The Tandy Medical Academic Building is bringing the future of medical education to Oklahoma

well besides being beautiful and a centerpiece I think of Tulsa it's certainly going to draw attention well it's quite a bright orange can miss it the first huge addition to the campus now this is an even bigger addition to campus we're very excited about having our name on the wall where they can make them have a heart attack I've give birth throw up from bleeding – coughing – blinking – talking my god ought to be done when we made this grant it was to be above and beyond just taking care of Tulsa because we saw the need for health care in Oklahoma we together are helping provide future physicians with the training and education and wherever they may take care of patients and the thing that I really love about OSU is that they're not just focused on the cities but they're focused on all seven or seven counties and working so hard every day to make sure that we have doctors throughout rural Oklahoma the best equipment cutting-edge technology it's obvious that they are getting better cutting-edge training than we did I was also very humbled that my family had chosen to invest in my education in my school in this way when you choose this profession you give a lot that this medical profession is one of giving from my wife and I both have been still in our sons just that you always give back and then if you've been blessed with a lot and you have that responsibility I look at my grandparents what they did so I always tried to do the right things and help other people my name's on that wall because I think the profession should be continued and one of the ways we can continue that is support to basic education when I've been able to come into the building and bring people with me the first time it has been equivalent to having someone on a recruiting ship as a Division one athlete you're gonna be a doctor and only gonna be a doctor gonna be a doctor with all these tools at your disposal and these are the things that we're going to teach you in order to become the next best and greatest position and hope for your family the standard building adds so much value to my education I'll be able to hang out in those simulation centers and learn so much more the ICU OB er if I was able to meet any of the donors for the tandy building I'd find it pretty hard not to give them a big bear hug because it's so exciting that we have to learn in such a amazing space and it makes this a pretty unique campus by giving their donation they're not just you know helping to build a building they're helping to build the future of quality physicians here in Oklahoma by having the opportunity to work in those simulation labs by having the opportunity to work in collaborative environment in those new rooms having the better sound systems and better audio-visual systems in our clinical skills lab that's gonna go a long way thank you when we were presented the opportunity we talked at length about where our impact should be we knew that we wanted it to be in medical simulation because I think that that's the future of training physicians for years to come as patients go through that room and as doctors go through that room they'll see our name on the wall and they'll know that we're committed to OSU Center for Health Sciences and we're committed to health care all across Oklahoma I have not had a chance any other donors yet and what this such a huge philanthropic donation I would just want to really thank them from the bottom of my heart for making me able to experience medicine and a completely new innovative way Tandi medical academic building is really the future of medicine it's the innovation spot on our campus it's big news everybody knows about it listen to medicine and I think it's really good at for this on the map you

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