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we're taking incredibly bright compassionate talented people who want to go into medicine and help people and we're putting them into this toxic environment where they're being asked to do an amount of work that is simply not reasonable and that's what's making students and trainees and clinicians and practice sick and then on top of that we make them sick and then we make it impossible for them to get care because of the stigma that we attach to it depression in medicine is incredibly common and it really begins in medical school continues in residency and in our practice throughout our lives so about one in four medical students at any point in time says that they're depressed about 40% of residents experience severe depression in just the first year and about twice as many physicians as the general population currently identify as having depression and it's been estimated that about a million patients a year lose their doctor to suicide so I think when we think about those numbers as physicians it's very shocking to us because there is such a cloud of silence over this problem because we have a lot of stigma about mental illness in our own profession so there's an idea that if you're a physician and you experience depression or other kinds of mental illness or distress then you may not be fit to practice medicine and this has important implications for patients because when doctors are sick it's largely because the places that they work are dysfunctional so we're asking residents to do more work than as humanly possible we're asking them to do the work of two and a half full-time employees for years and we're taking away the precious time that they have to sleep to recuperate in between shifts and unfortunately also the time that they have to spend with patients because there's just so much paperwork and clicking and administrative tasks that we ask residents to do the same things that are making doctors sick are the things that make it difficult to provide good patient centered care if we encourage doctors to be healthy to prioritize their own health and to be allowed to admit vulnerability then doctors are gonna continue to practice for a lot longer and they're also going to feel empowered to fight for their individual patients but also for a better system to take care of people hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching


  1. "Mental illness" is nothing but a whitewashed to excuse their behavior without faced the consequences. Congratulations NBC News, you're part of another fake news next ABC News!!

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