The Spiritual Side of Addiction

hey how are you Jamie it worked we have little technical difficulties people sorry about that FaceTime was like that's again uh how are you I'm good how are you good hi Erik how are you doing Erik's is hi it sounds really crazy on my end can you hear Billy I hear you great a little tinny but Erich maybe need to back away oh my god it sounds great now oh good alright perfect all right now today we're gonna talk about a number of things but first I want to talk about addiction you know so many people have addictions whether it's to chocolate heroin shopping cutting sex food can you tell us a little bit about that Twitty yeah he liked how you started off chocolate heroin I know you talked about heroin first of all he loves you I let you call you Oh see what I'm you know I always said my highs tube before so and I love you know I love you I talk to you all the time on my walks he says it's like I've never gone now I now Olesker he goes okay talking like this with his hands throwing his hands out addiction let's take away what kind of addiction it is and just look at the need to have repetition and control over the repetition and let's just say whatever the item is chocolate or heroin or sex or cutting he said it's let's just say that it's going to give the person who has the addictive personality some positive feedback okay he goes can we agree to that I could agree with anything live on in the show here I'm just here to keep you alive yeah you need to keep him in line he just sat down behind the camera goes okay well I'm running the show so haha he's like being funny and hamming it up I'll course it was getting back to the addiction part though he said this is where there's some part of the person's character because we could even say personality that is not complete like it doesn't feedback in on itself that just kind of goes out and it goes to a dead end what I mean things back into itself the visual he gives in my head it's almost as if every person with a ball of light and this ball of light had tentacles coming off of it in your jet exchange and that it would go and it would go through another ball of light and then come back and to the individual so it would be able to engage with whomever or whatever into the environment and then come back into itself for learning purposes for growth for discovery he goes whatever the fuck I got so that makes sense he said so now we have this ball of light this individual and the tentacle little light goes out and it just goes right into the zone you make so many sound dead burnt denim huh and to fulfill that need we can do an addiction something that is disciplined assault control by one let's say the chocolate the heroin or whatever and loop it back to ourselves and what we feel is if we are getting something from our environment that feed does in a way that we need is that's what an addiction is because it's a really say that again I think that's another made-up cuss word it's a really like fucked up way to try to heal yourself yeah so why do some people not have that be back from that ball of light why do some people not have addictions yeah well no why do people not have that where their personality feeds back to them why do they have a dick sentence in other words ah he said well it could be kind of the shape of their character or the personality whether they didn't discover it when they were younger or it was a learned behavior from their parents authority from a friend that they admired and they believed that that was a better route than having the experience through someone something else okay is that it can also be carried over from other lifetimes and our character personality is created by all the lifetimes that we live so if we're bringing one forward let's say you mean me as in you right let's say Eric is talking Eric and his life in the medieval times and in medieval times he loved sex can we pick another one just so that I won't laughing he doesn't get enough of it when I was here you think they were God he said so he would carry that through and then he would be pulling on that lifetime that personality stronger than any other incarnation and he would have that urge again to be addicted to that one thing even though it wasn't learned or trained from in this lifetime well past life regression take care of that a type of addiction being on this yes good so you're saying anybody was in addiction to get past life regrets it he said dude that's the first thing that I would do oh wow find somebody to look at is it in this lifetime thing or is it another lifetime thing because if it's another lifetime thing then hypnotherapy we could say psychotherapy in a way where it's more heady and we can analyze it and put it to where it's in the appropriate lifetime and then would be a great way to handle it if we find out that it's in this lifetime then we can look at life coaching and therapies in that way where it's really looking at the self and why aren't we honoring ourselves giving ourselves love compassion worth etc like that and heal how that light that tether string that goes off and dead ends and then how to connect it to a greater source another situation and have it feedback on yourself ah okay there are there any natural remedies that would help addiction like a special type of mushrooms or you know herb or he immediately went to lose natives oh really just that selves that you'll send mushrooms I know my fault but I want to talk about a particular mushroom anyway but yeah so that hallucinogens no no well hallucinogens can give you an experience to