The Optimized Life Podcast: #199 Gynecomastia & Important Health Markers

okay why my custom streaming service okay here we go how long and of course I can't find the volume where's the volume on Divya I [Applause] just see the live thing but I don't see the real you okay it's on pause okay so we're live let me just say four on stuff I think we are on we're on we're on Twitter not Twitter and YouTube too so I apologize guys aren't just learning how to do this today I don't know how to turn volume off on Vimeo I just paused it which sucks but it's okay because I can't turn the volume off I literally have no idea so what's going on guys today it's Jay Campbell of course and dr. Jimmy and Jim how are you brother I'm gray Jay good to be back good to see you again man yep so just quick for the audience that you know because we've been doing we've gone through a lot of like an evolution a lot in the last like say two months the TLT roundtable the tier 2 doctors roundtable is technically toast is from a name brand standpoint because other people are now using it which is fine but you know from my standpoint like I want to be able to interview whoever I want I don't want to be limited or constrained by select physicians being afraid to speak because there's people in the you know asking questions and blah blah blah blah so anyway this is now just going to be called the optimized live podcast originally I was doing something with Daniel Kelly but Daniel lives in England and it's just too bad of a time difference so he's not going to be on here every week as originally intended which is fine I totally understand he's got to sleep and whatnot so I have my good friend dr. Jim Meehan on today so I will be bringing on thought-leaders top of the top positions you know people that I find interesting in living obviously a fully optimized life so just get that out of the ray a lot of good stuff going on in the world right now obviously in the optimization community you and I can talk a little bit about today Before we jump into the topics I was in am mg of course last week dr. Rob gave an amazing amazing presentation on the dangers have been inhibition of man it was very very well received there were a lot of people that were attending which is kind of kind of mind-blowing but then again I thought about it and I was like there's so many anti-aging and age management clinics in Florida that probably the majority of people that were there were actually just either employees doctors owners you know from those clinics cuz I had so many of those people stopping me in the hall and a Jay Campbell and you know all that time so it was cool but I have a feeling that that was probably the majority of people that were there you know we can talk a little about it I mean obviously Rob's presentation Jim was really good oh I'm sure yeah a lot I mean you know obviously he's a very good presenter but his data was really tight and a lot of people in the audience were kind of mind blown because as you know and I know although they didn't you know it's such a cookie cutter these days to put a guy on an AI and write so and that's the way most of these clinics do it because they're trying to make money we know that right there yeah also trying to triage patients so it's you know it was it was very interesting but he he painted some really good pictures I think a lot of you know a lot of they're probably the two biggest take homes from the seminar itself were that obviously because it's relevant to us but then also they talked about exosomes yeah and I mean Jim Wow like Xers ohms are that's the god molecule like we're really starting to mess I think with like the really high levels of stuff you know that has never been able to be really penetrated now because they showed videos of guys that were like completely paralyzed quadriplegics who were given the exosome IBS and within one day actually within three hours four hours one guy was actually moving his leg it he had moved his leg at 20 years yeah I've seen some of that I've seen some of that the data the videos it's pretty extraordinary like that was the big focus of the of the show oh yeah I mean yeah so they had they had two presentations and then they had the leading accessible expert in the world the doctor from Paramus New Jersey who actually spoke to he's a brilliant guy ex-wrestler he's one of us he'd come on the show I even told him I said you know I'd love you to come on the show he knew who I was he read my book he was actually really really cool guy but he was just you know in the five minutes so I spoke to him because he was waiting for a cab when he left on Saturday as I was walking back to my hotel he just happened to come out the lobby right it was just perfect coincidence but he said that you'll be seeing a lot more of this in two years oh yeah I'm sure I'm sure of it what did Buddy Collins think about the exosomes is there any you know is there any similarity and the peptide area in terms of regulation lack of regulation coming regulation what was what's your take on that that's the that's the million dollar question right that's what I was gonna tell you is that there's only a couple of peptide peptide companies but exosome companies that are you know in what is it the ARB is that what it's called or IRB IRB review board so there's two of them in that and obviously that's going to be studied and you know federally funded and I'm sure FDI ki compliant and all those things but that's the thing that like you talk to a lot of the people at the show everybody was mesmerized they're like oh my god Wow again like this is God's up god stuff at work yeah but then the legalities right and then Rick Cohen spoke and he did an amazing job talking about telemedicine in fact there's something that you and I will talk about off air I don't want to bring it out yet today on the show but I mean Jim you and I already know right like that you know to your question nobody understands anything at this point right right so gray and so nebulous and telemedicine is evolving at the speed of light and you have certain states that are obviously evolving faster than other states and it's just a gigantic s show yeah I'm a standpoint of like doctors trying to understand what they can and can't do you know again you know you're in Oklahoma what can you do with a patient in California what can a doctor who's in California not licensed with a to do telemedicine service you know with a patient in Oklahoma I mean it's all conflicting all variable as you know to with like the compounding pharmacies some of these states will not allow a compounder outside of the state to ship medications into the state I mean did it as a mess yeah well California is no Tory for that well I mean but that's the thing is you know and I know and one of the things right you no matter anybody but one of the things that Rick was saying was that majority of doctors have no idea that they're literally violating federal statutes when they're shipping medications across state lines because they don't even know if the pharmaceutical supplier is licensed to even provide medications in that state yeah well as long as they're working with a good high reputable compounding pharmacy they they stay on top of that I mean you know the and they stay right on top of it unfortunately it it happens every so often that one of the compounding pharmacies that I work with will you know we'll have to rely 'sons and it'll you know they'll have to take all of their their panel of drugs sterile drugs in particular and and recertify and it can it can put those drugs on hold for six months sometimes as they recertify as recently happened in california with with one of the pharmacies that i work with and it was it's very frustrating and and it happens all the time the biggest you know like what's so frustrating about these the these new technologies like exosomes is they come out and there's so much hope and promise and there's so many you know people that could with severe traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord lesions and you know doctors don't know what they can do with them and they're we're afraid of what what the regulations are you know when it's in a gray area we just don't know what we can do with them and so it's exciting to go to these conferences and learn about these new technologies and then it's frustrating to get home and and figure out that well you can't do anything close to that in in your state or in many states unless you are really willing to take some significant risks with your practice in your medical license I mean stem-cell therapy how many years have we been you know battling with the you know the ability to to really use the true stem cell therapy line I mean we're you know we're messing around with some of the kind of marginal pieces stem-cell therapy but you got to go to you got to go to Panama to Reardon's clinic or something like that to get the real deal you know and there's a lot of misrepresentation being you know a lot of in our market we've got chiropractors providing you know stem cell therapy misrepresenting what they're really providing they're not you know they're not providing true you know high level stem cells and they're you know a lot of people are getting built for a lot of money on promises that simply can't be supplied with what they're really you know kind of providing same things gonna happen with exosomes but it's we've got to get