The Passion Behind Art Therapy

Hello and welcome to the Art Therapy Studio
at the Adler Graduate School. My name is Craig Balfany and I am the Art
Therapy program director. You may be contemplating a career in Art Therapy
and are wondering what makes an Art Therapist so passionate about this profession? Our students come to this program because
they have a deep desire to use their artistry and creativity to help people who are experiencing
challenges in life. Art Therapists are gratified by witnessing
the artistic and therapeutic process and products that manifest change. Employment opportunities for Art Therapists
continue to grow in our region. It’s supported by data that shows over 80%
of our students have received employment within 4 months of graduating. 60% have received job offers even before they
graduate. They have the ability to become fully licensed
in the mental health profession and become registered and board certified. Perhaps you’re wondering do I have to give
up my artistic practice and artistry in order to become an Art Therapist? Absolutely not. It is encouraged that you continue with your
art making as a way to deepen your own self awareness and to use it as a self-care strategy. As you ponder your options for graduate education
and future career opportunities, consider this: what would be better than a career where
I can help people and use art and make cool stuff?

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