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Hey, everybody happy Thursday, and I’m wearing my Vidcon t-shirt cuz I’m a cool kid Kind of not really more like a dork but proud of it so today I’m going to talk about something that was asked a long time ago, and I have been putting it off I’m not gonna lie because I want to think about it and so I had to think and the question is Kati, could you talk about the pros and cons of being a therapist? And the reason I want to talk about and the reason I was like this is a good question and I should talk about it is because I hear from a lot of you that you yourself want to become a therapist or a social worker or someone who is helpful in a professional in the mental health field and I think it’s important to kind of note what the pros and cons are. So without further ado, let’s get started Let’s start with some of the cons so we can end on a good note Now the cons and something that I’ve been very very open and honest about are, number one, we don’t make a lot of money the average income when I started grad school, which was back in 2007, I think the average income was $55,000 a year. Now that’s obviously I’m in California. I mean the United States I know that can differ from place to place, but I can — I’ll just get real with you When I first started working in the hospitals, I got paid about $24 an hour, and then I worked at a treatment center Prior to that where I got paid $14 an hour so that gives you an idea of kind of where we’re starting at And then in private practice you can charge more. I remember when I was not licensed in working under my supervisor I charged $85 an hour And I know that some people charge all the way up to $225 an hours, so somewhere in there could be something that you find works for you But it — we don’t make that much money. And the second thing I want to talk about is that we work odd hours I mean, I’m not a morning person, but I know some therapists work really early in the morning So they can see their clients before they go to work. I personally decided to work in the afternoon, starting around You know a noon-ish, and I go all the way sometimes until 8 o’clock at night. Some therapist I know work even later than that have a woman who works in the same suite as me and she goes until 10:00 p.m. So you can have to work in a different kind of schedule than a lot of your friends and family may And the third con and I don’t even know if this really a con as much as kind of like a thing to think about is that we really have to take care of ourselves. It’s really important that I’m in therapy myself It’s really important that I hold myself accountable for my own mental health, and I think that a lot of therapists sometimes forget to do this And I believed at that point then we aren’t as effective and so if you want to become a therapist. I hear from a lot of you, can you be a therapist even if you struggle with mental health issues? And the answer is yes, but you have to have them under control I’m a firm believer, and if I can’t help myself I can’t help anybody else, and I never go into a session Thinking that I’m going to glean something from my client to help myself I honestly feel like that’s really wrong And it should be all about my client how I can better serve them not making it about me in any shape or form Now on to the pros. That was enough of the cons The first pro And the reason that I keep doing what I do is because it’s so rewarding to get to see your clients grow, change, and become the people that you always knew they were, that something was just maybe holding them back But they were able to process through it. That whole experience is just what makes it so amazing and wonderful Now the second and this is something that I’m just going to make it personal for me because this is what I think makes their — like why I’ve become a therapist is because my work is actually fulfilling I don’t just show up to work push some papers around types of numbers in and I don’t know what happens with it But I send it off for the person that I’m supposed to do it You know like a TPS report if you watched office space um it’s not something like that It’s something where I’m actually interacting. It’s really fulfilling and at the end of the day I’m like you know I helped people. The third thing is that it’s always changing Every day is different even if you’re seeing the same people, they have a whole different week that they’ve gone through, and different things that they want to work on and it’s never just the same I’m not just typing up some reports and then sending them off and it’s the same shit day after day after day It’s always different, and I love that. It keeps me interested Time flies, I never realized how long I worked at any of the treatment centers or hospitals or even in my private practice how long I’ve been doing it, because time just flies and it’s not so boring. And the fourth and final pro I’m going to talk about is that it’s a challenge. I love being challenged. That’s why I also love YouTube Not only do I get to see each of you grow and change and become better people but I’m also challenged to learn more, to do more, and as a Therapist not only are we legally required to do continuing education units where we learn more, but my clients challenge me. If I’m going to refer them to something, or if we’re going to try new techniques. I make sure I know it inside and out I make sure I read through as much as I can and I really enjoy that challenge and that I can always be bettering myself and bettering who I am as a therapist. I hope you found that helpful. I know that It’s something a lot of you been asking and I know that a lot of you want to be a therapist and so consider some of the things I’ve said and see you know what you think What are your thoughts. Are those things that you’re willing to live with, are those — are the — do the pros outweigh the cons? Because, honestly, for any of us to be happy in our jobs I feel like the pros always have to outweigh the cons. We need to make money to make our lives work and to make the world go round But at the end of the day I hope that each and every one of you can find a job that you really feel good about that could be anything jobs are different for everyone but I want you to end every day feeling good about yourself and feeling glad that you have the job you have. So take that into consideration when you’re deciding what your career path is because I can’t imagine it being any different for myself, and I hope that and wish that for each and every one of you, okay? I love you all and I will see you on Monday. Bye!


