The Science of Cheese Addiction

I'm like and today cheese we're going to look at why people can't seem to give it up even when they want to really ask me the question is it addictive we're going to take a look at some research on some interesting compounds that might be the culprit and cheese as well as some Studies on food addiction and hopefully find some answers one of the most common answers I get when people find out that I'm vegan is that they could never give up cheese and that's why they could never be vegan and then they presume to go on and on about how they're addicted to cheese yes and when people first go vegan they seem to have no problem dropping milk and meat and eggs but cheese is a different story and there are plenty of reasons why you might want to give up cheese lightning-round dairy is the main source of saturated fat at least in the u.s. diets with cheese as the single highest source dairy has naturally occurring mammalian hormones it has been scientifically demonstrated to raise your blood levels of estrogen and lower your levels of testosterone cows and calves are treated horribly in the dairy industry and the environmental impact of animal agriculture are huge but it is in the video about why you shouldn't eat cheese that deserves its own video this is a video about why people who are trying to give up cheese have such a hard time it's like cheese plates are just staring back at everybody being like no think about the baby animals get your fix hate me and dr.neil barnard just came out with a book on the subject about a month ago called the cheese trap in it he says quote loaded with calories high in sodium packing more cholesterol than steak and sprinkled with hormones and cheese weren't any worse it would be Vaseline and that some foods are fattening others are addictive cheese is both fattening and addictive going on to call it dairy crack it looks like the vegan police is in need of a Narcotics Division and in the u.s. we sure do love our cheese due to lowering prices from factory farming over the last forty years according to the USDA US citizens has nearly quadrupled their cheese consumption since 1970s from about 9 pounds each to over 35 pounds each in 2015 so what is it about this coagulated gooey white or yellow stretchy amorphous blob stuff that people like so much these are all qualities that people normally don't seek out in food the first most interesting possible reasons that you might not be able to give up cheese is opiates or queso morphine's not case alleged quesadilla queso like tasty this is because it is casein which is broken down into queso Morphin during digestion and when I say opiates yes I mean opiate like opium and queso Morphin like morphine we are talking about a family of highly addictive substances here though case of morphine is not as potent and it's important to note that our opiate receptors regulate things like pain killing sedation euphoria dysphoria appetite and eating behavior and many scientists believe that the opiate potential of casein is there by design to keep the baby calf coming back for more milk and also to increase the bond between mother and child because cheese production does a bit of digestion you can find queso Morphin itself in cheese but you can also find it in the small intestines of people that just ate dairy but what might be the most shocking part is that queso morphine's have been demonstrated to change the behavior of animals from this review many studies have shown that injecting casein workmen had a pain killing effect or even delayed learning in mice and one of the studies even found that it quote stimulated food intake of high fat meal which is very relevant to eating cheese and another study found that higher doses can even cause amnesia what oh I don't even remember eating any cheese do you remember eating a cheese man according to remember my name dude yes those studies did go straight to the heart stuff and directly inject queso Morphin and as the review points out they haven't actually measured queso Morphin levels in digestion in real humans yet but this study actually looked at the case of work and content of dairy after being put through simulated human digestion and not like a computer simulation they put them in little sort of bioreactors that are similar to the human digestive environment and then measure the levels of Kasem orphan as you may have guessed cheese was the highest going back to Neil Bernards book he says that she has seven times as much protein as milk simply because it's concentrated and about 80 percent of that protein is casein which is then broken down into K so Morphin they found that quote beta casein more than seven formed in all dairy samples or increased up to 21 point seven seven milligrams per kilogram in digests of cheeses in particular they're talking about the winner Gouda cheese which was over 20 milligrams per kilogram which is about ten milligrams per pound so I decided to do some math from the previous review we know that the power of kaizo Morphin is about five percent that of straight morphine making the ten milligrams of kaizen Worthen in one pound of gouda roughly equivalent to 0.5 milligrams of oral morphine for comparison as this study mentions five milligrams of oral morphine is an actual low dose of therapeutic morphine so one pound of Gouda cheese is about ten percent of a low dose of morphine and it's important to note that they did not look at all the caves and workings here they did not look at kids I'm working for or case I'm working eight which has been shown to be a painkiller in mice so it could be even higher now a medium pizza which I can personally eat myself usually has about half a pound of cheese on it which in the u.s. is a usually mozzarella which is right about the same level of protein or casein as Gouda though it was not in this study a deep-dish Giordano's pizza weighs three pounds just saying it's America so in a sense eating a meal of pizza could be like breaking off a little chunk of a morphine pill and taking it then when you realize that people have demonstrated effective treatment while micro dosing morphine it's not that far-fetched to think that this opiate effects could maybe see are you a little bit towards the cheese bar some have even suggested that the final ingredient required to make vegan cheese as desirable as cow cheese would be to add Kasem orphans that until that happens people just won't be satisfied but it is unethical for a few reasons one of which is how queso morphine's might kill babies maybe it has been linked to sudden infant death syndrome and it might be the fact that this opiate system is connected to breathing one study found that children who died of sudden infant death syndrome had three times of the levels of kaizo morphine in their blood and for those you might be doubting at this in itself is enough to show that Kasem were fiends or absorbed from digestion k some orphans might also play a role in autism and they may also oxidized LDL or bad cholesterol which quote is considered as a key factor in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease but Kato morgan's decides there is one property of cheese that we do know to be addictive and that is its fat content this study in rats demonstrated that high-fat foods created addicting eating patterns high-fat foods in many cases can be addicting I don't think that's controversial so how did some foods stack up Apple 3 percent fat whole wheat 6 percent fat french fries 40 to 50 percent fat cheddar cheese America's favorite nearly 75 percent fat I personally did not realize that cheese was that high fat or that calorie dense back when I ate it ok so let's look at some food addiction research starting with this study these scientists did a couple of surveys to see how addictive certain foods were based off their association with addictive eating patterns they did two surveys one of which was about 400 people in that study they found that Pizza was the number one most addicting foods but wait cheese is further down on the list about 10 many attributed this to how cheese is not addictive but in a sense this does fit in with the queso morphing theory because you need to eat as much cheese as you eat and when you eat pizza in order to have the effect you can't just eat a cube of cheese but in defense of cheese not being addictive the head scientist actually gearheart said quote liking is not the same as addiction we like a lot of things I like hip-hop me dick and sunshine and my wiener dog but I'm not addicted to her I eat cheese every day that doesn't mean you're addicted or it has addictive potential so clearly she is addicted to cheese and is in denial but she is probably right when she says quote cheese on its own is not particularly problematic yes but removing cheese entirely from your diet is clearly particularly problematic for some people to be fair that's not exactly what they study here they looked at which foods broke away from the pack in terms of addiction in daily life but in a sense cheese actually did break away from the pack she didn't mention that cheese was actually the number-one most addictive or problematic single ingredient food other foods were combinations of highly refined products when you combine that fact with again how cheese was a key ingredient in the most addictive or problematic food I don't think the scientists are correct to say that cheese is not the culprit clearly all signs point to cheese it's also worth noting that seven out of the ten most problematic foods usually contain dairy what out of the ten least addictive or problematic foods none of them had dairy which brings me to one final reason which is more logistic as to why it's hard to give up cheese and that is just how its ubiquitous is everywhere it's often in processed foods sprinkled on everything etcetera and this is really obvious it doesn't need further explanation but it was worth mentioning in the end we don't yet have unequivocal proof that queso morphine's effect or don't affect the behavior of humans but we do have an animal model that shows that what affects mammalian behavior we can measure it in the human digestive system and we can measure it increasing into high amounts in simulated human digestion and we can see that it crosses digestive barriers and dishes like pizza can create enough queso Morphin to compare to a low dose of actual therapeutic morphine and also how the high fat content can be addictive and maybe these two things work together to make it extra addictive who can say for sure and one final point I could see how the idea that cheese could be addictive used as a sort of fatalistic excuse to not give up cheese but you can do it I have a friend who thought that she could never go from vegetarian – vegan she considered herself the queso queen but she did it and she cured some ailments lost some weight and is doing great all right that's it for the cheese portion of this video but I do have a public service announcement many of you tried to sign up for plant space org after my last video but never got a registration email according to my web hosting service the site was attacked by spam bots possibly from putting the link on my youtube video and that totally screwed up the email traffic we now have a new email service and we have a button on our site that you can press a big orange button that should fix the problem it has been working for people so I really really hope that it works for everybody other developments because of your suggestion I have added a donate button on the bottom of the homepage and we have also made the site officially secure thanks mark from PB vibes again for that alright that's it for today thank you so much for watching feel free to like and subscribe and keep an eye out for my next video that is when I will see you next goodbye goodbye you


