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I would have to change who I am to be a member of your church. The language would be repentant. There needs to be some repentance here. For my marriage? Yes. What the hell have I gotten myself into. Hi, I’m Grace Baldridge. I’m a lesbian, big shock. And I’m also a Christian. As the daughter of an Episcopal priest, I
was raised in the rectory. And I built a strong connection to my faith,
although I eventually swapped out the christian rock for creepy folk music. Anyway, as a queer Christian, there is an undeniable tension between my faith and my community. In a time where it seems division is favored
over discourse– –I want to start a dialogue: good, bad or
downright sacrilegious. Fortunately, God gave me a curious mind and
access to a film crew, so I’m going to reach across the aisle, or pew I guess, to see if we can break bread or if we’ll continue to throw stones. Atlanta, Georgia is a metropolitan city located
in the Bible Belt. It’s the perfect intersection of faith and
the queer community. Sometimes they turn out. There are over a thousand places of worship
in 132 square miles and their annual pride celebration has over 300,000 participants. Pride is a place to build love, hope and inspiration. This is honestly the most makeup I’ve worn
in years. But there is always someone there to rain
on the parades. Pun intended. We’ve become all too familiar with what this
form of bigotry looks like. From funerals to pride parades, these street
preachers condemn entire communities in the name of God, by way of megaphones and tacky
signs. Probably One Direction. This is Ruben Israel. I recognized him because I’ve seen him at
LA Pride over the last five years. He’s probably somewhere over here, or there,
or here. You get it. I’m concerned about our country, and I’m concerned
about where it’s heading. We’re the buzzing, irritating noise that you
can’t help but see. Do you feel that people on the other side of the barricade, when you’re picketing, feel love from your group? We have this terminology today called “tough love”. Why can’t you at least file me in a box of tough love? In all my years of talking to people on the street, most people have heard God loves them. So we took a census. And what we found was that people do generally believe that God loves them but often do not experience love from people who believe in him. My mom loves me, my sister loves me, my brother loves me, my friends love me, regardless if I’m gay. So it doesn’t matter! Willfully ignorant Christians like Ruben, don’t rock me anymore. But the impact of this kind of intolerance is undeniable. I’m in Piedmont Park, the home base for Atlanta pride festivities, to meet with Peter Nunn. Peter is a hairstylist, husband, dog parent, and a conversion therapy survivor. I firmly believed that God didn’t want me to be gay and that he was all powerful and he could fix it. At the age of 15, unbeknownst to him, Peter was sent to a therapy center in Iowa by his parents. My dad took me on a trip and didn’t tell me where we were going. And then, I remember very well, we were in a layover in Saint Louis and he told me that he was taking me to a therapy center in Iowa to fix whatever weird sexual shit was going on with me. Then he told me that if that didn’t work, that he was going to send me to a military school to try to make me a man. Conversion or reparative therapy is the practice of trying to change an individual’s sexual orientation using psychological or spiritual interventions. Conversion therapy has been around since the 19th century, utilizing methods ranging from invasive questioning to electroshock. These practices have since been opposed by the American Medical Association, The American Psychiatric Association, the Pan American Health Organization and more. What were some of the lines of questioning that you remember particularly well. A lot of stuff about if I had ever been molested, if I had masterbated. One of the therapists asking the size of my penis. But then it went back to, “You have to fight this. You have to be fixed.” What was that five year period like when you got back. I would spend every Sunday in church praying and crying, every night in bed praying and crying for these desires to go away. I was probably at an all time low. After years of battling depression and trying to pray the gay away, it was Atlanta Pride that inspired Peter to finally commit to loving himself. During the parade, the PFLAG group marched by and they were holding signs that said “I love my lesbian daughter,” or “I love my gay son.” And I just…I wanted that so much. And not just from family or from friends,
