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[Music] you [Music] a protest against a prescription painkiller that triggered a wave of addiction in the USA oxycontin it’s a synthetic opiate with an effect similar to heroin which has been prescribed to millions of Americans the protestors were calling out greed for profit in the past five years alone almost two hundred thousand people have died from overdoses related to prescription opioids patients can become addicted to painkillers like oxycontin in just one month when swallowed the pills active ingredient oxycodone is released gradually but when chewed crushed inhaled injected or abused they can cause respiratory arrest [Music] oxycontin was the drug that helped the Sackler brothers Arthur Mortimer and Raymond expand their company Purdue Pharma into a pharmaceutical Empire the settlers are often thought of as art patrons like here in New York’s Metropolitan Museum they made generous donations to promote culture worldwide from Montreal to Copenhagen Paris Berlin and London their company Purdue Pharma made over thirty five billion dollars in sales with the painkiller oxycontin alone by the end of the 1990s the drug had become a household name due to aggressive marketing and false claims regarding the risk of addiction twenty years on one point nine million Americans are opioid addicts and more deaths are caused by overdose than by road accidents the epidemic is also due to authorities shortcomings West Virginia as the state with the highest drug overdose rate in the US this is the epicenter of the opioid crisis I appreciate those days it was a good chips actually haven’t had any drug related calls whatsoever so far that’s good but uncommon day [Music] on an average throughout the course of the year five in one shift eight cases four cases there’s several addresses in town that we’ve been to over and over the the ha stocker member is me personally I was 11 I grant the same gone same house eleven times economy cars and gas stations and grocery stores and fast food restaurants people go in the drive-through lane of a restaurant from the time they order their food to the pickup window they’ll pass out so we’ve had public bathrooms bus stops playgrounds we’ve had them at intersections and traffic still in traffic lanes people just pull up to a stoplight but your foot on the brake pass out on the wheel of their car and they had had kids and child seats in the back of the car [Music] and we’ve been to very poorly kept homes middle-class homes or mansions it’s straight up everywhere it doesn’t care if you’re businessman a schoolteacher a law here they said hey there’s bad doctors bad pharmacies out there and we’re gonna we’re gonna shut those down but nothing was done for the addicted parties the people that were addicted we’re still addicted so the drug dealers they moved in and now here we are [Music] from the outset rural West Virginia was a major target for the oxycontin campaign the many miners there not only suffered frequent accidents but also chronic joint pain making them prime targets for marketing the painkiller two in a region impoverished by the mining crisis there was also a lack of medical care this made West Virginia particularly attractive for the painkiller industry pills were welcomed in this area where few therapeutic alternatives are available at the same time the euphoric effect of oxycontin helped numb the rampant depression among the many unemployed the prescription drug became known as hillbilly heroin numerous people have become unemployed through addiction like former nurse Jennifer Walker she is one of the victims of the Purdue marketing campaign her addiction led her to a life of crime and she ended up in jail she was released six months ago and is currently undergoing withdrawal therapy everything in school I was at every t-ball game I was my nieces cheerleading coach you know it’s like I had two lives I started going to a doctor and they started prescribing me pain pills I did abuse but I started selling I’m not trying to justify it for any reason whatsoever but you know here there’s not a lot of jobs and they’re scarce they’re few and far in between so you have to do what you have to do in order to provide for your children [Music] the very first time that I went to his Oxford I told him that my legs was hurting and they wrote these islands for it pretty much no tears no nothing no questions asked as I went back and then well they’re not helping as good as what they was so of course thing they gave me more and now a month or two later well they’re not helping as good as what there were so then they gave me more and it was lined up and all of our prescriptions was wrote out and the doctors weren’t even there nurses was handing them out everything’s already printed before you get there and then I had a sister with my second one and he continued during me the pain pills so that was an excuse me every month for years little small town pharmacies those were the best I paid cash for my minutes therefore there was nothing to run forever how they do it in the pharmacy you never and your insurance to see what you’ve got heard they know your faces they are your name and a lot of it’s not question and he knew what I was doing about 520 pills emmalin’s is what I’ve three different kinds I was bringing in everybody around $8,000 a month for myself but since the doctors has cut way back right and heroin has become being a mess it cost like $13 to make a batch of meth [Music] I have lost a lot of my friends out of overdoses I can’t need this Aaron give you the number 5 to the 60 and you never get used to it he was a really close friend do I have any remorse if they haven’t got it for me they would’ve had it from somewheres else I haven’t gave it to him he would be out robbing and stealing breaking in somebody’s house you know [Music] they want to blame it all on the general population you know how what this person’s telling they’re fit well how are they getting these pills what are they putting in these pills to make them so addictive we’re hurting ourselves we’re going to prison for it our lives are being taken our freedoms being taken and they’re making money [Music] oxycontin was sold over-the-counter of Larry’s Drive in pharmacy in Madison like fast food 10 million times in 11 