how do you do my name is Dan McDonald my friends call me Ronald but don't make the mistake thinking there's gonna be any burgers served up around here no check this out we got the ultimate old truck lemon ginger blast ten point oh the evolution of the LGB yeah you think the LGB means lemon ginger blast but let me tell you the truth a secret that nobody knows LGB actually stands for love gratitude and blessings and that's what this juice drink is I drink it every day you've seen me make it before but not this version so we're gonna have some fun today hang out and get inspired to cleanse heal detoxify regenerate and create transformation in our lives okay you'll see that I've got the basics here and I'm gonna just get started so that I can make sure we keep this as short and succinct as possible apple lemon cucumber celery the cilantro mint tumeric and ginger and then I got some other goodies over here and some alchemy to show you as we rock and roll here so I'm gonna go with the lemons the apples it's gonna take a little while I just got my green star juicer here the Island of Hawaii decided to adopt me and it looks like it wants me to stay for a while there are many many indications coming from the islands that would like me to do so so I accept the invitation I'm glad to be home the tropics is the place where human beings thrive now yes of course yes of course you have to eat according to the environment that you're in but I believe that since we don't have fur that the tropics it just feels the most comfortable I pretty much I wake up with shorts and I go to bed with shorts and all throughout the day I don't need a shirt unless I go to the gym or something like that you know what I mean so it goes to show you that we really fit in here and I'm very comfortable from morning noon and night with only shorts and then so that gives you the breathing of the skin that gives you the sunlight the fresh air you know so it's just an indication that our ideal environment is tropical and we'll go into some other training so that's why I don't judge people for eating meat I mean you wouldn't want to criticize an Eskimo you're not I mean aren't you a raw vegan you pass you know you're so stupid you're ruining the planet but that yeah Eskimos would be like WTA this guy's crazy you know I'm saying so there's no room for judgment but I'm just saying like I'm blessed because I could do the lemon ginger blast and the fruit and vegetable diet I live mostly in California it gets a little more difficult up towards Seattle Canada I know you're really difficult Alaska you're out of out of business to get down here into the you know get down here to the tropics and you're pretty much able to and it's the most biologically appropriate because that's the most biologically appropriate environment in my opinion at this time and I guess that's why I ended up here because nature God wanted to take DTM to the next level so I give thanks and I give praise for the guidance that led me back home so I'm doing a tumeric here you know tumeric is major anti-inflammatory it's all over body tonic is going to fire purify or regenerate or antioxidants so a lot of tumeric in there ginger as well and digestive aid of cardio tonic you know purifying the blood vessels and whatnot same thing with the apples the opposition with the pectins and the apples you keep your blood Beit is clear it also helps to keep the colon clear more so when you leave the fiber in but when you get to a higher level and you want to create transformation the liquid Aryan diet is extremely beneficial now most people can't handle it because what will happen is your lifetime of buried emotions after two or three or four days on juice or whatever or minimalist eating you know we use food to suppress our emotions and that's okay there's nothing wrong with that it's just there comes a time when you fit it into your schedule that you're ready to go to the next level emotionally and spiritually like for example yesterday was a juice thing right with all these herbs which accelerate the process by awakening the brain creating circulation to the brain and a higher level of awareness and so what happens is you become more attuned to what's going on inside your chest and you may find out for example yes today was the Day of Rage huh isn't that amazing Dan McDonald the peace love and hippie vegan enraged in my heart at the end justices that took place in my childhood you know but that's ok I could have ate some stuff I looked at some fad I did some other stuff but I was going through it and I consciously decided hey it's a good idea to go to the beach do some breath work and feel these feelings so what happened is I was wise enough to do that and process myself emotionally and then I woke up today on a whole nother level and that's generally how it happens when you can suppress for an entire lifetime with food not just cooked food but mostly cooked food you know you go on the scale junk food will just keep you dead asleep forever doughnuts and junk crap but just keeps you dead asleep with toxins in it bile acidic food but when you're