The Red Pencil 2018 – The Power of Arts Therapy

Children and families all over the world
are exposed to the unbearable, the unspeakable. War zones, destruction,
earthquakes, typhoons, flooding, and displacements, for which they truly have
no words to release the traumatic experiences they have been through. If they are not physically injured, Children are usually not a priority for most of the humanitarian organisations. Yet, recovery and healing through
non-verbal expression, regained confidence, self-empowerment, and the vision of a
happier future is possible when therapeutic drawing, music, and movements, re-instill a dynamic of life in what is paralyzed or dead. This is what The Red
Pencil Humanitarian Mission, in collaboration with major humanitarian
organisations, provides. The caring and loving presence of professional arts therapists, who give in those times of turbulence. A space of rest to allow a
sensitive and delicate grieving towards a new life. Hope is always available. Life can always emerge from any disaster.

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