The Popular Girl At The Party

– What’s up guys welcome to the vlog. We are getting ready for a party, that’s why there’s a pink
flamingo and a slice of pizza. And our Dunkin’ Donut float. We have a tradition, if you wanna call it tradition this is our second year doing it, therefore it’s a tradition, of inviting over the buddies and the camp leaders and stuff like that, from Camp I Am Special from Abbie’s camp just to kinda say thank you, and like a end of the
year celebration thing, you guys have your own
parties though right? – Yes. – [Asa] That happened, that’s– – Some of them are–
– Becka’s here about that. – Y’know. – It’s not gonna be that
kinda party Becka, understand? Yeah so we’re gonna be having a good time hanging out by the pool. Y’know wanna invite everybody over. If you guys remember last year’s party, I won’t be riding any skateboards. – Oh yeah, that’s right. – Yep, that’s when I broke
my ribs on the skateboard. If you haven’t seen that video, I’ll link it right up here. It was a bad fall. Veggie straws. (crunching) I like how you put them half in your bowl, half on the table. – [Summer] And she’s still asking to eat. – I have one last thing
for you to hang up. – [Asa] I see you standing
there holding that like waiting, waiting for me. – I have the stool in the spot
and I have the hooks ready. – [Asa] Okay. (laughing) – I just need a good looking guy to hang this up for me. Do you know where I can find one? – [Asa] Nope. – ‘Kay. – [Asa] Did she surprise you? Look who’s here! – [Isaiah] She got so pumped! – [Asa] I missed her reaction. – She was like, doing her
hand thing, and y’know. – [Asa] So excited! – Oh my gosh. That was so cute. Mackenzie walked in and she was like. (makes high pitched noise)
– Yeah she freaked out. (screams) (laughs) Oh it was so adorable. – Little itsy bitsy spider. – [Mackenzie] Okay, lock it? – She was like yeah she’s here, now I can have all the cookies! Can you believe it Ab? It’s like camp at your house. I think everybody’s here,
it’s kinda madness out there. Look at all these people. Of course Abbie’s the most popular one, she’s got a little huddled group. What a coincidence, this is the guy that told me to get on the skateboard and made me break my
ribs, you remember that? – Round two today. – No, it’s so not happening. The skateboards are broken, I can’t find them I lost
them during the move, sorry. (laughing) You all get tired of treading water? Like everybody’s on this side of the pool. (chattering) (laughing) You can’t say sweet things until I have the camera on, you know that. – I just said aw, both of our
kids are in their happy place. – They are.
– They’ve both found so much joy at camp I Am Special. – I know.
– So, thank you guys. – [Asa] Isaiah found such
an awesome group of friends. And then Abbie, oh my gosh, she’s so happy everybody’s here. – I know. Look at her, she’s just like. – [Asa] I know, she’s definitely
the most popular one here. (mumbling) (screams) – I’m winning! I win. (yelling) (screaming) (bubbling) (chattering) (laughing) That was pretty much– (speaker is drowned out by other speakers) (laughing) It was like six dudes
drowning right there. (chattering) – [Asa] Shoot it, shoot it! – Look, throw it like up there. (cheering) – [Isaiah] Abbie! (cheering)
(splashing) (Abbie vocalizes) (laughing) – [Asa] Shoot it Ab. – Shoot it! – [Asa] Shoot it Ab! – [Group] Abbie, Abbie, Abbie. (cheering) – She blocked you! – Try again, okay! – [Group] Abbie, Abbie,
Abbie, Abbie, Abbie, Abbie, Abbie, Abbie!
(cheering) – [Asa] How’s that feel? All those college kids
and high school kids chanting your daughter’s name. – I know. – It’s something isn’t it?
– So sweet. They’re just good kids. – [Asa] Good kids. – [Priscilla] Look at you! – Look at me. – [Priscilla] All right,
ready to feed these kids? – [Asa] This is a lotta pizza. – [Priscilla] Right? There was no way I was cooking. (laughing) And we don’t have a grill yet, so, this is the next best thing. – Yup. – [Priscilla] It feeds a lotta people. And we have a lotta people. – They eat a lot. Teenagers and young
adults, they eat a lot. – [Priscilla] Yep, they do. – They’re all like broke, y’know they’re teenagers
and broke college kids, so I figured whatever we had left over they can take home with ’em, y’know? – [Priscilla] They’ll this
