The real war on drugs: America’s opioid epidemic | Foreign Correspondent


  1. Oxycontin isn't killing many these days because it's hardly prescribed anymore,especially the more deadly 80mg tablets.Heroin mixed with illicit Chinese fentanyl is what's killing everybody.

  2. They need to stop lumping together legit pain relief that people need and use safely!  Oxycontin is synthetic, new, powerful and very addictive.  People are sent home from hospital with Hydrocodone- used safely for 50 years- Not expensive and Not a "high".  Big Pharma wants to sell expensive poison- not the low cost tried and true And; they want to confuse the difference/ cloud the issue- Oxycontin is not even needed!  Fentanyl is worse.

  3. as someone who was hooked the world needs to ban or make people aware of the major risks and make it harder to get so many at any 1 time.

  4. The pharmaceutical manufacturers of vaccines couldn’t employ these moves on us, hiding any problems or a crisis in front of our noses? (Doesn’t matter if they do I guess as vaccines reduce infectious disease)

  5. I take loads of oxycodone. Mostly for my knee but other aches n pains as well.
    I've been taking strong pain killers for years now n I've never had any side effects and I've never been addicted to anything.

  6. CDC’s analysis, based on 2015-2016 data from 31 states and Washington, D.C., showed:

    Across demographic categories, the largest increase in opioid overdose death rates was in males between the ages of 25-44.

    Overall drug overdose death rates increased by 21.5 percent.

    The overdose death rate from synthetic opioids (other than methadone) more than doubled, likely driven by illicitly manufactured fentanyl (IMF).

    The prescription opioid-related overdose death rate increased by 10.6 percent.

    The heroin-related overdose death rate increased by 19.5 percent.

    The cocaine-related overdose death rate increased by 52.4 percent.

    The psychostimulant-related overdose death rate increased by 33.3 percent.

    IMF is mixed into counterfeit opioid and benzodiazepine pills, heroin, and cocaine, likely contributing to increases in overdoses involving these other substances.

  7. So with all the law suits where will the money go? It should go to each and every one effected by this crisis! And the drug needs to be pulled. Now they are trying to sell to other countries.

  8. I almost died this weekend due to being forced to endure horrible chronic pain for over a year with ZERO help. I was in so much pain I was dizzy and vomited on a regular basis. Even after finally having a spine surgery scheduled to fix the problem I was still denied any pain medication. As a result I almost died of sudden heart failure in the hospital 2 nights after my surgery. I am only 35 years old and after extensive testing they could find no reason for me to be on the verge of a heart attack. But sudden dangerous drops in blood pressure, very high resting pulse rate, and alarming EKG tests they continued to fear I was on the verge of heart failure. I was finally told by the doctor he believed I had suffered so badly with pain, and lived in such distress for so long that my heart was literally ready to “ break down” and just quit. Like a engine that had running wide open so long it was ready to blow up. I was told that if I had gone much longer without getting this surgery and post operation pain control that I likely would have died of sudden cardiac arrest. So why is nobody talking about this!!! How many people like me have come close to death due to doctors refusing to treat LEGIT injuries that need pain help! How many people have actually DIED due to being denied Help for proven and LEGIT problem!!! When doctors would rather a patient die of extreme distress due to unbeatable pain rather than write a prescription we have a huge problem. Nobody talks about the skyrocketing suicide rates, and I think patient deaths resulting from refusal to treat real chronic pain, to the point a patient dies of a heart attack or stroke, would shock the world! In my opinion it should be CRIMINAL!! There’s a difference between a sore thumb and a severely injured spine. Most opioid deaths are herion or PILLS COMBINED with other substance like alcohol which they also never talk about. Medical patients overdosing on pills alone is very low. Overdosed are pills and drinking alcohol at a party. Stop punishing real medical patients!! I’m lucky to be alive and still not in the clear yet.

  9. I sniffed perks a few times I didn’t get addicted.. Makes you itchy don’t really get what all the fuss is about .. I rather blow any day. That’s a buzz you can enjoy 😊.