living off more of the biogenic and bioactive foods and becomes more difficult to hide yourself with your emotions because your mind clear is that you know what I mean and as your mind clears up there's nowhere to run from your emotions and then you give up all the drugs and the drinking of the partying then the escape mechanisms because you want to go on that inward journey and find the treasure of your golden heart that illuminates you and lift you up to a higher level of consciousness of spirituality so that you can be more joyful and I'm not saying that all your problems are gonna be solved and you won't have ups and downs anymore I'm just saying that as you clear cleanse heal and purify your heart things get a little bit easier they get a little bit better you get to be more humbled you see the qualities that are more negative that you want to let go of and you see more positive qualities that you want to adopt and adapt and bring into your experience humility being one of them you know you know if possible because you know I'm just doing my thing here on the YouTube let's see it's all a compensation mechanism for the lack of self-worth so all the judgments and things like that I can forgive and I could see the innocent people because hey they were right Dan McDonald is a showboat and he is trying to overcompensate for you know so forgive me I forgive you everybody's innocent peace be with you thank God thank mother nature thanks you know I mean it's all good right we're square we're even we're chillin we're on the bass line you and me one it's all good I'm glad we could come to that conclusion thank you very much and peace be with you again so we got the cilantro here heavy-metal purifier organic all this is organic a lot of it is biodynamic and true Dannic or as Doug likes to call it here on the farm more organic which I like that too Jamis chairman calls it true Ganic either way you know some of the bigger farms and stuff you go right back into the mono cropping and it's technically organic according to the certification industries but it's not necessarily truly at the level where you're having biodiversity within the plants where the plants themselves are shading and they're their own insecticides and things like that and there's just more power that's what you got going here that's why these herbs are so awesome and that's why it curates a transformational process not only a grounding but a cleansing and an illuminating the spirit so I'm chilling here in Hawaii and just loving it I think I might send one of the other videos that I've been adopted as the chef here the maintenance man as well as doing some marketing as well I love that because it's really testing my skills and also at the same time just really playing with the herbs learning a lot and just having an awesome time with myself and really appreciating life at this moment a happier than I've ever been I want to spread that little around but not too much yeah that's a funny thing all the sudden I'm over here tan above and Hawaii melts that I'm getting off emails ladies all around the world was going on ladies come on back y'all know I'm in love with God in mother nature I'm taking I'm just joking around but it's kind of funny that has been happening like it's probably all that like it's DTM global Hollow chill and you know like the dudes finally starting to chill out you know what I mean I mean I can get hyped up on these videos but I can drop the Hat and be like you I'm Sheldon – Solomon I'm super relaxed mellow grounded shell but I love to talk fast on these videos and get a lot of information and inspiration just talk to you about my life because it's an awesome life and I would only want an awesome life for you their family massive abundance radiant health and a deep spiritual connection with all of life happiness joy childlike joy and bliss my boys are I hang out with these younger dudes mannequins you know I'm saying they're like gardeners teaching me all this stuff feels like oh you can have this piece of land I'm like for real I don't even know what the hell to do with I my green thumb is like oh man I mean I have a lot to learn I'm gonna learn but man when I grow my garden vallejo its sucked because I just didn't couldn't get the soil right I had no idea I did grow some great tomatoes but you know I I don't know that much about the soil and how to make it right so I might have to hire some people and stuff like that and you know your own fresh food whatnot so so much more powerful to go out to pluck and eat because these all these plants were but the apples are the only thing that are not well I think the celery might be from the mainland – apples and celery I don't think celery girl is hearing what it does is kind of funky but I so i think that i think that the apples in the celery might be from the mainland which is cool cuz it's an elegy b and i got a roll like that i didn't have one like three weeks so my juicer can know we had some over to retrieve but it was made in a centrifugal juicer and i mean do what you got to do till you can do it but then get a green star for real you