The Last Game My Dad Ever Played…

WOO! YEAH! So you guys probably heard about this thing, this little guy right here… The NES Classic Edition. It’s a mini little… NES In the fashion of the original But this time, it’s got some games baked into it People were all fired up, all fired up They loved it! Makes sense, you know? Nostalgia, It sells. It came out around Christmas So I didn’t have a chance to get my hands on one. Until… …my good friends at Analog e-mailed me and said, “Oh, you think Nintendo themselves are the only ones who can do a mini edition?” “We can do one, too!” I made a video for them a while back–actually two. OHH Comes with the Gold Legend of Zelda Cartridge! AM I YELLING?! (Blows On Cartridge) I’ll put a link in the description if you haven’t seen that yet. But they shrunk down their package as well and altering a couple of other things… …and they’re ready to take on, the Classic Mini NES. This is not really a remake, In the sense that you can’t put your old cartridges in here. But with the analog product, you can take any old NES cartridge …throw it in here and live it up like it’s 19…89. this thing is almost like a piece of art..if you’ve haven’t seen one of these before You got Analouge up on the top, in gold Ohh This makes the third colour option I’ve had from these guys And it is quite a bit smaller The classic ports for your controllers..four ports One is for… The U.S.- the NES cartridge that you’re familiar with And then the other one is for- check this guy out right here they included this as well Some original Mario that never made it over here I- I dunno, I can’t read Japanese I believe these are called Famicom games This is what I’m talkin’ about that guy right there Originally released in Japan as the family computer There ya go history lesson there’s an SD card slot we’ve got analog ports and then we’ve also got HDMI so this is what gets people excited alright, cool an HDMI cable in the box! The wireless controller, alright so that’s one of the criticisms of the NES Classic Edition The Classic controller has a very short cable


  1. The damn underwater stage was enough of a reason not to play that game ever again. Give me the arcade Ninja Turtles games over this one any day.

  2. A life lesson from me to everyone…
    NEVER blow into the bottom of your Cartridge! (the humidity of your breath can cause graphical glitches or errors to your game)

    If you have an old-school videogame cartridge, please keep that in mind 😀

  3. I thought it was going to be sad, like he died playing it. But in reality he was just saying that his dad never played another video game after that. Misinterpretation…

  4. I m surprised to see these many comments but none which tell u that u get the mushroom for power up and the things u kill are called goombas and koopas

  5. I can't even right now my dad just said how bout dat when the cash me outside girl came on. This is why I watch my therapy alone 😂😂

  6. I can actually check the last game my dad ever played. His steam account is still there and it's like a countdown clock of the days since his death.

    It was Borderlands 2, by the way. 313 days ago.

  7. This guy is a noob at retro Mario. Srsly, he called the Goombas, "mushrooms" and the Fire Flowers, "fire juice" seriously dude?!

  8. I used to have an nes classic, but I got rid of it, to make up of my lost Kirby’s adventure save on there, I got nightmare in dreamland on virtual console

  9. They need to make a sun that works with the new tv's so we can play Duck Hunt again….tell them to do this Lew! use your influence!

  10. Hey Dad got me a rip off version of the NES classic for Christmas. It looks kind of cool. But it's very bad. The thing is, I don't mind.😏

  11. Bought my Dad a PS4 and now he is kicking people’s butt on Hawken ( a mech warrior type game)

  12. Ok the did a attari Nintendo super Nes and Sega mini edition ……when is it or did they do Dreamcast or N64 mini wireless controls HD 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. Can anyone PLEASE tell me is there a Sega Genesis mini with built in games wireless controls HDMI system

  14. A moment of silence for Lewis's father's gaming career

    Short lived forever remembered


    👕 ⛪

  15. Oh man.TNMT and Contra, that were my last games on Terminator console – yellow cassette you had before. Jesus… nostalgia. Friends and I , we were going once per month on the market to trade games that we finished. If you give the seller a cassette you need only to pay for new title 1.5$. And we had each like 60-100 cassettes. Oh maaaan… those were the days. My fav. ninja was Don. 😀

  16. When I watched this video I thought this was going to be really sad but I’m so happy your Dad never passed away 😃

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