but I wanted to love myself that way. Peter is one of the 350,000 LGBTQ Americans to endure conversion therapy as an adolescent. Conversion therapy for minors remains legal in 36 states. Peter’s journey to self-acceptance led him to explore and question his faith, and he’s not alone in that. Many queer people wrestle with faith, myself included. And while I’ve arrived at a point of reconciliation, others take a very different road. So I am on my way to meet Jackie Hill Perry, which is a sentence I really did not think I would ever say. Jackie Hill Perry is a wife, mother, teacher,
author, poet, and an ex-lesbian. This means that, despite experiencing same sex attraction, Jackie has chosen to commit to a heterosexual relationship with her husband, Preston. I’ve been watching Jackie’s videos for years. Because I’ve always had a fascination with understanding people that I disagree with. You have already been deceived if you think sex is not included in the discussion about what God is lord over. Jackie did not experience conversion therapy, but at the age of 19, she felt God speak to her and reveal the sin in her life, both holistically and with regards to her sexuality. You are in what, I think a lot of people would view, as a very conventionally heterosexual relationship. Absolutely. How do you define yourself though? I define myself as Christian. I just feel like it’s unhelpful to define my personhood by what I am attracted to or who I like, but rather, who do I serve? Do you still experience same sex attraction? Yeah. Women are still pretty, and women are still beautiful. And I think that there are still things about women that compel me to want to know them more than what I believe is okay. There’s no secrecy, it’s not my vulnerability, so he knows where I am, if I’m having a dream about my ex-girlfriend, he knows about it. To this day? Yeah. Really? I think it’s definitely something that I can
see myself wrestling with and wrestling through, probably until the day I go to glory. I was struck by how open Jackie was with me about her struggles. And how supportive a relationship she’s built with Preston, but I was still struggling with the way that many churches prescribed Jackie’s message as the only resolution to faith and sexuality. I wonder, what is your opinion of reparative conversion therapy? I’m not a fan just because I don’t believe
that God’s heart is to change people’s orientation. I don’t see God calling people to be straight, I see him calling people to be holy. Do you think that you have more in common with me, or with the protesters that I spoke with yesterday. I have nothing in common with them. The way it’s presented is sinful. Some of the conclusions they come to about people– indignifying them, is sinful. I think they tend to fall more on the Pharisees side than Jesus’s side. Why do you think that you’re grouped in with a lot of this hateful rhetoric that we hear from the Christian community about the LGBT community and how do you feel about that? I think people have used testimonies such as mine to weaponize people, or be used as a weapon to abuse and to be harmful and to lack empathy. There isn’t an affirming from me from some of the perspectives that you hold, but also I think the love is, that I don’t feel the
need to constantly tell you I disagree. In your view, is my marriage to my wife a
cross of mine? If we were, I guess, to apply that to you, the marriage and the relationship is something to put on the cross. Oh. So my marriage is like, no you gotta…divorce? That’s a lot of paperwork, Jackie. I don’t know what kind of time you think I have. But even if I agreed with you I don’t have
the brain power for a divorce. Jackie and I spoke for hours and she had her own questions for me. She asked me what advice I would give to Christians like her. I’ve talked to a lot of people this weekend who have been really, really hurt. Your way of dealing with things is closer
to the side that is causing harm and that spike in suicide rates and a great deal of