our you know we got to get our our ability and trump trump enabled some of this with some of the experimental drugs and a new pathway i can't remember exactly what the terminology for this you know pathway for yeah I remember when he passed the law was we were actually at the conference what conference where we're at what had happened last year I remember I mean I think I was I was it was it Neal's in October right when it happened to day before yeah it was very very very low like nobody saw it was like they slipped it through yeah yeah so it yeah it's um it looked like an int very interesting conference I was most interested in seeing what rob had to say I saw the thank you for sharing some of the stuff that you shared and I saw Rick Collins's presentation and I thought it was excellent but Jim that's the future right now right right let's be honest I mean if they can't if the FDA doesn't have the people on the street the feet on the street you know and the DEA to truly regulate you know whether or not telemedicine providers are actually practicing within the confines of the law yeah it's going to be really huge this is going to be like a new how would I say it like a new phase of medicine you know enforcement of telemedicine practices because it's just like I said it's a la West right now it is it really is well I have a I mean I have a an employee that's essentially full-time that surveys all of the state legislative you know new legislative policies so that we see a current and I have to network because yeah it changes year to year especially during this legislative season at the state levels fortunately most of the change has been moving towards expanding telemedicine capabilities more and more states are really expanding their the options and the range of telemedicine services that we can provide because it's just there's so much value in it it saves patient time and money and there's so much convenience it reaches to people that couldn't be reached otherwise and there's you know most of the most of the changes legislatively legislatively have been very beneficial and I mean I'm encouraged to see that happening yeah i mean i i don't know i mean i wish i was as positive as you are i mean i I feel like it's just a trap for a lot of people because they don't have the funds they don't have the resources they don't have to know how they're gonna get there telemedicine licenses and they're not going to know what they're gonna do it I mean you know for Rick Collins it's gonna be a boon to his business yeah so many people dude that are gonna be running you know I'm complying and again you know you can't Wayne a lot of doctors unfortunately because it's States they're all gonna have their own walls yeah like you said you know in the People's Republic of California I mean they're gonna penalize pretty much anybody I'm sure who's like outside of the state of California approaching quote-unquote people in California I mean you already know all this dude yeah well I mean for sure you need to be licensed in the state right you know that you are practicing telemedicine yeah there there are no you know telemedicine licenses that allow you know right now so that allow you to just you know have a license in like Oklahoma and practice in other states I have to be licensed in every state that that I provide telemedicine and then I put a lot of I put a lot of miles on the on the card just traveling to you know Wisconsin Michigan I'm going to New York in New Jersey and Pennsylvania next month and to meet with groups of patients that I take care of because I still fulfill the the face-to-face visit once per year and and you know right now I'm just trying to make sure that I do everything according to the law I'm license there I see them face to face and but we can do telemedicine in the interims follow-ups and such well I mean listen I don't have all you guys on the show I just have you and I know I have a lot of leniency with you so I think it's a fucking joke I don't care YouTube just demonetized me I said fuck twice but at this day and age Jam with all this technology that you and I have with the access to blood works to touch you know you're an analysis to DNA imprints to all of this stuff that we have the idea that you have to lay hands on someone is a farce yeah at this point it's absolutely a farce you guys are handcuffed now by this nonsense you know I get that you want to make sure that the patient is a physical living fog a mere breathing being but do you really honestly need to lay hands on a person when you have every conceivable measurable analytic of this person's life no no in fact I mean what you can do is you can partner with their local I mean every patient that yeah these specialist care should be you know should have a primary care physician and so what we do is we partner with those local primary care physicians to provide any of that that hands-on medical legal aspect that needs to be provided and and that it makes a great partnership we can get we can get the hands-on but yeah we you know so much of what we're doing with technology you know wearing like the wearable fitness devices the oral ring and home monitoring devices I collect more data on my patients in in a day than most physicians do in a year right we just have the capability of collecting a rich data set on our patients and you're right you know a lot of this lab stuff can be sent directly to the home or we sent them directly to a you know a lab core quest draw center any lab test now I mean there's so many options available to people but I still think the issue is with the live thing and I get the surrogate and get a local person all that but Jim let's face it we don't that's still old-school that's based on before all this I mean everyone has a broadband computer in their house now like I said you know even in the inner cities there's no barrier of entry you can get broadband internet for 29.95 a month for everybody in the house right I mean very few people cannot afford broadband internet so I mean I just think that this whole idea I don't have a primary care physician you're my primary could this is right you know heat Nichols has been dr. Rob has been I mean I had so many not you know Crisler was at one time I mean I I don't need a primary care physician if you're you are you are your primary care physician I mean right and that's what you guys have we've always been saying this like we want to teach people to become armed and dangerous and then weren't with a person that's going to help you and optimize you and the whole idea of the sick care model as you know is the lab coat god the 68 year old 70 year old old man has been the family doctor who doesn't know anything about anything other than what he was taught many cool school forty five years ago right mm-hmm and it's just it's antiquated the whole system needs to be blown apart but that's neither here well my biggest concern is that you know because most of the growth and most of the benefits could happen kind of in the independent physician and and people that are like you it's not clinic based you know the hospitals aren't going to be the primary telemedicine providers and so I think that's going to be our biggest obstruction is that we won't have the lobbyists we won't have you know we will have the big institutions that don't want us to practice telemedicine the way in the way that it can be the most you know innovative and the most cost-effective to people like you and to people like the patients that I serve so I think that's really going to be our biggest problem is is we've got this antiquated institutional medicine that is really the one driving the legislative you know truck and in telemedicine and they're going to just do it wrong I mean we now Kaiser you know Kaiser's permanent you know Kaiser's implementation and telemedicine was the was on the news recently the the guy drives in the robot and and delivers the fact that the guy's got cancer and you're gonna die in three months or something like that that was the story I don't know if you saw that yeah that's just hor I mean it's just horrible you know it's the misapplication of technology in a situation like that you know in a hospital the robot with the doctors face on the screen comes rolling into the room and delivers the 3-month prognosis you're gonna die of cancer my gosh I mean it's just like that's gonna that's gonna set us back ten years yeah no no you're absolutely right you're it's it's a mess right now Jim I mean this is obviously a work in progress we are slowly but surely evolving medicine hopefully in a much more positive way I mean I mean if there's anything that we can say right now is that at least people like us are out there offering people a different and better way right the old way of doing things is only a choice it used to be the only way but now because of people like oz and you know at you know leather and obviously there's many of us at the tip of the spear also going out there you know essentially putting our neck on the line and saying like look you know you don't have to go to your primary care physician or your HMO doctor anymore there's better alternatives again you know if you're into fixing your health and improving it versus like waiting to get sick then that's what you do right so every guy that we help if they can just help you know ten more guys and kind of share the information the benefits and how easy it is to do