  10. And now innocent people who never abused drugs are killing themselves because they don't want to live with nerve pain. Stupid. Let the drug addicts die. Innocent people deserve pain relief

  11. If you use it as prescribed you wouldn't have to worry about this BASEHEADS… smh. Blaming the doctors. Tf 😂

  12. It's all the doctor's fault on this and the EPA DEA and other agencies and yes it sounds like Purdue is greatly responsible for the destruction.they should have put more restrictions they've had fentanyl out a lot longer than this I've had Dilaudid methadone Oxycodone , like the the 30mgRoxy Demerol I had cancer and needed it for pain for prescription when I was 13 so I do have an addiction I always will but these has to be done higher level. the doctor's are at fault they need to take it away from the person when I don't need it and they need to know when they don't need it I'm certain people do need their stripped of it and have to go to other things and now there's Suboxone and methadone will the cycle continues get off one and get on another

  13. See Oxycontin started this but then when Oxycontin is too expensive now they go back to heroin and that's just as much of a killer

  14. In Europe we still have the "O C's". But you will never find them out on the street. Opioids work wonders used properly. Don't blame it on the med. It's pointless.

  15. Pull your damn pants up, nobody wants to see your filthy underwear. Yeah you are so cool, any female checking you out is just another junkie.

  16. As Trump just signed into law $2 Trillion, with a T, dedicated to 5G infrastructure!!! No dollars for repairing roads, bridges, the power grid or helping homeless PEOPLE, and let's remember that these are people who came from families and even had families but now they're out on the streets and slowly dying minute by minute. And I don't know how the President can spend so much money on the 5G grid that is essentially a very expensive cancer causing grid that might make sure that video games and junk television will stream a little better. I want the executives from Verizon, AT&T and the other big cellular providers and their families to go and spend five years of living below or better yet, between 5G towers and see how much they like it.

  17. Decriminalization of All drugs will eliminate the cartels and treat drug addiction as an illness not a crime!!


  19. I've got a slipped disc and Sciatica. My GP keeps trying to give me prescription meds….. I said thanks but no thanks, I'll stick to trying CBD oil….. Although that's not having an affect and I don't know what else to do!? I've had an epidural and that failed as well! 😞 I really don't want to take prescribed meds but I also don't want to remain in severe pain 24/7

  20. What really sucks is there are those of us that have legit chronic pain issues and it’s become so hard to get our medications. The people who don’t abuse their medications and take them as prescribed for chronic pain disorders are suffering because of those who don’t. Or due to dumb ass doctors that wanted to get rich and pushed medication people didn’t need. When shit hit the fan with OxyContin the Dr’s who were legally prescribing it got scared and either stopped prescribing. Which is what happened to me, and sent you to a pain specialist. Then those Drs still scared of punishment cut your meds down so far that you live in bed due to pain. It’s not fair for those of us that the medication actually helps, to have to fight to get the medications and the dosages that actually help.

  21. The number of casually suicidal people is the epidemic. Guns and drugs don't kill people. People kill people.

  22. The owners of Purdue Pharmaceutical (makers of OxyContin) are not some amorphous corporate entity, but rather a single family: the Sacklers. The Jewish Sassoon and Sackler families controls the world's illicit drug trade. They flooded Asia with Opium centuries ago and continue to do so today.

    The Sacklers, a Jewish family originally from Poland, trace their wealth to the three Sackler brothers: Arthur, Mortimer and Raymond. In 1952, the brothers purchased the ailing patent medicine company Purdue and began to develop and ruthlessly promote controversial mass-market pharmaceuticals to American doctors.
    The Jews have been poisoning the Goyum for many centuries and will continue until the Jews are removed from the face of this Earth..

  23. So glad someone finally put a proper face on the always increasing poverty problem in the U. S. All I ever hear from people is how dirty and lazy the homeless are but the truth is this can happen to any of us. Some are just more lucky than others. So sad…

  24. Ah but what of the Chronic Pain Patient? Chronic Pain, a terminal disease for many. Not drug overdose. Most of them take responsibly if they are over 45 years of age, at minimum. Gotta have self control? I don't understand wanting to jeopardize that which helps one maintain some sense of quality of life. The "Opioid Crisis" has reached deep into the A.M.A. and has MD's scared shit they won't even treat chronic pain patients even if they are a pain care facility. What does the government do about these law abiding, self respecting citizens? Deny them the right to LIVE in Happiness or freedom to get out of the house and have some semblance of life PAIN FREE?

