The Reality of American Healthcare

I don't have the money Medicare's not wanting to pay any more it's just it's getting harder and harder and I'd rather just quit how Susan Susan Moore needs dialysis three times a week Medicare and Medicaid cover the treatment but not the cost of getting her there she's a ten dollars a trip I think of course you go three days a week that's $30 a week we don't have buses we don't have a rail system we don't have transportation system for patients so they're on their own medical bills household bills Susan says it's too much I don't have the money if I paid everybody five dollars a month that would take up my whole paycheck so I can't do it I know you told me you think about not doing dialysis anymore yep and what with that what happened if you did that bye-bye which is okay so it's okay I'm sure you talked to your doctor about quitting dialysis is what that means yep it means I'm dying and that's okay with me you'd rather die than do it yeah yep I'd rather to die your des enemy because Washington looks at it as a political issue it's politics it's personal here it's someone's life here it's people dying here life and death decisions on hold in Washington while for some there may not be much time left Tracie Potts NBC News Whitesburg Kentucky you


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