The Subway Sex Addict | My Strange Criminal Addiction

I would get on the train and then once I spot a female I focus on that fimo then I go for it I was like a little kid in the candy store it was like a big playground [Applause] in this fraud ristic act he is releasing surges of dopamine in the brain not only because dopamine is the neurotransmitter of sexual desire but also the neurotransmitter of novelty and that person is finding a new victim every single time so that experience becomes almost twice as thrilling as quote normal sexual experience do I think what I do is strange oh yes strange – you're a B's person it's going to be strange but I've been doing it so for so long it becomes a normal behavior Billy Roberts grew up in a poor neighborhood in Brooklyn New York with his identical twin brother Phil me and my brother are very close we have always been very close although we are close we are different in many ways phil has no trouble meeting girls but Billy struggles with his social life starting on 42nd Street right every corner you see nothing but x-rated movies peep shows adult bookstores that just further corrupted my mind one day on the subway Billy sees something that only feeds his growing obsession to him it looks like two people rubbing against each other until they sexually climax Billy thinks he saw two complete strangers grinding each other on the subway to the point of climax but that is very unlikely i maneuvered my way through the crowd ie stop behind rubbed up against a little bit the feeling of rubbing up against a but I you know satisfying my compulsion your climax put it in a nice way for you climax yeah the woman is distraught but Billy doesn't notice in his mind she didn't protest so he believes the experience is completely consensual you wonder why she wouldn't say something there's clearly a dangerous man who's not in his right mind behind you and if you turn around if you say something if you hit him will he hit you back does he have a knife does he have a gun over the next few weeks he goes into the subway to do it again and again I was enjoying it and it's about to get him busted NYPD has undercover officers patrolling the subways oh my break for some rest I got a disorder conduct then I was released from court that very same day so I'm like saying it's daddy once he's released Billy goes right back to the subway in the beginning I did it once in a blue moon the last time went by I started doing it every other day then it got from every other day to every day despite a dozen more arrests over the course of the next six years Billy is undeterred and then I would tell him looking bro you know I'm married I don't want to be hearing this all the time but he kept doing it a people he would even say I'm gonna teach you how to do this I'm gonna show you how it's done Phil is surprised to find himself drawn to the same behavior yes yes oh it's very tempting it turns out deviant sexual desire runs in the family we used to meet on occasions just so I can see how he did it I copied my brother style meanwhile the subway grinding addiction is controlling Billy over the next 10 years he is caught 26 more times so I did it here got out right within 4 to 6 months I got arrested again I feel like I develop a certain type of behavior that I became addicted to Billy's twin Phil is in his own cycle also becoming addicted to this anonymous subway sex until one arrest when he goes too far and up officer approached me and we had a fight we had a scuffle he said I assaulted him they came and arrested me I did some big-time at the age of 49 both of the twins find themselves behind bars Billy is released first in March of 2008 they put me on strict supervision and I was released on parole like 15 days later that was on my way to see my parole officer I had got on a semi crowd at number 6 train I saw my potential victim after more than 20 years and 50 arrests Billy may never ride another subway his sentence is two years to life this is a wake up experience right here come on now I never imagined dorm life for this particular type of offense the indefinite incarceration is reevaluated each year at a parole hearing but Billy remains in prison to this day for roles tonight


  1. ewww so u went to jail for the several times for your dick? that's ratchet as hell clubs and strip clubs exist uno…

  2. We all know black Americans are not the champions of doing this kind of shit but for the sake of scaring the shit out of people nothing beats a black subject.

  3. Billy has been arrested 53 times and during the end of the video he still doesn’t understand what the big deal is. Just drop him in the middle of a jungle and call it a day

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