The Minnesota Cancer Clinical Trials Network: Bringing Clinical Trials to You

when I first meet a patient and I'm developing their treatment plan the first question I always ask myself is is there an appropriate clinical trial for this patient a clinical trial is a process in which medicine finds out the best treatment we often think about the new chemo drug that's going to cure cancer but then also importantly is how can we diagnose cancer early and what we can do to prevent it twice are designed to be very very safe we have a scientific review process where the science is solid behind that particular trial I have acute myeloid leukemia they participate or have participated in different studies they treat you like you're the most important person in the world it doesn't feel like they have 16 other people's paper stuffed in their pockets for the vast majority of cancers there is still no cure but there are a lot of great ideas that have been developed in the labs that show incredible promise so it's really important to continue to move these clinical trials forward safely but as rapidly as possible so that patients can hopefully have better outcomes I feel good that I was able to maybe help and maybe change somebody else's situation in the future and there's no reason that it can't change my situation either this is a snapshot from TPT partnerships telling local stories that inspire and educate to see more stories like this go to TPT originals org a co-production of Twin Cities PBS and the Masonic Cancer Center University of Minnesota creating a collaborative research environment applying knowledge and sharing its discoveries funding has been provided by

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