years in a town with under three thousand inhabitants in the past few years US law enforcement has closed hundreds of these so-called pill mills pharmacists who failed to report suspicious prescriptions to authorities have lost their licenses doctors have had to pay heavy fines and been given jail sentences for over prescribing opioids one major party responsible for convincing doctors to prescribe opiates not only to cancer and palliative patients or following major surgery was Purdue the company sent this pseudo-scientific video message to more than 150,000 practices there’s no question that our best strongest pain medicines are the opioids but these are the same drugs that have a reputation for causing addiction and other terrible things now in fact the rate of addiction amongst pain patients who are treated by doctors is much less than 1% they don’t wear out they go on working they do not have serious medical side effects and so these drugs which I repeat are our best strongest pain medications should be used much more than they are for patients in pain it’s marketing lies like these that have made Americans today feel outraged Purdue and the Sackler family are facing a slew of lawsuits there was already a federal investigation of the pill manufacturer some 15 years ago back in 2007 the company its executive board and its owners the Sackler family faced charges of misleading doctors and patients about the drugs risks but their lawyers among them Rudolph Giuliani the former mayor of New York reportedly had good contacts to the Department of Justice in a move to keep the name Purdue Pharma the oxycontin manufacturer unsullied and the settlers out of the picture Purdue Frederick and three board members pled guilty to misbranding the drug they were given a total of six hundred and thirty four point five million dollars in fines but no prison sentence it was a clever move by Perdue [Music] around this time Carol panara began working as a sales representative for Purdue they basically were willing to take the fall for that because that allowed the main company Purdue to still be able to maintain their ability to sell to the government through Medicare through TRICARE through the Department of Defense after the lawsuit I don’t think that produce necessarily to stop their deceptive marketing tactics they redirected them they did everything that they needed to do to make it appear as if they were following what they needed to do but underneath all that it was still business as usual and then you come up with a marketing piece that has something about pseudo addiction which is not based on any kind of scientific information pseudo addiction was a term Purdue Pharma introduced after doctors had begun flagging more and more patients with addiction produced that it was caused by too little oxycontin their advice to doctors was to increase the dosage respect looking at that whole idea you’re setting yourself up to create addicts over time you’re gonna become tolerant to that dosing strength and they’re gonna need a higher dosing strength so from the company’s perspective you’re creating a nice market for yourself prescription happy doctors were given all expenses paid trips and invited as speakers receiving fees of up to $2,000 per session Purdue’s innovative marketing strategy relied on the doctors credibility I’ve had situations where I’ve had doctors in my territory say to me because they know what the deal is as far as getting compensated for speaking if you need any speakers I’d be interested so the way we were trained to handle that was to say to the doctor that you know the speakers that they are the people that they were selecting for speakers were people who generally had more experience with our products that was a polite legal way of saying you need to prescribe more the implication is if you prescribe more than I can maybe I can hook you up so these are some of the bonus statements or what they call cuss sales incentives I’m looking at in a quarter $125,000 that’s just in one quarter in one territory over 7,000 prescriptions and just in my territory the greatest growth I had was in the sixty and eighty milligrams which would make sense because the whole thing of titrating the patient and tightening them because of pseudo addiction and that type of thing would make would make sense that you know the people would patients would end up in that in those higher dosing purdue’s aggressive marketing campaign went unnoticed by the press even the Drug Enforcement Administration the DEA hardly took note time and again former DEA investigator Jim Geldof was thwarted by top officials in his investigation into Purdue Purdue knew pretty early on that the drug was being abused by crushing it and and then either injecting it or snorting the oxycontin and actually the sale of that drug became its own economy so if you had an 80 milligram pill it was worth a hundred to one hundred and twenty dollars on the street it was a phenomenon we hadn’t seen before the diversion was so massive the only way you’re really gonna attack and has with the distributors and the manufacturers that’s why finally DEA initiated a distributer initiative but whatever we did it was never good enough and we couldn’t get chief counsel to move on the case they were always want somebody else interviewed volume wasn’t enough even though where the volume was off the charts they want us to be specific is that what order was suspicious this was the one I really I couldn’t believe I said that a chief counsel attorney they ship you know five million pills to this particular pharmacy and you want me to tell you which one is the suspicious one I mean they’re all suspicious [Music] they did not want to take these case we saw more and more DEA attorneys moving into the area of defending drug companies we also saw a lot of DEA investigators moving in to work for drug industries attorneys that had worked also not just with DEA but Department of Justice that knew how to system work the nudist standards that we were using so these are people that they’ve worked with they knew any kind of weak points there might be in the law the regulations American public will never know what really the pharmaceutical industry did to it people didn’t have to die they really didn’t and and you know I’m just I’m sorry that case