  1. 250$ per hour is not too shabby.. I dont think money is a con for therapists and neither do I think it is bad that most therapists can organize their own schedule/time-table.

  2. Hi Kati! I am potentially getting ready to switch careers and pursue a degree in Psychology (and then proceeding with a Masters, etc) and finding your page was so helpful! It provided the encouragement and gave me more reason to pursue this passion of helping others achieve their better selves. I wanted to ask how you went about starting your vlog page and do you edit the videos you make yourself? I think it would be cool to start a page like this once I graduate (years from now) to help others as well; just not sure how to start with vlogging! <3 Thanks for your time!

  3. Hi Kati thanks for the pros and cons, they really helped me out. I wanted to ask you if you think going to a cacrep accredited school is better then a license qualifying school. Thanks!

  4. I think sometimes (particularly in the West) we put a little too much emphasis on the often unattainable "dream job." We all strive to find that perfect job that we're really good at and that we're really happy with, but the truth is there is no such thing as the perfect job. There will always be pros and cons to every single job. There will always be things you don't like whether it's the hours, a collegue, the commute everyday, the stress etc. There will always be something that you're not going to like, but as long as the positives outweigh everything else, then you're job is great. Don't strive for the perfect job, strive for the job that keeps you mostly happy, even if you do get the odd bad day in there.

  5. Hi are you a licensed marriage and family therapist? Do you have a video on the differences paths we can take ? Thanks

  6. I'm in 1st year (8th grade for all you americans) and I have been learning about what type of career I would like to be, most people say that it would be really depressing to be a therapist but I really want to be one, I know there is a good chance that I will change my mind and decide to do some other career but i would absolutely love to be a therapist

  7. I'm a med student, and Im aiming on being a psychiatrist after I graduate..
    I don't care whether I'm gonna take a lot of money or not,I think I'm gonna be successful cuz I'm into it.

  8. Hey I love your channel I just recently been struggling with anxiety and have panic attacks almost everyday my doctor has me on medicine it helps. But still have panic attacks should I see a therapist ?

  9. LMFTA here . I think it depends on the area you live . I’m from WA state , our salary is high here! My hours are 9-5, you can choose your own . Self-care, well I have weekends off and travel . The job is very fulfilling overall 🙂

  10. Hi Kati, I am currently a senior majoring in my under grad psych degree. I am currently debating on applying for grad school this fall for mental health counseling. Can you explain your education and schooling path? Did you take some time off after getting your bachelors degree to decide what you wanted to do? I’m just feeling lost and undecided.

  11. I'd love to go into therapy and help others with mental health. I'm doing psychology as an A level and I'd love to pursue it as a career in the future

  12. I want to be a therapist or a counselor but I hate how you have to get a bachelors than a masters and you still don’t make much.

  13. I live in Wisconsin, and that amount is amazing and would go a long ways here. After all every one here can only land factory or MC Donalds jobs

  14. $24/hr ..thats a lot of money…..enough for me, but then again, i dont live in California nor do i plan on supportin anyone except myself, my cat and my mom. Also, i grew up broke so any money is good money. 😂😂😂

  15. I appreciate you sharing this video. You sound and look genuine and that compliments the message being shared.

  16. I appreciate you sharing this video. You sound and look genuine and that compliments the message being shared.

  17. Can someone give me tips on something? I’m still in high school (junior year) and I finally got a psychology course, but it’s extremely boring (idk if it’s the teacher or if I just for some reason aren’t enjoying it). I still wanna be a child therapist tho, but I have no idea how I’m going to learn anything about psychology or how to apply it, like idk how knowing things like humanist psychology and the other 6 or whatever is going to be something I can apply in the future.

    And also, how do I remember the info? Already during summer break when I go back to school I already forgot pretty much everything I learned and have to be reminded, if I go to college to study psychology then how do I know I’ll even remember anything I learned afterwards. I’m anxious whenever people ask about my future cuz I have no idea what else I want to be but idk what to do

  18. I really am nervous/scared of the fact that I’m a very emotional person. I honestly can’t see someone pouring their heart out to me and me not shedding a tear of some sort and who wants a crying therapist? 😆

  19. Do you work the same times everyday or do they vary by appointments? I want to become a child life specialist & therapist. Not sure if i can do both

  20. man, 24$ an hour would be living large out here in southern ohio. wish I made that much money over here, could afford my own 2 bedroom house

  21. I love to help people so much. Thank u for this video , it's so important to me. I either wanna be a social worker or a therapist.