for the rest of the weekend. – Who put you in charge? – [Priscilla] Okay, ready? – Come on! (chattering) – [Priscilla] Three, two, one. ♪ You’re a nice guy ♪ ♪ I’ll think about it maybe ♪ ♪ XO baby ♪ ♪ Uh oh here we go ♪ (laughing)
– Did we get it? – [Priscilla] Did we get it? Look at Josh, look we get it? So, Marlena Mertz, that’s
who you guys need to go– (yelling) – [Isaiah] Guys for Tik Tok. Flash for Tik Tok guys.
– I hate this. – Report her!
– They’re very– – She’s kinda Tik Tok famous. – [Priscilla] She is. – I think she’s like
really Tik Tok famous, like she’s just saying that. – [Asa] Legit Tik Tok famous. – Are we doing it? (laughing) I’m sorry. (grunts)
(laughing) – You can’t screw it up, you’re– (speaker is drowned out by chattering) (chattering)
(yelling) (upbeat music) – Aw, two!
– What’d you get Abbie? – She opened a friend float. – A flamingo.
– It’s a chicken. – A cockatoo.
(making chicken noises) – It’s a cockatoo. (chattering)
(laughing) – [Black Shirt Guy] Wrong animal noise. – Abbie, it’s so–
– Well what noise does a cockatoo make? (impersonates a cockatoo) (laughing) Sounds accurate. What an amazing party! – Yeah!
(cheering) – Everybody’s gone, we had a great time. So I was just watching Marlena’s Tik Tok. How cool is it that she’s Tik Tok famous and most of her content is ASL? – Yeah.
– Yup. – That’s so stinking cool, it’s like an account built
around inclusion, y’know? It’s so awesome, I love that. (Isaiah is drowned out by Abbie) The people that we have
surrounded ourselves with are just incredible people. – [Priscilla] They are. – I’m so fortunate to have
those people in our lives. I feel so fortunate. – Abbie loved having everybody around. – [Asa] Yeah, she did. – It was so stinkin’ cute. – [Asa] She kinda threw bit of a fit when everybody left. – Yeah, she totally did. (Abbie yelling) – [Asa] Guess what, we’re
gonna see them tomorrow Abbie, when you show off your talent. Did you have a great day? Did you have a good day? Can you say bye? Aw, I’m glad you had a good day, bed? Yes, that’s coming too. Bed soon. – [Summer] She keeps saying all done. – [Asa] All done, yeah. All done for the day. – Yeah her eyes are like bloodshot from being in the pool all day. (laughing) – Aw, she’s smiling. Sometimes when she has really good days, tantrums follow, which
is not entirely unusual. I’m tryna figure out these
lights, there we goo. Woo, surface of the sun. It’s not unusual, because you have, aw everything’s great,
everything’s wonderful, and then it slows down and just, y’know, back to normal and that’s a bummer, it’s a bummer for everbody. Y’know you have all that hyped excitement and then just nothing, so. It’s a pretty actually normal behavior. She’s just upset, she’s
bummed about it I think. You’d think y’know you
would reason with like, well you had such a great day, why are you throwing a tantrum? But honestly like, she had a great day and now it’s over and now she’s bummed. I think everybody feels that and she just expresses it vividly, huh? – [Isaiah] I know I do. – [Priscilla] Right. – [Asa] Isaiah you can’t talk
from the bathroom, it’s weird. – [Isaiah] I’m sorry. – [Asa] What, you had so much to eat. So much pizza and cookies
and all the best things. Abbie I can not wait to
get our family room done, we can watch movies in here. Won’t it be great? Curl up on the comfy carpet. – [Priscilla] Come on,
watch your hand, it’s food! – [Asa] Are you helping? – [Summer] Good job. – [Priscilla] I made his food. So funny thing, Maverick
does not like to eat ’til late at night. – [Summer] Come on. She doesn’t know what to do, she can’t. Here, I’ll help you. I’ll help you get down the stairs, okay? (Abbie groaning) – [Asa] I feel like we should
put a hand rail over here. – Yeah. – [Asa] ‘Cause there’s finger
prints all over it already. – There you go.
– She needs that stability. – [Summer] Hey, I’m not
gonna move from here. Come on. (Abbie yells) I’m sorry Mav I know. It’s your girl, it’s
not me, it’s your girl. Come here, come here.
– Come get his bowl. – [Asa] Oh my gosh, so much instruction. Ab, stop. (Abbie hums) Come and get the bowl. (Abbie hums) – [Priscilla] Your hands. – [Asa] Good job. – Ready to go in the laundry room. (phone bleeps) – [Isaiah] She staring at it? (Abbie vocalizes) – Put it right here. – [Asa] She’s like I remember this stuff, I like to dump it all over the floor. (laughing) – Right here.