then you know gradually exponentially we can change the the health of the our culture the health of our population and we might be able to save this damn country yeah maybe maybe maybe well I mean again I always say there is a bifurcation so there is going to be people like us that follow us that will choose to be proactive and save themselves and optimize our health and then they'll be the rest with this you know going to there there's a blue blue card you know their ethnic art or whatever it is my co-pays $40 an hour when you know and there are the people that are addicted to 30 color-coded pills fat rotting running out of money until they die and that's exactly what Big Pharma once write we both know that I mean you know I wrote that on Twitter about two weeks ago and I got a million retweets on it you know he's asked me what is sick care and I defined it I said it's basically it's living long enough to become fat sick rotting internally until you get to a point where you either die or run out of money and preferably both at the same time right yeah that's really what sick care is yeah it is you know ultimately they just they push you into a hospital bed a gurney and and you know in the last months of your life they run up a bill that's in the millions of dollars somebody pays it the taxpayers and when you're bankrupted and yeah you know and in the whole process you know to that point is just loaded with money for for the the sick care system industrialized medicine and all of which is being run by the pharmaceutical industry I mean they're making us sick from day one birth with that hepatitis B vaccine and then it just continues you know the number of kids that are on psychotropic meds and you know if they get you get it you get a kid on ATD medications and now they're gonna be a addicted they're gonna they're gonna they're gonna be a huge consumer for the rest of them a lot their lives until they are in that hospital bed right and that's a good point because that's what I said yesterday you know there was I think it's still going around and I wrote in there I go you got to understand one of the that's one of the main main issues of keeping people long enough live a long enough like you said so you can condition their progeny to do the same goddamn thing right yeah yeah lots of people think that their you know that their disease process is genetic it's not genetic it's a virus mentally it's absolutely amazing doctors even reinforce it oh well I type two diabetes runs in my family Jim right yeah so does you know so does macaroni cheese and Krispy Kremes Mountain Dew and McDonald's you know I mean that's what's running genetically is you hear a doctors say that to a patient I bet you want to run up and literally strangle them oh my gosh if I did I probably would you know and the doctors just as fat sick and and stupid as the as the patient that's why they're giving that kind of information you know and it's your drugs here's your pills it's you know seven minutes later that patients out no better off in fact worse off because they just added this the twelfth prescription medication to deal with their problem I mean it's it happens it happened it happened to me you know I had a testosterone deficiency and they wanted to treat me with Prozac right before and you know weight loss medications that's that's what's happening to our guys out there and and they don't know any better they didn't go to medical school you know and good they did you know the doctors did and they still don't know and again because they're trained by big pharma yeah that's the way it works and people don't understand that but again guys watch where we say on the show every time it had been literally four years you got to be proactive you got to read the book read the top500 follow us yeah you know listen to what we say obviously as much as you can and that's another thing to Jim is like you know we can't I know we got other topics we're gonna get into him I promise but dude it's amazing we like the lowest common denominator of society today now technology has dumbed down humanity to the point where you do not even want to read a sentence they want you to serve them the answers are spewed they don't want to take one minute to read and educate themselves if I showed you the number of emails that I've gotten in the last 24 hours from people that say hey I own your books I want your podcast but I didn't get this question answered and my response was just cut and pasted is on Stu shame you didn't read the book because the answer is actually in the question right there then they write back and they say you know what I don't have time to read your book and I just say you can't afford not to you know you can't afford to not become a scientist of your own health to become your own the CEO of your own health whatever you want to call it but you've got to take control of that because if you if you delegate that to some you know to some doctor some bureaucrat or somebody else they don't care they don't care as much as you do they'll never know as much as you do about your symptoms and how you feel you know a little bit of reading and and it's all in one book you can you can find it in the TOC Bible and this is I mean yeah we're going yeah don't go there you helped write an entire chapter a lot of other doctors dr. Robb was intimately involved Sean Dorian was intimately involved there's a lot of people that were involved in that book and you're right dude it literally is called the Bible because there is nothing it's missing yeah my end by the way editing in that and you and I have we have a lot fun after this yeah let's get into the topic so this is yeah good topic I should probably pull up the theater key Bible to go over it so before I do chapter 11 is about gynecomastia okay Jim you and I know that the amount of doctors who do not understand gynecomastia is about 90 percent the amount of patients that don't understand gynecomastia is like 99 percent and all of these guys who come from the body building and broke you know the bro science boards and the bro communities they all think that gynecomastia can be controlled by medicines and it cannot be controlled by medicines it is a genetic defect it is it's not a defect but it's essentially you are predisposed to gynecomastia you can call dr. Anthony J you could do a DNA analysis this is a codon that they see when they analyze your DNA and if you are predisposed and by the way the top gynecomastia surgeon in the world told me it's the end of up at 64 percent of all men on the planet have the gene right that means is that at some point in your life you are likely going to have a flare-up or any you know an exacerbation of gynecomastia now what does gynecomastia this is an advanced show I'm not going to like talk about it but it's essentially enlargement of male breast tissue it is granular growth that grows in the nipple area then have you know glandular growth that grows up here and it makes their chest cavity cave or go weird ways there's multiple forms of gynecomastia guys you can go to gyno org or I think it's gynecomastia dot o-r-g and you can read it there's also Los Angeles gyno org which is dr. Joseph Cruz who's the surgeon that performed the surgery on me which again is in the chapter 11 of the book of the TRT Bible if you don't have the book and you want it I always give it away for free just send it to one of my team it's contact that TRT revolution combo said you look for free but Jim I am mind blown at the amount of people who think that by prescribing an AI or sir it's going to solve their gyno problem and you can mask the symptoms but as we both know as soon as you stop taking those meds it's gonna come back at some point in your life and you might not even be on testosterone that's right or androgens and it could come talking about well you know so you know by a bioidentical biological estradiol is not going to cause gynecomastia not not significant contributions you know you got to read estro generation and books like that you got to look at all of these environmental estrogens that are anywhere from twenty to a hundred times more stimulatory of the estrogen receptors and and and that's really important this is a great book and it'll lists you you know you've gotta you have to recognize the the phytoestrogens the myko estrogens that atrazine herbicide that's everywhere glyphosate that's in 75 percent of the rainfall and where you're getting that from if you if you don't if you don't increase your knowledge if you don't arm yourself and defend yourself with a knowledge base that makes you aware of where these these plastics bpa phthalates from your personal care products how they're coming into your body every single day one of the worst things you know one of the first things that I tell guys when they start complaining about nipple tenderness and and symptoms that they think might be gynecomastia is how much alcohol are you drinking and how much you know of that alcohol is made in the United States because you're you're hitting yourself with two of the most major you know stimulatory causes of gynecomastia when you're drinking an alcohol that is also loaded with glyphosate the levels of glyphosate that are in that are in you know beer and wine made in the United States where we're we're spraying tons of glyphosate the active ingredient in roundup on these on our grains and on our vegetables and then you know everything