hurt, than the side of Christianity that I associate with. I know that you do everything with love and I believe that you believe everything you say. And I believe you have a beautiful life, but I do think that there is a lot of pain being caused in the church right now and it’s sort of a problem that they don’t want to deal with. And I don’t think that they want to discuss Christians like me, that we exist. LGBTQ adolescents that experience conversion therapy or rejections from their families and faith communities are 8 times more likely to attempt suicide than those from accepting environments. I’ve never been to a Baptist service before, I don’t think. Yeah? Did I do that right? This trip is going–I’m doubting everything. I’m doubting my faith, my abilities to drive a car… Am I even gay?! I am, I’m very gay. That part hasn’t changed. This is Leea Allen, a seminary student and
a parishioner at Park Avenue Baptist Church. That’s right folks, this is an affirming Baptist church. One of only a handful in the entire state of Georgia. I think it was a surreal moment for me, when I realized that I found a place like this. That was, not just feeding me emotionally
and making me feel loved and being surrounded by such a diverse and inclusive community, but feeding me spiritually. A recent study found that more than 40 percent of queer people identify as Christian. So to invalidate our existence is both damaging and misguided. The fact of the matter is, Christians like me do exist. The park avenue service not only exceeded
my expectations, it torpedoed them. Because these parishioners have found a place
of restoration, in a faith group that so often casts them out. It was an experience that I will never forget. She wasn’t ready for the spirit! Same! I just thought I was coming to church. You are coming to church, honey! That’s how it works. I told Leea, “There’s a good chance I’m gonna cry.” Second song in. There she goes. Listen, you can’t control the holy ghost, honey. When she wants to come up and say that you
are loved, you gotta just receive it. In this unique baptist church, people feel
God’s love, regardless of who they are. But for Leea, raised a traditional Baptist,
coming out led to divisions at church, and among family members. She came in the room and shook me and was
like, “You’re not gay.” And she was crying over me and you know, telling
the demon to come out. And “I wish you were dead, rather than be
gay.” I was so shocked. And I was also disappointed in myself, because
I knew that this was a moment where they weren’t proud of me. In that moment you felt disappointment? Yeah. A lot of shame. Yeah, I went through, over the next few years,
from that moment, coming in and out of the closet, trying to convince myself and tell
them, “You’re right. I’m not gay anymore, I’m gonna marry a man. I’m gonna have kids.” And mentally and emotionally I went to a very,
very dark place. Leea’s path was not an easy one, but it was
their faith that led them to a life affirming realization. There’s no division in me of being black and
being non-binary and being attracted to women. The sacred, the secular, it’s all one spirit
that was divinely created. God intentionally designed me to be different. And how beautifully diverse is God’s creation? You know? Unfortunately people limit God and limit the
possibilities of God when they do that. Was there are particular turning point to
you in how you got to who I’m meeting now? I find confidence in knowing that there’s
a God who is so much bigger than the judgement of narrow minded people try to make God out
to be. I call God “mother”, “woman”. I think God must be a woman because– Ariana Grande did make that very clear. The prophet, Ariana Grande, she did say! In the end I came to a point where I decided
I wasn’t a believer. Christianity has done a lot of harm to the
LGBTQ community throughout history. If you are part of a belief system that has
systemically done harm to people, are you in any way contributing toward that harm by
attaching that name of “Christian” or “believer” or whatever it is to yourself. God is so vast, and so expansive and so big
and so mysterious that God can be called my many names. Just know God exists. God is who God is. I am that I am. And how powerful is that. I think it’s a lot easier to say you are gay
or you’re Christian, you can’t be both. The way we interpret scripture is so different
that it isn’t even an agree to disagree. It’s just we disagree. I think people with my position and people
with your position, we need to be friends more often. And we need to talk, and we need to understand
each other’s perspectives and we need to dialogue and challenge each other on things. And I think that cannot happen unless we’re
willing to be uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable can be a good thing. I feel inspired to keep stepping outside my
comfort zone, in the hopes of bridging these cultural, spiritual and political divides. So…no pressure, Grace.