– Set it down. – [Summer] For your puppy. (dish clatters softly)
Good job. Look now he’s eating
his dinner, you did it! High five. – [Asa] Whatcha lookin’ at? Oh the air vent? Are you just now noticing that? It creeps Summer out. – [Summer] It creeps me the heck out. – [Asa] Come on Ab. – [Isaiah] You know what I don’t like? – [Asa] Come on. Let’s go. (Abbie vocalizes) (chuckling) – [Summer] She’s been so vocal today. – [Asa] I know. (Abbie vocalizes) (laughing) – Yeah, you have. – [Asa] So we were just
talking about Summer leaving in like two days, so that’s a bummer. But we got other people
coming to the house, so that’s a huge surprise! Yay! Also, okay what do we got
going on babe tomorrow? – Tomorrow we have Abbie’s orientation, and we have a night to,
what do they call it, A Night to Shine? – [Isaiah] Night of Stars. – [Parents] Night of Stars. – [Asa] Yeah, it’s gonna be a talent show.
– That’s with the camp, yup. That’s with the camp
and it’s a talent show that Abbie’s gonna be in. – So we have to come up with a talent tomorrow morning for Abbie. Come up with something, right? – [Priscilla] No, her talent is dancing. – Right but I mean we’re gonna like, throw a little surprise in there maybe? Come on, we’re the
Maasses, it’s what we do. – Oh okay. – Yeah, we gotta do something. But yeah orientation, they what? – We gotta really, y’know. Got to give it a little razzle dazzle. – [Asa] Little pizazz, right? – Pizazz.
– Right, yeah. And then, yeah, so her
orientation’s gonna be interesting, we’ll see how she responds going back to school tomorrow, huh? (Abbie yells) I keep blocking, you keep pushing away. What’s up? No, we’re not doing cookies. I’m so glad you had such a good day. Do you wanna say bye to everybody? Say bye? (Abbie vocalizes) Say bye first, oh good job. (beeps) Next video coming up is our office tour, you don’t wanna miss that. I don’t know when I’ll post it, like in a couple o’ hours
or tomorrow or what, but just stay tuned, watch out for that. Our office is, I love it. I stinking love it. Do you love it? – I do.
– It’s the, like it’s so cool that we get to work in there. – It is. – It’s amazing. – It’s better than I could’ve imagined. – Right, it’s everything I hoped for but I had no idea it would
look as cool as it does. Do you guys love it, is it amazing? – Yeah I think it looks awesome. – [Asa] What’s your favorite part? – Maybe the podcast area. – [Asa] Yeah I was gonna say the podcast area.
– And then I sat in there and talked for like 10
minutes today, so. (laughs) – Every night I’m just gonna go in there and talk to myself. Ask myself questions. – [Asa] Pretend like maybe
you should record it, make your own podcast. – Oh man.
– Ayy. – Hey guys, probably not gonna do that. It’s scary.


  1. It is so special when you find an amazing group of people to hang out with and to be friends with. I'm so glad both Isaiah and Abbie are having so much fun.

  2. Does Abby understand sign language to the point where you could communicate well enough through signs and no speech at all? Would adding speech and sign together from you guys make a difference! I’ve always been curious on the communication side of disabilities and seeing Abby thoroughly understand what you are saying and be able to sign something back created so many questions for me!!

  3. You're so blessed.
    How sweet to show all the teenagers and young adults they're appreciated. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I know how y’all feel about all of Abby’s friends being around her. My son is 6 with moderate asd and limited communication skills…but his school does an amazing job with inclusion. He’s the most popular kid in his grade. At a birthday party for a friend all of the kids got excited that he came and one of his peer model friends really made sure that he was included and having fun like everyone else. And she totally didn’t have to do that. Even just today a little girl screamed in the store bc “ITS DAVID FROM SCHOOL MOM!!” And then her mom and I chatted about upcoming school year and such. But for me it’s so cool to see how the parents really learn a lot from the kids. A lot of times when he’s vocal stimming adults kind of give you a look. But his friends from school, their parents never give that look. She gave him a huge genuine smile and it really made my heart happy.

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