went the way it did there is currently an entire generation in the u.s. growing up apart from their parents because their parents are addicts custody hearings like this one happened daily in West Virginia as well as in most US states this hearing concerns the fate of three children of an addict on withdrawal they have been living with foster families since his wife died of an overdose [Music] he actually surprised me he did show up which seems to be more the exception rather than the rule and that’s the scary part of that the parents don’t bother to show up they don’t participate in hearings they don’t meet with any social workers or their lawyers they simply abandon their kids to the court system [Music] the normal my kids are experiencing is for kids not to be raised by their parents shocking that that’s not shocking and it’s very very difficult to find relatives for the children to be placed with it’s now fairly common for the grandparents to test positive for drugs themselves I had a case here where the grandfather was selling drugs to his grandson so fairly common to see three generation that’s dealing with substance abuse addiction in a family and the conditions these children are raised in I’ve had family members affected by I’ve lost classmates people I went to high school with that’s away from it so there’s not anyone in our community can say they’ve not lost someone because of it I hate to say it’s the new normal but it is it used to be that you know if you had a 20 or 30 year old pass away you know the entire community would mourn now we expect people to die at that age because we have the overdoses and you don’t see long lines of support for the overdose victims there’s the stigma associated with it that’s just another druggie who died [Music] I kicked myself at times wishing I would have done Warner early on I still look back things I missed we let a problem become an epidemic and we should have fixed it when it was a problem it’s hard to put it back in the bottle to go after a doctor or a pharmacist it takes being able to show that they’re doing this in a medically unnecessary way takes a lot of resources that your local law enforcement state law enforcement a prosecutor generally doesn’t have it requires the federal government to prosecute it and even then there’s it’s difficult [Music] the problem has gotten so big that it overwhelms our law enforcement every williamsport system every Williams our Prosecutor’s Office and you can’t beat the problem as long as the demands there [Music] this is Hamlin another town marked by the opioid crisis [Music] every Thursday there are hearings at the local drug court it’s every Thursday we appear a nervous wreck you never not look for when you go and get you I mean it could be over this Court’s strategy is not to punish addicts who have committed minor offenses but to reform them through rehabilitation once a week charged addicts must appear before the judge if they pass the drug test they remain free amber bias has been an opioid addict since she was 15 she and her school friends even through so-called oxy party’s relationships in recovery are very very bad thing okay so I will allow it but be careful all right see you back Amber’s boyfriend Jared was also an opioid addict for years he first went on the medication after back surgery following a car accident his addiction cost him everything including custody of his children just like amber it’s alive they say that maternal love is gonna keep you clean because it’s not I love drugs first myself second and then my kids my mom stepped up and was the mom that I couldn’t me she went to the courts and got the guardianship I was supposed to get a signed guardianship to her but I was too hot to go to the court date and I wasn’t even worried about them [Music] my daughter Bailey grew up knowing that I had to have it that next dose there was no getting up and making breakfast or getting up and playing or even being happy when we wake up then she would even come and ask me mama if you took your medicine yet and if I hadn’t she’s like oh you know wants me hurry up and take it cuz then I can be a mom after that I was shooting up because I’d been sick all day left her no bed all day he’s telling her that I was sorry I mean I’d had enough you know I was sick of being sick all day but all those bad memories are kind of like a positive motivator for me because I mean I’ll be damned I’ll not do them that way again because I’m better than that I had 16 months clean I thought I was in control and you’re never in control of your addiction I thought I could go to work and be around somebody that got high and and you can’t that’s a trigger and I end up backsliding my daughter she’s seen things that she shouldn’t have seen od’d four times in a car and then I od’d my wife’s mother’s house but after every time that I ID’d all I was thinking was going and getting on to me it didn’t matter whether I lived or died okay there’s probably been 20 people and just this past year that I’ve lost two Odie’s you can get on facebook like every day and you’ll see rest in peace somebody’s name that you know we both understand addiction because we’ve been there so we can both work our recovery together and like it would be hard to get with someone that’s not an addict because they don’t understand the situation what you’ve been through or why it’s not so easy to just stop you can’t just stop it’s something that you got a work on the rest of your life yeah it’s constant work but it’s worth it cuz the only alternative is to go back to using and that’s just death it’s gonna end up in death we were in Cleveland for a hearing so I go up pull up to the federal courthouse and out in front two or three dozen women with sides protesters saying make them pay hollering we won’t forget we won’t forget they were mothers that had lost a child and they said please [Music] please remember us when you go upstairs Paul Pharrell is one of the three leading attorneys preparing the largest-ever class-action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical industry more than a thousand towns and communities are suing the largest drug distributors the aim is to achieve long-term compensation for damages these would be an estimated 500 billion dollars a year for all of the US fines became a cost of