  22. As a psychology student I have lost my faith in doing this, to learn, to write to do because sometimes I feel like I do this and nothing will happen after I finish Uni. I'm very happy that I have found your video and you gave me faith. You made my day ❤

  23. I want to become a psychologist and help people with mental illnesses but it takes lots of schooling and I know it’s very hard but at the same time I’m interested in how all of it works do idk what to do

  24. If I'm being honest with you, the numbers you spoke of (regarding how much you earn) is actually quite a lot where I live. (Because we don't have taxes) I would be more than content with even less.

  25. Hi! I'm a psychology student… who happens to have some relatives with narcissistic traits..(yikes)! And, they expect me to be perfect… If I ever make any mistake, they love to put the blame on 'my psychology'..! Have you ever experienced this? Also, how do you nicely explain to family members or relatives that you can't 'treat' them? Can you do a video on why therapists don't see their family or close friends in therapy? Thanx 🙂

  26. I start grad school next year, just finished my bachelors of psychology and I hope one day to be a LMHC 😳 great video and advice, thanks!

  27. i have anxiety/depression, but recently i've been very interested in learning more about mental illnesses more serious than mine like sociopathy and psychopathy or even a children's therapist, knowing i could help people the way my therapist helped me.

  28. I'm looking to get into psychology, but I'm super worried about all the debt from schooling, how could I afford to pay for all of it with a low average salary?

  29. Pros and Cons aside…….what a beautiful outlook on life!! Thanks for sharing your outlook on life. I wish everyone could have the same sense of understanding for their purpose in life.

  30. I'm off to study my masters next year in counselling & honestly can't wait. I've come to it later in life but feel i'm so ready to make it about my client not me. It's so important to be in the right mindset yourself. To me the pay sounded a lot, but not compared to a banker i guess for example. If you're in it just to get paid a lot you shouldn't be in it though.

  31. You’ve put a really big smile on my face with this video! I’m constantly told I would regret the choice of studying psychology and so I’m very nervous when it comes to deciding which university I will go to, but you just said exactly what I was hoping to hear. I think I will be fine! Wish me luck on this journey 🙂 grazie

  32. If I can make $14/hr. I will be set. I can’t even imagine what $14/hr looks like. I am in school now to be a psychologist. I want to get my Psy.D and practice to help people but if I can get $14/ hr on top of the fulfillment that comes with the feeling of helping people then I’m set!

  33. This is why I want to get into the psychology field. I believe I'll feel more fulfilled by helping others.

  34. It is interesting that some people think $24 dollars an hour is low pay. 💁Guess everyone has grown up differently and it realky depends.

  35. I think one con she forgot to mention is the paperwork. The paperworks that come with each therapy is ridiculous. Being a therapist is a quick burn out field. Trust me after few months, you're both mentally and physically burned out. Alot of people have this misconception that therapy is only " talking", actually it is not. Talking is the easy part, everything else is the hard part. To get into therapy, make sure that's actually what you want to do honestly because if it isn't, you'll regret your choice after few months. Most therapist are depressed for a reason. The beauty of it is the most difficult part is when you're unlicensed; when you become licensed, you can go full self-pay. As a self-pay therapist, you pick and choose whether or not you want to do notes.

    Another con is know that the mental health is extremely broken, like ridiculously broken, both in the government board side and insurance side. Expect every year or every few years ridiculous changes for licensure by the board. Also expect insurance companies fighting you for every single dime, penny, etc. Expect to be penalized by insurance companies for the stupidest reasons. Something as simple as not putting a date when you signed your progress notes even though you dated it on top or using skill based words instead of therapeutic words when writing your notes can get you penalized and forced to pay back every dime they ever paid you for that client hence, several therapist choose the self-pay route.

    The rewarding part of therapy is the clients like she said. Seeing them grow mentally is the best feeling honestly. That's literally your motivation, at least for me it is. Unfortunately, depending on what agency you work for, you may not get that motivation.


  37. i have a bachelors in psychology but in school they didn't give me the techniques to address in a session. so where could I find them what type of course or diploma ? it will be so helpful

  38. I want to know if some of your clients ware rude to you or screamed at you or disrespected you?
    Have you ever had that experience before?

  39. Hi I am studying psychology and I wanted to know how does an art therapist do their job if you don’t know could you refer me to a channel who does know thank you for your time

  40. I loved your video , you have confirmed everything I have been feeling , basically I am a chef but I really feel my personality is not suited in the kitchen, I actually feel like it’s waged in there. I am finally ready to stay may goodbye to my career and I want to become a therapist, I just need to find out the right steps and qualifications I need. Would love any tips you may have 🤗 on my way to binge watch all your videos 🤭 I can already tell I love your channel.

  41. I originally wanted to become a physician since I have this desire to help others. However I lost interest throughout my undergraduate years as a biology major. Now I'm looking into becoming a therapist and the subjects interest me more than anything. And I'm glad this profession will allow me to help others.

  42. I'm just curious, what do you do as of now? what do you charge an hour? Also when you were charging 85 an hour in private practice, what role was your supervisor? Was she a PhD level?

