The Nepalese Honey That Makes People Hallucinate

either somebody’s watching by opening to achieve it by a bunny i disavow disk are ending up a heavy I did not around in Monte William uncie hot patella kangaroo showed me just how much is on bus just tell about the castle just over that is a huge drop and they look totally comfortable it’s getting ready they’re like having a chuckle your Portugal I’m engine turns over nigiri Idaho for sequiny we need any a little acne alcohol carioca no dinner buddy mud zero a minute buddy like a many part myself as you Gaza say thank you for that facility [Music] people drive like maniacs kind of in come on dude there’s a weird order to it so everyone’s sort of you know manages not to kill each other like every five seconds even though it feels like it we’re heading west into the Annapurna Mountains basically the foothills of the Himalayas and we’re going to meet up with a guru it’s a community indigenous to this region of Nepal and twice a year they harvest honey from these very high cliffs it’s one of the oldest methods of harvesting honey in the world and this time of year in the spring that honey is rich with rhododendron pollen which has a psychedelic effect we’re not exactly sure what the effect is or how they use it but we’re gonna join them on their honey hunt and try some of the honey and see what the effects are we came to Nepal seeking a rare intoxicant known as mad honey a wild honey infused with a substance called Briana toxin that comes from rhododendron flowers mad honey has a range of reputations from an aphrodisiac to a cure-all medicine a deadly poison and a powerful psychedelic drug to find out what mad honey is to the groom we embarked on a long journey through the mountains of Nepal to the tiny Guram village of tallow Tipler that is an incredible view it’s just so vast once you get up here you can just see for miles it’s kind of hard to describe or capture this sheer magnitude of how far and how deep these mountains go when the paved roads came to an end a group of guren came to help us hike 3 more hours up to their village this is the man right here Mingma he’s our Sherpa we have 13 guys carrying her stuff there’s all the camera gear and everything and they showed me how to carry their baskets earlier using their foreheads I gave it a try it’s it’s a little more of nagato get the incheon kilometers got there yeah that’s fun DRA this is how people tend to roll out here so I gotta say I kind of feel like a bitch for not carrying my own stuff but you know When in Rome right when in unimportant that’s like a thing to like you know we got all this hiking gear these guys are wearing like flip-flops and like a short-sleeve button-down and they’re just doing it there’s like trudging up like they’re taking the subway all right you ready made my buddy ready all right let’s do it Jenna so as we were hiking up just now dude got who’s one of our Porter’s said he had a little treat in his pocket it looks like can I see what’s this right here gets ya gone jack that’s a ball a hash so how did you make this Gonzales City Bologna with Nick all these meters of the media and it’s all columns and you got little cookie that’s crazy I’ve tried making finger hash before it’s it takes a minute it takes a lot of rubbing I mean this guy did it we’re about to get to the groom village that we’re visiting it sounds like there’s gonna be like a little Welcome Party happening the growing have lived in remote villages in these mountains for centuries their culture is still steeped in tradition like honey hunting which has been passed down for longer than anyone can remember they also know how to throw a party and the local chief was eager to welcome us with a taste of their way of life or three there’s a three drink minimum hair Deena get in your lace come on get it going though founder – come on get in my network in Versace gorneo so this is a beverage called Roxy it’s made with millet um it tastes a little like sake as remote as this place is everyone’s got their cell phones out there snapping pictures and stuff a couple people just added me on Facebook so you know even though we’re really far out things are changing clearly [Music] [Music] so as long as this village has been here your people have been hunting honey why do you guys do it you do go I was Tama Baba’s I did seeker general oh dear modiji care economy ever start Kira Aleta yes Lady viola great emptiness Watney by de maría de hirohiko saw a yellow suit ago group mother Provenza desk are indeed uh the chimp Anthony elechi Kira he goes home so what’s special about the honey that we’re gonna be harvesting now you’re Portugal I need the entry wounds Evan the giddy I label was cheap money we need I need a little acne Calkins I usually like you in it Montilla look at the after departure and NASA so I look at the come days of study data she chose to disentangle sir Jerry pray oh god no hoon Dana badi-ma added some time of the conversation I would say who exactly are the honey hunters from the groom tribe Haru GU room banana justice ellis cose it even got on sunday just got another only monthly will you monthly hard Kootenai Congress having it is a helluva man John possible just tell him I think our system these are grown people have a special connection with the bees who are making this honey Willy economy twat easy will they do vote for stick top oh I’m in Edina Saigon say that irony I’m so losing so we do need a chef a critic let Diego cheese just Carol any single thing someone de Barros it was as night fell on table chip what the girls sacrificed a chicken and performed a religious ceremony for the cliff God’s to ensure everyone’s safety for the hunt the next [Music] we’re at the top of the hill the bees have already started coming out good to be over here can somebody swat that off for me you got that thank you yeah where’s where’s the Hat where’s my hat give me my hat everyone’s kind of got a makeshift B mask on and couple guys are cooking up some frogs in there it seems like it’s kind of an event go he’s hanging out there’s bees everywhere since we got to the top of the hill our camera guy Billy got stung in the back so I know he probably hates holding that camera right now because these things hurt look at the size of these bees like that’s why they catch one to show you but like look at these they’re massive are you guys expecting a good harvest this year a lovely lovely someone let’s go use initiative eight Toki give the city laws already I’m the chap my exit is another kind of other general Garre can imagine it that of another it sounds like you guys use it medicinally but like this stuff like you up you know and gets you high so you guys use it recreationally as well you’re high with your mind today talk to Lulu Nikolas body to nurse Angela still gotten very pleased ready for ultimate ready yeah ready all right let’s go [Music] so now they’re making the ladder