  25. I figure there’s a huge manipulation going on when late night TV hosts talk about issues like this pushing the exact same point of view

  26. I watched some under qualified incompetant .minority get the job,hire her friends,cant be fired, important social service agencies fall apart from this inconpotence

  27. They spend years chasing Escobar and El Chapo etc.
    Forgetting the real drug barons the Pharmaceutical

  28. Less then .5% of people who are prescribed Opiate pain medications ever become addicted according to the CDCs numbers. The so called Opiate Crisis is not a prescribed drug crisis as is being told to America it is instead a Herion, illegally imported Fentanyl and stolen pain medications crisis the vast majority of the Opiates that cause ODs are Herron laced with Fentanyl, and stimulants are fast becoming the next major drug crisis.

  29. We hear about the dangers of The Opioid Epidemic, Opioid Epidemic, Opioid Epidemic all over the New. What about the compliant medical patients who need Pain Medication just to get through the day? Many of these medical patients (some our family and friends) are now being denied their regular dosages of these medications by Pain Doctors who fear SCRUTINY from the All-Mighty FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Are Doctors violating their Sworn Principals of "Do No Harm' to their patients or are they justified by denying their patients the dosages of Pain Medication that they really need? When Government regulating agencies ignore situations like Drug Abuse for too long, they pass the blame on to others down the line, not accepting the blame. It's called 'Passing the Buck',,, Isn't this always the way this works?

  30. Ask Rush Limbaugh to become a spokesman, he being an expert on Oxycontin from having used so much of it and even got caught smuggling it.

  31. FIXING KIDS with Ritalin 
    so far as SPEED-Amphetamine THEY GIVE CHILDREN from 6 years old till they Graduate from High School and THEN THEY DROP THEM…. <— and many of those kids
    …. they have a habit of 12 years of government addiction
    and then they LET THEM GO
    many of them becoming addicted to poorly made amphetamine ruining their minds for life.

  32. Worst than crack epidemic, gun volient. So why is this epicdemic mostly white epidemic . Google in 26 states more white people are dying than being born. Facts. Lock them up was the cry for 80s crack Epidemic. Now they blaming everything and anything why these whites drugs addicts are on drugs and not blaming them. But on the news continues to demolize and blame black and brown people. While continuing to blame white people as mentally ill when they mass killings or killing no. Causing mass genocide on their on race. Sad.

  33. Řešíte důsledek ne příčinnu. Jak je možné, že taková sračka může být na předpis? To se stává, když jsou lidé až na posledním místě.

  34. Virginia was the first state that took in slaves. Think about the innocent slaves hanging from trees, this is karma. You can't build a country on blood and not expect the powers that be to not come after your blood. I hate to be negative but it's true. 🙄

  35. Col.Oliver North exposed our CIA involvement with IRAN CONTRA generations ago…nothing has changed. It went Global instead through multi nationals and now the politicians are in bed with them too.

  36. Yeah they are arresting people for it and the company made it a sacred right to all American's to take so figure that one out! Catch 22 ! How's that work???? Get them strung out and then arrested and make some money then there life is over and then they hope they die ! Makes me sick! Where's GOD???

  37. Number one, the problem isn't prescription opioids, it's fentanyl and heroine and that because of government intervention making it harder for patients to get the medication they need; and number two, no man has a right to tell another man which treatment he or she should pursue. Everyone has an opinion, but no one can truly say until they've walked a mine in another man's shoes. There are people who have no choice if they want to be able to walk and have some portion of a normal life, they need pain management. There are various options available, some work better than opioids, but most insurance doesn't cover it. So the best options are only for the rich, as usual. So I don't think it's our place to judge. These issues should be managed by doctors, not politicians.