our fruits that they're the levels that are in beer and wine are astronomical and they're very disruptive your hormonal physiology you know the the the red dyes that are in so many of our foods I mean if you don't clean up your diet if you don't read estro generation and make yourself a list look at your pantry and start getting rid of the things that violate the the items on that list you are the cause of your gynecomastia Jim I'm so glad you said this dude honestly man I gotta give you a math praise because we never talked about that before that's very true you don't even have to be on testosterone and if you are predisposed and you eat like shit and you get all these soy protein products and you get all bit like you said too loaded with pets pesticides like atrazine and like glyphosate and all of this other stuff you're right you're literally going to expose yourself to a flare it began I mean I see these I see this all the time I mean I do the exams the patients come in they've already got some of the some mild you know nodule formation some some proliferation of some of those tissues before they ever got on hormone replacement they've got the gene it's a highly prevalent gene and and you know we got a we got to talk about the genetic testing that guys needed absolutely how prevalent these genes are you know the another one that we've got to talk about at some point is the Mao monoamine oxidase a 37 percent of the population has an MAO a gene mutation a single nucleotide polymorphism and you know when you get when you start doing you're really sensitive to testosterone you're real sensitive to DHT in estradiol and 37% of the population 37% of men have this gene mutation I see it all the time because I do genetics is a big part of my practice I see it all the time and you've got to you got to treat those guys carefully with testosterone because they will be anxious irritable aggressive sleepless restless they'll have restless leg syndrome they can't break down the mono amine the monoamine neurotransmitters so serotonin and dopamine epinephrine norepinephrine you know they don't break it down at the rate that it should be so they can become almost toxic with high levels and these gene you know do the genetic testing gentlemen get the 23 in May make sure you you get the privacy download your raw Anthony you know 300 bucks and let them code your freakin DNA everybody should you got your value it's not just absolutely if you're in your 20s all that you says well very well said I want to stay there but if you're in your 20s there's so much these could tell you about your muscle fiber typing your your V vitamin deficiency you know whether you have what is it it's also obviously the Dino gene but also the sensitivity to blue light I mean imagine if you do not know this and you are everyday on big screens like me and Jim Rohn right now and you are dressed filtering the light you are going to literally damage your optic nerve limit your sight I mean shit Jim we don't even know what the long term you know ramifications of it is I mean it probably causes blindness yeah I mean one of the best you got to know these things because one of the things that comes out of this genetic testing is is that a lot of these high prevalent genes I mapped 42 of them for a start up recently a lot of these high prevalence genes have very inexpensive interventions that can circumvent the deficiency a perfect example is the MTHFR gene it's a it's a gene that converts folic acid into L methylfolate right about 40 percent of the population has this gene defect it's but when you recognize what it is that you have it and probably your kids might have and by the way kids that kids that have it they're at a lot of risk from vaccine 70% of autism kids with autism have this MTHFR mutations and and they don't remove toxins from the body well so we're talking about all these toxins that you want to protect yourself from well if you have an MTHFR defect you are deficient at being able to remove toxins like the aluminum in your vaccines the aluminum in your deodorants and one of the simple interventions is is the right program of B vitamins you get the L methylfolate which is the the nutrient that goes from that MTHFR converts from folic acid into L methyl Foley you can actually replace that and when you replace that nutrient for $16 a month your your efficiency in the creation of neurotransmitters hormones and glutathione goes way up and it could bring you back to a level of health approximating optimal health and and you can really protect yourself from from having all these problems you only have to do your genetic testing once and it gives you incredibly valuable information now a lot of doctors don't know how to you know what to do with it a lot of you know a lot of people don't know what to do with it but there are great resources that are out there when you do your 23andme tests you can request your raw data you can download your raw data and then there are there are free pieces of software one of them is genetic genealogy and is another self hacked has a really great resource some of them are you know you pay thirty forty dollars but like you said Anthony J does the whole thing for you and does all the interpretation it's it is complex and for thriller for 300 bucks it's a steal man i charging double that it's a steal yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna have them I interpreted online but I'm gonna have them do mine just to just to learn more because it is there's so much there's so much complexity and it's not just the individual you know polymorphisms it's how they interact if you have multiple and that's I actually believe that it's the future of Medicine I mean I don't think it is today yeah like an optimized clinic right like not only will you be optimized hormonal II and optimized physically through you know nutrition through weight training through cardiovascular training and you know obviously mindfulness but begin before you begin all of that you need to have your DNA match so that you don't start off on the wrong foot you know and all the shotgun approach to optimally you and I see in these window clinics where they fuck guys up and women and that's the way we got what we got to do some shit for women said we got to do women show I know many men are being destroyed right now bro are you see that post from somebody today in the group about the AI for like the high-dose AI for a woman I'm like no no I should but anyway I mean I'll check it has to happen we have to get you know we have to do I think Monica is going to do a show or get all talking about this because she talked to a bunch of the top ladies last week or two weeks ago now a time flies so fast but there's going to be a women show and I'm not even gonna be involved I'll probably just organize it from a text and point the nominal let the ladies do their thing there's some great ladies out there some of them are in the group but there's some great women out there and they're they're gonna bring a show and I cuz I get every day I get multiple emails I even get emails from husband saying you know my wife was desperate what can I do yeah as you know women are also being left behind but it's Jim it's crazy to understand that we have this kind of technology and capability at our fingertips and yet people still are not using it people are still are concerned with their $40 copay I know it's crazy Jay and and and and the idea I mean the how foreign it is to many doctors and that are locked in that traditional broken health care system they they don't have a clue about genetics they have no clue that you know that they're prescribing a drug like an opioid or a benzo and they're not doing even pharmacogenetic testing to determine that you know in that patient if you if you prescribe an opioid to a patient that has a enzyme defect in their liver that doesn't break down that opioid you one dose becomes an addiction well because it that one dose doesn't break down and it recirculates it's almost like giving somebody instead of five milligrams of hydrocodone it's like they got thirty milligrams of oxycodone in terms of the potency in the duration and so we're creating addiction and we're snuffing people's brains because we're not doing the genetic testing before we prescribe a powerful drug that could have you know that could kill them and all we have to do is one time do a genetic test and and know with precision what our patients genes are how they're going to respond to a medication whether that mao-a polymorphism is going to cause them to you know to become you know aggressive irritable anxious and sleepless because they were put on a you know the wrong testosterone replacement program guys how many of you out there are when you start it on your program you you've got you've got really anxious you got irritable you couldn't sleep you were waking up one of the characteristic things that I see is that they'll wake up one to two hours earlier than their normal circadian rhythm like you and I J we probably wake up I wake up at like 5:30 6:00 a.m. whether I have a alarm clock or not right and it but if I put too much DHT in my you know too much testosterone on my scrotum I get too much DHT in my system it can really cause me to to go into this area where I'm not able to break down my mono amines and just to add to what you're saying though and everything you're saying is right but let's be honest but