we’ve got these two super thick ropes that are made of braided strips of bamboo and they basically have like shards of wood with arrowheads carved into either end that they’re jamming in so they’re making pretty quick work of it from bottom to top they’ve already got a bunch of the rungs in and they’re gonna hang this thing down over the edge and some lunatics gonna go harvest honey durga is showing me how to chop down leaves so basically we’re gonna gather these up and this is what they use to burn to create that smoke down at the bottom of the cliff and at the top of the cliff to ward off the bees hopefully pop you you saw take me huh you see how swole up his hands are right now it’s because he’s been stung by bees just relentlessly on his hand a lot of the guys at the camp have a kind of puffed up hands right now it seems that it’s almost like a sport like everyone has their own role of their own position and they all have this common goal of harvesting the honey and everyone sort of rallies around it more like it’s it’s a game but of course there’s definitely a very spiritual aspect to it and they’ve been doing it for a long long time so it’s somewhere in between those two things mera naam Astana [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you smile upon Isaac has a zero diversity corny chronic inning and i’m lucas duda gonna call her noona Thomas go Kuzma happening so you’re busy Somalian – and wanna go t Berezina to go to the album Livni use calm gotta hurry we live navigability moses Motiti Ramallah smile many million me Matthew get about mashing it up don’t know about one of my nigga let’s take a visit matting everybody happening early afternoons a Alfonzo didn’t sign a lip on here I said reading under the eye oh you wanna run a live look fishing in winter to get to the hives underneath the overhangs of the clips the hunters work in teams one cuts down the honey while another holds a basket that catches the combs when they fall it used to be a job for one but younger hunters are still learning the ropes they’re dumping all the broken up honeycomb onto this tarp here and then separating because some of the honey has already been consumed by the baby bees but some of its good to go so they’re scooping that up and they’re putting it in this little strainer you know pull the straw basket and that’s dripping down so what’s in that bucket is gonna be the final product – all the wax and the bees look like just a good shape [Music] non Niraj module male Sabah you will have only the other on Rugby special ah boo boo boo boo Carlos Elena yeah what a variable I see their budget on Sundays after Dhamma really yoga Rockwell’s a awara bundini Avenue tutor Ginoza and Eliran Bridget and Oprah here is given us again again targeted our way journey guru the she got lasered tada [Music] yes when I hit upon I am a Carnegie livin I so up up Nick acoustic higher this is it or not I’m sorry but II learnt a joke man I’m register sort of humor Walla da da da da go look sicker than a dog they don’t get non-homologous so you’re short a pajama be grown up your donkey Votto Bessie’s a hard school got a nickel got a gown saying congested so uncle Kansa cata yes you got all of it should give me a tenner got this so you bought naked during cabbages barb agility or gear comes UFO bullshitting many ladies listen a GU Thank You G a bull diagram or a concert diana kristy heart I’m gonna tell them using the term Jose ah so mother the attacks on tradition be our mazhab yeah yeah yeah motherfu Ragusa neither is modernity with us [Music] all right we can try some of that by all right so we’re eating the wax here [Music] wow I’m really sweet and tasty mmm shame or is that too much doctor not too much yeah a little more I don’t want to go over the recommended dosage cuz that’s the difference between just getting high and getting sick I’m just gonna eat another little wet corner of this that’s it for now and I’ll wait a little bit maybe have a more [Music] I’m worn alright go let’s do it grip it in my mouth it tastes like strong you know store-bought honey it’s sweet but it doesn’t have like that deep sort of like kind of a smoky flavor to it almost and like it’s burned your throat a little bit on the way down but it feels good feels like medicine I’m starting to feel a little bit of something it feels like I just took like a couple of hits of the joint it’s not super strong it’s not like knocking me out I just feel like a little buzzed you know and it’s like it’s funny as I’m like talking again like a little bit a little bit stronger they were good is definitely kind of stoned as well like you can tell like he was just giggling and stuff it’s really a unique thing this plays into these people and they’re loving it and it’s just honey that like you get from a cliff this is honey that like you get from a cliff and you eat it you get stone it’s crazy you guys gotta try something [Music] you [Music] too much honey chalica by example somebody jealous somebody getting jumbled somebody out there this and boom discuss he was eaten ambien like oh okay sure he’ll turn a shovel Cera’s finish our guitar Amata you know north of LD inches just to like some away another and he just wasn’t studied in circus Cosentino and kudos on manage antenna your life when if a local handyman see like this tigress was a little teaser nigger said do you have you bought a pig on keyboard Lumbee traditional huh so I’ve needed a game Bardonia me Logan go patanki urea later hands are your tongue um blue so I know it’s too tall minor be my IRA basta Haryana when he might see led here is him a your homework is to balance over never and I say knocky knocky I’m a your homo funny so Jitsu solid Osiris awfully good hormone well so when you good ina Dickey for Sienna masala just Alexa the boy shook me up I bought Missouri Arkansas thank goodness no pony crucial is always on the a Tokra she like pity bit nigga dog abuser I’m bill Cole Papa’s Iannuzzi Papa thought you said angle to the Sun will go Papa said goodbye when the hunt was over for the day we packed up camp and headed back down to Tahoe chipler [Music] [Applause] seeing their reverence for the hunt it became clear what this Honey means to the geurim it’s so engrained in their way of life that it transcends its mere medicinal value psychoactive properties and sanctity [Music] [Music] I feel pretty up honestly and it’s a really good feeling it’s like icy hot it’s like a cold cold and warm feeling it’s kind of like being stoned but it’s kind of like being on mushrooms as well like when you eat just like a gram and a half two grams of mushrooms and you get like a little bit of that like almost lockjaw feeling like your muscles are tensing up a little bit then you feel loose and tight at the same time um a guy just walked by like threw me off a little bit this goes another okay but um that’s not as icy cuz I could be right now uh but yes honey good honey good


