1. Did Doctor Byron Galapagos invent spoonguard? All this talk about mutating injections sounds very much like the symptoms experienced by the poor victims of spoooooooooonguard. Just wanted to know if this man is responsible for the atrocities and if you know where he lives as their are quite a few warrants out for his arrest. This message was brought to you by the B.A.S.M.

  2. It's odd. I was just stopping by for the first time in many years to watch soupy George, and this is right here waiting. An excellent tale sir.

  3. You are still a marvelously strange man even after all these years. My son is now 20 but he remembers being a pre-schooler watching Blode and the Giant Bee, Viking Kitties (which got him obsessed with Led Zeppelin) and Northern Kitties. You are a big part of our family mythos and I thank you for that. So when are you going to publish a book of stories? Or perhaps an album of you reading them?

  4. I could listen to you say "tortoise" over and over again. Oh wait, I just did! My life is complete. Not sure what I'll do with the rest of my years…

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