1. family physicians have to be excellent diagnosticians. the ones i shadowed saw at least 1 rare/unique disease every day!

  2. I am thinking about FM. Since in our country there is almost no on calls during the training years. Internal medicine has 8 on calls in one month.

    On calls = staying in hospital for 36 hours strait = migrain

  3. some of the comments on here are ridiculous. Educate yourselves. Family physicians are competent and intelligent – many of them were in the top of their class and could have went into any specialty they wanted but wanted to give back to their communities. There are so many foreigners because US students don't want to go into FM because of the low payments they receive from insurance.

  4. @CambridgeHeights Because its saves TONS of money. A family pyhsican can either treat you or refer you straight to right specialist. It saves a lot of expensive unnecessary visits. A Nurse practitioner can hardly do a tenth of what a family physcians does. Thats why in Europe Family physicians are held in extremly high regard and we dont have these third world solution NP's because if there is a shortage we educate more physicians and don't let the stewardess take over the cockpit.

  5. @KnightFitzpatrick
    Most US graduates that go into family medicine were too stupid for any decent residency. Why do you think FM has so many foreigners in it?

  6. @tlsasser
    It's a speciality in name only. It's the opposite of what specialists do which is treat a specific patient population or group of diseases. FM are generalists, not specialists.

  7. Family Medicine is a Medical Specialty like the rest. The American Board of Medical Specialties are the ones that determine what is and is not a specialty in the medical world, Family Medicine is on that list.

  8. @becoo1 not really. Its a 3 year residency with options for fellowship, but FM isn't a specialty. Not much more to it than that

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