don't have a green star your trip it is the best juicer that there is you know what i mean it just does it it just keeps it structured it's just like it's easy and convenient and you get the highest amount of yield out of your herbs and your fruits and your vegetables there's some other juices that have pros and comments with the overall the best juicer in my opinion is the green star after using 20 different juicers all these years champion Jack LaLanne gravels and triple goal you know the Omega I'm talking about health at a whole another level and I was talking to my friend Jennifer at the healthy Hut over here and she was like yeah I'm the low-fat raw vegan 80/10/10 I'm like right on that's kind of how I roll sometimes except I'm like a low-fat high-fat vegan because sometimes I'll tear it up and all the needs of avocados and olive oil you know you were fast coconut that's my favorite but avocados are really good too but anyways sometimes what happens is like yesterday you get to clean these to clear you can't hang you know I mean because you get to clear you got to deal with your stuff and it's better to go eat a little something something come back down which is fine but if you really want to create transformation you say honey or whatever I got to go take a break up maybe go for a walk through the woods and it go down to the beach that's where I wanted yesterday I went down to the beach took my clothes off later the sand pre-meditated breathwork got grounded i grounded in all that hostility but I just let it go there wasn't really anyone or anything in particular it was just you know and then I just realized I'm gonna decide to live a life where I focus on the Oh going over on the of people and it's true they really are nobody ever meant to do no harm mama daddy all that stuff they never meant to hurt nobody it's all good so here's the gota kola oh boy love the cola baby love the goat dakota for real top-end high-end power doesn't take much but it goes right to the dome it cleans the brain out brain detoxification with gota kola now they have it here in someone's a formulas I mean obviously I'm always gonna be one to prefer fresh is best but the dried herbs the next best thing you know they have that here in the wide pharmacy which is like an epic place so epic I'm so blessed to be here super duper blessed to be here it's like a real true blessing from God like here Dan you've been through a lot you've been working on yourself for a long time let me give you a gift and these people are so sweet and Jenna and I are both like the chatty Cathy's so we get into it and start talk talk talking a lot of great ideas around here about how to continue to improve their service to the world these herbs are amazing that was the Tulsi by the way which is again for the brain and enlightenment as well as the lungs and the heart so Tulsi which is also known as holy basil what I do is like a really light on the ashwagandha and there's some seeds here baby so I get the double whammy again this is one of my favorite if I go really like just one little sprig Allah and I just go like that it's kind of got a bitter connotation to it but it's still pretty legit and then these little bad boys these little Thai peppers are grown in the garden there's something to put in three of those maybe five which is the equivalents about two habaneros I'll have the hot peppers for my morning meal which is that new I eat drink one juice that news and then have a maybe a free snack in the middle of the day if I need it but I try to do my best to make it to the evening meal where I might have another tonic and then a salad or just the salad or some nice I just have a fruit meal like Lee jeans baby leech oh my god look it was Jacqueline that waited for this my entire life it's a soft buttery juicy fruit' dead right jackfruit party I'll probably take it down for me to be my boyfriend those soak in the springs today they're at work on the farm I'm here making videos entertaining you today and educating I hope here's some lemon balm and this is really good for the nerves this has helped me to calm down that you wouldn't notice it on this video but I do amp it up a little bit for the camera and then I go back into Dan McDonald mode and then I could go back into the life regenerator mode you know it's like this little thing it's pretty cool a lot of fun anyways where we at DTM how you doing so there you go that's the the ultimate LGB love gratitude and blessings at another level of epicness and now I'm going to show you the final phase see that's the chronic miss of the herbs right there that's all you need are those bad boys you throw that in there yes the alchemy the medicine the medicinal herbs thrown into a lemon ginger blast now here is the next level next step can you see that okay there we go I'm gonna hook it up here with the ultimate ultimate because the aloe is a level of Awesomeness that is that goes into the GI tract and keeps everything SuperDuper healthy so I'm just gonna fillet this really quick yeah I got the jackfruit at the farmers market – I'm stoked I got the mangoes that are