  38. This fake drug war ruined my life. I got hit by a truck going 60mph on my door of a tiny car. They refused to give me pain meds until last month. I finally scared them to do their job. I was about to move to Mexico. I am stuck on $514 per month social security from not being able to work in pain. I wished that I died in that accident. I was mad at the doctors for saving my life to live in endless pain. I got very ill after. This caused worse pain than the broken bones. They diagnosed me as delusional. They treated me like a liar, drug seeker, and last insane. I have a genius IQ and know more than these dumb doctors about the pills they give out. I made my doctor look dumb. I proved with science that the pill she forced on me doesn't work. Every patient review says it doesn't work. I reported it to the FDA who will do nothing about it. I even put in my report that I know they will do nothing. I just did it to show my doctor that I am done playing games. I gave her a bad review using medical science to prove her failure on her website. I couldn't even get her to visit me in 2 years almost. I saw her for 5 minutes one day. She showed up fast after my review. I had to teach her how the dosage of the medication works. She didn't even know. They use some dosage calculator on a phone app. The thing defies science. Morphine is only 20% bioavailable. Oxycodone os almost 90% bioavailable. That means you have to prescribe about four times the dosage that you would with oxycodone. Doctors are too dumb to know this. They had me on 20mg every 12 hours on a slow time release. That is about 4mg total over 12 hours. That would not help an infant probably. I checked what dosage they give an infant. At my body weight, it was 36mg every 4-6 hours. They gave me 20mg over 12 hours. I am not an infant. I have a tolerance after 20 years of needing pain meds. Never trust any doctors. They often have no clue what they prescribe. Some doctors are amazing though. Do your research.

  39. The people twisted up and freezing in the streets in Philly aren't getting off whatever they're calling heroin now. That stuff made them inhuman .. it's disgusting if you really make the connection of how this is happening

  40. I’m an Oncology RN.

    What is really happening is that the public has NO idea that doctors are notorious for NOT properly prescribing sufficient pain control, such that patients are then in excruciating agony in the hospital.
    The doctors go on rounds and decide to suddenly pull someone’s chest tube out with absolutely NO anesthetic. The patient is SCREAMING in AGONY! Over and over again, doctors are profoundly SADISTIC regarding NOT properly premedicating patients, SO patients stop trusting them altogether and are in silent terror.
    Doctors are extremely rushed, so guess what the very first thing is that they’re going to cut? The patient’s pain premedication before doctors conduct an extremely painful procedure.

    THEN…MBAs in hospitals years ago decided to discharge post-op patients WAY too early (for profits), before it’s medically safe to do so.
    The bulk of patients have NO ONE medically trained to care for them post-op at home. The doctors ALSO notoriously don’t send patients home with prescription anti-emetics, so the patients are needlessly vomiting all night long from the adverse side effects of antibiotics and the pain meds (which are required).

    I have NO problem whatsoever knowing how to properly titrate narcotic pain meds for patients.
    I’m medically trained to do so. I know exactly how to dose them back down whereby they never
    become addicted post-op.

    BUT, for the media to go the completely opposite extreme agenda by absolutely prohibiting all patients who validly REQUIRE narcotics for pain management to cause them to now go into lethal physiologic shock with sky-high blood pressures (risking strokes) will ONLY force the public to seek the black market.

    BECAUSE…these same sadistic doctors who completely lack pain management skills and FORCE patients to have ZERO pain management in the hospital are now completely withdrawing ALL pain management everywhere.

    STOP this journalistic farce agenda to completely strip the public from even VALIDLY required pain management.

    The media’s agenda now is that not even end-stage cancer patients can obtain proper compassionate pain control. They’re absolutely out-of-control sadistic.

    Leave pain management to experts instead of this ignorant misdiagnosis by the government and the media.

  41. San Francisco needs to seriously crack down on their psychotic liberalism. CRACK DOWN on it!

    The public started out on MARIJUANA! NOT Oxycontin!

    Then idiotic California and Colorado passed gateway drug marijuana clinics popping up everywhere because they profit from revenues from legally addicting the populace.

    They’re HUGELY drug-dealing marijuana which gateways to other serious drugs.

    STOP the rampant marijuana clinics! Stop being complete hypocrites. It’s like 2 government warring drug lords.


  43. Wake up americans who are using these pills .heroine,etc…wake up use your common sense please…….stop addiction……….

  44. Of course, for chronic pain this makes sense but eventually your body builds tolerance and addiction takes over. Leaving you with pain and addiction. This is not a long term solution or a short term. In the name of money capitalism will destroy the very fabric of our society.