we're not even adding which makes it worse is when you're fat yeah you're inflamed yeah well yeah I mean you know this is the this is the problem so much of disease is being driven by all this implements all information Jim man and women are putting on fat to protect themselves and store up a lot of these toxins that's right yeah that's what is it they're just lawyers and those pesticides yeah all of these you know soy protein byproducts and all of these you know isolates and obviously you know endocrine disrupting chemicals you're right Jim if you're a fact and they are giving in to that visceral internal organ fat you're not getting rid of them well let me tell you there's something even more insidious that happens at the with the the estrogen receptors so when inflammation will increase a conversion of your estrogen receptors to a two it to the more inflammatory response estrogen receptor alpha right so beta is is you know is anti-inflammatory estrogen receptor beta is anti-inflammatory estrogen receptor alpha so inflammation will cause a conversion which becomes a very vicious cycle inflammation increases the formation and the transcription of estrogen receptors alpha and that just increases the inflammation more so Jim stop right there because I just hit on something this is next-level stuff yeah this is what happens to men who start therapeutic testosterone who are fat and inflamed the effect that you just mentioned that exacerbation of that alpha gene in estradiol causes the Cascade that they presume our high estrogen side effects or symptoms right yeah men feel like shit and then the dot over prescribes them with whatever it is a SERM an AI whatever and then BOOM we're now inhibiting estrogen and we're causing all the downstream effects of doing that long term and Jim that's good dude that's the answer what you just said is the answer it's not high estrogen you know the inflammation from anything that comes into your body thrown included and it's a really tough situation Jay because and when these guys try to you know if you try to remove if you try to remove that fat and the toxins too quickly it's almost impossible it's almost impossible and if you release the toxins too quickly like you start the infrared sauna the niacin flush some of the detoxification protocol you can dump the toxins so quickly that you create a really toxic nightmare called the Hertz Meister response Jim I believe that's happening a lot I believe that it hit 45 and 50 and then they get that you know I'm successful in my business but I got one foot in the grave because I'm 35 percent body fat right because I've always done everything you know balls to the wall full gust oh I'm gonna lose the body fat and that's what happens yeah yeah and the other component of that you just identified is all of these guys are you know hard driving you know former athletes entrepreneurs and do they go back into the gym try to get the same gains that they did when they're in their 20s right Jay and and so that adds another level to the flama Torrey break down you know they're breaking their body down faster than they can rebuild it because their hormones are deficient they're imbalanced they're the receptors are all you know all wrong because the receptors are being driven by inflammation and so they add layer upon layer of inflammatory insults from a and really lead them you know in the wrong direction if you're not working with a physician that's kind of focusing on the the whole you know I created them that mindset framework with the idea that you've got a you got to focus on all of these key elements one of the big elements is inflammation control the I in mindset is inflammation control and I you got to you got to start you got to slowly remove all the toxins and the DS detoxification you got to keep the inflammation under control you got to make sure that you're bringing your hormones up in a you know in a logical manner that takes into account everything from genetics to you know how much toxic load you might be carrying and when we measure toxic load in my clinic I'm telling you people are men and women are carrying so much so much glyphosate so much organophosphate pesticides in their tissues and it doesn't come out overnight it didn't get there overnight it does not come out you know it takes it takes years almost too slowly chelate it out you know this aluminum that's spread throughout our bodies that we're absorbing more of every day that we put an aluminum can deodorant on a lot of that stuff translocates to the brain and a lot of the the depression that you know the irritability even the psychiatric symptoms are a manifestation of this aluminum in our brain that we know is you know it's associated with alzheimer's and organic dimensions later in life but it's it's associated even in young people with a lot of this brain inflammation that is just absolutely tearing up their neurons yeah I mean yeah I mean dude I don't know where I can go from this this is really next level stuff because you know we've obviously been talking about this a lot you know in our inner circles in the last two or three months but it's true all that what you just said is true it's all inflammation you know I said last week when I was summarizing in my monthly or my weekly email what I learned from the client you know the actual thing is they literally every single lecture over the three and a half days basically said that everything is inflammation based yes right and so what's the take-home Jim of all those things you said if you get fat you are in serious trouble right okay so don't get back okay yeah you're one of those people and you're watching right now and you're 40 years old or 45 or whatever and you're 20 pounds overweight well then lose the weight right okay do what do is Laura do yes Jim methodically no crash dieting no fasting obviously works but make sure you're doing it controlled you're doing it methodical like Jim said you know people ask me all the time which would I lose a week well you shouldn't be losing 10 pounds a week right you should be getting this methodically sure you'll have water weight fluctuations but you got to go by how your clothes fit but I mean a good gym I just think that the only thing we can say is you cannot allow yourself to become obese right you are against it in so many ways as you already magnificently elaborated there's you can't allow it you just you know I hear all these people well you know dude I focused 15 20 years on my business and I built it and now you're one foot in the grave dude right absolutely not who this you have to have balance in your life if you just you literally cannot do this so I mean we've already been you'd okay to go like ten minutes over sure yeah absolutely we started a little bit late because you and I were talking but yeah so the other subject is you know it's it's kind of basic but I wanted to go over because I saw a study the other day about this so obviously eighty-four percent of all health care costs are due to chronic disease right inflammation leads to chronic disease so 75 percent of chronic diseases are driven by these six measurable factors and you and I we begin the doctor's round table in the last year hammered all of these to death but let's just bring them up again real quick so blood pressure right you're fat you drink alcohol you don't exercise you're sedentary you're likely gonna have high blood pressure it's very simple to control body mass index that's BMI we know that the numbers are probably conflated because obviously the ante up the mean now is based on obesity in America so if you are a muscular person and you're an ex-athlete football player wrestler full-contact person in some kind of sport you might be on the end of the scales on BMI from a standpoint that you know sometimes a muscular person is not configured correctly so I don't really like BMI as the end-all be-all gym you know that there's many measurable devices you can get a bod pod test you can get a DEXA scan even Dex is off now right like I was talking to the guy that runs Dex at the thing and they're like again obesity is killing the curve right the numbers of the ant you know the average the mean the cumulative mean of adults in America are yeah so you can't even rely on that anymore so right now bod pod ask and X skin caliper 9 site measurement by a professional who knows how to measure with a professional caliper not these plastic bullshit Amazon calendar yeah actual scanned X caliper and a bod pod that's gonna be your best the night now there are gym you know this there's a that full body scan company that's out there right now for like a thousand dollars and they take a 3-dimensional laser scan yeah of your body and those are pretty close I've seen those numbers versus of odd plotting there really marginally right off there so if you don't have a bod pod in your town you need to find somebody's knows how to measure your body yeah fasting blood sugar hemoglobin a1c we know that's like the bee's knees that be-all-end-all if you're you know over 5.5 or 5.6 you're close to being type 2 diabetic or on the way at five seven you're technically died type two diabetic now so you need to measure that LDL cholesterol gain another inflammatory measurement I think they left off like the really specific stuff obviously like homeo cysteine homocysteine and then also seed reactive protein and then there's also the calcium scores you know for