The Opioid Effect: An Ohio Family Rebuilds After Addiction

I don't remember as a kid hearing about heroin things like that we're in big places you know California and New York not in little small towns and everything how did it get this bad right now probably 75% of kids that we have in care or because of Durham related issues it's pretty high number in that trends been going over for the last five years our agencies for multi County agency cloud accountings been considered ground zero for the issue over prescribing opiates which caused the addiction to heroin when the pill mills were shut down there wasn't a transition period it was just BAM they were cut off all of a sudden Herron became readily available so people switched over to heroin the 23 pipeline is a stretch of highway that runs up in the northern part of the state then goes out down towards West Virginia it makes an easy run for individuals who are running drugs we've had a number of overdoses and that seemed to come in waves when there's something that comes out of Columbus which is north of us there'll be 20 overdoses because there's been a bad batch of heroin coming out of the metropolitan area generally when we start our day we have a screen that happens we've setup prearrangement for Haley to be picked up by her foster mom so once the cases are screened in their assigned caseworkers intake workers for investigations the intake workers will then go out investigate the allegations of child abuse neglect if the families making progress we can work with him up to 22 months but at the end of the 22 months we had to make a determination whether the child goes home or he file for permanent custody at that time reunification that's the only goal keeping kids in their home with KC's she's the mom of Jamison and Riley and Isaac and grandma had temporary custody of the three kids Casey just got temporary custody of the kids back so now it's in like a monitoring phase of you've been doing good Casey and now we'll monitor and make sure you stay doing your counseling staying clean doing things like that I look at the kids as rooms and where they stay and if there's food in the home those are the main key points all drug screen hurt on this visit look I picked up fast in here okay they got plenty of toys I know that yeah 90 your utilities are on electrics on and no what does one is cheek I started off with like when I was in high school I would smoke a little bit of weed take some xanax or something I started working at Steak and Shake in Chillicothe I was working third shift I was working doubles I was up all the time and it I started taking like like low percocets like perk fives in Perkins and I'm like ooh I like that you know the speed buzz they give me and then they got so hard to find so expensive heroines the next best thing I mean not that it's better than any Hill I love to do opiates as in percocet it just I got introduced to the heroin and it's a form of it just stronger the first time I did my fell in love I mean that and then follow-up love-hate relationship this is it it powers over you so much that that's all you think about yeah I'd still take care of my children but I wasn't I wasn't thinking about my children I was thinking about how I won't get high again when my kids government James the father was asleep on account we had a German Shepherd puppy and Jameson ended up getting scratched really bad by this puppy I'm talking like there wasn't not one blank space on his life it was bad I don't know if he was using he said he wasn't but if you're passed out on the couch and you're at the time eight month old son is getting mauled by a dog in his screaming you know why don't you wanting to hear it Reilly still to this day would tell me I tried to wake daddy up mommy he wouldn't get up my mom went over there and go get the kid and seeing Jameson and got scratched bad and she took the kid when they took when but when my kids went I was knocked on him I can't rehearse the one talk my child under another yeah it is not a soccer baby I was living in a tent my mom had called me and asked me to go out to eat with her the kid I was in the cars my mom and I started bawling I said I don't have to wear galas and I'm like oh this tent by myself it's raining it's cold I don't know where to go my mom gave me the ultimatum get clean and you can come to the house first time I see any sign of you using heroin she said you're going you're going in that's that's what turned me around so I touched faces with Casey about where she's at and she still seen her service provider and her doctor and she's been doing that I drug screeners she didn't know I was on a drug screener the fact that she wasn't worried about it made me feel good the kiddos got to see them they're good and happy still happy and it's important to see the interaction between the parents and kids it says a lot in Chillicothe and Ross County we have eight ongoing workers in each of them carry on an average would be 12 cases so that's about 96 cases and that's about average across the agency financially we're at the breaking point not just our communities but mostly child welfare counties in Ohio the state of Ohio's last in the nation we're providing state funds for child welfare we Bend any further we're going to break and then what happens to the system then we'll still do our jobs with locate care of them we'll be there but it's going to be a struggle and it's already struggle now I was one of those kids that had to grow up really fast and my dad wasn't in the picture my mom was an alcoholic I kind of grew up taking care my sister she got into addiction there for a while I was 14 years old driving to bars and jails to bail her out and bring her home and quit high school to get a job so that I can help support my sister it took me a while to realize that it wasn't my fault I had so much anger but it's been a while now so I'm used to just putting that on the back burner because there you know there comes a point when you have to accept the fact that you can't you can't fix anything for them you know it's something they have to do you think you're addicted to your job I am right now not a doubt we're going to go to Casey's mom's home I like the same contact with them just to get their perspectives on how they feel Casey's doing through the years of Casey battling this addiction her oldest son Isaac was basically left at Grandma's you know from the time he was a baby and mom was just in and out of his life grandma became that stability comfort zone for him that he still to this day is having a very hard time picturing himself without this is from my first season with the Raiders then then I had another season this season by didn't get one of these we didn't have a good team that yet laughs that's hear about your grandma already like about grandma hmm she'd get to advocate for me we also met your mom today what do you think about your mom she's mean and then sometimes she could be nice it didn't it just I don't know you guys aren't having any major concerns or issues that be aware of or anything I didn't get that sense from her I think we're dead right where she came from she sold every piece of jewelry I've had and took it to the pawn shop you know I mean she sold my wedding ring she sold Troy's wedding ring she stole your sister's jewelry she sold her sisters she stole from her son she you know I mean I think takes it really hard it's this thing's like to him his mommy's always believing him and he's nine like she tries to play the mummy part that she's missed that it's too late and in Isaac's eyes I think she's already missed that I had my kids young so that I could enjoy in my life so that when I was 50 I was done you know I mean you know I love Isaac and nobody's taking it away from the heat but it would play so raising another kid Isaac do you think he trusts you I don't have any threat I mean I do but I don't know I don't know how to answer that I don't know how to answer that I want to say yeah but I don't think he trusts me go no I don't run at all I did so much to my why would little boy trust me I mean he I've taken problem I banned Italy at you I mean why wouldn't trust me yeah you know most call me to Mimi you definitely have to have a calling for this job I believe the hours that I put in does affect my family I I know my husband tells me all the time you know that I'm I got it I got to be able to find a an off switch you know I'll find that balance because this is what I'm doing for the rest of my life so I want to make it different hopefully I'll be able to you


