The Life of a Surgical Nurse at Johns Hopkins Medicine

nurses are the backbone of the healthcare team the thirst that is starting off in the 21st century needs to be someone who is willing to work in a environment where there is a lot of collaboration there are amazing opportunities for nurses at Johns Hopkins they can start off as a generalist and work on one of our surgical and medical units or they could go right into a specialty like cardiac surgery which is a very exciting especially given some of the procedures that are only done here at Johns Hopkins and they truly work as part of an interdisciplinary team if you want to be part of a very intense – team the rewards can be incredible you're encouraged to grow both academically and professionally so it really requires nurses that are interested in increasing their technical skills their critical thinking as well as their patient advocacy we have a Killion dollar new hospital which is absolutely beautiful it's all set up to make it easy for all of us to do our job nurses here at Johns Hopkins would love what they do they love what they do in the operating room they love the relationship they have a physician through highly value their skills expertise and compassion doctors nurses social workers go home at night feeling they're doing something very valuable and very important pretty exciting place to work


  1. Great sales pitch for Johns Hopkins but little in the way of information on what nurses do as part of a surgical team.

  2. Hello i want ask something, what is the first step to become a nurse surgical? And how? Because im so interesting to become a nurse surgical but i dont know what can i do and prepare to become nurse surgical. Please give me answer and some tips please

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