doing business Perdue paid 600 million dollars and they continued doing business it was a slap on the wrist it was business as usual so if they’re engaging in this conduct because it’s profitable I’m going to make it less profitable and because part of the cost of doing business is going to be repairing and fixing the damaged public entity has the right to bring a public nuisance and tell these companies fix it there won’t be any movement in this case until the stock price starts to reflect the risk of these lawsuits and the reason is is because when those that have made the money begin to fear that they’ll lose their money that’s when they’ll make the decision money drives at all the cockroach always finds a way and so you can’t enact enough laws and enough rule they’ll just figure it out another way that’s the thing about greed so what I’m doing is I’m breaking the wheel I’m remaking how it is that we can affect policy change and we’re doing it by impacting the margins by which these companies operate and that will have a much longer and dramatic impact than any rule or regulation in the past rules were not only circumvented in April 2016 at the height of the opioid crisis the pharmaceutical industry succeeded in pushing through a major change in legislation unnoticed by the press and the public this change stripped the DEA of its power to freeze suspicious shipments of opioids I’m sure he was influenced by the pharmaceutical industry the marina bill significantly reduced the enforcement efforts as far as holding drug companies accountable to drug companies we’re starting to feel the heat both through DEA and also in public opinion and so they went ahead they couldn’t justify what they did so they went ahead and and and got a lit and got the legislation changed I mean it’s you know I mean Lyndon barber who was our number one guy going after these drug companies now he writes a piece of legislation and he knew what that piece of legislation was intended to do it wasn’t about insuring patients having access to drugs it was about getting DEA off the backs of these drug companies that’s exactly what it was when Jill Rannazzisi was in charge of the diversion program Joely Iran is easy absolutely objected to it and when and they didn’t like what they heard they didn’t like it the way it sounded Joe was removed from his position the word was we’re going to play nice with industry I mean that was absolutely the new policy [Applause] but even before that bill was passed the DEA had not been able to reliably stop suspicious shipments which were clearly visible in places like Kermit a small town with four hundred inhabitants three million doses of opioids were delivered to a single pharmacy here within ten months four years long lines of cars with people with prescriptions from neighboring states passed through the town today what remains is a paralyzed community where many inhabitants receive food stamps [Music] Kermit is also taking part in the mass lawsuit in Cleveland one of the things that we’d like to do today is to figure out based on this questionnaire that the judge has asked us is what are the costs that the town of Kermit has incurred or suffered because of the opioid crisis together with 30 other municipalities in 50 counties in West Virginia Kermit mayor Charles sparks is litigating against the pharma industry he’s represented by Leticia Chaffin whose firm was the first in West Virginia to help entire communities file lawsuits they experienced increase in costs over 300 calls in one year there are expenses that have got to be doubled tripled and gas and upkeep on her vehicles and what does that equate to for a monetary loss the reputation that was damaged I can’t get anybody else to come invest in the community I mean everybody Wow Kermit really oh yeah oh you people don’t have a bunch of drug heads or a bunch of hillbillies I guess what they would call us that we’re all on drugs we’ve always had a reputation in this state of being very very hard that’s not hill battle and we hope to gets to fight it with this lawsuit go and talk to Tommy over the volunteer car company and get his information [Music] [Music] [Music] I want the federal government to give me the data they’re holding in their databases the arcus data it’s billions and billions of little zeros and ones in binary to pure code it’s a record of where all of these pills went the DEA has the database and they speak through the Department of Justice and so both of them have said no they will not disclose the Archos data I have in the federal court filings disagreed with them and I have said that this is information that should be made public because the the the very best disinfectant is sunlight I want transparency I want them to show America exactly what it is happened [Music] it has taken a long time for America to truly embrace the fact that this is an epidemic of our own making there’s a tremendous amount of shame involved the tragedy of our animation [Music] we’re ashamed that law enforcement and the federal government didn’t act sooner we’re ashamed that it’s our children and our neighbors and our family members that are addicted it’s touching a number of different nerves what is heartbreaking is the fact that we not only do we not get mad anymore it’s almost like we’re just not paying attention to the misery anymore [Music] my children have seen overdoses we’ve been in the grocery store and there’s somebody that is on the floor being revived by the emergency responders and then if you just look to the side my neighbors are there in line checking out it’s a fatigue that sets in in my hometown and when you live with it long enough the anger goes away and so I want to bring some of that anger back I want my community fight back [Applause] the small town of Huntington is known as ground zero of the opioid epidemic one-fifth of the population is addicted and every fifteenth child born has withdrawal syndrome the local hospitals cannot cope with the number of cases so more and more private daycares are being built for newborns such as Lily’s place which is financed by donations Alissa McGowan’s fourth child is being treated here for opioid withdrawal I was 18 when I started to panic opiates I’m an ex-boyfriend actually introduced it to me and then my dad sold drawing in particular and had