  1. But at the end of the day you decided to ingest these substances you made your choice now live with your choices

  2. Not doing opiates is really a matter of making better choices, but the total lack of education in rural America produces generations of people who haven't a clue. The smart ones LEAVE and don't come back. (This isn't new. My mother left rural Oregon in 1941 for the same reasons!) Ignorance is devastating.

  3. I been hooked on vicodins for 5 years .. i don't get the same high like i did when i first popped them never thought of moving to the shooting up if anything im fed up with these pain pills it has destroyed me financially and slowly health

  4. That boy is 9 and gets to play GTA? Christ when I was that age I was only allowed to play Crash Bandicoot and Spyro

  5. 4:39 bullshit!. Recovering addict here. And dope is not all you think about. Ppl use that shit as an excuse. I never slept while a dog mauled my baby. Didnt steal. Didnt lie or cheat. Just got high to make my head stop.

  6. It’s funny the only thing the boy likes his grandma for is that “she gets me everything”. Creating another addict

  7. 4:25 and I cant watch this anymore. I've lived it. Makes me think of sad funerals and heartbroken mothers. Thank God I got out somehow.

  8. 4:15 annnnnnd now I needs some kratom (1.5 yrs off opioids and typical opiates, tobacco, alcohol, and benzodiazepines. Still get cravings)

  9. There was no compassion, just super long prison terms and it was a black problem heroin is a white problem which makes it more important let's face facts

  10. It’s starts in School ,teenager,having House Party,then introducing teen to Drugs,Crack Down House Party,Then Pass a to Start to Drugs Test Students. Period

  11. It is heroin overdose not opiods and now the heroin is being cut w street fentanyl. Prrscriptions ate not causing it absolutely not. I can take prescription opiods and never ever resort to heroin. If you have addict behavior then yes u might go onto heroin. Im sure they drink to an excess to cuz they have addict behavior. I think its more of a mental issue that is being self medicated

  12. Doing drugs is a personal choice. If it ruins your life, that's your own fault. I broke my neck and when I got out of the ICU i made the decision to stop my Morphine after a month. I still have a dozen or so in a bottle for emergencies. My brother needed one a few weeks back for an injury, but otherwise they've remained untouched since then. Addiction is how nature culls the herd. Natural selection. Yes, I've lost two friends to heroin, so I'm well aware of its powers. I was crushed when my buddies died, but I was more pissed at them for being stupid enough to do it in the first place.

  13. Ya fuck Isaac's mom leave the kid with the grandparents at least let on of the kids have a chance

  14. Idk but in my country ontario canada you cant trust drugs any more a friend of mine just died because some one cut his cocaine with fentanyl. Now idk if any of you have done coke but cutting a stim with down is insane I did coke and speed for years now we can only trust the weed and booze

  15. This apart of most familys life now i believe should be bigger sentences drug dealers are slowly killing people and the doctors who r supposed to help really dont just follow goverment guidelines its easier for them less head ache and it dont just effect poor even tho i do believe its worst for the poor doctors lawyers judges even post men all walks of life are on drugs we need to learn to prevent and i believe its starts in schools lets not pussy foot around that kids cant see this and that show what drugs do

  16. If your struggling with addiction, please come hang with us on my channel♡. I am here for you, and you are not alone.

  17. No offense, but the mother of three's house is literally a trash dumb. There's refuse and broken things outside, and the inside of the house is a disaster. I feel so sorry for the kids – they're growing up in an utter mess! She should really clean up the place.

  18. It doesn't matter if you're black, white, male or female. Once heroin gets ahold of you, it will make you it's slave and completely ruin your life.

  19. My 25yr old son went from a condo on the beach and a 100k a yr job to living in a filthy $50 a night motel. Today he was sentenced to 6 yrs in the state penetentiary. I cry all the time and yet i know we are the lucky ones.

  20. Meth and hairon are two biggest drugs we have in ohio. It awful ive seen friends on meth and have babies. I tried my hardest to protect the kid but my friend got outta hand and up and left ..i pray that child is safe.

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