plaque and your arteries and stuff like that but then smoking I mean we don't even talk about smoking on this show if you're smoking and you're on my show delete yourself my show oh you're really not in the right place so just check out right now and then I'm mad stress which is probably the biggest of all the things on here right because gym how how many times do you and I know like we talked to people and they they want to work with us and they just all they want to do is talk about how they do everything right but that they can't be miss one thing and it's like it's because you're manifesting internal stress in your life talk about that yeah well I mean it's a huge it's a huge impact in that on the human body and again I think your ability to manage stress is directly proportional to the amount of inflammation that you have in your body the more psychiatric disease more mental disorders are being created by inflammation in your brain you don't have enough of the neuro steroids in your brain to put out the fires of inflammation you're constantly adding more stuff in you've got to really start you know removing a lot of the stuff that's in flaming your brain one of the you know Fiji water high in silicates silicates help remove aluminum from the body so drink a bottle of Fiji water every day to start removing this stuff from from your body and and then you start gaining some margin you know and your ability to deal with stress and what there is no better way to deal with stress than to you know get out on the road get in the gym and and do some exercise right it's the it's the thing that has been shown to be the best treatment for anxiety depression exercise will help put out the fires of inflammation as long as you you're doing it reasonably again you have to have a good sleep period and restore the period between exercises so that your your body is healing and repairing and you're not just bill adding another layer of inflammation but man it's it's also about just you know seeking peace forgiving other people we spend way too much time you know just wrapped up in being bitter and unforgiving for the you know the people that hurt that hurt us years ago so much addiction is driven by stuff that happened 20 years before that people have just never forgiven you got for your for your own good in your own health you've got to forgive other people and and you got a you got to practice this kind of mindfulness stuff where whether you meditate or you pray or you're just you know you show gratitude to others that creates a neurochemical cascade that can really help you to manage stress put out the fires of inflammation and just gives you another you know toolset for living better living longer and and you know living healthy dude very very well said everything you said I agree with 100% it's underrated undervalued the mindfulness if you do not have a daily morning ritual living in today's day and age and you ought you are a creator of content a producer and entrepreneur whatever it is that you do then you're gonna go insane and you're gonna unravel yeah and that's just the way it is right we are blasted by technology we are blasted and distracted there are so many mediums and methods to distract us your kids distract you they you know they could I mean you know this works Jim you literally can be sitting there at night having a conversation at 12 different sounds go off from different notifications from different devices right I mean that's what the world do we live it yeah one of the things that I know that you do and and I try to do as well as you sometimes you got it you got to just check out you got to go on vacation you got to turn off the technology you got to get your shoes off and you got to walk on the beach with someone you love put your feet in the sand absolutely absolutely you've got to ground yourself I mean you can you know you can do that every morning – if you live in a place where you got you know a beautiful beautiful scenery healthy environment get out there get your shoes off walk around in the backyard while you're doing your prayers or your meditation or whatever it might be and I mean it can be Manickam that can be transformational that can be transformational and you know go camping every once in a while lay on the ground outside of this like I'm Here I am you know it's being stimulated by bright light in a high EMF field this is not good for my health but what I do is I try to balance it out by getting outside of all of this stuff getting those shoes off walking around in the backyard laying on the ground getting some Sun oh man there's nothing that's more restorative than laying on the ground and getting some Sun in the middle of the day at lunch you just do not think my wife and I do it every single morning but she wakes up at five o'clock in the morning 5:30 she goes out of Twilight you know sucks in all the prions she journals she puts her feet in the grass my pit bull and my rat dog playing around each other all over you get that kinetic energy you get that amazing morning Twilight you know energy that's out there because it's all energy right the universe is nothing more than just electrical energy yeah it's like I agree with you like I like it when the sun's further up and when I get out there it's usually after we train which is you know I usually train in the gym by like 8:00 o'clock drop the kids off school and at the gym I'm back by about 9:00 my backyard the Sun is still not you know it's mag magnificent magnifico luminance so I can just go back there take my shirt off sit in the chair put my feet in the grass you know text people figure out what I got to do that day or whatever a name it's just 15 minutes yeah it's just sure recharging you can obviously Sun gaze – right you can ghastly yeah not that bright but anyway all those things you said you if you're not doing these things in today's day and age you're definitely gonna unravel there's no doubt about it because I will hold this this is demonic it's just the technology is so ubiquitous now ensure there's value to it you can use it but they are literally trying to take us down from it to because it's just it's it's it's manipulative it's addicting as you really already said the blue light will literally destroy your body destroy everything about you so again check out have it programmed in your calendar have this mindfulness strategy in your in your in your life otherwise I mean dude it's not good I mean that's all I can say there's no way if I wasn't doing these things that I would even be able to do half no you couldn't not with your schedule and the stress the same thing with me if I you can't make excuses you can't say I got to grind it out just another month another 60 days you know if you do it that way you'll decompensate you and you'll cause damage to your body that takes months to heal so just take those you know take those little breaks the other thing that you know I mean you got to talk about the like the metabolic blow torch diet and stuff you got to you got to reduce more intermittent fasting eating 16 hours a day you have to install auto project processes in your life you should be fasting a minimum twice a week minimum I don't care who you are what level even young guys who are trying to put on muscle size who are you know hard gainers you know their moms are on birth control they don't have proper testosterone estrogen imbalance anyway hormonal II so their you know their struggle to put on weight they're skinny they look like you know stick figures even those guys should you know regenerate their bodies metabolism increase the growth hormone yes exactly and take the weekend off and and then on you know some of those other days just reduce your eating window to six or eight hours you know I my eating window is now I get up at 6 a.m. do the bulletproof coffee I have a have a really healthy awesome carnivore –is– you know lunch and then I just don't eat dinner anymore it's on it and the inflammation levels go down go out and my growth hormones going up in the in the evening time so yeah it's it's the best it's what the best ways to put out inflammation lose the way stop you know consuming so many artificial products and in endocrine disrupting chemicals just by not putting so much of that crap in your mouth it's totally true it's so true and you know I would give you guys like my new pasta but then I would be giving the box I literally fast four days a week I'm very open about that now today's an eating day Monday Wednesday and Friday I eat I'm pretty I eat clean obviously but I'm very unrestrained and again as you just said I mean if you get your body dialed in to where it understands fasting it becomes fast adapted it becomes a very efficient auto flaw auto Pejic process you can eat a little bit more on your training days right it's just the way it is your body is being fueled by its energy demand but you're right anything better than fasting I constantly knowing younger guys and even older guys who are broke motive types in there you know breathing or have they got to eat every three to four hours it's like no you don't have to eat every three hours you're already muscularly if you've been training for you know a couple decades you're already neurologically efficient your body is not just gonna throw away muscle because you're not feeding it every four to five hours it's complete nonsense but again you know everybody's been designed and engineered