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man fresh trout I’m a maintenance reliability engineer I’ve been in the reliability engineering field for over seven years been in the mechanical maintenance and repair for over 12 years we had to find a tool that was provided enough stuff for me to do in-depth analysis for a level 2 guy but also something that I could put in the hands of the maintenance guy and and send them into the field you know because as a reliability engineer my job just not gonna be pounding points part of that’s gonna be cross-training these guys and letting them kind of know it as a tool something else to have in the toolbox not just for route stuff based on my previous experience of viber line in the last place I worked out what we standardized on the GoPros and the X days across the board I think up to 12 of them now so kind of stablished a relationship with you guys than when you rolled out this the hawk and then the Falcon smart it was a really really good fit to get these guys up to speed quickly but for me to also kind of have these really in-depth you know that really get into the data like I was used to being able to do still for us to be able to take that tool and give it to some guys and and let them just go and drag and drop and build these databases I mean it’s gonna be a really big deal and it’ll help us get programs started what we probably wouldn’t have been able to with other tools they can dump the data really simply just a couple finger touches and then I can log in from home through the server and look at it and just like we talked about rolling out across the corporate a little bit maybe you know putting putting Falcons in locations that don’t have that analysts like myself there but they can still either let this do its job and analyze the data but still the data comes back to me and the nest and I can go into it and still say hey you know you’re right you’re you’re okay it just continued honor well you guys should take a look at this I mean having it all tied together is really good it’ll be very beneficial for us you

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