given me the drugs I didn’t realize that I was addicted to it until I didn’t have it for a couple of days and I felt my body creeping more so I went back to my father and got more my mother the same thing I did childhood and was on pills my husband is in recovery cheeps been seven years on and off with drug abuse that was after my third chop when my addiction picked up see like and then him be and my four is given through it he gets overstimulated easily that nothing will see it done I can’t reverse that well his tummy’s been bothering him like the worst stomach bug you can imagine so I feel bad for that because I know what it feels like it was more of like the second week he started to fill his withdrawals and he would tremor really hard his body would jerk randomly and he has a rapid breathing I felt guilty he shouldn’t have had to go through meanwhile the pharmaceutical industry is making money from repairing the damage it caused as former director of the West Virginia office of drug control policy Michael Bromwich ensured an antidote was made readily available a drug that can save a person’s life in the event of an opioid overdose never in my life did I ever think that we would have to use naloxone the way we have in our population that we would have to train over 1,400 people to reverse overdoses that this becomes a commonplace item among people in our community people wrote leave them lie and let them die and unfortunately that’s the stigma a lot of people find this actually controversial because they think that people deserve this outcome that when they overdosed they should just die many of the worst consequences of this crisis is at our attempts at solutions we shut down the pill mills without offering people an opportunity to get treatment so that they wouldn’t go over into heroin but the right thing seemed to be at the time we have pill mills let’s get rid of the pills the problem solved but that’s not the way it works the dimensions are so vast it’s an epidemic of epidemics it’s hepatitis B C HIV bacterial infections it’s about neonatal abstinence syndrome it’s about the Loma lessness that this problem has created [Music] doing more law enforcement is important but it’s not the answer we need more medication assisted treatment and more pure based abstinence treatment and the social determinants of health clearly economics and job loss plays a role the diverse childhood experiences those underlying social factors and interfamilial factors that have never been successfully addressed most people don’t understand is that this is not going to be solved in years this is going to take generations if we’re fortunate we can help fix this problem in two or three generations the yet unborn children are going to be dealing with the consequences of this and we know this from epigenetics that they the stress that comes on mothers and on fathers is transmitted to their offspring [Music] children whose parents are fighting the opioid crisis never already at risk for becoming drug users themselves we have to find a way to break this intergenerational cycle [Music] if we don’t focus on the primary prevention we are not helping the next generation that’s coming from avoiding the same trap that this generation has already fallen into [Music] for years now the use of opioids has not just caused problems in the United States in Germany prescribing such powerful drugs is subject to the country’s strict narcotics law nevertheless the number of prescriptions rose by almost 1/3 between 2006 and 2015 strong opioids are increasingly being used to treat chronic pain we doctors can choose which therapy to prescribe if a patient comes saying I have very severe back problems and opioids work no questions doctors like seeing their patients satisfied Germany’s narcotics law dictates that strong opioids may only be prescribed on special prescription forms issued by the federal opium agency and are subject to its control nevertheless the use of such drugs is increasing opioids band-aids came onto the market some 15 years ago they were initially intended only for cancer patients or those who could no longer swallow but then we didn’t anticipate the band-aids would be widely used but the pharma industry probably did band-aids are easy to use you just stick them on the opioid boom began with band-aids we see that about 75% of opioids are no longer used for tumor pain or in palliative medicine and mostly the highest dosage is given with the first prescription we must appeal to doctors to prescribe these drugs carefully used for the right medical conditions opiates are indispensable but if I use opioids for all kinds of pain then that could lead to a situation like the one in America perhaps not on the same scale but it could lead to too many people becoming dependent on opioids and also like in the u.s. to other illegal drugs being used as well because addiction leads to you taking other drugs in theory the prescription of opioids is strictly regulated and monitored in France as well and yet in 2017 alone 2,600 people were hospitalized following an opioid overdose experts at the University Hospital in clare mph at all University are researching improved opioids they are designed to relieve pain just as effectively but without causing the strong side effects buuut nicola OTA head of the pharmacology department says it will be at least another decade before they can be tested on humans his work focuses on the dramatic increase in opioid use week opioid is a bad name because it plays down the risk there are no weak and strong opioids what counts is the amount prescribed in the duration of use addiction can occur with all opioids within weeks or months the risk is there either way of the 12 million pain patients in France 11 million are treated with weak opioids and there is this misconception that these drugs are harmless or at least less addictive overdoses and deaths have increased here with the same tendency as in the US although to a much lesser extent so now is the time to be concerned if we do not act now within five or ten years it’s possible we’ll be in the same situation as the US there could be such a huge number of addicted patients that we can no longer turn back the wheel if we don’t change things now the number of deaths will continue to rise [Music] you [Music]