to buy money buy supplements eat over like you said over eat over consume protein over consume this that and the other take all these different supplements I think if we did Studies on people that were taking all these natural supplements a day Jim we would find that there's all kinds of cross-linking and cross contamination in the microbiome from all of the stuff you know coming into contact with each other as it's trying to be digested it's a mess well a lot of the a lot of the supplements do bind to masters androgen receptors as your acceptors you know you should you should definitely get a subscription to ConsumerLab comm and make sure that the supplements that you're using are are you know are clean that they've been tested consumer komm is a great resource for finding you know the it's kind of like Consumer Reports for supplements and they they analyze and test and screen for all of the the mercury and the heavy metals that are too often in a lot of these supplements and and they really disclose the good ones and the bad ones and so you can get a you can grade what your supplement is and you know too many people are doing way too many supplements spend your money absolutely healthy organic non-gmo produce blend it up juice it up you know you know eat eat it up but eat good stuff and use that as your as your multivitamin if you're just across fed me and you ate wild caught fish and I'm you know I'm not gonna name names but you know salmon pops into my head ground beef grass-fed ground beef you know yeah cooked anyway has so much essential fatty acids so much of the right protein so much B vitamins so much thiamine on and on if you ate in those ways consistently you would rarely need any supplementation other than when you're linked right now if you get hurt you need curcumin we've talked about it a million times tumeric you need that mm-hmm you honestly need calcium obviously you need magnesium if you're on testosterone I mean there's there's little things you know pregnenolone metformin thyroid you know up regulation there's all these other things that you can get you know to get really super dial but you really Jim you're right if you eat right you don't need as much as you think you need it's just that the diet is so processed today people buy shit and boxes on store shelves and eat it and it's absolute garbage and like you've said from the very beginning okay by the way I have to say yes so everybody knows I'm a big cereal eater because that's my cheap food I got rid of it I I literally threw three pots of cereal in my pantry because I realize now that the chemicals that are in cereal no matter how good they taste and believe me I love cereal I love cinnamon toast crunch I love Golden Grahams yeah right I love I even love the coral core healthy ones which is the what is it called oatmeal crunch all of that shit is poison it every single bit of cereal in boxes sold by General Mills and you know Kellogg's and all these companies big agro it's garbage literally is killing you it is and it's loaded with glyphosate all right my my kryptonite in the serios will I ate the worst kind they were fruity pebbles and fruit you know all the artificial colors when I was at West Point my my parents would send me you know like five boxes and I would consume them in a week you know of fruity pebbles but man that stuff is it's it's it is just toxic and some and then usually what guys are doing and I have this conversation you know a hundred times a month there they have a giant Bowl yeah and they add three different cereals and one thing they do yeah guilty I do that too right oh my gosh and it's a giant bowl it's like ice one of those salads yeah and then you know but then I mean the worst mistake is to put what 2% milk in there right what's the point of 2% milk in your toxic bowl of dude like I'm not gonna lie that is like my kryptonite to cereals amazing and we all have to live a little but guys there's way better eat there's yogurt like eat you know sweet you know the healthy organic yogurt like ice cream stuff like I mean I just realized in the last month that if I would eat a giant bowl of cereal right with all those cereals and like if needed pocket night and I would sit down after I just ate dinner and that's my dessert dude I would wake up in the morning feeling like death just feeling like crap yeah and that's it's a really important thing to kind of connect is you got to listen to your body because it's telling you it's sending you the message that the food that you ate is having a negative impact and if you can kind of connect those dots it's one of the best things that you can do to help stop the you know to avert the cravings because you can intellectualize the the damage that it's doing it's like you did it you felt um no you felt 30 minutes of comfort but you're you spend 24 hours you know pain inflamed brain fog all of the things that all of those toxic ingredients are going to do to your body but the worst thing to do is to do that at night to you know before bed which is when most guys are doing it that was that was my bad habit for a lot of guys you know it's why I've reduced I've taken my eating window from 6 a.m. till about noon and noon to 2 and I don't eat after two o'clock anymore and you know the weights I'll be I'm getting ready for a jiu-jitsu tournament yes I look lean did I get I got you know I got fluffy for several for a year or so with injuries and you know I have a pan hypopituitarism for my fight days and damaged pituitary it's harder for me to manage things but you know constricting my eating window cleaning up my diet not eating late into the night it comes off just really fast yep yep okay so let's thanks for some questions real quick with that okay good okay so let's see so I got this weird question from a guy and you know obviously we we hate where we're at now in optimization medicine we hate talking about optimal lab ranges because we know if you feel good in absence of symptoms and side effects you're good but this guy asked a question he said look man I'm I've been studying your books I listen to the podcasts I've watched all the roundtables I'm trying to put together a list of optimal lab ranges versus normal lab ranges I cannot find what the functional / optimal lab range for sex hormone-binding globulin shbg can you provide that information I don't think there really is one is there I mean outside of what we know is normal no it's I mean it's all over it's kind of all over the place it's all over the place and it will change week to week say today sometimes you don't need to worry about that level so much in an optimal guys a try no they're always over focusing on that if you're yeah you get your hormones in the you know if you get your testosterone and estradiol in and Optim range your shbg will be there too if you get your inflammation under control if you get your hemoglobin a1c you know below 5 yep those are your those are the targets that you really want to focus on you know you want to make sure that you got the right if you're not doing metformin you got to really think about doing metformin right on metformin and it's absolutely multiple benefits yep I mean that will help you with your body composition tremendous and by the way dude just on and also and you know this to it and we're gonna do I'll talk to you after but like metformin as you know reduces whole body inflammation probably better young and that's that's a second intern tertiary effect I know dude it's it's amazing it's one of the best anti-inflammatories that I put into my body I mean you know what should be on it right like I said on the water supply I've got a bunch of questions for you but I wanted to ask this brush yeah I don't know this guy but it's a great question and you and I have talked about this so I'm gonna ask and I don't know if we really know the answer I still think its genetic more than anything but I'm going to put it to you and it's perfectly for you and doctor key so he says hey Jay says I have one question I love your stuff I've watched all the roundtables his name is Darren Callie at I don't know him but thanks Darren for your question my Mike my team sent out an email today from the CEO team line law and baldness and acne and it was really good they cut and paste it was about DHT and he says I have one question if DHT accelerates hair loss in those who have a genetic predisposition to hair loss and transdermal scrotal application does increase the HT yes we know that right more so than injections do would sub-q injections provide the best of both worlds or does any testosterone optimization therapy accelerate hair loss regardless of the method used before your answer I'm just gonna say that what I know about hair loss and what I know about androgenic alopecia is that everyone who is predisposed to hair loss will have androgens exacerbate or speed the rate of follicular shed but I do believe that Jim can expound on this I do that certain types of therapy may accelerate the process faster I think you I think that's your theory to correct yeah that that's that's my theory absolutely so we know that I mean the the reason that like in my protocol I use transdermal specifically to increase dihydrotestosterone but for sexual hormone optimisation therapy is hormone optimisation therapy it's not just testosterone optimization therapy it's exactly optimizing all your hormones so you want to get your DHT into that that