1. Not true. Niacin works well for schizophrenia, but folate and niacin will increase depression in under-methylators. See Dr. William J. Walsh studies in this area. Niacin and folate might cause suicide in many depressives

  2. LOL.

    I wish it were a matter of nutrition and not reality sucking ass in general.


    Some people will believe anything.

    Only solution for depression is suicide.

  3. folic acid is a reuptake promoter while Sam-e (and prozac) is a reuptake inhibitor. If you give folate to an undermethylated depressive (high histamine/seasonal allergy types), you will make his condition MUCH WORSE.

  4. Depressed people have overactive enzymes which are transporting serotonin out of the neuron too quickly. Thats why reuptake inhibitors work. Non-depressed people have serotonin hanging around longer (its not "used parts", its just normal )

  5. I love hemp seed oil, 30% Omega 3, ALA. The seed, actually a nut, is tasty as can be. Eat a handfull and you find a skill no one ever taught you. Sorting nut flesh from shell as you chew, its instinctual! One half gets swallowed the other half spat. I could do it, no one taught me how.

  6. We all need 90 essential daily nutrients to meet general nutrition….yes our lack also affects our brain tissue since all tissues are affected by nutrition. To ensure filling those daily basic needs the healthy start pack 2.0 was created. Very absorbable clean nutrients in only 3 products…2 of which are tasty drinks. One pack per month per 100 lbs body weight is the recommend. On the website below you can find all products including the healthy start pack 2.0 at wholesale pricing. Choosing auto ship will ensure free shipping. For assistance text or call 408 394 3320. Robin

  7. Parasite/ yeast cleanse should be considered so you actually absorb these nutrients. Those things alone can cause these issues

  8. Anxiety and depression has nothing to do with nutrition. Our today's anxiety is the result of our past life and this lives reactions to the anxious moments. Every reaction is stored in our deep conscious mind. As the Anxiety is a mental reaction, the amount of storage is huge. So the result will be anxiety disorder leading to depression. Only way out is to clear the storage, this can be done through sustained practice of vipassana or mindfulness meditation. Which i am experiencing right now.

  9. 15:23 Why is the Tyrosine does 6.8 grams!? I though 500 mg was high and most people take less than that per day!

  10. As much as a good diet is important for mental health, its only one element of depression. Please don't believe any diet alone is going to 'cure' your depression. Our mindset's are an expression of the environment around us and within. If you are suffering, meditate. Try to understand the root of your problem, the conflicts within you that need to be understood and resolved, not suppressed further, as they say in buddhism – suffering is the gate to liberation. Don't ignore your suffering. Having a good diet is crucial but I'd say that it comes naturally if you are attentive to your mind and body.

  11. There is a hand sticking out of that plant on the right. It's also giving the finger. Most likely to the pharmaceutical industry.

  12. 57:45 He misspoke. He meant that flaxaeed oil will not convert to EPA or DHA unless you're the 1%. Omega 3 already has it.

  13. Relief from depression and anxiety was found taking Magnesium and Lithium Orotate supplements. I cut out all refined sugar/gluten. I ditched all the prescriptions and followed a completely holistic natural remedy. Natural supplements has eliminated the need for Rx. thanks for sharing!

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