  1. It's good they didn't send Hamilton for this 😂 seeing him climbing these mountains hahaha… He would have looked like Charles Duchaussois, writer of the book FLASH that climbed these mountains to go to die on the Himalaya after years of addiction to morphine and other drugs… So basically a skeleton climbing a mountain giving himself strength with stimulant drugs

  2. hey Abdullah, I'm Nepali and that, मह शिकारी mean honey hunter not mad honey….😁😁

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  4. This is so interesting! Extremely important to carry on traditional ways. These people are so awesome, you lucky guy for going and meeting these people. Thankyou for sharing your awesome story. Blessings to you xxxxx

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  7. Im all in for carrying on traditions and adventure but…did you see the thousands of angry bees swarming when the hunter tore into the honey comb?! From like 2 thousand feet up and hanging from a woven ladder. #Imapussy

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    but don't skip even a second
    the process is too beautiful

  9. Fu*k every drug you know, this is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen in my life, these people, their smiles, their culture, you can get high with your dad because thats the part of that same culture, haven't seen such a educative and emotional stuff in a long time, good job VICE.

  10. Right kind of high and medicinal properties from the flowers the bees feed on.Hope it continues throughout the generations.Free from pollution of exhaust fumes and 5o disturbing those who blunt on my music videos @Fleshoo

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