  43. Why isn't she talking about the struggle to see people at thire worse? Why isn't she talking about dealing with a patient suicide? Sitting every day for 8 hours in a room and just listen to people's pain, anger, fears?

    Well i guess that makes sense with all of the "C/DBT" attitude now days. Soon enough Siri will be able to give you a session as well

    If you really want to hear about what it's like being a therapist i recommend you read "On being a therapist" and not base on this video.

  44. If you go into private practice then you can make a lot of money then right? That’s basically what you said I think.

  45. I would love to be a Therapist i am in school now pursuing a degree. Keep going and get your doctorate and you can make way more money!!!

  46. I would be a good therapist because i been through the ring many times almost anything you been through already have been and im only 24 im almost bald but i know i can help

  47. I suffer from mental health and I’m still on the path of recovery but I want to Help other people that were in my position

  48. Do any of you understand stats class? If it's one thing I know about psychology and sociology is stats and research methods.

  49. Hey Kati, I absolutely love your videos, they’re so helpful and wonderful and really cheer me up lol. I really want to be a therapist or go into psychology myself but I’m kind of struggling motivating myself to keep going. I’ve been helping a lot of my personal friends to be honest with a lot of different stuff, whether it’s helping them with financial stuff or mental stuff like panic attacks and anxiety. And I’m getting really burnt out. I’ve tried going to therapy but very often the ones that accept insurance don’t last very long. I guess I’m just wondering if there’s any resources I can use for myself or maybe a different job I can do besides therapy?

  50. kati, thank you very much! i love all the videos you made. it helps me to understand a lot about the information i need to deal with myself and my kid.

    you are truly amazing that even you don't make as much as you deserve, yet you still give as much as you can to help out the patients. by the way, sometimes i feel like they are under-paid for all the work as the professional. to go through with patient could be very stressful too.

    i am not a therapist, yet i am a mother which needs more counseling skills to myself and my kid.

  51. Hello, I just got out of the Marines and I want to become a therapist to eventually help vets dealing with mental struggles but I was just a dumb grunt and dont know where to start! Can anyone give me some advice?

  52. Anyone recommend good universities to study for this? I have about 2 years before I start looking into colleges and actually applying but I need good recommendations so I know where to go about.

  53. I am starting my MA program tomorrow at Lesley University in Mental Health Clinical Counseling with a specialization in Art Therapy tomorrow and this video made my night:)) im so excited to be like you kati! I wont be a family therapist, but to be in the same field as you in somethings ive wanted to do since i was a little one!

  54. so i’m 14 years old and i didnt really know what i wanted to do until i went to counseling myself and then i realized that i really want to do that as a job , i’ve been looking into the career for the future so that’s for being realistic for me especially for the start of your career

  55. I've recently gone through a period of massive personal change and development and it's enlightened me as to what I want (need) to do in my life. It's so far from anything I've ever done, or wanted to do, but I know truly that what I want to do with my life is to become a therapist – particularly in the family/marriage/relationship field.

    I'm a 22 year old student in my final year of University, studying an undergraduate degree in 'IT and Business Management' in Manchester, UK. I've got no psychology related qualifications or experience – only the extent to which I've researched myself online (I've unknowingly spent SO much time researching psychology and philosophy in my life)

    I've spoken to University staff and the best bet for me to get into the field is to study a conversions Masters course in Psychology, from which I hope to go on to complete a PHD. My problem is, having no related qualifications means I can only really apply to lower status Universities. I still have a drive to be successful and so would like to study at a top University to improve career prospects. Needs be, I will have to sacrifice the status of the University if it is my only choice to study Psychology and become a therapist.

    Would anyone be able to offer me any advice? Is there anything I can do now, without qualification, to get involved in the field? Is there anyone I should speak to, places I could work/volunteer, or things I could do to improve my chances at getting onto a psychology course?

    I can't put into words how big of a thing this is for me, and any advice which anyone could offer would be massively appreciated. Thanks!

  56. Thank you so much you inspired me to be a therapist my friends say I should try it out because they always come to me for guidance. Great video👍👌

  57. Yes self care is important, good for anyone who wants to be a therapist, I decided not to go for my masters

  58. I’m currently a personal trainer and considering becoming a pyscotherapist, just because it interests me and I feel like I’ve got the qualities that a therapist would be good. But can you specialise in eating disorders?

  59. I am very early in my life trying to become a therapist here and something I am realizing as I am talking to people is if you want to protect everyone form the depression epidemic, if you want to protect everyone not to many people are going to help you. With that in mind you are gunna have to either have someONE you can rely on or be like me and choose to save everyone and have no one help you. Now I already know this is super unhealthy, so I’d like to hear how unhealthy this can be.

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