help you understand your personality and character better that you would make choices and change it and that can change your addictive behavior exactly okay but that's not the answer for everybody it's more of shutting light on is it at this lifetime thing or another lifetime thing and then you can take it from there where ever your comfort zone is stay within your comfort zone but challenge yourself to work on it find out who you are more Oh class what fixes it alright what if it is from this lifetime and it's learned and you know it is a physiologic you know most addictions have a physical component so are there any way is there anything you could ingest to make it better along with the life coats and the this and that he did I get you I get you he goes cuz like if we say addicted to sugar he says that might not be a personality trait that could be a candida thing yeah that could be I'll say it I don't know if it makes sense that could be the cat poop that you scooped and got bacteria in the body oh yeah the toxoplasmosis right okay she calls addictions he says it changes the way that you behave and yes that can create addictions addicted the cat poop oh no no I'm kidding that's never going to happen here never never okay so um but yeah so no natural substances will help you said if we're looking at the behavior coming from this life a physical thing a physical yeah yeah it that if it's in this lifetime and it's a physical thing and then yes we can change the body's makeups and change what it means okay where the example was like the Candida that would be a diet there are some drugs that can help shift and change pharmaceuticals prescription drugs he says no more holistic and natural Oh mom let's talk about mushrooms okay yeah no I read this thing about chaga mushrooms that the mushrooms that grow in the circumpolar regions of the world like northern China and Siberia and such on the bark of birch branches and it's supposed to be the most powerful antioxidant known to mankind and I think that's why those Siberians and those oh those northern Chinese people like live to be a hundred and eighty not really but they live to be really old and are still surprised so can you tell me about well first of all would that help addictions because it'll boost your your health but that won't really help an addiction because mom even if it's a physical addiction then you have to address the mental addiction to it as if it's your physical thing and the body craves it crazy crazy then you train your mind to go get it go get it go get it if you heal the body the mind is still saying go get it go get it go get it okay then you have to help that side of it too well I've been having a cup of the chaga tea every day and I feel just fine sense of well-being as improved is it good stuff he's his mom you should put the link the bottom of the page we'll go get a cup of tea god I hope I can remember all right so uh yeah so will it help I mean it is it helpful it is helpful its little yes cuz a strong healthy body you guys do we need to talk about this more how about the other oh yeah ya know now the immune system and it's supposed to have a lot of good anti-tumor properties and so they use it for melanoma and other cancers and Sloane kettle even has it's a little web page on chaga mushroom are there any mushrooms or any other substances better than that that I should do instead your mom was doing shrooms oh no they're not hallucinogenic I promise guys he's not even said yes he goes but they haven't been found yet okay all right like sway so cutting cutting is different to me I mean tell me about people who cut why he was cutting is just an outward damage he goes what do you mean like addiction to food that was just in were damaged proof you know so are you an extrovert or introvert well is even though addiction to food like it changes your appearance whether you become obese or become you know too thin that's an outward experience but why why do they do that what is it about paying or the act on cutting being lets you know that you're alive sometimes you get into those numb spaces where you just need to know that everything in your life is truly real and you are really living this and really experiencing it and cutting is an answer to that okay okay tell me more is there something about control some control issue yeah well he was just describing that when you look at examples of people who cut they're in places where you wouldn't be able to see and so they're very good about hiding it yeah and it's not so deep that it is suicidal like they would lose a lot of blood it's just enough to create a sensation in the body to allow them to feel alive or to feel more even grounded and because all the mental chaos and everything that's happening in their life is just making them he says wet where you don't really feel dry you don't feel warm you don't feel cold you just feel wet you feel one thing you got one thing and that's numb so this kind of takes them out of that scenario it's also because they can't control the environment that's around them all that they can do is control themselves so it may be for example in a situation where they're being abused by somebody and they can't control that is that then then they start cutting to have some control over the chaos in their life yes it's sort of put order is there anything about being able to have a secret no it's well yes for some it's about having a secret having nobody else know about it but that's with many other addictions as well it comes with this I'm in control and nobody else can tell me what to do therefore