just boom man epic lychees er just epic these oranges sapote babe baby and you know these pineapples here actually ripe they're not like the ones on the mainland and they're not moldy on the bottom and so they're actually ripe so the enzymes are right and there's no acid mouth you know what I mean which was always a bummer very rarely could you get a ripe pineapple in the mainland you know so I'm just gonna make a filet here of this aloe and then I'll show you what I'll do with that because you can access allo I'm just gonna put a little bit of that in there and then I'm just gonna take a little bit of the juice not all of it but just enough to cover the blades and to stir in the aloe which is just a real true regenerator of your GI tract a soother a cooler anyone with inflammation oh man everybody has digestive problems like everybody I talked to they talked they're like you're the raw food guy it's like yep and they're like oh I can't digest it's like oh lord have mercy that's because we've been living wrong for too long so but for me I'm the lucky one I wish I could tell you how I do it but I do do with the enzymes the probiotics the fruits the vegetables I do the fasting and I'll take time between meals and skip a meal and build up your desire to eat and that way the food is absorbed better just miss a meal you know or just have juice for meals it's how orange juice for a meal I mean there might be two cleansing for something but it's a process that if you work your way up to like fruitarian herbalism like fruits for meals and herbs for you know for your healing and your detox and your breath and your armpits and your hair and your teeth and your eyes and then the then the juices is kind of like the next level where you're like just you know cuz this isn't yeah you're not gonna find this in nature but this is kind of a like a evolution of life like liquid Aryan like yes some fibers good I like to have a salad at night or some fruit lychees to keep the GI tract formed well if you drink juice for like a year your your GI tract and shrink with that be okay you would adapt to it it's amazing what the body is I know about adaptability the law of adaption is amazing most people have no clue what that means but it just means that you can adapt to anything you can adapt to meet but doesn't necessarily mean it's the best and if you're going to eat meat it's like certain things like yeah the fats in the meat the proteins you don't really need a successive stimulation but it's actually not that big a deal but I'm just saying eat it raw I would eat everything raw cuz the raw fats and that's why the Eskimos did not get hypertension and have heart attacks until the Western diet came in and they started cooking their fish scene I mean cooked fats are a whole cooked cooked salmon is different than we're all salmon the fats you have an understanding of it it's very easy to understand no problem but anyway so I don't want to take up too much of your time but I could educate like a fire because I do love that many many of you will be like yeah I keep going down I dig it you know I'm saying that for sure so I'm gonna give this a stir there we go that that that a low just gives it a nice thick awesome miss so what I'm gonna do is I'll show you I did this on another video but just in case you're a newbie here I take this this is what keeps me on a whole nother level baby for real whole nother level I got them a little canister here ding I take a little I take some enzyme this is what this is what keeps me just powered up at the highest levels half a teaspoon of enzymes and then what and then you know I use those enzymes to activate these herbs the endurance formula kaboom Oh which is taking my energy strength and health to the next level I've been hitting the gym every day and then still having a lot of energy left so I'm gonna take that right there knock that back because that's the ultimate way to do it enzymes with dried powdered adaptogenic herbs oh yeah oh yeah mm-hmm so if you can do that they've got enzyme cleaning around or whatever and you want to get some of the endurance powder I recommend that it's really really good for energy it's really good for the libido I think I said that in the last video so I'm repeating myself now but anyways ultimate LGB love gratitude and blessings hope you learned something today I really hope you enjoying your life thank you so much for giving this video a thumbs up subscribing to these videos and if you want to you can check out my online course at regenerate your life org for juicing mastery and you can learn how to do all this and become a master and take the juicing to the next level because the daily juicing habit with the enzymes in the herbs will keep you from being able to go back to pizza and drugs and drinking and coffee so you do the daily juicing habit knock back some zaimes and then the next thing you know you just can't go back to those old habits but you have to committed to the new ones can you dig it baby ah I'll tell you right now that that never ever gets old

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