  1. Why do you have to introduce every person that has a dog as a parent? Having a dog doesn't make you a parent it makes you a pet owner.

  2. Some of your statements are gas lighting comments that foster arguments not conversation. If you don’t want to accept the whole Bible then don’t be Christian, if you don’t want to accept the whole Qu’ran then don’t be Muslim etc.

  3. Immediately I think that these people who push and run these "conversion therapies" have deep, self-identity issues that they tragically take out on others.

  4. Grace is an amazing reporter; she has such a way with people and an immense amount of strength and composure.

  5. Since I was a kid I saw that everybody was different but also very similar so I never saw the big deal with homosexuality.
    I just thought we are all different and thoughts the differences made us interesting….

  6. Conversion therapy is bollocks and is very cruel. I HATE that people are submitted to 'therapy', leaving them lost and disbelieving their own bodies and minds. And believe me, 'God' does not care a photon ! Grace you're one of a kind !❤

  7. nothing to do with the content of this video but i really like grace’s personality and her ability to listen to other opinions

  8. Sodom & Gomorrah were destroyed coz there were allot of gay practices. That means God Hates it. Anyways, who am I to judge.!!!…

  9. "Tough Love" involves honesty via the Truth that God has inscribed in His Word… Not Humiliation via useless name-calling.

  10. That dialog you had with Jackie Hill-Perry is so beautiful! Hard uncomfortable questions with a lot of kindness, respect and honesty. It's how I wish more Christians deal with their LGBTQ stance–human dignity and the Christlike love Christians believe in first, and agree to disagree.

  11. Those people with those signs are pushing people away from God. All that does is make them more distant to him. NO ONE is going to basically change their mind because of a sign. You want homosexual people to repent and come to God? Find another way to make them closer not push them away. PERIOD

  12. I feel bad for Preston and I’m genuinely confused as to why he doesn’t think he deserves someone who is sincerely in love with him rather than someone who is with him simply for the sake of trying to live “holy.”

  13. As a dedicated Catholic, I will openly admit that I don’t agree with people having homosexual relationships, but I will never give anyone a hard time for being homosexual. Jesus teaches us that “Those of you who are without sin, throw the first stone.” In other words, you only have the authority to judge others if you are perfect and no human is perfect. I have friends who are LGBT, and we get along just fine. They know my position on their sexuality, but we are still good friends.

  14. Amen, Leea!
    God does not make mistakes, but we humans do. God created both straight and gay, but we humans have made barriers and stigma. Love is love

  15. I used to go to an Adventist summer camp when I was younger. I didn't stop going because it was bad, but because I became busy. Anyway, this camp was one of the most accepting that I have seen. There, we felt safe and literally told each other everything. No matter what we believed, we were family and loved each other.
    PSR was awesome

  16. Me if i was in anti gay therapy
    Therapist: ok, let's get something straight here-
    Me: not me ya ass (flicks them off)
    Therapist: DID YOU JUST-
    Me: what's that? Oh, i can't hear you. Did you say get out? Ok (gets up, bitch slaps them and leaves)

  17. If jackie really is sexually attracted to her husband then ig shes just bi? She said she is still attracted to women but is married to a man. I mean she could just be bi or pan but chose to be with a guy. I'm pan but I married a man (because I love him and I always have I was definitely attracted to him) but thats not to say I'm not still pansexual. And if she doesnt want to identify as LGBT thats her prerogative. I do feel however that if she is a lesbian full on and is forcing herself to be with a man just because of Christianity shes only setting herself up for a life of unhappiness and lying to herself which is not good and will only cause hurt. How does her husband feel knowing shes not attracted to him the way wives typically are to a husband. And its sad. God says come as you are. God would love you regardless of your sexual orientation. Jesus died on the criss for us our sins are already forgiven as long as we believe in God as our lord and saviour who we are attracted to matters so little. Bottom line is dont force yourself to be something your not but dont force yourself into a label either. Perhaps she thought she was lesbian but found oit shes attracted to males too. Who knows. All I want is for everyone to accept eachother regardless of who you choose to love

  18. Just make a straight to gay conversion

    If that’s the only way to show these morons that a person can’t just change who their attracted to

    Then I say go for it

    It’s as simple as that

    If homophobes are that dumb to think u can just change sexual attraction put them in a straight conversion therapy

    Isn’t that another one of their arguments is that gays are trying to change straights to be gay

