1. When you were mentioning the wrestlers who died too soon, you should have mentioned Benoit. You can’t pretend that what he did was caused by anything other than CTE

  2. imagine getting your dream job with good pay and complaining like a baby about it. you people need to shut up with this moral crap its a business. i hate wwe but im not a pansy that is going to try and call them out for nothing

  3. if your not going to do anything about health care they could at least do something about travel cost.

  4. stop having 140 guys on the roster just because.

    or just go out of business for the good of the business…

  5. It's absolutely unbelievable to call these performers "independent contractors". They have to work on location, at the times specified by the employer, and stick to a script. A contractor is able to work do a job as they see fit and is usually able to work for multiple employers. What WWE is doing isn't only wrong, it should be illegal under the definitions of contractor and employee. The wrestlers need to unionize, they have more power now than ever. Imagine all the wrestlers forming a union and walking out when WWE has multiple televised shows a week and monthly PPVs.

  6. Because they don't give two shits about the employees or the independent contractors as they would say

  7. The 80s wrestlers from Hogans buddies in the lockerroom are the 139 dislikes.

    They came for you

  8. Still no security footage from sandy hook released. THAT’S something that warrants more attention, numb nuts. Not your crocodile tears for steroid heads you pretend to care about

  9. John Oliver doesn’t seem to be worried about Guantanamo bay still being open. But good thing he’s going after Wrastlin

  10. Of course they don’t like you. Because you’re scavenger jabronies who’s only claim to fame is being a barnacle on other people’s ship. Sup with that YouTube healthcare plan tho?

  11. Has it occurred to you, moron, that being an “employee” has a downside? Meaning, instead of that big massive contract? You get a weekly stipend. Careful what you wish for

  12. So when’s YouTube gonna give its slump shouldered nerd “employees” health insurance?.. thought so. Jagoff

  13. Do you losers even know that your own government did 9/11? Maybe factor that in to your utterly embarrassing attempt and moralizing

  14. John Oliver gets paid to pretend the false left right paradigm is legitimate. He’s done more harm to humanity than Vince McMahon could ever be.

  15. Long term planning eh. What an ideal. Hey until they make this right they can just go f themselves.

    Good job trying to fight the good fight.

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