The power of the alumni network

I come across alumni at the School all the time. Currently at the Global
Fund I’m part of a team called the technical
partnerships and advisory team and half of my team has either studied at the School or been part of the School or did research with the School. So the alumni in Geneva tends to work
at the WHO, we’ve got people at the Global Fund, Clinton Foundation, the Union for International Cancer Control, where I used to work after my degree and many other smaller
nonprofits focusing on international health. I think the alumni network is quite
useful and it will be useful for anyone who’s graduating from the School. You tend to not realize how much your
core group of people who are intensely with you for one year really become valuable as friends and are people that you’ll run into over and over again and I
think that it’s a really valuable resource for everyone. So I have kept in
close contact with a number of my friends from LSHTM, and it’s actually thanks to my close contact with them that I met my now husband in Damascus Syria eight years ago. I also remember the first time I was ever head-hunted by a company, I felt very special, and then at the end of
the interview, I was like how did you find me What was very interesting was that it was one of my School colleagues actually. And they had recommended me to the recruitment agency, so that was amazing. So I would say to anybody who wants to go and study at the School or is looking at what the next step in
their career should be, the power the power of the alumni is definitely one of the School’s strong points. Anybody will welcome a message on LinkedIn or Facebook or an email and i think that you should definitely
seek mentorship as people will be more than
happy to help you understand the current job market, and the current research market. A degree at the School is considered very important for professionals, especially in the world of pharmaceutical development, so it was really a great value added for me. Fantastic, fantastic reputation. Definitely a plus in anybody’s career.

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