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  23. For those who keep repeating just say no, please get your head out if your ass.

    It isnt the 80's anymore. As in the dinosaurs are dead. Conservatism should be classified as a mental illness

  24. State and feds past laws to criminalize crack beyond the statutes already in place for cocaine, 3to5 times….and the majority of those arrested, tried, and convicted received far longer prison sentences than they would've if it was just cocaine!
    I like to think of the opioid epidemic as payback, because it's killing a generation of people (relatives of those who had zero sympathy during the crack days) at about the rate the crack felonies locked up, imprisoned, and wiped out minorities!

  25. Wow how sweet of america to reform caucasians while they imprison Hebrews for buying the drugs that they deliberately sold to kill off,so called blacks. Just another seed sown to become another harvest for their next generation to reap. GALATIANS 6:7 Be not deceived; YAH is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

  26. Chronic pain is no joke.Why isn't ALL medicine alternatives combined?recognized.Great way to keep people down.😔find your non additive way if you can.

  27. Or , people could just not snort, inject, or otherwise partake of any drug in a fashion in a manner inconsistent with it's intended method of application,, and if an individual does make the decision to NOT follow the rules……….. Then there is this thing called "responsibility for ones own actions"…. I mean , there is a McDonalds on every block in my town it seems, and I just love the Sausage,egg, and cheese McMuffin, BUT that doesn't mean I can just choose to gorge myself to near cardiac arrest ,just because there's a McDonalds everywhere I look, and then claim McDonalds is at fault for my bad choices. Accept responsibility for your own actions. Don't do bad things and bad things won't happen as a result. NO ONE forces a person to keep going back to the Casino and losing all their money. You can't then file a law suit on the Casino ,stating they made you do it. Grow up!

  28. wow, everything's already printed even before you get there. while here in the philippines, you need a sob dramatic story, in order to get any kind of prescription drugs.