    Wht are straights doing? Lol

  19. Yes, God is love but God also has laws. Just like how parents love their children but have rules that their kids have to follow. It's very clear in the Bible what God says about same sex relationships; that's the very reason Sodom and Gomorah was destroyed in the Bible (because in that city, men were sleeping with men and woman with woman). To completely ignore what God says in the Bible about same sex relationships, is like saying that God doesn't know what He is talking about, and that you are above God; the person who created the heavens and the earth and created You. I don't agree with how some Christian protesters get their message across (the protesters in the video above acted more like the Pharisees of the Bible, and were not a good representation of God's love). But just because a Christian does not agree with a gay person's lifestyle, doesn't make them intolerant. We can love the person but dislike their lifestyle, just like I can love someone who smokes cigarettes but dislike their choice of smoking. The notion that because Christians don't agree with the gay lifestyle that they are intolerant, makes no sense. Just because I don't accept your lifestyle doesn't mean I hate you. In fact if I don't love my fellow man/woman, that would make me NOT a Christian, because God is love and if we have no love, that shows that we do not know God. God is love, but God also has Laws.. we can't skip over that fact, and make up our own version of the Bible that suits are lifestyle.

  20. This was absolutely beautiful. So many things I didn’t know existed. Amazing to see this all happening in my city.

  21. i love how people are just using the protesters as background props to take awesome kissing photos in front of lmaoo

  22. Dear black people…. Isnt it hypocritical of Jackie to claim she "switched" her sexuality because of the bible…. the same bible that white supremacists quote in telling how whites are superior than any other race? I mean really? It wasnt that long ago that people shook the bible saying blacks were bad. Now, theyve stopped that and shake the same bible to gays. I dont give a shit what someones interpretation is – I love everyone, and I know God wants me to as well. Even if he didnt, I STILL would love everyone. #StopTheHate Be who you WANT to be, not what others want to see.

  23. Christianity hasn’t done harm to people; the people that you have encountered have done harm to you. There are extremist in everything. You are deceiving yourself if you think otherwise. I think open dialogue needs to continue to happen, because every believer does not spew hate. Moreover, God is Love, but He is also Correction. There is indeed a standard of Holiness that is required. And as a person who has also decided to live a heterosexual lifestyle, we must recognize sin as such. Accepting Jesus as Lord of our lives means that we must be willing to examine the parts of our lives that are contrary to the Word of God. I love Him because He is not asking us to fix ourselves on our own or be perfect. But by His love, by His power, with time things CAN CHANGE FOR US. Jesus can heal those areas that NO ONE ELSE CAN REACH. We just have to be willing enough to take that first step by faith & willing to let go of what you’ve always known for the wonderful New Life that He promises. Most times we have just gotten comfortable in our sin and attached to the people that support it; even though we may feel a pull to come out of it. Sometimes we may be afraid or unsure if we are going to have to walk this journey alone. But I dare you to try God and watch Him send an awesome group of people to support you on your NEW JOURNEY!🙌🏿 I am living witness that your life will never be the same and THAT GOD WILL EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS OF HIM. I love you all to life & God bless u😇💜

  24. @Refinery29 I would love to see the unedited interview between Jackie and Grace. I think we can all learn from their conversation.

  25. Being a Christian and having same sex attraction are 2 different situations. When one soul believes in Christ and accepts His sacrifice that is a huge miracle… that makes you a Christian. Battling with same sex attraction is a temptation problem…. it’s not an identity. Some people battle with eating a whole cake… others battle with the desire to steal… and so forth. The Lord expects His children to read the Bible and obey it… Romans tells us that 2 of the same sexes together was not what He intended. The Bible tells us not to steal and not to be glutinous… There are disobedient Christians out there. We all sin everyday and need to seek forgiveness. Sexual immorality will send you to where you don’t want to go…. dating same or opposite genders and having sex when not married is the same in God eyes it’s sin….

