The Outlawed Cure For All Disease


  1. Your all so full of it 1 minute would have said what the cure is not interested in all the hype just tell the cure so I can get it free somewhere instead of this money making scam


  3. what my ritual is daily. 2 cups green tea and honey. 2 soft boiled eggs. Vegetable soup never reheated. meat cooked medium rare. some fruit and nuts. Everything cooked in butter. No oil.
    Collected ash from volcanic soil and finely seived. Added tumeric and vitamins chromium magnesium calcium ginko biloba copper zinc finely ground and sieved also finely ground eggshells sieved and himalayan rock salt ground finely. Mix all together in a jar.
    half teaspoon of this mixture , half teaspoon black seed oil and one teaspoon honey once a day.
    No glutin no oil except black seed .no barley wheat rye or oats. No meat well done. No processed meat. No genetically modified food. No food burnt especially potato or sweet potato skins.
    Keeping nutrints high and carbs down doubles lifespan. Very little nutrients in soil these days , that's why volcanic ash important. Himalayan rock salt has 84 nutrients.
    Strengthen stomach acid by using plenty of salt. The major cause of many ailments is the stomach not being able to process what is eaten. No microwave popcorn or any processed meat or glutin.Plenty salt!. Clear skin , lose weight, regain energy and stamina, get sunlight . Very inexpensive . No fast food so actually costs less to be healthy . No carbonated drinks within an hour before or after a meal. It weakens stomach acid. If physically working out water is inadequate . Taste your sweat and see it is salty. When sweating the nutrients are coming out in sweat. Add himalayan rock salt to taste, some honey and cordial to taste . experiment with it and get something tasting good. Drinking only water can lead to heart attack.
    Dr Peter Glidden 12 foods you should never eat on youtube

  4. these guys all sound EXACTLY the same..I believe in natural cures but I get really tired of all this CRAP! Send me your money's and I'll cure all of your diseases

  5. Sounds like a scam to me. Lost interest in it and turned it off. Too much "beating around the bush" and not coming directly to the point.

  6. He he really wanted to help there would be no charge he is full of shit and is here to sell just like big pharma

  7. This guy has been sending me emails for year's, I'm glad he's got a YouTube channel, people who dis this guy never passed the pay attention course.

  8. Too much waffling on and not really getting to the point! seen these kind of things before and a waste of time watching and listening. Thanks, but no thanks! Click bait, in trying to get you to buy something and waste your time watching.

  9. What a waste of time. Use 35% grade hydrogen peroxide to drink or soak in a tube to destroy all disease, cancers, to become alkaline, ph balance changes the equation.

  10. Eat the food u grow drink purified water gal. Or more . Nuts green veg. Any veg. Beats great for everything. No dairy ,meats, bread, love animals , be one with mother earth, give back to her, thank her ,love her, and help others everyday,and love everyone everyday.

  11. This guy just talks and talks and says the same thing over n over but you hsve to listen to 40 min of bs before you get an answer after you lose all energy on your istrument

  12. Hey people just send me your money and I will send you the cure. Don't ask me questions,, don't worry a Outs how it works or why. Just send me your money. That's right , send it in right now because you need what I'm selling. I'm the only one that has the answer so send me your money. After all this is what God wants for you, Jesus would have asked you to do the same, so send me the money.

  13. I think he should be babbling on about 35 percent hydrogen peroxide food grade
    but I don't think that would be technology
    so I'm gone

  14. How come I never heard of you? Bread snd grains you say hurts health. I despise the killer FDA! Yet I hate you just as much because you waste my time with your babble.

  15. I hate videos like this….. this is YouTube if you want to make money get some ads don’t make a video that’s a sales pitch and nobody give a shit all your awards… I would say less than halfway through the video and I’m starting to get angry…. you never get to the point it’s just a waste of time.

  16. Technology: Use a near-infared sauna(with four 250W infared heat lamp bulbs). Nutrients: Dr. Mercola sums it up here for free:
    I'm pretty sure the miracle drug he refers to is DCA:

  17. Get to the point sir. Show us proof and give indications what you trying to achieve, … making money without results.

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