? To save you
Miss,sacrificed her happiness But what she got in exchange,was your mocking. I feel that it was not worth it for her. Octopus Girl is really getting married? It’s absolutely true. Ai She is being detained in name only.
Actually,she is being protected. The Emperor is very protective of Chu Tian Xin. Look,he even dares to defy the late Emperor’s order. If there’s anything you want me to do, you can just say it. You are a concubine now.
As a servant,how would I dare to give you an order? But to complete the mission given by the late Emperor, I’ll have to ask you to help me make some inquiries. What is the Emperor trying to achieve by giving a performance of
lodging a complaint with Chu Tian Xin? Helping you is one of my duties. But the Emperor hasn’t been to
Chu Xiu Chamber for a long time. Making inquiries… This isn’t something I can do in a short period of time. If it’s urgent, then I can’t be of help to you. You are becoming more interesting. But it can’t be helped. The Emperor is dealing with Chu Tian Xin’s case now. He won’t have time to come to Chu Xiu Chamber. But if he really goes to Chu Xiu Chamber, how long more can you
keep up the pretence of being pregnant?


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