  26. these people,

    i have no clue whats running through their heads,

    but protesting at funerals,

    that is just twisted, ಠ_ಠ

  27. tough love is when jesus died on the cross, not becoming the people who condemned him and and his followers in those days

  28. “Little children (believers, dear ones), you are of God and you belong to Him and have [already] overcome them [the agents of the antichrist]; because He who is in you is greater than he (Satan) who is in the world [of sinful mankind]. They [who teach twisted doctrine] are of the world and belong to it; therefore they speak from the [viewpoint of the] world [with its immoral freedom and baseless theories—demanding compliance with their opinions and ridiculing the values of the upright], and the [gullible one of the] world listens closely and pays attention to them. We [who teach God’s word] are from God [energized by the Holy Spirit], and whoever knows God [through personal experience] listens to us [and has a deeper understanding of Him]. Whoever is not of God does not listen to us. By this we know [without any doubt] the spirit of truth [motivated by God] and the spirit of error [motivated by Satan].”
    ‭‭1 JOHN‬ ‭4:4-6‬ ‭AMP‬‬

  29. As a Christian I get annoyed when I goers standing on streets with banners filled with hate. If the only things you learn about God and jesus are that God is love and Jesus never condemned he only showed love, that's the true meaning of being a follower of Christ. I too think conversion therapy is abhorrent and should be outlawed and any parent who is found or reported to have put their child through it should be charged with child abuse crimes as well as those carrying it out.

  30. Another way religious extremism is fundamentally responsible for gay-bashing, unnecessary guilt, hate crimes, sexual disorders, depression, bigotry, and suicide.

  31. Wasn’t even half way in before I started crying! 😭 as a bi Christian who has grown up in the south, it pains me that there is no church like this one near me for others here that are going through a difficult time

  32. I can’t wait till I have children and can let them know that they can be free to be whoever they want to be without judgement. And I can’t wait for a society where this judgement is a minority belief. Might not happen till I’m old but I believe it will happen in my lifetime (at least in the first world sphere) and I can’t wait! 🖤

  33. If God created us as imperfect vessels. Then doesn't that mean we're meant to learn from those differences. Not condemn an harm those who are different from u. The Bible was written by man there for manipulated by man. See I don't understand if u believe in God but u don't believe in ghosts. Cuz God is a spirit of love an acceptance. God doesn't hate nor take his love from us cuz we're imperfect cuz he made us so to learn from each other. U can't use God to change an condemn what he himself created u to be. Be it gay, straight, bi, or trans. An I was raised Catholic with as much guilt as the other "religions" an as much confusion. Cuz what I saw an what herd didn't match. Cuz we were born to be sinners. God made us who he wanted us to be. Gay or straight it we as a ppl who got it wrong by using God to hate on an person different from u. We're not ment to be perfect to another's version of God's idea they've gotten wrong.
    Live your life be who God created. Be a blue bunny with a unicorn tail. If God created made u then ur perfect the way you are 💯%.✌💗😊❣

  34. That’s nice and all but the Bible says what it says we can retell our fairytales anyway we want but the words are the words. So instead of apologist bs let’s try believing in science and logic and leave Harry Potter Edward n Bella and Jesus as fun hobby’s and good books but don’t make it weird #there is no god (or Harry PotteR) sorry everyone 😢😢😢😢😢

  35. I'm a heterosexual but there is something I want to share with everybody: The most difficult thing in life is to find the love of your life! Never be ashamed who that person is. It is simply not important what other poeple think or say! They don't live your life, – and they don't make you happy anyway. Life is too short to think about what others think about you.

  36. I wish I could see more of Jackie and Grace! The conversation was so open, so healthy, and so vulnerable.

  37. This documentary made me cry. Being a Christian, it is so sad how these people will call themselves " Christ like" when they reflect nothing of what Christ stood for.

  38. I admit, I sometimes watch your videos out of curiosity even though I can't quite bring myself to agree with you religiously. (Disclaimer: I'm all about spirituality, but my lifetime of experience has taught me that religion is just a social construct and, more often than not, a tool for control and oppression. To me, religion is a place where morally corrupt people are quick to find power and their abusive ways are excused or accepted far too easily. While I know religious people who I admire greatly, I tend to admire them in spite of their stated beliefs rather than because of them.)

