The Penn Hernia Center: Integrating Patient Care and Clinical Research

The Penn Hernia Center really has two primary focuses. It’s delivering
state-of-the-art care to patients who have hernias
and also to focus on improving outcomes
through clinical research and patient-reported outcomes. We’re able to look at the years
and years of patient outcomes and learn what makes sense
for what types of patients and refine our techniques to really individualize
our approach to give each patient
the best outcome possible; whether it’s picking
the right mesh, or picking the right approach, or finding the right group
of surgeons to take care of a patient. We have ongoing clinical trials studying what interventions improve outcomes the most and really critically
examining our results to improve outcomes
for patients. Our focus on clinical research
and improving outcomes as well as focus on
the patient’s reported outcomes really makes us unique. We really deeply care about
what matters to the patient and the patient’s recovery
post-operatively, and really make
a significant effort to individualize our treatment
and focus on the patient. When you send a patient to the Hernia Center
at Penn Medicine, you can trust that this patient
is going to receive state-of-the-art care
from an experienced surgeon that really is able to treat
all types of hernias; from the simplest
abdominal hernias to the most complex, recurrent
and challenging defects. And you can trust
that your patient will be well taken care of; that he or she
is going to recover as optimally as possible. To be able to help improve
quality of life for patients and do a good job
in treating these patients, really is very gratifying, and really restores
their quality of life in a significant way. [♪♪♪]

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