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2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Confederation making it the perfect time to celebrate all things connect the old apothecary bakery and cafe in Halifax is doing just that their bacon Canada birthday cake well not quite owner Laura McLeod is celebrating by baking of traditional dessert recipes from Canada’s culinary past and she’s focusing on a different region every month sounds delicious not to mention a great excuse to sample some desserts oh absolutely Halifax is Laura Bayne was handed the tasty task of visiting the old apothecary bakery and cafe to find out more the owner of the old apothecary bakery and cafe Laura McLeod is cooking up a sweet syrup it’s a crucial component in a sugary confection she’s making as part of her year-long celebration of regional baking in Canada’s 150th anniversary I just kind of thought what a cool idea to to tie into that and explore all the provinces every month she’s cooking classic desserts from a different province or territory to decide what to bake Laura put out a call on social media what I put out to my customers was asking for grandma’s recipes and I said you know dig out those old cookbooks see what you can find and send them to me people have been really excited we’ve received over 50 recipes already from across Canada which has been great Newfoundland is up first today she’s mixing up something called a snowball it’s a bit like a macaroon a bit like a chocolate macaroon if you have one of those so it’s a the base of it is coconut and oatmeal and cocoa and then you make a simple syrup you just pour them all together and mix it up and let it set up in the fridge for about an hour and then make snowballs you roll them in a little bit of coconut after you’re finished the recipe was suggested by one of Laura’s customers originally from Labrador snowballs are something that every single New Zealander that I’ve talked to knows and I didn’t even know they existed so it’s really nice to find that out the snowballs are a hit with customers I can’t keep up with the snowballs honestly I couldn’t make them enough if I tried all right well we’re about to try these snowballs that I just saw you making and they look absolutely delicious what did the customer say when she tried them the customer that suggested the recipe she really liked them she said I did a good job that they were bigger than the ones that she usually made but that they were good let’s try them you gonna dig into yours yes we just picked them right up with our hands absolutely oh that’s so good so chocolaty so chocolaty and I love coconut and there’s lots of coconut in this delicious thank you other Newfoundland recipes Laura makes include a scrumptious blueberry crumble cake and something called Partridge berry squares I’ve never had a Partridge Barry had never had one until this month found out the hard way that they’re very sour February its Quebec Stern but Laura is thinking about all the regions I’m anxious to get kind of our customers then to reach out to relatives that they have in the other provinces and see what we can dig up just before I left I asked Laura why she thought her project was such a success if the comfort thing for people for sure any food – comfort food when it comes from home well now I’m hungry me too it all looked incredible yeah what a great idea I’m sure customers love looking through the old family recipes handed down from generation to generation speaking of which I really should ask my dad for my grandma’s spaghetti and meatballs recipe it was so good do you have any family recipes that you wish you had a pastry called pumpkin made of sweet dough it’s Ukrainian specialty my mom used to make it it’s sweet dough deep-fried stuffed with prunes it was Evan you’re gonna have to send me that rest of all fabulous fabulous if anyone at home would like to share a recipe you can email the bakery at info at the old apothecary comm or to keep up with their celebration of Canada’s sweet history check out their instagram TOA underscore bakery

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