The Science of Opioid Addiction and Treatment

Anytime someone hears the term “motivation,”
they should really supplant that with dopamine. Because without dopamine, you don't have motivation. All drugs of abuse cause this unnatural rise
of dopamine. And because of that, they’re among the most
powerful experiences our brains can have. Individuals struggling with addiction are
actually battling millions of years of evolution because our brains are exquisitely evolved
to seek rewards. The body decreases the production of dopamine. Eventually you can’t even get enough dopamine
produced to get out of bed, let alone produce good relationships and good decision making. Methadone is our gold standard. It’s the most studied, it’s been around
forever. You attend a methadone clinic every day, you
get a dose of medication, it fills your receptor sites so that the cravings don’t happen.


  1. I am an ex heroin addict, and let me tell you suboxon is a life saver! I'm still on 8mg a day down from 24mg a day..I feel good, my Doctor is great,CODA helped me tons..11months clean

  2. I found freedom. Freedom from hate, doubt, fear, and the toxic lives we used to lead. This freedom is what inspires me to help others to realize that recovery is possible. To pay it forward. Freedom is possible. A new life is possible. It's my mission to help other people and their families see the light and support anyone and everyone who might need it. Drug & Alcohol Helpline 877.628.1450

  3. Opioid addiction begins in the doctor’s office, then on to the local pharmacy, a thousand pounds of illicit drugs coming across borders would not matter if it was not for that addiction…the fight must be employed at home first…

  4. Dopamine is a good motivator. I don't mind work too much now since I can drink a nice dark roast every morning.

  5. Suboxone and Methodone themselves still cause dependency. Those using either of those meds will still experience withdrawals and the ills of addiction as soon as they miss a dose. It’s just putting off the inevitable; misery and pain.

  6., not to say opioids aren't bad….but…… if you want to talk about whats killing people……I mean come on…..

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