I don't have to report to anybody else so I can manage my own dosage my levels any time that I want to and I don't have to share that with anybody so that is just a control thing it's not so much as a secretive thing and because a lot of times people with addictions really want others to know about it so that it can feel like somebody else is going to understand them not judge them it's really that it's kept quiet for not wanting to be judges kept quiet because you don't want to be judged oh okay alright anything else I was telling some other stuff about addiction that would help those who are addicted he says a lot of people will say that there are good addictions and in bad addictions just like blowing up I wouldn't fucking necessarily say that's true FN now he's going into measuring good and bad oh boy you know there really isn't a good and a bad here and he said all I'll say is if you're doing something that is promoting your end goal then you're okay you know buddy later there might have went a heroin addict might think well yeah getting high on heroin that's from what in my end goal because I want to get high on heroin within month and who are you to judge that that's wrong for that person because that's what they want that's what they want to manifest and create I know I don't want to judge them I'm just saying that some of them might overdose die leave a small child behind etc yes but you're coming from a place where you're saying there's something good about that there's something bad about that well let's use earthly terms for the sake of my stupidity and that that is bad in earth terms it's bad to leave a little child behind because you od'd on heroin he says mama you're not stupid stupid he shoutout my mom's not stupid because I just want to point out that a lot of what we're trying to manage here when we're looking at addictions is coming from a judgement place oh yeah that it's you know acceptable or not acceptable because I just kind of want to lift a thin layer off of that one we can still keep the terms like you said because how else we're going to have this fucking conversation without the earthly terms so yes we might as well just sit around and go everything's okay yeah oh stop it Eric that's funny okay um so getting back to just taking the thin layer off if somebody really feels what they are doing is benefitting them in some who are we to fuck with that gone up so you think the drugs ought to be legalized completely I don't see why not I wish I have the right to have any kind of experience that we want to give ourselves I think that it should come with an age limit it goes I'm fine with that because I think that that has some kind of healthy boundary that says you're old enough to understand what it is and to decide if that's going to be an experience that you want or not okay um I am for you though mom when you're saying that somebody has an addiction to a drug that's destroying themselves and that they are to the point where they cannot healthily think for themselves and decide if it's good for them or not yes in outside interference I say would be welcomed because that is a compassionate act looking out for the well-being of the person and what if that person is not seeking well-being though really we can't do shit about it I was right what about if somebody's on a drug and they go driving and they plow into a family of five and killing all of them I'd be really fucking pissed because nobody should be doing drugs and driving machinery right right so even if it's but if it's legalized that's certainly a possibility of all as possibly now anyway so it's more of a possibility now because now the shit that you're getting so fucked up you have no idea what's in it you don't know how it's going to behave or when it's going to react to you here's imagine if it was all regulated we're at right right and that we knew it was healthy we knew where it's coming from okay what about addiction to sex is that a good addiction or bath addiction because you really want to have this conversation with me I don't care you're not talking about sex all the time when you're alive in whatever he said when I was alive and when I was alive that's right and when you were alive that's right yes because it crosses a threshold if it's consuming your life and taking away other things ah you need to reach your goals and that you are changing your behaviors changing your daily structure changing do all of that too many the addictions needs then therefore the addiction is run in your life and you are not anymore and to me that's a nice throwing up an X I'm supposedly addictions as long as it's not controlling other aspects of your life as long as it's not controlling you they're taking you and supporting your ultimate goals that you're trying to reach mm-hmm then hell I'm all right I'm all right it is gently if you're in control right okay right Oh Banerjee oh please all right all right anything else so past life regression to see if it's coming from another life if it's coming from this life there's all sorts of you know holistic and other kinds of medicines life codes therapy so and so forth that's the adult okay you're looking at the physical body you're looking at the mental body and the emotional reaction to it alright sounds good alright well that's this was a wonderful session thank you so much Eric it you guys like and subscribe I've put information about Jamie and other things on the tail in the movie so don't just shut it off watch it ah Frank later everyone see ya bye bye

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