same kind of a I like to say just a little bit or over the reference range optimal optimal levels and and for me those optimal levels are you know in the around 100 nanograms per deciliter got I got beat up on that one recently because my lab uses pika grams per milliliter but you you want to get your DHT levels in into the optimal range your estradiol levels into the optimal range but yes so transdermal –zz will specifically increase it at a higher proportionate rate based on where you put the transdermal the most DHT creating tissue in the body is the scrotum the second most is hair you know skin with hair in it and the third most productive or lease productive DHT converting tissue is hairless skin so like your upper inner arms or your flanks you can use your cream specifically to increase you know you can calibrate your your DHT levels by where you put the cream if you're not a big DHT converter then you might want to you might be able to put all your cream on this on the scrotum right and that's what it takes to get your DHT into you know an optimal range so what you're saying though real quick just to cut just to cut through that is yeah it's all good and I'm glad you're explaining it but guys again we always say this there is no template to this well biochemically unique and that's why you have to work with a doctor who's experienced in working with many patients who seen all these diff permutations who can basically react and respond to the way you handle this because you're gonna be different than me and I'm different than Jim and Jim is different than everybody else it's just the way it is all these guys Jim who asked you and me and everybody what's that right Ange what's the optimal level doing there is no answer it's our youth to find out yeah and when you're having problems just you know just measure you know there's a DHT lab is not that expensive oh yeah if you spend you know spend a little bit of money doing the labs in the early phases you don't have to do it forever because once you get dialed in you're dialed in you know this crazy right right guys literally want to look at their labs every four weeks even though they feel great why why do you want to wait I mean that's the thing if you feel great you don't need the labs but if you're if you're having you know some symptoms and your provider should ask you you know there should be some direct questions you should be there's always that right there's always that so yet it's just the you can you know again coming back to this 37% of the population has an MAO a polymorphism you know if you're probably gonna have to you may not be able to do transdermal I've got a lot of guys that they start on my kind of protocol I got to pull them off the transdermal because they start getting that mao-a anxiety and restlessness insomnia you know and and I teach them what I just kind of described there you got this you can calibrate your DHT levels listen to your body it's going to tell you what works for you and if you're having problems with anxiety let's pull off the transdermal let's go to let's get the genetic testing usually comes back there's that mao-a and so now we're going to do you know everyday small dose testosterone injections and then take the testosterone out of the cream probably put pregnant alone and and some guys they will sometimes if they're like these very high maa converters they respond you okay I probably can count the doctors who can do that kind of stuff on my hands and my toes in the world so don't self-medicate don't start buying all this stuff thinking that this is what you need don't send an email saying oh my god he said you could use progesterone what dose yeah yeah that's a good point you're not working with these guys stop that's right what do you do if you use it in the wrong do not work with your family doctor because it's a $40 copay for your health yeah for God's sakes how many times do I have to say this it's absolutely retarded don't say that you can't afford it don't say that you can't afford that – that's right your health your body your vessel to get you through this incarnation if you don't do take if you know if you're not serious god bless you then take care of yourself and it doesn't matter what your copay is do you know I mean just did it blows my mind that so many people still say still justify everything based on their bullshit insurance it doesn't even work that Obama scammed out of we all got scammed by that some of us have moved on and realized that in order to take care of yourself it's out-of-pocket its cash pay yeah and you're gonna get you're gonna get a commercial testosterones right made in cutting seed oil you're gonna get you know I mean you don't you Spencer get you know I think when at the first episode that I ever did with you we talked about price points but I told you I believe that I could get it well under $199 right well I've got it way under $199 right you know for optimal therapy lab tests and everything and men can get optimized and they can get optimized in a way that will change their life just like it did me just like it has it changes everyone's life when they're optimized but the issue is you know Jim is that the majority of men never get up you Oh I yeah got it since we've got to do it right we got to do it right or people get harmed you know the the commercial testosterone plus an AI you know that model has got to go away and and we've got to you know we've got to allow estradiol has to be below 20 or something crazy like that those days are gone thanks to the work of a lot of the of Jay Campbell Leibel the doctors that you've had on the roundtable Rob come in Eric and presentations he's teaching other doctors and this and I know they were sitting in that audience and they were going wow III didn't know this and and hopefully there was you know fifty clinics in Florida that stopped prescribing a eye sight right out of the gate so I use a that was an interesting lunch but oh yeah but you said before I let you go and yeah this has been an amazing show you you already said it in this podcast earlier you said that the inflammatory response the cytokine attack is due to your ass being inflamed and you are inflamed when you are a 20 flap right here you are inflamed that layer of flab is visceral fat that is what the cytokines you inject your fucking bad-ass with the subcutaneous injection why do you think you have high estrogen symptoms the ocean yeah-oh simple it doesn't it's not rocket science anymore there are many doctors out there talking about this now it's simple every doctor by the way in the lecture Jim talked about information every single one it's the issue if the purse is not inflamed any therapy is going to work because actually the body will allow the therapy to work absolutely yeah well 80 to 90% of all lectures and medical conferences today should be on inflammation because it is the the number one driver of so much of the chronic disease and deficiencies that we're all facing right dude you said literally the estrogen I like to hammer this right because we're trying to push this out there and we want people to realize because as we know you anti-inflammatory moiety and you know it then it then your cycle instead of a vicious cycle downwards you're gradually cycling up to awesomeness you know optimization the brain is now working at a level that you've never even imagined it's like your life has been you walked into a room and they slowly turned up you know slowly chelating the aluminum out of your brain with fiji water or Gerolsteiner you start doing these little small inexpensive interventions and the lights start coming on and then one day the room is lit again and your life is unstoppable you're just you're creating solutions that you never even imagined that you had the creativity to create you're connecting with people you love people or imagined before and it's so transformational and I just want everybody to be able to enjoy that because that's that's what changed my life and made me who I am today and man that's that's my why I just want to give that to as many as as many men and women as I possibly can because it will restore your relationships it will it will make you a problem solver and we need problem solvers today yep so Jim is the last question that came in from Donald J Trump that I know [Laughter] you it's a predictable delivery mechanism I love to deliver pregnenolone and DHEA that way I think it's better than orals because of the digestion absorption and first-pass metabolism that oral pregnant alone and DHEA require last question epic show help for type 2 diabetes our answer it bro we already have said it all we've sent it as if you are fat and you are inflamed and you eat a lot of sugar and you drink alcohol and you eat processed food that's why you have type-2 diabetes right everything that we talked about type 2 diabetes here's the great news it's absolutely 100% curable that's absolutely curable hormone replacement therapy metformin intermittent fasting we talk you need you


  1. Did most of the end of this podcast start cutting out for others or was it just on my end? I missed most of the end because it just kept cutting out…

  2. Great video Jay and Jim. Hey Jay why do you switch between Doctors I thought you was with Dr Keith and I thought I understood you to say that Dr Jim is your doctor now. Just askin. Love the videos

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