The Sport Medicine Clinic: For Everyone

[Music] it’s one of the great things about the sport med center is that we’ve got people who are provincial level athletes national level athletes professional athletes and then there’s people like me weekend warriors people who are perhaps a little more advanced in their careers who get the chance to come and get to one on one treatment from the best in the world whether you’re a professional athlete or a mother of two just like me I feel like I come here and I get the same treatment than anybody would it’s really a community facility to me that means that it’s a it’s available and accessible to everybody easy walking distance from the office you don’t have to worry about hopping in the car fighting traffic finding a parking spot you just walk over on your lunch break or do in the middle of the afternoon or something if you can cut out a little it early super convenient you know in my experience I’ve gotten an appointment within a day or two at the latest and usually it’s the next day and then when I get here you know if my appointments at night at you know 9:30 for example I’m in right at night sorry I’m not waiting and and that’s been every time that I’ve been here when I come here to meet with a physio or a Cairo or another professional I know it’s gonna be one on one treatment they’re seeing me I’m here to see them my time is valuable their time is valuable the care that I’ve received is fantastic it’s one-on-one you know someone’s devoted to you know taking care of whatever my needs are for that particular appointment that’s the focus of holiday the clinic here operates I also appreciate the fact that all disciplines are located in one roof I can go from a massage and if I need something else I can also have to be transferred right over without any problems if I needed other assistance from a sport met doctor for massage therapists or athletic therapist or anyone else like that they’re here they work here they are prepared to work with me I could be referred instantaneously it’s a very efficient use of my time and again great treatment

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