    Why am I oversharing? Because for the very first time in my adult life, I'm going to find a way to donate to a church. That last Baptist one you visited has some amazing people doing amazing work. I don't particularly want to support the Baptist church as an organization, but I want to support those Baptists as the people they are, and the work they are doing. We need more of this in the world.

  39. The 'ex lesbian' (which is not actually a thing) talked about dreams of her ex girlfriend and women are pretty yadda yadda, do you want to :&@* these women? Yes or No? So much beating around the bush *pun intended.

  40. Heterosexuals aren't going to heaven for being heterosexual, just like homosexuals aren't going to hell for being homosexual.

  41. I was waiting for someone to open the bible. But that didn't happened. Read your bible. Never take anyone's word. Pray and read. God will reveal the truth. Not people's opinion.

  42. People in the media are always focusing on hostility between Christians and gay people. We need more videos like this, and we need to focus on what brings us together as Christians. Jesus never told people to be physically or verbally abusive to gay people.

  43. We’re at a point in Christianity where people don’t care if you can back it up with the Bible. Their feelings, desires, and emotions override what scripture says. They don’t follow Christ they follow self 😣 Please open your Bible people! Yes God loves you but He hates the act of homosexuality. So sad satan has deceived so many.

  44. GUYS READ THE BIBLE!!! 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 , they are not ignorant they are preaching what the Bible actually says… let’s stop acting fr

  45. My faith is UNIVERSAL. Everyone has thier right to believe. To love that person. Live that life. Live your truth❤

  46. I feel sad for jackie. She has a beautiful family, I hope her children Bring her joy and her husband is kind and good to her. But there is a lot of sadness in her eyes. I hope one day she knows God loves her the way she is and doesn't see her sexuality as a sin… Just a part of who she is!

  47. Grace is an absolutely fantastic reporter. Her questions were very purposeful and tactful; they allowed even those we don't agree with a place to be speak and be heard. Regardless of whether we want to hear someone's logic we don't agree with, we HAVE to listen if we ever have plans of being less divided.

  48. Peter fucking broke my heart. I'm bi, and I have three gay uncles (scientists might have a chance of finding a gay gene in my family), and I would be so mad – like a violent rage – if they wanted to change them or dehumanise them in this way.

  49. Please kindly DONOT undergo conversion therapy. please love yourself the way you are and to hell with what anyone else thinks.

  50. I love Jackie. I think most people — if not all people — are capable of being bisexual. However, most people choose to not engage in homosexual/bisexual behavior because people reap greater meaning in heterosexual marriage and traditional faith in their own culture. I belong to a non-western culture. Cultures outside of the West emphasize family and faith a lot more. Go Jackie — what a remarkable woman of color!

  51. Religion has nothing to do with the opposition of homosexuality and transgenders. The shit is biologically wrong and pointless

  52. If you think about it, being homophobic is the gayest thing ever because your just siting around all day thinking about what other people do with their genitalia

  53. God is so big and powerful but he can’t protect children from being sexually molested

  54. I see God like Leea does, too big to be put in one tiny box, this is really amazing video with aome really great ppl in it. Im so glad you made this. Thank you

  55. Grace is so so good! Patient, intelligent, always well informed and open to other opinions. Hope her career will continue blossoming, she deserves it

  56. I came out as bisexual in 2016, but only expressed myself when it got to 2019. His reaction was bad, it hurt me, it cut something, i trust him less. In Brazil homophobia is very strong, it hurts when he makes a face, an angry face, about this subject. I'm agnostic, sometimes I feel awful about who I'm right now, sometimes I love myself fully.

  57. I’ve not been to conversion therapy but, had been forced to “pray the gay away” or in my case Pan/Genderqueer. I’m currently still a unicorn 🦄.

  58. So sad, that people use religion as weapon against love and compassion. I know there are also good Christians. I moved away from Christianity and became a Buddhist monk. I talk regularly with people of other faiths, and I support some people who have been abused in such camps but also other institutions. Live in France, but hope to make a Merit Tour in the USA/ Canada in a few months. The goal of my life is only to benefit others.

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