  29. @6:00 Hold on there. Back the truck right up! Your legs were hurtin'? My legs hurt too sweetie… but that's because it's leg day at the gym!
    @8:00 The moment I know what others will do if I don't do something, is the moment I become a multi-billionaire.
    My uncle was a life-long addict to heroine and I have learned a few things as a result. I have never looked to painkillers as an option. I am ultra sensitive to any and all medications I am prescribed.
    I do my own homework on all the side effects of every medication. I have stopped blindly trusting doctors at 17 when , after visiting my family doctor for a severe headache after a night of drinking and telling him as much, he insisted I go on cholesterol medication… At 17!!! Needless to say, I never saw him again.
    @39:50 Or not at all!
    @40:45 You mean like clean diesel?

  30. 36:01 that guy said it right . Now people with true chronic pain cant get meds what do u think they'll do ? The docs cut all them people off without a treatment because they were afraid of going to jail . Who suffers again the patient . But somehow legalizing marijuana is ok ? This is all a joke ,its about money and greed …it always was and always will be .

  31. More people are overdosing on Fentanyl and heroin than regular pain medication. Stop grouping regular pain medication with this "opioid crisis". It's literally hurting myself and millions of other people who can't get their pain medication anymore because doctors are too scared and are being intimidated by the DEA and others to not prescribe it because of misinformation, intimidation, and the hysteria over the opioid crisis. It's beyond ridiculous what legitimate pain patients have to go through to get medication.

  32. I'm sure it is hard to provide for your family especially when you spend your money on nasty tattoos, cigarettes and other crap she doesn't need. So easy to blame the pharmaceutical companies. What about self-control? plus, she is a nurse, one would think she'd have known better.

  33. Its not so easy to just say no. Everyone is just 1 script of pain meds from addiction. U do not know if u take pain meds whether or not u have an addictive personality until its too late. A huge number of these current addicts got that way because of legitimate injuries and illnesses that required pain meds that were either over prescribed or tripped off an addictive personality.

  34. I have my popcorn 🍿 ready… I'll watch this from the sidelines…. Let me know when the drug dealers go to jail. Don't spend too much of my tax money on these sham rehab.

    Luckily those hillbillies will vote Trump in for another term…… Make sure you blame the Mexicans for your addiction and don't take responsibility for your actions ; you druggies.

    Stock tip though…. I've made a killing buying the stock of the company that makes narcan… Opiant (opnt)

  35. Of course, if someone is abusing a prescribed medication, it will be highly addictive. You see reports from every country on the globe that there is some substance being abused by the populace, whether its opiates, anti-depressants, stimulants, or anything.
    I think that Purdue Pharma does bear some responsibility for starting the opioid crisis, esp since when they first started producing Oxy, they made the tablets in a form that COULD be crushed and then snorted or injected. It seemed to be made, literally, just so it could be abused. They continued producing them this way, even after knowing it was becoming such a problem/epidemic. It wasn't until much, much later that they changed the make-up of the medication to make it impossible/ difficult to abuse them this way, but by then, the epidemic had started.
    Like I said, any substance can be abused…. and when people are taking a medicine in larger quantities than prescribed, or in a different route than what was intended, or for a different reason than what it was prescribed for, it will be much more so.
    The biggest difference that I see with the opioids, is that there is such a difficult physical dependence that develops from taking them (even if taken as prescribed, your body can build a physical dependence), whereas, with most other drugs that are abused, it is just a psychological dependence.
    There are many people who started out being prescibed an opiate for a legitimate injury, but then continued taking them for psychological reasons, and then moved onto street drugs/opiates because not only were they self-medicating their psychological problems such as depression, but also, the physical withdrawal was too uncomfortable for them to go through.
    Anyone who starts using Crack, Coke, Meth, etc….they knew what they were getting into before they took their first hit. They were too arrogant or just plain dumb because they thought they would be 'the one' who could keep it under control. Some of those getting hooked on opiates were just plain ignorant of the path it would lead them down. Maybe they didn't even realize the hole they had in themselves before the opiates tricked them into thinking that they filled it. That being said, it is still the person who is taking the medication who bears the greatest responsibility for their addiction.
    I think that opiates should still have a place in society. There are people who have crippling, chronic pain issues and there are many who have no quality of life without the use of opiates. It should be at the discretion of the patient after receiving information about all of the risks/ benefits of using them from their trusted physician; one who has their best interest at heart, not a profit margin.
    I think that addiction to any of these substances is terrible and my heart goes out to anyone who is struggling. Not only are they ruining their own lives, but also their whole family goes through Hell. Just because I feel sorry for them and their families though, it does not make them blameless.
    As I read through some of the comments though, I just can't get over how some people are so absolutely filled with hate in their hearts. They speak of God or Yahweh and act as if this epidimic is some sort of divine retribution. It is evident from the hatred and spite that is literally spilling out every time they open their mouths, who their father truly is.
    If you can't find any sympathy in your heart for another's suffering, even if they helped to create their own Hell, the world is a worse place with you in it, more so than them.