  45. This problem has been going on for years the heroin is coming over from MEXICO way before they ever started prescribing the pills at doctors offices the people on the street shooting heroin are not the people who have gotten the prescriptions they've gotten the heroin from the streets

  46. I feel truly with all of my heart sorry for all of these poor people on the street. It’s like seeing an epileptic having repeated seizures while the people surrounding him are playing football with the medication. What’s the difference?
    What would happen to all of the hypertensive patients if blood pressure meds were taken away. They’re not addicted, but their body is dependent and they HAVE to have them

  47. Drug companies ARE NOT responsible for over use of opioids. When people are in pain they want relief. The true cause is the public school system. 30 years ago there was an initiative called the "Presidents initiative on Physical Fitness" that was implemented into every public school through out the country, that required every student from middle school thru high school to be timed for "running the mile" 2 times per year. Over this time period coaches and PE instructors have been using running very liberally for "warming up" students on a daily basis indiscriminately to prepare for sports or other activities. This practice has created millions and millions of young people who end up with what is called a "jammed body". I see it day after day in my practice as a massage therapist. It took me quite a few years to develop the ability to identify exactly what I was feeling, but I have absolute proof that forcing every student to run has destroyed our children's lives. There is about 5% of the population who have a body for running, The rest DO NOT. And should NOT be forced to run. The opioid crisis began 20 years ago, just 10 years after this Initiative was implemented. I found that it takes about 10-15 years for the severe symptoms to surface on about 30% of people. The surgeon generally recently stated that 1 out of 3 people in their 20's, 30's and 40's are on pain medication. This is clear evidence to support my findings. This "running" needs to stop. The human upright body was NOT DESIGNED for long distance running. IT is ruining lives!!!!! I will be glad to testify for any drug company or doctor who is being prosecuted for just doing their jobs. Doctors are trying to help people who are hurting, and drug companies are just supplying a demand. They DID NOT cause the pain people are in. The federal government did by passing this stupid mandate!!!

    And another thing. Why are so many military veterans committing suicide? Chronic pain and PTSD is not a recipe for a hopeful life. Military service men and women are also required to do an exorbitant amount of running through out the years of their service. I have not worked on 1 military vet who did not have a jammed body! STOP THE RUNNING. There are better ways to build muscle strength and cardio vascular endurance.

  48. The Opium Wars of the 20th Millennia. History has a way of repeating itself. In the late 1800s the western nations flooded China with opium. Now Chinese made fentanyl is wreaking havoc in the Usa.

  49. We know now, From court cases and Billion dollar settlements, that Big Pharma and health care Corporations have dumped drugs on to the people, in order to make a profit and corrupt politicians, took pay off's from Big Pharma to do nothing. The sad part, none of that settlement money will help anyone that has died, or is addicted, now or in the future and No one, not the officers of the Corporations that were paid millions in annual salaries or the corrupt Politicians will go to jail.
      With these same corrupt politicians saying that the people can't have free medical care and the #1 reason for bankruptcy in the USA being healthcare costs, while the politicians get free medical for life, "We the people" keep getting screwed and keep rehiring these same Corrupt politicians for public office .. "When will they ever learn"

  50. Here is a further addition to the collection of comments by those who have been harmed by the anti-opioid hysteria: 18. Now, if you have pain, doctors assume you’re an addict. And heaven forbid you expect someone to take you seriously if you have chronic pain! I know someone who went to the ER because she was having excruciating pain. She was given a few pain meds and referred to some doctors and pain clinics, which she went to, but in the meantime couldn’t care for herself because the pain was so bad. Every doctor treated her like she was a drug seeker because she has chronic pain and kept saying “This isn’t fibromyalgia pain. This pain is different.” She ended up in the ER twice more, begging them to run tests and find out what was wrong. They ran tests, but said it all looked fine. One ER doctor said she could be cured with diet, exercise, and mindfulness. Finally, I called my GP to ask if she’d see her and take it seriously. Turns out, she had a tumor on one of her ovaries along with a tumor growing on some nerves (hence the excruciating pain). She had other tumors as well because she has ovarian cancer. Oh, and the original CT scan taken at the ER was reread by her oncologist’s team and they saw various tumors that looked like cancer, along with other indications that it was cancer. That CT scan indicated to the doctor that a laparoscopic surgery wouldn’t cut it—this person needed open surgery. This was not a new CT scan. It was the same one the ER took and declared her fine.

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