  1. Did the cheese with the face on it remind anyone else of Rhett and Link's cheese rap?

  2. how are there so many people in the comments saying they don’t miss cheese?? I’ve been vegan for a couple of months and holy shit I miss it so much

  3. I've never understood the attraction to cheese. It's so gross. The smell and taste. Nasty. I can't even eat Vegan cheese.

  4. I hear this A LOOOOTTTT.. but it wasnt hard for me att all. its probably because I was too focused on the cows point of view:))))

  5. It's for real, meat eaters who aren't aware of this are full blown sick, convinced they need it. It's really sad, all you can do is hope educated awareness might bring them back down to reality again, and help them consciously shake the dairy/meat that's legit killing them. I wish they didn't hate us, we're just trying to help save their life, other's lives too🤷🤷🤷🤷✌️

  6. Do you know wheat also has similar chemicals?? After all almost all drugs of abuse come from some fucking plant…

  7. What about the environmental impact of the mass production of corn, wheat, and soy? And you vegans hate processed meat, but you will sure eat a crap ton of processed fake vegan burgers!

  8. Why are you so gay? Why do you hate other peoples food so much? Would you like it if people hated you because you’re gay? If you don’t like cheese, don’t fucking eat it. How hard is that? Why you got to hate on it? If homophobic people don’t like gays, they should just avoid you. Why throw a hamburger at you? That’s just fucking rude. You’re being fucking rude.-

  9. Cheese wasn’t that hard for me to drop when going vegan. All that stringy, goopy, greasy stuff was not even in my diet beforehand. I don’t really miss anything but feta. I barely ate any, but used it as a flavor enhancer on a few dishes. I honestly only like the “moldy” flavor. Does anyone know of any plant-based foods that replicate that earthy, moldy, bacteria flavor?

  10. There is nothing better than a steak and cheese sandwich it a meat lovers pizza with extra cheese

  11. Its not the high from cheese wich pains me the most,but the withdrawal symptoms,bad sleep,Irritability and hyperactivity. I wonder how many people live with adhd symptoms because of diary drugs.

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