  36. The so called war on drugs has only made availability on the street easier. It’s a complete failure. And now even people who NEED pain meds can’t get them. The DEA has the doctors by the b*||$. Very sad.

  37. Addicted after one month, it says,if u take it 2 consecutive days in a row, your body is addicted, that's the reality of opioids

  38. The Opioid Crisis is what addicts have, they're mixing opioids and heroin, this is what's killing them. The Chronic Intractable Pain Crisis is – Chronic Intractable Pain Sufferers who are dying and committing suicide every day because these people are blamed on the street crime when they were only using what their knowledgable Dr.s prescribed to them because they suffer to death without opioids. You see, Intractable Pain can not be cured, it debilitates, kills. Chronic Intractable Pain Sufferers are dying alone, ignored and without help because they are being blamed for the 'opioid crisis'. The propaganda out there is thick, it makes me wonder what our government is doing, ignoring the cries of people who were able to live and function with proper medication. They did not sell or give away their medication.. it's been so regulated for years Intractable Pain Patients barely had enough to make it through the month. Does anyone see how strange this is? Government and Insurance don't want to pay for our medication that keeps us from suffering to death, this looks like it may be the reason behind this fake 'opioid crisis' propaganda. Druggies/addicts have always abused and overdosed on drugs, the numbers haven't changed over the years.

    The thing is… you could be next… you are only one accident, one illness one Dr.s mistake away from having Chronic Intractable Pain. You won't have the medication that will get you out of horrific pain, you'll suffer to death if you don't look beyond the propaganda to find the truth. Even now, surgery patients are denied pain medication… so don't have elective surgery now, you might suffer to death.

  39. The government and the Sacklers found a way to purge America of it's sick and weak minded people. Any worker who was in back pain from working long hours in manufacturing or construction could collect disability payments. The more people died off from the drugs the less disability payments had to be made.The government looked the other way as the Sacklers marketed the drugs as safe and effective with the help of crooked doctors.I wonder if the Purdue corporation paid any taxes at all on their billion dollar drug profit.I wonder how much money the USA saved on payments to the deceased.

  40. I don't know anything about living with chronic pain and I don't know anything about these pills but I feel that my opinion is very important here.

  41. A lot of these comments from black people seem to be forgetting that the main victims of this epidemic, like most others, are black people again. But you are correct in saying that the only reason this is getting attention this time is because white people got caught up in it.

  42. Is everyone surprised? Our own government had everything to do with the crack epidemic in 80's that tore the black communities apart, yet we never recovered. Ronald Reagan turned a blind eye at the very least. Talking bout they was fighting communism allowing Noriega to push the poison in our communities. William Cooper exposed it in documents where it was called silent weapons for quiet wars on the black man. They killed William Cooper soon after….

  43. My mother was prescribed opiates when terminally ill with cancer. That made sense to me. Recently I had a nose operation and the Dr prescribed oxycodone to me to use if I felt pain. I did feel pain but it could manage with non opiate painkillers. I took the oxycodone and felt dreadful so binned them. I wonder if it was really necessary and appropriate for the doctor to prescribe an opiate painkiller in my circumstances. I grew up in the UK with the National Health Service where doctors have no profit motive so I have never before had to worry about them giving me treatment or advice based on a selfish profit motive. Now I live in another country I am having to get used to seeing doctors as salesman rather than professionals.

  44. Lol that's the main purpose to kill people, do you think people behind it care?
    Greed, destroy families and if people die that's a plus, that's the purpose and nothing will change.

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